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Well, we're smack dab in the middle of boat show season, so I'm sure you're looking for some cool products to get into now and for when the water starts warming. Have no fear, WakeWorld is here. Below you will find all kinds of goodies that will not only get you ready for the season, but will make the summer great!

AlienBoard BatWings Hoverboard

AlienBoard BatWingsYou're probably wondering what a hoverboard has to do with wakeboarding. Well, it's kind of like a balance board that actually gets you around and can be used throughout the day for practical purposes. Some might argue that the intricate balancing technology within the brain of these things is what really does all the work, but anybody who has spent some time zipping around on one of these knows there are a lot of "performance" moves you can do that will test and train your balance skills.

I know you've probably seen "hoverboards" just about everywhere. However, this new AlienBoard BatWings hoverboard is next level. To start with, it's got a genuine Samsung battery system, so you know it's not going to catch fire like some of those cheap hoverboards you see at the mall kiosks. But beyond just being a quality product, this board has a host of features you won't find on other boards.

AlienBoard BatWings

AlienBoard BatWingsIt starts with the look. The BatWings hoverboard doesn't look like any hoverboard you've ever seen. It kind of reminds me of my old Malibu Blade tower...very sleek, modern and stealth. This is complimented with LED lights over each wheel that light up in both directions. Because of the design, the foot pads are larger and softer than other models. It even comes with a custom carrying bag so that you can protect the beautiful finish when it's getting jostled around in the back of your car. Of course, for my beautiful finish I chose matte purple because that's pretty much the color that everybody wants! The AlienBoard BatWings will definitely stand out in the sea of look-alike hoverboards out there!

AlienBoard BatWingsMy favorite features have to be the Bluetooth speaker system and the high clearance under the board. The Bluetooth system built into the board allows me to listen to music while I ride without the inconvenience of wearing headphones, which prevent me from hearing traffic, voices and other sounds that might keep me out of danger. I think the high clearance underneath the board is the number one reason why this board is better than all the others. Anybody who has ridden one of these on the street knows that the bottom tends to come in contact with rocks, bumps and other debris you might ride over. The BatWings hoverboard takes care of these problems with a little bit of a lift that makes all the difference in the world! I've even taken it in the dirt, across grass and several other places they probably don't recommend.

You can pick up one of these AlienBoard BatWings online right now for $200 off if you go to and use the discount code "wakeworld". You can even get $100 off on their standard hoverboard with the same discount code. Check out the video below to see the AlienBoard BatWings in action.

Wet Sounds Stealth Sound Bar

It just doesn't get more convenient and durable than this when you're trying to add some sounds to your boat, ATV or pretty much anything! Wet Sounds Stealth Ultra sound bars (Stealth 6 and Stealth10) feature a Bluetooth enabled audio receiver with a speaker array and titanium dome tweeters. They are powered by a class D amplifier with auxiliary inputs, 2-volt line driver output to link to another sound bar (check out the Stealth Core models) or to add an external amplifier and speakers, waterproof connector, universal L mount brackets for end cap mounting or sliding top mount channel system, auto turn off feature to save battery life, back lit led illuminated control panel and a fully integrated wiring harness.

It was the easiest stereo install I've ever done. Finding a place to mount it is easy with the innovative ways they have to mount from the bottom, the top or hanging from the side (clamps are available to hang if from a roll bar). Then you just hook up a positive and negative wires to the battery and, boom, you're done. The result is enough sound to peel your face off! And if you have a particularly hard-to-peel-off face, you can use the outputs to hook up additional Stealth Core sound bars, a subwoofer or other speakers. It's your entire system solution in one package!

Wet Sounds Stealth Sound Bar

GoCase GoPro Accessories

GoCaseGoCase sent out a couple of cool items to dress up our new GoPro 4. The first is a silicone sleeve for the GoPro4. It's essentially just a soft orange cover that protects your camera case if it gets dropped or otherwise beaten in the process of filming. They also claim that the thermal insulation makes the battery last longer, but I didn't notice. Maybe that's for colder climates. This is kind of a fashion accessory too because it makes your GoPro stand out. It would be cool if they made other colors, but I think orange is all they have right now and it looks awesome.

Another accessory they sent out was their Rotating Multi Clip for GoPro cameras. This one is pretty simple, but very handy for wake sports. It allows you to clip your GoPro to just about anthything, including your vest or shorts for some unique angles. The rotating clip makes it easy to get a level shot no matter what you're clipped to.

The final accessory I got my hands on was their H4 POV Pro Case. Since I've been keeping my GoPro in a Ziploc bag, this was a welcome surprise. This is a very nice case with a customizable foam cube bed that allows you to create holes for whatever cameras and accessories you want to put in there. I've got mine setup to hold both a GoPro 4 and a GoPro 3+.

There is a "page" of elastic straps for storing mounts, but the best part about this case is the little bag for all the GoPro accessories. Again, I replaced another Ziploc bag with this little jewel. The interior is lined with suede to keep everything scratch free. The case is all finished off with a hard water-resistant shell and waterproof zipper.

Action Audio Music Player/Rash Guard

Action Audio Player/Rash GuardNow here's a product I bet you haven't seen before. You may have seen miniaturized music players and you may have seen rash guards, but the Action Audio Player and Stealth Technology Rash Guard combo incorporates both a waterproof music player and a rash guard into an action sports audio experience.

Here's what Action Audio did. They created a waterproof music that's small enough to slip into a custom pocket on the back collar of their custom rash guard. The rash guard not only has a pocket for the music player, but it's got built-in channels customized for the wires for the waterproof headphones, which are included. It takes some careful reading of the directions to get everything threaded through and set up, but once you get it dialed it's an amazing system that works great for listening to music not matter what kind of crashes you're taking.

The music player holds 4GB of mp3's and tucks nicely away in the rash guard pocket to where you don't even know it's there. The rash guard itself is a very comfortable short sleeve/long sleeve design that looks cool and will provide sun protection while you're wakeboarding, SUPing or whatever. The headphones are comfortable and, although I probably don't fall as hard as some of you, seem to stay in place most of the time during a crash.

Flip Custom Switches
I ran into these folks at the L.A. Boat Show and they let me walk off with some pretty cool switches. Not only do they have a huge variety of very cool looking and functioning switches for your boat, car, ATV or whatever, but they will also customize switches with whatever text, icon and color you want. There is no better way to personalize your boat dash than with a set of these switches.

You probably won't even need to customize your switches because they provide so many options. You can mix and match over 70 different icons with five different colors and whatever text you want. I highly encourage you to go check out their website at

Flip Custom Switches

Rockstar Sport Energy Shake

And what Wake Merch article would be complete without mentioning the latest Rockstar flavor that's keeping my thirst quenched. I swear these guys come out with two new flavors a week. I don't know how they convince the stores to keep giving them shelf space, but they seem to have it figured out.

My latest favorite isn't so much of a thirst quencher as a protein shake. These bad boys are loaded with 25 grams of protein, which is more than most "protein bars," along with 600 mg of calcium and all the other good stuff you're used to getting in a Rockstar beverage. Of course, they taste great because they come in chocolate and cookies & cream.

Rockstar Energy Shake


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