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Steel Lafferty


Steel LaffertyIf you are planning to be around Steel Lafferty for any amount of time, you better be ready to laugh your ass off and have a good time. Besides his upbeat living, giant personality and Justin Beiber similarities, Steel’s riding is one of the top in the industry today. He’s the first to land tricks that have never been done, gone bigger than anyone just going wake to wake and living the wakeboarding lifestyle while still attending school. If you ask me, he has quite the long future in this world we call wakeboarding, but what does Steel think the future holds for him? Find out now and enjoy the kid who is soon to becoming a man, Steel Lafferty.
WW: Steel, where exactly do you come from?
SL: Exactly? From a womb. Next question.
WW: Why wakeboarding?
SL: I chose wakeboarding ‘cause I will never have to work behind a desk unless I have to write emails like what I am doing now (ha). Also ‘cause ever since I got up on a wakeboard I have not found anything else like it.
Steel LaffertyWW: What's it like to not only be the first wakeboarder to land a wake to wake 1080, but also the first to land a toeside backside 900 off a double up?
SL: It is insane for sure. To be able to be the first person in the WHOLE WORLD to land a new trick wakeboarding and always being a part of wakeboarding’s history is so sick.
WW: How many more years until you are 21?
SL: 1 year, 124 days, 12 hours, 32 minutes and 5 seconds.
WW: What do you predict you will be doing around 2:30 AM on the night of your 21st birthday?
SL: Hopefully something I am going to regret in the morning (haha).
WW: It’s the time of year to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. What are you going to ask for this year?
SL: Season Tickets to the Heat games!
Steel LaffertyWW: What will you be up to this off season?
SL: Playing lots of golf, softball league with the guys, maybe some school and definitely lots of doing absolutely NOTHING!!
WW: Got any cool plans for next season?
SL: Hopefully winning.
WW: What's the stupidest thing you have done this week and what's the smartest?
SL: Stupidest thing I did this week was trying to make a rap and become a rap star. The smartest thing was probably becoming a rap star overnight.
WW: Blondes, brunettes or the mysterious redheads?
SL: Brunettes all the way. My girl is a brunette, sooooo.... yea.
WW: What's the best "pick up line" you have ever used?
SL: I don’t use pick up lines. I talk really bad about her and make her feel horrible and then slowly keep telling her nice things until she falls in love with me. That’s how I picked up my girlfriend.
WW: Do you have a favorite trick to do right now?
SL: Indy tantrum to blind. Just ‘cause it’s one of those tricks that when you do it right it just feels so good.
 Steel Lafferty
WW: In order, list your top five "most played" songs from your iPod.
SL: Nipsy Hustle, Mariah Carey, Vibe Tribe, Biggie and Bad Day.
WW: If you weren't wakeboarding professionally...
SL: I would be Harley Clifford’s biggest fan, but since I know how big of a kook he really is, I just call him my buddy. ;)
WW: Where do you see wakeboarding in the next 10 years?
SL: Wakeboarding in the next 10 years is gonna be huge! Double flips and 1080’s all day every day!
WW: In-N-Out or Five Guys?
SL: In-n-Out animal style, babyyyyy.
WW: What is your favorite app on your phone?
SL: Pandora radio.
WW: Who do you enjoy riding with the most?
Steel LaffertySL: I like riding with all of my friends! Good times and no worries.
WW: Where is your favorite place to ride?
SL: My favorite place to ride is my own backyard...nothing beats being home.
WW: What colors are you planning on going with for your next X-Star?
SL: I don’t know what colors I’m going to get yet, but I know the new color schemes are going to be insane for the new X-Star.
WW: Can we ever find you at a wake park? Which one?
SL: Yeah, I love wake parks! You can find me at McCormick’s, OWC, TSR…wherever mang!
WW: Any words of advice for all the kids out there wanting to grow up to be just like Steel Lafferty?
SL: Growing up to be like me? Have fun and be carefree!
WW: Would you like to thank anyone for being where you are today?
SL: I would like to thank all my sponsors: Red Bull, Nike 6, MasterCraft, Liquid Force and Performance Ski and Surf. I would also like to thank my family, God and all of my fans!


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