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Matt Tonne


Matt TonneMatt Tonne might not be a name you recognize, but this young California native is quickly putting himself on the map. With an effortless style and humble attitude, Matt has a bright future ahead of him. Matt works at Velocity Island Park and is out on the water every chance he gets. Coming into his second year of competing at a pro level, he is looking to give the top cable guys a run for their money.
WW: How old are you and where are you from?
MT: I am 23 years old and was raised in California.
WW: When did you first start riding and how were you introduced to it?
MT: I started riding on the Delta behind my parents '98 Sanger where my dad introduced me to wakeboarding, waterskiing and other water sports.
WW: How old were you?
MT: I started waterskiing around age 4 and rode my first wakeboard when I was 6 or 7.
WW: Who helped you out most when you were starting?
MT: My Dad taught me how to ride, but I was never pushed until I moved to Sacramento for college and joined the Sac State Wakeboard Team. Ben Hernstedt and Drew Glickman were the two riders that pushed me the most during my years at Sac State.
WW: What’s your current riding set up?
MT: My current riding set up is the 2016 Hyperlite Union and the low back Systems with the AJ or Webb Boots.
Matt TonneWW: Where do you ride now?
MT: I currently work at Velocity Island Park where I get to ride every day. With only two parks on the west coast, the only way to get a variety in where I ride is to travel.
WW: Do you ride much boat or mostly cable?
MT: I ride mostly cable because I work at Velocity and it is convenient to ride for free. However, the boat scene on the west coast is growing and the homie Broc Schall is always trying to get me to ride on the Delta. As long as gas prices don't skyrocket, I plan on getting out on the boat way more this year.
WW: What’s your favorite park besides VIP or CWC?
MT: I would have to say either VWC or Jibtopia. I got to ride them both on my trip to the east coast and enjoy the handmade obstacles at both parks. If I had to choose, I would go with VWC 'cause you can’t beat chillin’ with the VWC boys.
WW: Who’s your usual crew that you ride with?
MT: The usual homies that I ride with are Tanar Pigrenet, Broc Schall, Kaesen Suyderhound, Ben Canevari, Jay Miguel, Kyle Feder, Andrew Hartmann and the rest of the crew at Velocity.
MT603.jpgWW: What else do you do in California when you’re not riding?
MT: When I'm not riding I try and spend my time making money to travel, but usually end up snowboarding or traveling around to local hiking spots or beaches. I also enjoy spending my time mobbing with the homies on our fixies downtown Sacramento to the bars and parks.
WW: Do you think snowboarding helps your wakeboarding out?
MT: I would say snowboarding helps riding because you can be more creative hitting rails with a snowboard and then try and carry that creativity to the water. Although I’m not the greatest snowboarder, I think staying on a board year round definitely helps me to develop more board control.
WW: You just had a trip out to the Philippines. What made you decide to go out to CWC and how long was your trip?
MT: This is my second year in a row going to CWC. This year I spent a month and a half in the Philippines with a week break to Bali. It is a great destination for me during the California winter because it gets pretty cold living an hour away from the snow. They also have great features to learn on and bi-level parks, which California doesn't have. On top of that, it is always a great place to party and meet people from all over the world.
Matt TonneWW: How different is the Philippines from America?
MT: It is a great change from California. Although some parts seem a little sketchy, it really makes me appreciate what I have in California. Even though the people of the Philippines don't have much money, they always seem to be happy.
WW: What was the highlight of your trip?
MT: The highlight of my trip was going to Bali with the homies. It was an awesome week spent drinking Bintang and hanging on the beach. I was able to surf a little; however, the low tide reef break was slightly sketch for my surfing abilities. It is definitely a place I would like to go back and spend more time exploring.
WW: Did you manage to get any Bali reef tattoos?
MT: I didn’t get any reef tattoos, but I did get some Bali scooter tattoos returning from a bar on the back of a scooter. No one got hurt, just a few scrapes from slipping out in the mud and at the time was actually pretty funny. I can thank the driver, Broc Schall, for that one. Somehow I managed to get more Philippine tattoos than Bali Tattoos.
WW: How has filming for Dog Dayz been and how excited are you to be involved in an all west coast full-length?
Matt TonneMT: Filming for Dog Dayz has been fun! Although I didn't get to film much before my trip to CWC, I am so pumped that Trever Maur let me have a few clips in the friends section. I grew up watching the Delta Sessions and other videos made by the west coast crew and could not be more stoked to be in what is going to be the best movie yet.
WW: Are you working on your own edit this year?
MT: This year I plan to come out with at least two full edits and a couple small video parts. I filmed a ton while I was in the Philippines with Drew Glickman. The edit should be out within the next month or two. I also plan on working on a 2016 California edit that includes cable, boat and winching now that we actually have water filling up winch spots.
WW: What are your plans for this year?
MT: This year I plan to keep working at Velocity and competing in any local California competitions. I am currently trying to figure out how I can make it to either Plastic Playground or Fise to try and qualify and get exposure in out-of-country competitions. With the Triple Crown stops being eliminated, I would like to try and make it to another competition within the states. There has been word that Velocity might be hosting a Water Co. Wax competition sometime this summer that will be awesome to compete in. Other than that, I plan to keep shooting and working on edits with the homies at Velocity.
Matt TonneWW: I heard that CWC might be hosting cable worlds in October. Would you try and go back out for that?
MT: I would never miss an opportunity to go back to CWC. I’m not sure I would be able to make it out there because of work, but it would be awesome to compete in worlds this year. I’m sure CWC would put on an awesome competition with some great parties.
WW: Do you like to compete or freeride more?
MT: That's a no brainer question. Nothing beats freeriding at the cable with the homies, or being on the Delta. Competing is a blast because all the riders come together and have a great time, but I would rather not be judged and just ride for fun.
WW: Who’s your favorite rider?
MT: This is hard to say because there are so many talented riders. After visiting CWC this winter, I would have to say my favorite rider is Wes Gumpel. I have never seen someone with more cable control and talent that just enjoys riding for fun.
WW: Who would you like to thank?
MT: I would like to thank Elevated Clothing, Hyperlite and Water Co. Wax for all the support. Also my parents and family for all their love and support. And my friends for making traveling the world and wakeboarding so awesome.


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