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Cablestock 2011


TSR Cablestock 2011What on earth could be a better way to kick off the 2011 wake season than a TSR Cablestock event? I honestly couldn’t give you a better option. This has been my second year in a row coming to this event to start off my season and even though I have never gotten to ride TSR without being incredibly sore, I still enjoy everything about being there. It seems like it is just getting better and better every year.

This year, TSR did it again with all the contests and even more of the night life, including big artists like Swayze, Mimosa and Bun B. Instead of the pro men boat competition, they left it open for a double-up event! I thought that was pretty sick because I knew some serious stunts would go down since we had local Texas heroes Gabe Lucas, Joey Bradley, Jade Whirley and Tom Fooshee, not to mention flying in from Florida veterans Shane 'Danger' Bonifay and Shawn Watson.

Shane BonifayThe rider list doesn’t even stop there because there were also some of the world's top wakeskaters competing for not only a cable title, but a boat title as well. Big names like James Balzer, Danny Hampson, Grant Roberts and Texas locals Brett Little and Aaron Reed. So with a rider list like that you know that there will be some amazing wakeskating as well.
Since I mentioned the change to the double-up contest, I might as well keep going and let you know how it actually went. The rules were simple; each rider got three double-ups of their choice and the best trick of the three is the trick that scores. There were a lot of big stunts that went down, but only a few really stood out.

Jade Whirley really started off the finals with a high bar to clear with a giant toeside 720. Quickly after that Watson pushed up the bar with a wicked wrapped frontside indy 720 that was poked harder than the Pillsbury dough boy. With the best trick still in Watson's hands, Gabe Lucas finally had his chance to change that. Gabe went out and blew everyone's minds with a huge nose grab front mobe and an even bigger front mobe 540. Now if you have ever seen Gabe's front mobes, you would know that he has the best front mobe in the biz. Now imagine what his front mobe 5 would look like! Yeah, it looked sick! After Gabe, there was still the defending cablestock champ, Tom Fooshee. Tom TSR Cablestockmistimed his first double up, but made it up with an extremely large switch mute front 9. Now it's close! Clearly it was up to the judges at this point, but the final verdict ended up with Tom Fooshee in third, Shawn Watson in second and Gabe Lucas in first.
Shortly after the double up contest and the Obscura boat contest, where James Balzer put on a show, it was time for the cable contests. Things started off first with the pro wakeskate event. Clearly there to shine, TSR local Brett Little put on a clinic like he rides there every day or something for a first place finish. Coming in a close second was Aaron Reed who boosted the biggest backside shifty I have ever seen on a wakeskate. Following Aaron was Ski Rixen's own Nick Robinson taking third.

On the wakeboard side of things, they added another new program to the schedule called the Stylish 360 contest. I actually even had the chance to compete in this one myself. It was a pretty cool concept where everyone had only one rule and that was to hit any of the two kickers and do the best-looking 3 they got. Everyone got three tries and they all made them count! Not sure how the judges were going to narrow it down because every 360 Gabe Lucasin that contest was sick! My personal favorite that I saw was Tom Fooshee’s toeside tail grab backside 3, but I, of course, was not a judge. Good thing too because Julian Cohen and Evan Washington were also putting out unique looking 3's that you just don’t get to see every day. Unfortunately for all of them, I took the win. I was actually really surprised when I found out because I knew how many other good hits went down. None the less, I was pumped.

Moving on to the pro wakeboard event, it was a battle well fought for OWC’s own Julian Cohen who put down one of the best cable runs I have ever seen him do, but just fell short to another TSR local, Kyle Cameron. Kyle had quite the stand up pass with a Pete 5, KGB and front mobe off the flats for a wild card. But Julian and Kyle were no match for the defending champ Tom Fooshee, who earlier that day landed a toe 10 for the tricks for cash event. Tom didn't land a 10 in his run, but still killed it with a backside 9, switch Pete 5, S-mobe 5, crow mobe 5 and flawless rail hits. It was clear who took the “W” on that one.
To finish up the contest portion of the day, they had the obstacles-only event. This happens to be my personal favorite because there really isn’t anything like it. It’s the closest it gets to a jam format and you get to shred the cable with all your buds! Fortunately, I had the opportunity of making it to the finals for this one and got to compete againstTSRCablestock5.jpg   some of the sport's best. Finals also consisted of Jade Whirley, Gabe Lucas, Tom Fooshee and Shane Bonifay.    

 It was tough trying to get competitive out there when everyone is joking around on the start dock and then I’m getting all distracted from everyone slaying once we started riding! Shane landed a front 9 right on top of Gabe's head, giving him fair warning on his way into the kicker. That wasn’t the only 9 Shane did either! 'Danger' was on fire! With the addition of his dirty nose presses and unique transfer box lines, he sealed the deal for the Cablestock obstacles-only title, while Tom and I rounded off the rest of the podium.

As the sun went down, everyone else got down as well. With the night life that TSR brought to the table this year, there was no way you couldn’t enjoy yourself. First off, they had one of my favorite dub step bands there, Mimosa, and hip hop super star, Bun B. They even had to  move the stage to a different location this year because they knew there was going to be so many people there for the show! It was definitely the right way to cap off the weekend for yet another Cablestock. I don’t know how they are planning to top this next year, but I'm sure we will be in for a treat since it will be the 10th anniversary. Like I said, it just keeps getting better and better and I can't wait to come back again next year to do it all over again!

Liquid Force Cable Finals                                   

Pro Wakeboard
1. Tom Fooshee
2. Kyle Cameron
3. Julian Cohen
4. Sam Scoggins
Gabe Lucas
1. Chandler Powell
2. Dan Olson
3. Marshall Lewis
4. Robert Jones
1. Louise Sawyer
2. Holland Finley
3. Lana Merkley
4. Brookelyn Dickson
1. Bret Little
2. Aaron Reed
3. Nick Robinson
4. Collin Gee
5. Grand Roberts
6. Danny Hampson

Rukus Skate Comp
1. Ethan Sullivan
2. David Sotelo
3. Tyler Sutay
SPY Structure-Only Finals
1. Shane Bonifay -  94.4
2. Kaesen Suyderhoud - 66.8
TSR Cablestock 20113. Tom Fooshee - 66.7
4. Cody Johnson - 55.5
5. Jade Whirley - 50
6. Gabe Lucas - 22.6
Rip Curl Stylish 360 Comp
1. Kaesen Suyderhoud
2. Evan Washington
3. Julian Cohen
MasterCraft Boat Finals

1. James Balzer
2. Danny Hampson
3. Grant Roberts
4. Aaron Reed
5. Collin Gee
6. David Roehm
7. Bret Little
Pro Wakeboard Double Up
1. Gabe Lucas (Slim Chance 5)
2. Shawn Watson (Heelside Wrapped 720)
3. Tom Fooshee (Heelside 720)
4. Shane Bonifay (Toeside Backside 360)
5. Jade Whirley (Toeside 720)
6. JB Oneill (Heelside Off 540)


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