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h2ohangtime 05-31-2022 6:24 AM

Impeller Not Priming
Is it possible/common for a grenaded impeller to warp the housing? Boat is a 2007 Centurion Typhoon with the 5.7 Black Scorpion. Impeller shredded on the trailer during spring cleaning and setupóno problem, I thought. Cleaned out the housing (have all 8 splines) and found no debris in the transmission cooler or anywhere else downstream. Backflushed everything I could. Installed new impeller and upgraded plastic pump housing cover with the wear plate. Also R&Ríd the thermostat while I was at it.

The issue is that the impeller is not priming/pumping water. With the engine running and water flowing into the pump (installed T and hose fitting in the output of the V-drive), thereís no water reaching the transmission cooler. This tells me itís one of two things:

1. an ill-fitting impeller
2. the pump housing was warped when the original impeller shredded

Is there anything else I should be checking? I DO get a lot of water flowing out the thru-hull intake as it goes backwards through the v-drive, but the pump still wasnít drawing water when in the lake, either. I have NOT tried to rev the engine to get the pump to prime, but maybe thatís the next test? I certainly donít want to overheat again.

Iím at my witís end trying to figure this out and get us on the water. Appreciate any other ideas you have.

*** Cross-posted @ Centurion Crew ***

rlwagens 07-10-2022 7:34 AM

Im sure you figured this out by now but for anyone else in the future I imagine you ended up getting new raw water pump/housing. Just went through this on my 2006 SANTE (impeller wasn't shredded just replaced with a new one in spring and no prime) and was also at my wits end with the hose and thermostat and houses and trouble shooting. New raw water pump and the same impeller and it was fine. Even compared old and new and gotta believe it was just micro abrasions or warp or something to the housing that was just enough to keep it from priming.

To everyone else: save yourself the head ache and wasted time, the simplest answer is usually the solution, just pony up for the new water pump housing.

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