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The Peacock Brothers


The Peacock BrothersI met the Peacock brothers about five or six years ago upon their visit to Florida. Whenever they’re not out at Lake Ronix, they’re usually at a local full-size cable park. Every year I see them they have more crazy tricks up their sleeves. This year I got to witness Liam's double air rolls in person and it's still mental to me how he does them on a regular length rope at every park. Check it out!
WW: Name?
LP: Liam Peacock
RP: Ryan Peacock
WW: Age?
LP: 19
RP: 21
WW: From?
LP: Berkshire, UK
RP: Berkshire, UK
WW: Years riding?
LP: 12
RP: 10-11
WW: Boat or cable?
LP: Cable!
RP: Cable for sure! Although we both learnt behind the boat, we ride cable for two reasons; 1, Boat is terrifying. 2, We can't afford to ride boat!
WW: Inverts or rails or kickers and why?
LP: Kickers are my favourite for sure. I love sending big hits and flipping. Rails and inverts are also fun, but I think if anyone sees my riding they will see I like kickers a lot. Haha!
RP: I think that for me wakeboarding is fun because you are able to do a combination of all three. Sometimes I'll spend weeks just riding rails or practicing kickers, but it's always fun when a spontaneous air trick session comes out of nowhere!
WW: Best result from past season?
LP: My best result last year was probably when I won Yard Sale. I was super stoked to take the win out there after qualifying into the comp. I’m looking forward to riding in it again this year!
RP: First place at the UK Nationals (I know that one still hurts Liam :) )
The Peacock BrothersWW: Plans for the new season?
LP: I just want to stay healthy and be able to ride as much as possible! I’m aiming to push my riding with some kicker hits I have planned, but mostly just enjoy riding again and have fun on my board!
RP: After just injuring my shoulder at the Ronix product shoot, I'm looking at getting as fit as possible off water for a strong comeback when my shoulder is fixed. I've definitely got a few tricks which have been sat in the back of my head for a while which I'm just waiting for the right opportunity to try. We also are going to be releasing loads of content on our YouTube (The Peacock Brothers) throughout the year, so make sure to go subscribe for loads of crazy videos!
WW: Most anticipated contest coming up?
LP: It’s got to be Plastic Playground. Without a doubt one of the biggest comps in the wakeboard world. This year I’m going to try and play it smarter with a run I can hopefully put down every time and not just go all out as I usually do. Haha!
RP: I think that there is always lots of hype about the Yard Sale as those boys put in some serious work ever year for a dynamic course, which people haven't seen before. I think that kind of contest is always good as nobody knows exactly what to expect. The Plastic Playground in the UK is also a big one as everybody from around the world flies in to compete and it's always good to hang with all the boys!
WW: How's the English wake scene?
LP: The English wake scene is good! It’s always growing fast in the UK and there’s lots of groms making their way up into the ranks. I can ride all over the world but when you’re riding with your boys at your home park, that’s the best vibe!
RP: The English wake scene is good! Despite the pretty bad weather all year round, we've definitely got some insane riders like the Battledays, Constables and Kieran Owens is definitely one to watch out for too! It's good to see some of the younger generation coming through.
The Peacock BrothersWW: How did you get the idea for your vlogs and which episode has gotten the most hype so far?
LP: Whilst recovering from my knee injury, I spent lots of time watching videos like "Who is JOB" and other vloggers and basically just figured that we could be doing a similar thing! It's definitely good for people to get an insight into the lives of professionals in any sport and see the ups and downs and all the other crazy things we get up to! Ryan and I just sit down and brainstorm and always have funny ideas that we come up with and think we should just try them and film them. The most viewed one so far is the tandem wakeboard one, but I think we have some even better ones coming soon
RP: By far, the tandem wakeboard video. That video absolutely blew up! Haha! I had the idea of doing a tandem wakeboard a few months ago and we decided we were going to make one. With the help of our dad, we built it and took it down to the lake for a little shred. Although it looked like a lot of fun, riding that thing was an absolute mission.
WW: Where do you see yourself in five years?
LP: In five years I hope to be riding and travelling with my friends, doing what I enjoy still. I want to be able to spend my summers in Europe and America travelling and having fun on my board and then in winter out in Asia and Bali surfing and wakeboarding there!
RP: In five years time I'd like to still be shredding as much as I do now and doing lots more filming too. Making videos is something which I discovered I was really passionate about, so it would be cool to see where that takes me.
WW: How/when did you get into wakeboarding and where was it?
LP: I got into wakeboarding through my parents. Our grandparents had a boat and we learnt on that, then went to JBSki to try cable and Ryan and I got hooked and pretty much rode nearly every day since then! Haha. We always pushed each other with a brotherly rivalry and that’s how we ended up getting to where we are now!
RP: My granddad used to own a little boat which our whole family would take away with them on holiday to Wales every year. My parents used to waterski behind it and then they heard about wakeboarding and decided to teach me and Liam. After that we found our local cable, JBSki, and the rest is history!
The Peacock BrothersWW: Favorite food?
LP: My favourite food is probably BBQ ribs or something like that.
RP: A good old Indonesian Nasi Goreng.
WW: Favorite music?
LP: My favourite music is probably drum and bass. Me and my best mate Rocco love to go out and party at some drum and bass raves. It’s always funny and we end up with some good stories! Haha!
RP: I have a pretty varied taste in music. I like some rap songs, but then I also quite like chilled house too.
WW: Favorite rider?
LP: It’s hard to choose my favourite, but I think when I’m riding at home with Ryan, Rocco and all the boys, it’s my favourite time to ride. All the boys I ride with get me so hyped to ride and when you have a session where everyone is throwing down together, that is the sickest feeling. Also, riding with the boys out at Lake Ronix is so much fun!
RP: I'd probably have to say my favourite rider would be Matty Muncey. I love riding with him as he's able to get super creative, and when we get into a session, some crazy things go down.
WW: Special thanks to anyone? Sponsors?
LP: I wanna say a huge thank you to my parents firstly. They always let us do what we wanted and spent hours at the lake just watching us as kids so we could get to where we are now! Also, of course, a massive thank you to Ronix, Mystic, Extreme and SunGod. These guys make it all possible for us and allow us to do what we do! And, of course, everyone else who supports us. I can’t name them individually, but everyone who watches our YouTube channel and follows what we’re up to, a big thanks to them too. That’s always a huge motivation for what we do!
RP: Obviously, a huge shout-out to my parents for helping me get to where I am. It wouldn't be possible without them. Also, just a big thanks to the wakeboard community in general for being so sick. I've met some life-long friends through this sport, which I'll be forever grateful for. Sponsors: Ronix, Mystic, Extreme, SunGod (you guys rock)!


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