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Rider Link: Kevin Duffy


Kevin DuffyWW: Let’s start with some, age and where do you live?
KD: Hi, my name is Kevin Duffy and I am 14 years old and live in Deland, Florida.
WW: How old were you when you started wakeboarding?
KD: I started when I was around five.
WW: How did you get introduced to the sport of wakeboarding?
KD: My parents introduced me to waterskiing at first because they were waterskiers when they were younger. I tried it a few times and told my dad, "I don’t want to waterski. I want to wakeboard." We had a friend that was always wakeboarding on the river and I thought it was so cool. I tried it and got up the first time. The next week my Dad took me to Performance Ski and Surf and I got my first board, Hyperlite Murray Motive 109. I still have that board. I think it's cool to still have that board.
Kevin DuffyWW: Where is your local lake?
KD: I ride on the St. Johns River in Deland, Florida.
WW: Is there a lot of wakeboarders in your area?
KD: There is a little bit. Not quite like Orlando, but we have a few people that ride in our neighborhood and see people out on the river.
WW: One of the great things about wakeboarding is that we get to hangout on the boat and ride with friends. Who is usually in the boat with you?
KD: I pretty much ride with the same crew like Tyler Worrall, Ben Brown, The Stidham Brothers, and Thomas Herman. They are a fun group to ride with. We all have the same common interests and have a great time together. It’s a cool crew!
WW: What boat is usually pulling you around the lake?
KD: I have a Nautique G21. Awesome wake to ride behind!
Kevin DuffyWW: What board and bindings are you riding?
KD: This year I will be riding the Ronix One Timebomb 134 with Parks boots. This board boosts. It has so much pop off the wake…sooo cool.
WW: What do you enjoy most about wakeboarding?
KD: I enjoy riding with my friends and the traveling we get to do. We see cool places and meet so many new people.
WW: Have you gotten any wakeboarding related injuries?
KD: Yeah, last year I got a concussion from a Raley gone bad. I don’t like to do Raleys much anymore! But I love the batwing!
WW: Who was your first sponsor and how old were you?
KD: It was Ronix Wakeboards and I was nine. I remember the day because my Dad came home from work and said I had to call someone, they wanted to talk to me. It was Paul O’Brien. I had met him at Wake Games earlier that year. He Kevin Duffyasked if I wanted to ride for Ronix and have been since. Love the product and all they do for the sport.
WW: Has it always been a goal for you to be a sponsored rider, or did you just ride and the sponsorships kind of happened as a result?
KD: It’s been kind of both. I wanted to be sponsored, so I just let people know who I was by contacting them and telling them my story and others have come to me. It's really cool and I appreciate all they do for me.
WW: What do you do on your end to keep your sponsors happy?
KD: I try and be a good representative of the product and the sport. I love freeriding and putting out photos and videos and hope to do more this year. I also enjoy the contest scene where I can hang and be with all my friends and root them on as well. There are some really good riders in the Boys division this year.

Kevin DuffyWW: You obviously have a crew of shredders that you ride with. Do you guys push each other a lot?
KD: Yeah, we have a good crew. I enjoy getting together when we can and hanging out.

WW: How often do you see gators in the water?
KD: Ha ha, I grind them all the time, dude! But, really, they are there, but we never have issues with them. It’s not like I am sitting in the water for very long and the river is not infested with them. I only get in once and that is to get up. The St. Johns is an awesome place to ride. It has really cool backdrops, calm spots with all the turns and always has deep water.
WW: What do you like to do when you're not wakeboarding?
KD: I like to wakesurf, surf, skateboard, snowboard, golf, ride my dirt bike, hang with my friends. You know, the normal stuff.
WW: Do you have set as your home page?
KD: Ummm...errrr. I do now!
WW: Are there any tricks that you are working on or want to work on?
Kevin DuffyKD: I am working on some new stuff for this year. The Boys division is tough and you have to progress and work hard. I would like to get a few more mobes and some different 7’s and maybe a 9. This is my last year in the Boys division and have plans to go to Jr. Pro, so I want to learn as much as I can for next year too.
WW: Can you give us a rundown of a rad day in your shoes or boots?
KD: Well, I wake up, check my Instagram (@kevinduffy_) and see what is going on. Maybe watch some Family Guy, eat some b-fast, meet up with the boys and do some shredding. Eat some grub for lunch and some afternoon wakesurfing. That would be an awesome day.
WW: Pro wakeboarders…who would be your top three and why?
KD: In no particular order:
1. Bob Soven - Because he is an all around great rider and has a great attitude and is always having fun.
2. Danny Harf - Because of his style and progression and he is a really nice guy.
3. Shaun Murray - What else can you say about the House of Style. He is wakeboarding!
Kevin DuffyWW: Where would you like to visit and ride one day?
KD: I would like to ride in Australia one day. I have some blokes down under I would love to visit one day.
WW: Do you have any words of advice to those starting out?
KD: Have fun! Master all the fundamentals. They will take you far.
WW: Is there anyone that you would like to thank?
KD: Yes, there are! God for giving me the strength to move on when things get tough, all my sponsors; Ronix Wakeboards for supporting me with the best boards, Performance Ski and Surf for all their support, Nautique Boats for the best wake in the business, C4 Belts for the cool belts and my mom and dad for supporting me in all that I want to do.


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