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Rider Link: The Kasey Brothers


Landon and Kade KaseyWW: Let’s start with some stats… name, age and where do you reside?
KK: My name is Kade Kasey, I'm eight years old and I live in Hardinsburg, Kentucky.
LK: I am Landon Kasey, 12 years old and I live in Hardinsburg, Kentucky.
WW: How many years have you been wakeboarding?
KK: About four years. I have been riding in tournaments ever since I started. I was the youngest rider at INT Nationals that year. I always hated to get back in the boat when I first learned to ride and I could ride 45 minute sets.
LK: 5 years
WW: Who introduced you to the sport of wakeboarding?
KK: My brother, Landon. I started riding shortly after watching him learn how to get up and have been riding ever since.Kade Kasey
LK: Mike Brown who runs the local marina here on my home lake. His son Zach is my age and we’ve been riding together for awhile now.
WW: Where do you usually ride?
KK: Rough River Lake, Kentucky. We have a lake house on the North Fork and get to ride most every day. My dad takes us out most every evening when he gets off work. Occasionally, we will go ride Taylorsville Lake to go by Boatworks, our local wakeboard shop.
LK: Rough River Lake in Kentucky, the North Fork.
WW: Is there a bit of a wakeboard scene going on there?
KK: There are several local riders on our lake. Rough River Lake has the most wakeboard boats for any lake in Kentucky I would say.
LK: There are several guys who have been riding for a while and I think it is becoming more popular around here. There are a lot of freeriders and a lot of guys riding who ride in tournaments now from my lake.
Landon KaseyWW: Do you ride with a set crew of people or do you mix it up a little?
KK: Usually Dad and my brother Landon. I like it when people come out with us. I get to show off my big airs. Jason Neagle usually comes out at least once a week to ride with us. Matt Tucker and Kasey Mattingly usually make it out once a week as well.
LK: Mainly I ride with the same crew; Dad and my brother Kade. But I like to invite people when I can. Neagle usually comes once a week to ride and do some photos or video. I try to hook up with Kasey and Tucker once a week to ride.
WW: What kind of boat do you usually ride behind?
KK: MasterCraft X-Star without ballast because the tourneys don’t let my division ride with full ballast. I get a chance to air it out loaded up every now and then.
LK: A loaded MasterCraft X-Star. My dad lets me sack it out. Fly High additional system with 750’s each side in back, 400’s each side in front under the seats, 500 in the walk way and 550 in the floor. Oh yeah, and factory full. Pretty easily the biggest wake on Rough River Lake.
 Kade Kasey
WW: How about your wakeboard set up?
KK: Thanks to Kentucky Boatworks, I have a 2010 Liquid Force Nemesis and CWB bindings.
LK: CWB just hooked me up with a 2011 Faction Board, bindings and other gear. I'm pretty jazzed about that!
WW: What do you enjoy most about wakeboarding?
KK: Learning new tricks and meeting new people. Traveling to the tournaments in different states and riding every day.
LK: The rush I get when I land a new trick!
WW: What do you like to do when you’re not wakeboarding?
KK: X-Box 360 and train on the trampoline. Play baseball.
LK: I spend my time on the trampoline, riding dirt bikes, skateboarding, snowboarding, texting and eating!
Landon KaseyWW: Do you have set as your home page?
KK: Now I do.
LK: Well, of course I do. My dad is on there like every day multiple times. I like to check out the new videos.
WW: Are there any tricks that you are working on or want to work on?
KK: I want to learn a tantrum. I’ve tried them before, but haven’t ridden one away yet.
LK: Dum-Dum, crow mobe, roll to blind and back 5. I hope to have these down before the end of the season.
WW: What would your ideal day be like?
KK: It will be the day I land that tantrum!
LK: Wake up, wakeboard, eat, wakeboard, jump on tramp, eat, wakeboard, zip line, jump off cliffs, wakeboard, eat, sleep.
Kade and Landon KaseyWW: Pro wakeboarders… who would be your top three and why?
KK: Parks Bonifay, Bryan Hutton and Rusty Malinoski because they all have good personalities to us kids and they are great riders.
LK: Andrew Adkison, Bryan Hutton and Rusty Malinoski because they are helpful, cool guys to ride with and awesome riders.
WW: Are there any spots that you are hoping to one day ride at?
KK: I would love to ride in Australia.
LK: CWC in the Philippines. That place looks awesome!!
WW: Words of advice to those that are starting out?
KK: Hang in there. Don't give up.
LK: Don't give up!
WW: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
KK: My mom and dad, Jason Neagle, Greg and Patty at Kentucky Boatworks, Glen and Melissa at O’Town.
LK: God, my parents, Greg and Patty at Kentucky Boatworks, CWB Board Co., Glen and Melissa Fletcher, Jason Neagle, Matt Tucker, Casey Mattingly and you guys for this interview!


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