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Norbi Vasko


Norbi VaskoThis interview takes us to Orlando to get to know the Hungarian wakeboarder who not only has skills with his board, but also with his video camera. We have all seen Norbi Vasko’s edits, but now is a good chance to get to know the man behind the camera. Enjoy a taste of Hungary, Norbi Vasko.
WW: Norbi, where exactly do you come from? Can you give us a background check?
NV: I was born in Budapest, Hungary on 9/2/89. That’s in Europe and we have the best food, hottest women and best cables in the world.
WW: When did you start getting into wakeboarding?
NV: I was always around this old school waterski cable in a "kemping" on the shore of Lake Balaton (biggest lake in Europe) growing up, so as soon as I knew how to swim around the age of seven I jumped on the cable following in my parents and my bros footsteps. Around 10 I started wakeboarding and I got picked up by some local companies when I was 14.
WW: Did you grow up playing any different sports?
NV: I used to play basketball, some tennis, but the one sport that’s been with me right along wakeboarding is definitely snowboarding. Gotta love that pow and park stuff.
Norbi VaskoWW: Now wakeboarding and sports aren't all you do. You also film it. Have you always been into filming?
NV: My passion for filming began when I was about 15 years old and I was riding in Dunaharaszti, Hungary next to this Jet Ski lake. That’s the same place they had the Worlds in ‘05 I think. But anyways, I was just fascinated by my coach, Szergej, recording some of my falls and tricks on his little digital camera. Then I borrowed my mom’s mini HDV camcorder and the rest is history. Haven’t stopped filming since. Now I have over 400 videos under my belt. I just love being able to make videos all throughout the year and get other riders stoked when they can’t shred in those cold months.
WW: I’ve also heard that you went to a prestigious college in Orlando for a film major. Can you explain more about that?
NV: I started going to Full Sail in ’08 and got my BS and now I’m attending my masters in entertainment business. Should be done in a year.
WW: What camera do you usually shoot with?
NV: I love my [Sony] EX1R, but I also use the Contour HD a lot.
Norbi VaskoWW: Would you ever be interested in filming a full length movie or are you shooting for the stars even further and going for Hollywood?
NV: Few people know, but I actually have two little DVD’s out, both over 35 minutes. One was filmed in the Philippines and one was filmed at Rixen with names like Jimmy LaRiche, Nick Davies, Marc Shuster and more. But I’m definitely planning on a more serious piece soon. Just waiting for all the right pieces and the timing to fall together.
WW: Do you feel that being such a good wakeboarder helps your filming in any way?
NV: I think it definitely helps because knowing what trick a rider’s going to do just from his/her edge/stance, I can be a step ahead and get the shots the way I want them.
Norbi VaskoWW: I also know that you aren't the only Vasko in the wakeboard industry. Your brother, Gabor, is a talented wakeboarder and an amazing photographer. What’s it like having an older brother who shares a similar passion?
NV: Yeah, Vasko bros! Gabor’s ill at what he does and not only his photography, but graphic design is on point too. Having him live/attend Full Sail with me was a huge motivation and super fun. It’s really cool to share a similar passion.
WW: What comes first? Wakeboarding or filming?
NV: That’s a tough one, but I would have to say wakeboarding. It just gives me a feeling like nothing else. After that is filming for sure.
WW: What is your favorite kicker trick to do right now?
NV: Maybe a stalefish to indy back one, or a tail grab back five is super fun too.
Norbi VaskoWW: Favorite rail trick?
NV: Either some reverse action combo press/tap madness or just a switch or regular nose press is always buttery too.
WW: We all know you shred on the cable, but do you ever get to make it out on the boat?
NV: Sometimes. Whenever I film someone or I’m just around a boat with friends that want to ride boat, I’m always down for some wake jumps.
WW: What's your favorite web video you have made?
NV: I really like the most recent Nicky D one since he just got back and I’ve always had good times chillin’/shooting and hanging out with him.
WW: What is your favorite web video that you didn't make?
NV: Notes from Thailand is pretty dope. Germans kill it.
WW: Do you have a favorite wakeboarder?
NV: Not one. I like different shredders for different reasons, but if I had to highlight some of the faves: Rathy, Nicky D and Raph Derome.
Norbi VaskoWW: What kind of music do you like to edit to best?
NV: Depends on the mood of the piece and the style of the rider. I like matching those, but mostly any dope beat or some electronic is always fun. Gets people pumped.
WW: What is your current set up that you ride?
NV: Hyperlite Union 142 and LaRiche boots.
WW: What is your opinion on flex boards at wake parks?
NV: ALL the WAY! It’s definitely the future and with all these different companies coming up with their own little tweaks on the flex series, it’s going to be fun to see what they come up with in the upcoming years. But my fave is the Hyperlite Union. It’s just an all-around dope deck for whatever your skill level is.
WW: Any wake parks you haven't been to that you really want to ride at?
NV: YES, Thai Wake Park and Turkey’s are definitely up there.
WW: What is your favorite part about the United States?
NV: The weather, the food and the parties
Norbi VaskoWW: What's your favorite American fast food joint?
NV: Quiznos!! If you know anything about me, you know I’m all about that Quiznos life and, yes, I must post a cool pic every time I go!
WW: Do you have any exciting plans for 2012 that you want to share?
NV: Not failing any classes, shredding tons, shooting even more and trying to save enough footage for a full length.
WW: Any words of advice for the kids out there that want to be just like Norbi Vasko?
NV: Don't. Just be yourself and if you have the same passion/vision like I do then nothing can stop you. Keep doing what you do and be the best at it. Also don’t let haters get you down. There are always going to be goons out there just waiting to give you crap, but remember, you must be doing something if they’re hating on it.
WW: Would you like to thank anyone for being where you are today?
NV: My mom who’s the best, my bro for teaching me how to ride and Hyperlite for making the best wakeboarding gear out there. Oh, and least but not last, WakeWorld, for keeping up with the latest in the web wake scene!


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