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Nick Davies Interview


Nick DaviesWhat can you say about Nick Davies that hasn't been said already? He is a very ''up and going'' kind of guy and always knows how to have a good time. He is a smooth rider on the cable, off the wake and even with the ladies (probably because of his accent). Nick continues to push the cable aspect of wakeboarding as he wins world title after world title and still slays the boat as one of the best boat riders today as well.

Agree to disagree, but his riding reminds me a lot of the late Mark Kenney. If Nick keeps doing what he is doing, he won't just be the really good wakeboarder with the most online videos, but one of the best wakeboarders to go down in the sport's history.

I got to catch up with Nick for a couple days in between his traveling and this is what we came out with. So sit back and enjoy some Nick Davies.

Nick DaviesWW: Nick, how is your day today?
ND: Kaesen, my day has been great. Thanks mate! Been at OWC all day doing some good old fashion airs off the flat rail.

WW: So how old are you? Where exactly are you from?
ND: I'm 20. 21 in a couple of weeks! ;) 6/20/89. I'm from United Kingdom and live in London, where Mary Poppins lives. She is such a sweetheart.

WW: Now being from England and all, it’s usually really tough to understand just about 60% of what you say, so can we keep this interview as American as possible? Maybe discuss this over some big juicy cheeseburgers?
ND: Haha! Well, fair enough. I would like a cheeseburger right now though. Starving! Chicken flavor just won’t cut it!

WW: Do you remember your first time on a wakeboard? How old were you?
ND: Yeah, I was about 13 and was at Princes Club in London (cable). As soon as I got standing, I loved it and did not want to let go. I went round for about 40 minutes, then finally came off Nick Daviesand could not get my feet out of the bindings!

WW: Cable or boat?   
ND: Started on cable. Ride boat just as much, so I say cable on weekdays and boat on Saturday and Sub-way on Sunday, followed by boat and cable.

WW: You first came into the scene as a cable rider and quickly became the best. How exactly did you do it?
ND: Where I started riding in England, they have cable park and boat, but boat was and still is so expensive over there. So cable is a lot cheaper and you get a lot more for your money. The more I rode cable, the more I got known over in London and everyone was pushing me to ride boat and see what could happen, etc., so I did and I loved it! Since then I have been trying to ride as much as I can when I get the chance to.

WW: So you turn on your iPod…what are the first songs you listen to?
ND: Little Mermaid (Under the Sea), Li’l Wayne (Always Strapped), Eminem (Not Afraid).

Nick DaviesWW: Can you walk us through a normal day in your life right now?
ND: Every country is different, but right now as I'm here in Florida…Wake up. Breakfast! Wash/brush. Get dressed! Get gas. Ride boat. Come back, have lunch. Maybe go cable. If not, ride boat a few sets a day. Then smash out a sick session on Facebook! Do emails. Wants bath, but it’s dirty, so I have a shower. Sleep. Same again and again.

WW: What’s your current setup?
ND: Hyperlite Clash 142, Audio boots, Oakley Boardies, Mystic Life vests.

WW: Word on the street is that you’re designing your own pro model with Hyperlite. Can you tell us what to expect with your new board?
Nick DaviesND: That’s correct mate! Excited on it too! Been riding the prototype in Turkey and it is by far the sickest board I have ever rode and the graphics are unreal! The pop is just silly good too! Cheers Hyperlite for making the Tramp board! It feels like it when you’re riding it! Get BOOTED!

WW: Did you look up to anyone in wakeboarding when you were coming up? When I was younger and watching all the wake videos, of course PB and Lyman! Both unreal styles and tricks still which aren't even done today! Good lads!
ND: Do you have a crew of riders that you normally ride with? All the boys back in England! Would say names, but I know if I miss anyone out I will get disowned by them! So you all know who you are! ;)

Nick DaviesWW: What is your favorite cable to ride at?
ND: Gotta be CWC. Such a sick place! Amazing people! Cheap! Easy to survive! No worries ever! Amazing cable! Sick boat lake! Sick rails/kickers and rail parks…and really hot! Looks like a Greek goddess and get them JA's sorted out! Ask Rathy!

WW: What’s your best memory from wakeboarding?
ND: Maybe winning my first contest or learning me first trick, which was a bel air I think. ;)

WW: Out of all the cable contests you have won in your day which one means the most to you?
ND: Every contest I win feels great and means a lot to me, but the ones that stick out the most are the ones I need to retain. I hate losing something I’ve won the last couple of years, so I like to stay on winning them; Nationals, Europeans, etc.

WW: Crumpets or scones with your tea?
ND: All England are not like the queen! But crumpets and two sugars in my tea! Low fat milk, stir throughout out…clockwise. ;)

Nick DaviesWW: Is it true you guys drink your beer warm over there, or is that just a myth?
ND: Behave! Far from it! Beer has to be cold 24-7. Nobody in the world drinks warm beer. And if they do, I truly feel sorry for you. It’s a myth. Haha!

WW: Any words of advice for the young bucks out there that wants to be just like Nick Davies when they are older?
ND: Stick to what you want to achieve. Push yourself as much as you can. Have fun! Don't go emo and don't stress when riding. And learn the basics before pushing harder tricks. It all helps in the long run!

WW: Thank you list goes here...
ND: Like to thank everyone who has pushed me and helped me to come where I am today in wakeboarding.

Special thanks to Hyperlite Wakeboards for supporting me over the years and supplying me products 24-7 and doing their best all year round to keep me out on the water! LEGENDS!

Nick DaviesOakley Sunglasses for having me on the sickest extreme sports team ever and making the coolest clothing and sunnies! ; ) Cheers boys!

Mystic Wetsuits, which I just joined, but has already been a great journey with the team! And being a part of something new in wakeboarding and having the chance to have my own ND range with them!

Monster Energy
for giving me endless amounts of energy to ride hours and hours and learn new tricks and never get tired! So thank you!

Rixen Cableways for making the best cables for wakeboarding for years! Still by far my favorite and really excited to see the new stuff they’re coming out with!

Republic. Huge thanks to all the guys at CWC for looking after me and making me feel at home when all the way in The Philippines! Thanks Republic!

To all my fans who enjoy my riding and look up to it! Also, my parents, of course, for helping me with every single part of it!

Cheers! And Kaesen for making me fart on command for! ;)



Comments (4)

Commented on 6-9-2010 At 02:01 am

ha ha classic, one question what are the "JA's"?
Commented on 6-9-2010 At 01:21 pm

Japan Airs I reckon :)
Commented on 6-16-2010 At 06:24 am

JAs = Jesus Abs
Commented on 7-6-2010 At 05:47 am

hahah he's downright hilarious
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