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Jeff Langley


Jeff LangleyJeff Langley is one of those guys that is always keepin’ it cool, calm and collected. By day he is a working man that gets as much riding in as possible with whoever he can, and by night he is either in downtown Orlando or cleaning house with his ping pong paddle around the hood. Jeff rides with a very smooth and unique style that really opens eyes…especially when he boosts to the moon on his double ups. It’s time for everyone to start getting used to hearing his name ‘cause it will be around for a while. Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Langley.
WW: Jeff, how is life treating you?
JL: Life is excellent! I have no complaints. I’m the best in the hood at darts and ping-pong…well, probably in Orlando. Carl tows me around the neighborhood every morning on a skateboard at about 25 mph and we have started to wakeboard again now that the cold seems to have passed.
Jeff LangleyWW: You spend a lot of time in Orlando, but where exactly are you from?
JL: Yeah, Orlando is home from here on out. I’m excited to be living with Jim and Captain Carl when he doesn’t run away. I am from a smaller town a few minutes north of Atlanta, home of the infamous Lake Allatoona.
WW: You recently just signed on to the O’Brien team. How pumped are you?
JL: Boyyy! Am I ever excited! To have a company support me to wakeboard…It’s an awesome feeling. Thank you O’Brien.
WW: Have you picked a board that you like the best in their line? What do you like most about it?
JL: Yes, proudly repping Daniel Watkins’ Decade. It has a three-stage rocker with loads of pop that you can’t stop.
WW: Have you always been a three-stage guy or do you ever fly a continuous?
JL: Personally, I like a continuous rocker, so I fly a continuous rocker as much as possible, but D. Dubs board is a three-stage and I'm having a lot of fun with that too. I guess it really doesn't matter.
Jeff LangleyWW: Any new and exciting things planned with O’Brien for this next season coming up?
JL: Yeah, have a few trips planned. Going to Gravity Research to hit up the new System 2.0 before the season kicks off. In between the tour I'll be traveling the east coast doing clinics and local contests. Busy summer ahead.
WW: Now I have personally seen you boost off of double ups almost as tall as me and come down like it was no big deal. You just take double up sets mainly?
JL: No, but I occasionally will. It just depends on what I feel like at the time, but I almost always finish up a pass with one.
WW: Do you have a favorite trick for your double ups?
JL: Not necessarily. It just depends on the mood, but I do notice I will usually do/attempt the same trick off the double up for that entire session.
Jeff LangleyWW: Who are you riding with these days?
JL: In the offseason, anybody. Not too many people are committed to riding in the so-called cold weather. Have to take advantage of every opportunity I get. Ruck, Jim and Shane all live here on the lake, so I can usually get one of the four, if not all, to come ride.
WW: Does riding with guys like Ruck, Jimmy and Shane help out your riding at all?
JL: Of course! I try to ride with guys better than me as much as possible. It can only help you, especially guys of that caliber.
WW: So what is it about wakeboarding that makes you keep at it every day?
JL: I don't really know the answer to this question other than it is like a drug for me and I have to take a set or two every day for it to feel like I've had a productive day. Kind of weird, but better than being addicted to a real drug.
WW: What about cable? Do you ever head out to the cable ski for some laps or do you mainly just lap the closest gas station route so you can ride boat every day?
Jeff LangleyJL: Oh yeah! I’ll shred the cable. I’m not real good at it, but I am getting better. Love those kickers!
WW: So are you a Magic fan now? Or do you stick to your Georgia teams?
JL: Magic fan!! Dwight Howard and I have a history from back in Atlanta. He may have dunked on me once or twice in High School. I’ll let your imagination wonder. So for whatever reason, I feel like I should be a fan. My favorite player is Reddick though. I used to watch him play in college at Duke and it’s cool to see him evolve over the last few years with the Magic.
WW: Favorite/worst movies?
Office Space - The movie that motivated me not to be motivated at my real job
Liar Liar
Jurassic park
Blair Witch Project - Hate scary movies
Paranormall Activity
Jeff LangleyWW: What is the hardest fall you have ever taken? Do you even remember what trick you were doing?
JL: Yes, late roll to blind. So brutal! I have had bad falls on this trick multiple times, one of them completely unconscious face down. I only know this because it's on film. Worst time wakeboarding ever.
WW: What is the most exciting thing that happened to you in the last six hours?
JL: My bosses at the snowboard shop just decided, based on my performance over the last quarter, to cut back my hours from full time to two days a week. What can I say? I’m not real good at selling snowboards in Florida.
WW: If you could pick one place in the world to go right now, where would you go?
JL: That's easy, Australia!
WW: Any last words of encouragement or advice you would like to give to the people out there in the wake world?
JL: Yeah, don't forget why you wakeboard…because it’s fun!
WW: How about some thank yous?
JL: O'Brien, Ambush, The Mikker, Gravity Research and the crew out at The Boarding School.



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Commented on 3-28-2011 At 02:59 am

sick style dude!
Commented on 3-28-2011 At 06:19 pm

Great riding
Commented on 3-29-2011 At 05:49 pm

Yeah Jeff!
Commented on 4-11-2011 At 08:42 pm

wow man great riding
Commented on 6-20-2011 At 01:28 am

love that steez
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