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Q & AA - You Ask Andrew Adkison


The best way for our readers to get a little insight into the pro riders that they follow is for them to ask the questions themselves. Q & AA is our latest attempt to do just that as our readers send in questions for Andrew Adkison (AA, get it?) and Andrew serves up the answers! If you would like to ask Andrew Adkison a question, add it to the conversation in the WakeWorld Forum.

Andrew AdkisonG Q (Cisco): Based on your experience with 313's, do you think S-mobes will ever be landed behind the boat?

AA: 100% Yes. Someone will do an S-mobe behind the boat. I’m going to make a prediction off of my crystal wakeboarding ball. He will be named Tom. Not that I’ve seen Mr. Fooshee try them behind the boat, but Tom is the highest level of both boat and cable. If not Tom, someone will do an S-mobe behind the boat in the next 1-3 seasons. I also have a prediction that more than a couple guys are going to knock themselves silly trying it. It’s going to produce some pretty amazing crash footage. The heel edge of the board is exposed for way too long.
(TheHebrewHammer): How did you get your nickname, "The All-American?" Or do you even consider that an official nickname

AA: I don’t usually answer a question with a question, but… Where did you get the nickname Hebrew Hammer? Wait don’t answer that.
It was Dano the Mano that originally started calling me the All American. It was over the mic at the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, which makes it official. It’s a play on my initials, but also I’m told the clean cutness of my swag factors in. I figure I’m in good company with Apple Pie, Cheese Burgers and America all being things I love.
I do consider it an official nickname. I’m proud to be an American and it’s a nickname I take as a compliment. Other nicknames that I’ll accept: The King of Pong, Wake Jumper Guy or Dragon. I don’t think you can make up your own nicknames, but Dragon would be pretty B.A.
Andy Nintzel (andy_nintzel): I have always thought you carry yourself really well in this sport and are the consummate professional. That said, as a vet of this sport, do you help with grooming the up and comers on CWB on how to handle themselves?

AA: Hey, who you calling old? Sorry, I’m a little sensitive when the word vet is being thrown around. You didn’t deserve that.
First of all, thank you. Sure, if people ask for advice, I’m more than happy to give it. I wouldn’t have the opportunities I have if it wasn’t for good advice from others including Shaun Murray, Gerry Nunn, Ryan Wolfe dawg, Aaron Katon, Cobra, Gary Morrison, my wife… That list could have 50 more people on it easily. When I have the chance, I jump at the opportunity to help out my wake brethren. Yes, my sponsors do ask for input, as do some other riders. I’m happy to give it. I do draw the line at giving them anything too useful when it comes to beating me in a contest though. Kidding.
Nothing to do with wakeboarding: Also, after a photo shoot in MN (during a tour stop) that CWB set up for the first new Transcend (we used my boat and rode with Colin Ryan), I ate lunch with you at a Mexican joint and you were dying to try the flan. As a fellow flan fanatic, who has the best flan? I remember that very well. Now, I can’t recall if you were the one that owned the landscaping business with the catchy name. Was that you or one of the other peeps on the boat? Best flan would have to be my sisters’ mother-in-law’s recipe. This coming from a guy who has flan from around the world. It’s kinda my thing.
Andrew AdkisonVinny Armentano (VinnyA): What do you feel has been the most progressive moment in wakeboaridng?

AA: It’s a tie between the day Parks, Danny, Murray, Darin and Harley decided to pick up a board.
You also have to consider the wakes that shaped the sport, or lifestyle for those of you that get offended by calling wakeboarding a sport. For me, it’s both depending on the setting.
The history of the X-star tends to correlate closely with the history of progression in wakeboarding.
Wakeboarding is still so new that progressive moments are happening almost daily. The technicality of riding is stepping up on all levels. The creativity and artistic side of riding is constantly changing. The introduction of cables and winches to the mainstream is a huge factor. I feel like the most progressive moment is more of a progressive era in creativity and possibly that we’ve only just begun.
Jeff (jroyal): Are you working to open a cable park in Panama City and, if so, when will it open?

AA: I can neither confirm nor deny these allegations. Kidding. We are working on some locations that have very real possibilities. There are so many things that go into such a project, but, yes, we are checking things off of the list. Presently I can say there will definitely be a CableBahn [two-tower system] installed in the area in the very near future. The full size cable is a work in progress, but we’re progressing every day. I will keep you posted on it.
Sam Adams (sdahockey21): Have you ever almost flipped a truck into a lake?

Andrew AdkisonAA: Yes, but it wasn’t my truck, so I didn’t really give a rip. You didn’t appreciate that sarcastic comment at the time your truck was about to roll in. Hope you don’t mind it now.
C.I.E. J-Rod (jarrod): AA is a vet. I'd been interested to know what he has in store for the future if it's something he can talk about. It's kind of cliche, but I'd be interested in the answer to, "Where do you see yourself in five years (or 10)?” Still doing what he's doing? Working for CWB or MC? He's still a top competitor, so by no means am I implying that his days are numbered, but this is wakeboarding.

AA: Dear Mr. J-Rod, I’m going compete on the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour and be in the top 10 until probably my late 70’s, so this question really doesn’t apply to me. Regards, Andrew.
Well, I guess I can’t skirt around the question that easy. I’m as addicted to wakeboarding now as I was when I first tried it at 14. I still have the same passion for riding, teaching and introducing people to our sport. There is no question I will still be involved 5, 10, 25 years from now. I know over the next 5-10 I’ll still enjoy competing. I’m training more than ever to continue my present competitive push.
Competitive wakeboarding is still in its infancy. There really isn’t a precedent set for a line in the sand age of when someone just isn’t competitive anymore. It’s the guys competing now that will be setting that standard. I feel at this point it comes down to individuals’ goals, drive, conditioning and how much they enjoy it.
I’ll be installing a CableBahn very soon and that plays a pivotal role in my goals for progressing my rail riding. I think rails will be an area where I can progress my riding well past the time when my knees aren’t cool with 313’s anymore. I’ll be making an immediate push with my rail riding as I get this CableBahn up and running. It will give me a spot to try new things and to have a controlled environment for unique photo and video shoots.
I have been doing more coaching over the last several seasons as well. I enjoy getting on the water and working with riders to improve their skills. It actually helps my riding progress as well. I’m also looking into providing the students I’m coaching access to the CableBahn to further expand the training tools I have on hand to push their boat, cable and rail riding
So at the present I’m diversifying my riding from being mainly contest focused. I’ll be working on the innovative side of my riding with an emphasis on getting it out there to the media. I will, however, still be riding contest full on. The contest environment is one I enjoy. Win or lose, it’s a great way to meet tons of people that have the same passion as you.
I’ll be doing more coaching and putting time into getting a cable operation going. Into the future I’ll fully intend to be involved with my sponsors on expanding levels as well. In the immediate future, as in 15 minutes from now, I’m going to ride. I’ve been staring at my computer for way too long considering its 75 degrees out right meow!

If you would like to ask Andrew Adkison a question, add it to the conversation in the WakeWorld Forum.


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