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phil06140 09-10-2021 6:07 AM

Liquid Force Rhyme?
Does anyone have experience with Guenther's boat board?

I've been using my 2011 LF Watson hybrid 143 behind the boat for the last decade. The board is still in great shape and has outlasted 4 pairs of bindings, on set #5. I love the tip / tail flex of the Watson hybrid, to a point where I don't think I would have as much fun on a traditional boat board. It is also light, even when compared to modern "light" boards. Not lighter than the new top of the line stuff, but in the same ballpark and with the added benefit of durability.

Things I love about the 2011 LFWH -
- fast
- loose
- light
- tip/tail flex

I watched Jeff Langley's Alliance Wake review of the 2021 Rhyme and he had the following notes -
- super fast
- loose
- maybe a little on the heavy side
- no mention of flex

I'm not concerned with the weight, but I do want some flex in my next board. LF says the Rhyme has a "flex" tip, but in some of Guenther's reviews he mentions that there isn't a ton of flex in the board.

They put traditional m6 inserts on the 2022 Rhyme, so I'm tempted to pick one up, flex and supply chain willing.

brhanley 09-12-2021 7:08 AM

I too really like the LFWH and had two of them over the last decade (I, unfortunately, ended up breaking both of them). I agree with your overview of how that board rides and why I liked it. I got a package deal on the new Watson dose a couple years ago and rode that for 1.5 years. It had a wider tip/tail and wasn't quite as fast, but was a good board.

I just stepped onto the Ryhme and I liked it right away. It is fast (probably faster than the LFWH) and loose (though it holds an edge well, probably better than the LWFH). The LF rep told me that Guenther rode the Watson dose finless so this board definitely has that loose feel. I like that and it is so fast when cutting in.

It is not light (that doesn't really matter to me) and it does not feel like it has much flex. I used to be able to do tail presses just messing around and haven't been able to get the same feel with the Ryhme. I too liked the softer landing of the LFWH with the flex in the board. The Ryhme does have a wood core so it rides different than a foam core, but not as flexy as the LFWH.

All in all, I rode well on this board on the first pull. It felt natural and like home. I would recommend giving it a try as I think it's probably the closest board out there to the LFWH. In some ways, it's a solid improvement.

phil06140 09-15-2021 2:26 PM

thanks for the feedback!

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