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WakeWorld Rider Link: Lisa Brown


Lisa BrownWW: Let's start with some stats…. Name, age, and where do you reside?
LB: Lisa Brown, 25, currently living in Orlando at the Orlando Wake Camp. I've been in Orlando for about a year now and lived on three different lakes so far. I moved here from Colorado after graduating from University of Colorado, Boulder. I’m originally from Missouri though.
WW: How many years have you been wakeboarding for?
LB: Umm, around 10-11 years. Only summers and weekend warrior though, before this past year.
WW: Who introduced you to the sport of wakeboarding?
LB: I was living at Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and I was starting to see some kids doing it around the lake there. I had converted to snowboarding (from skiing) a couple years before my first time wakeboarding. I think I was around 14 or 15. I kept saying I wanted to try it, so one day I was out with my friends on our jet boat. He threw me and this ‘96 O’Brien Eight Ball wakeboard into the water and said get up and you can get back in the boat. Got up first try and was hooked!
WW: Where do you usually ride?
LB: Here in Orlando, wherever I can! I have a pass to OWC and at the moment I'm riding at my house on Lake Fairview a lot. Back at home I pretty much always rode at Lake of the Ozarks. Couple other lakes and rivers out there, but mostly there.
Lisa BrownWW: Is there a bit of a wakeboard scene in Missouri?
LB: In MO, yeah, it's growing out there for sure! When I first started I had only seen a couple of people doing it. Now on a summer weekend it's hard to find a spot to ride and the lake is 70 miles long, so it's definitely picking up there! In Orlando...umm, yeah, that's why I'm here!
WW: Do you ride with a set crew of people or do you mix it up a little?
LB: There are tons of people here in Orlando that are down to ride, so I mix it up a lot. I worked with a few different coaches too since I've been here. Currently working with Josh Palma, so I've been riding with him some for the past couple months. Lately I've been riding at the camp with Sean O'Brien and Derek Cook a lot.
WW: What kind of boat do you usually ride behind?
LB: Here in Florida, like I said, I mix it up, so pretty much every kind there is. At home I have a ‘03 23V Tige. Don't use it much anymore though.
Lisa BrownWW: How about your wakeboard set up (board and bindings)?
LB: ‘09 Liquid Force Wing Bindings and ‘09 O’Brien 135 Skyla Board.
WW: What do you enjoy most about wakeboarding?
LB: It never gets old. I've been here riding almost every day for over a year and I never get enough! No matter what else is going on or what kind of day I've had, as soon as I get on the water nothing else matters.
WW: What do you like to do when you’re not wakeboarding?
LB: What I like to do is snowboard, play with my boxer, Athena, go to the beach, travel. But what I do mostly when I'm not riding is work, sleep and eat.
WW: Do you have WakeWorld set as your home page?
LB: My laptop died about eight months ago then miraculously came back to life a couple weeks ago, but I don't have the Internet. When I do I'll make sure to change it!
WW: Are there any tricks that you are working on or want to work on?
LB: Yeah, I'm working on heelside and toeside backrolls. I was working on heelside 3's for a while, so I'll probably get back to those soon. I want to learn air tricks soon too!
Lisa BrownWW: What would your ideal day be like?
LB: Feeling a little nostalgic I guess (ha ha) after being away from home for the last year. So back home on my lake, old friends and family, pack a lunch and head out to the state park for the day. Ride till sunset, listen to good music, chill, maybe some cliff jumping. That would pretty much be it. Lately, with this crazy cold windy Florida winter, I would settle for just a day of sun, no wind or rain and temp above 55!
WW: Pro wakeboarders… who would be your top three and why?
LB: Honestly, I don't think I could pick any specific three. Since I've lived here, I've gotten to know a lot of riders on and off the water. There are obviously a lot of people here with a lot of talent that work really hard every day. Some people just treat wakeboarding like a job though. I definitely have more respect for the riders that can bring working hard and playing hard together and still express that love for the sport that drew them to it in the first place. Some people take it to their head a little much when they reach that pro status and that's definitely a big turn off.
One person that I've looked up to is Cathy Williams. Her career has given me inspiration when I've doubted what I am doing here in Orlando. And from when I first met her, she has always been there to give me advice and motivation and help me out in any way she can.  
Lisa  BrownShaun Murray - He's 33 and still killing it and always looks like he's having the time of his life when he rides! I saw him at the cable a few weeks ago and he took it upon himself to help out this kid that was having a hard time getting off the dock. I think the wakeboarding community could use more athletes like Murray representing it. 
WW: Are there any spots that you are hoping to one day ride at?
LB: Hmm, well, last weekend I got to ride at the Daytona 500 on a lake in the center of the track. That was definitely a trip! I also got to ride in Australia last September, which was pretty cool too. I don't really know of a lot of other spots. I just kind of take the opportunities as they come! For now I'm just really focused on staying here in Orlando and improving my riding.
Lisa BrownWW: Got any words of advice to those that are starting out?
LB: Well, considering I'm pretty much starting out (ha ha) just keep playing hard and working hard. You wouldn't believe how much hard work everyone puts into riding down here. The main thing I've been told over and over is that it's just time on the water. Ride as much as you can.
Also practice on the trampoline as much as possible! And don't give up. Everyone has a different learning curve. What may take one person four tries might take another 1,000. That doesn't mean you aren't good. You just have to work a little harder!
WW: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
LB: My dad, who's basically my only sponsor (ha ha) and who used to pull me back home all the time and first introduced me to water sports before I could walk. My mom, sister Stacy and the rest of my family for all their motivation and support since I've been in Orlando. The coaches I've worked with so far here; Chad Brown, Adam Fields and Josh Palma. Kirby Liesman for bringing me down here with him last year and introducing me to the industry. Derek Cook, Sean O'Brien and everyone else who has helped me out and hooked me up!


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