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Rider Link: Parvinder Singh


Parvidner SinghWW: What is your name, age and where are you from?
PS: I am Parvinder Singh, 25 and I am from the little red dot, sunny Singapore.
WW: How long have you been wakeboarding and how did you get introduced to wakeboarding?
PS: I have been wakeboarding for a while now and I got introduced to wakeboarding through my older sister. She had to persuade me initially as I was quite hesitant, but I got hooked almost instantaneously. I guess it was fate for me, ‘cause my sister stopped riding a while after!
WW: What is the wakeboarding scene like in your area? Are there a lot of wakeboarders?
PS: Well, the scene has been blowing out of proportion over the past few years and it has become very popular with the youths here! Most of the local universities and polytechnics have their own wakeboard teams where they would compete against each other in the annual Rip Curl National Inter-Varsity Competition. There are definitely a lot more wakeboarders now as compared to a few years ago, as the sport has been getting a lot more recognition and publicity, especially with Singapore’s First Cable Park, Ski 360, starting its operations.
Parvidner SinghWW: Do you prefer riding behind a boat or a cable?
PS: Boat for sure! Everything about it is just awesome!
WW: Do you ride with a set crew of people or do you mix it up a little?
PS: I love riding with practically anyone, but I do have a couple of buddies that I usually ride with. Shout out to Abdul Shahir, Max Christian, Richard Sitranen, Caley Yew, Jerald Foo and Sherman Song!
WW: What kind of boat do you usually ride behind?
PS: I currently ride behind a Mastercraft X-5 at Bedok Reservoir, but a little bird told me about a switch to an X-2 pretty soon, so I am definitely stoked and looking forward to that!
WW: How about your wakeboard set up? What board and bindings are you riding?
PS: It’s the 2011 Ronix Bill with the Cell bindings. The board’s a beast!
Parvidner SinghWW: What do you enjoy most about wakeboarding?
PS: There is so much that I love about wakeboarding such as the friends that I have made and the opportunities that it has given me in the past couple of years, but the part that I enjoy most about wakeboarding would be the peace of mind it gives me while riding. It has this ability to help you live in the moment and block everything else out, which I find really special!
WW: What do you like to do when you’re not wakeboarding?
PS: Haha…it’s the extremes. I either become a book worm or will be out getting my drink on!
WW: Do you have set as your home page?
PS: Oops, I just did! WakeWorld is awesome though. I visit it at least once per day and I love the videos that get posted! Please keep them coming!!
Parvidner SinghWW: Are there any tricks that you are working on or want to work on?
PS: Well, right now I am just working on getting all my tricks consistent and re-learning some of them, but I would love to work towards a front to fakie and maybe a roll to blind or a whirly…keeping my fingers crossed!
WW: Ideal day for you?
PS: My Ideal Day = Bright and sunny day + All my closest friends + Riding and some Wakesurfing sessions throughout the day + Beers + A Barbeque in the evening.
Parvidner SinghWW: Pro wakeboarders…who would be your top three favorites and why?
PS: It would definitely be Randall Harris, Ben Greenwood and Shane Bonifay. These guys are really stylish and always a pleasure to watch! Plus, their videos always get me hyped up to ride!
WW: Are there any spots that you hope to ride at one day?
PS: I love where I am riding at now, but if I had the chance it would be Lake Powell.
WW: What is your vision of what the wakeboarding industry will be like in five years?
PS: I feel that this is just the start for the wakeboarding industry and it can only get bigger. I see the sport getting accepted into the Olympics, larger grand prize money being offered at competitions, bigger boats, and definitely some 1440’s!
Parvidner SinghWW: Do you have any funny wakeboarding stories?
PS: Well, I got sabotaged by my friends during a competition once and ended up wakeboarding in front of an audience in a brightly coloured women’s swimsuit. People started calling me “Ms. Reef” after, but thank God that lasted for a while!
WW: Are you a flipper or a spinner?
PS: Definitely a flipper. It’s always nice to view your surroundings from a different angle once in a while. ;)
WW: If you were a big company looking to sponsor a rider, what would you look for?
PS: It would be someone who is not just talented, but hardworking and modest too.
WW: Advice to riders that are just starting out?
PS: The main thing would be to have as much fun as possible!
WW: Here is your chance to thank your fans. Any shout-outs?
PS: Firstly, I would like to thank my parents and sister for always being supportive, Paul Fong for being a mentor and a role model to me, all my buddies that I mentioned above, Gijo George and Alex Lim for being the older brothers I never had. I would also like to thank David Ngiam who runs Singapore’s only wakeboarding website,, for the awesome photos and, lastly, to everyone who is reading this. Have a great 2013 everyone!


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