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Bec Gange


Bec GangeWW: How is your summer going?
BG: My summer is going splendid (haha)! Nah, it's been pretty relaxing hanging out with family and friends again.
WW: Describe your best day of the summer so far.
BG: That's a difficult one. There has been too many good days. Camping over New Years was good fun; family and friends, beers and calm water all day. Couldn't ask for much more.
WW: What kind of competitions have you been involved with this summer?
BG: Been to a few South Australian (state) contests; Boardstock and Summerjam and have the World Cup and Nationals coming up in a couple of weeks.
WW: Where do you live in Australia?
BG: I live in Mildura, Victoria.
WW: How did you end up in wakeboarding?
BG: I actually loved single skiing and my brother wakeboarded. Long story short, we got a bigger boat, wake got bigger and then I learnt to jump the wake and fell in love.
WW: How long have you been wakeboarding professionally?
BG: I guess for only a year or two. I have been lingering around the industry for a long time, but I guess officially only a year or so.
WW: When will you be moving back to the U.S. for the 2014 sBec Gangeeason?
BG: I'm flying out on the 8th of April.
WW: There has been a lot of talk about the number of pro comps in the U.S. for women for 2014. What is your take on the issue?
 BG: I guess it came as a bit of a shock when I got the email. After doing quite well last year being my first season on tour, I was excited for this year’s contests as I have had some experience now. It's a little disappointing as you prepare yourself for the season to come to only have it shut down in front of you. It's a little bit hard to take. But I guess it is what it is and as females maybe we need to work together a bit better to push us forward and into a new direction that has been lacked in the past.
WW: How important is wakeboarding on the Pro Tour to you?
BG: Well, not super important if we had our own Tour or some sort of other exposure throughout the year.
WW: What do you think can be done to improve women’s wakeboarding?
Bec GangeBG: I don't think it’s just women's wakeboarding, but wakeboarding in general. Just need the sport to grow more, have bigger events with more followers and new sponsors to jump on board because they see the value in it like a surfing or skateboarding event. I guess right now for women is don't get disheartened and take it as a time to improve your riding, film more and have our own contest.
WW: You seem to do a lot of events focused on women. In fact, the last time I saw you was at the Sets In Motion premiere in Denver where you were teaching girls to ride the cable. Do you feel a responsibility to bring women and girls into the sport?
BG: Yeah, I believe in being a good role model and getting more girls involved will help us grow and get more respect. There are more and more girls getting involved in wakeboarding than ever before. I have traveled to Newcastle, Tasmania, Sydney and coaching in Mildura this summer and there are just as many girls, if not more, than the boys in the boats and they love it and try new stuff. I just wish there were more incentives for them to keep pushing when the going gets tough and more support behind the women.
Bec GangeWW: What was the most surprising part about doing Sets In Motion?
BG: The amount of talent from female riders.
WW: What’s your favorite part of teaching people how to wakeboard?
BG: The messages I get afterwards saying how much they loved it and how much they learnt.
WW: What are your plans for your time in the U.S. this year?
BG: Umm, Wake Games, Nationals and Worlds, maybe Masters if I'm invited, some LF Free For All and just more filming, travelling and lots of riding.
WW: Who is your favorite sponsor and why?
BG: Favourite sponsor, that's too hard to say (haha). I love them all.
WW: Do you find it difficult to drive on the opposite (right) side of the road when you’re in the U.S.?
BG: Actually it's easier driving on the right then the left. I struggle when I get back to Australia.
Bec GangeWW: Does it confuse you even more because the steering wheel on the boat doesn’t change when you change hemispheres?
BG: Haha, Nah, just feels normal.
WW: You’ve been on a Liquid Force board for a while now, but you just recently joined their international team. How is that different from your previous level of sponsorship?
BG: Well, I only just signed with them at the start of this year, so just as yet not a whole heap has changed (haha), but I'm guessing more exposure, photo shoots and traveling more will be in the future.
WW: What board and bindings will you be riding this year?
BG: I'm on the Fusion 138 and Watsons because I'm just big (haha). Big feet and tall, nothing else fits me in the ladies.
WW: If you have to pick one to do exclusively for the rest of your life, would it be cable or boat?
BG: Boat.
Bec GangeWW: Do you worry about riding a certain way or pushing yourself to do certain tricks for either your fans or your sponsors or do you just ride for yourself and let the chips fall where they may?
BG: Umm, I guess in a way, because I take the time to learn bigger tricks for contests when at times I would like to learn a more basic trick with style, but mainly just ride for myself and be myself and, hopefully, I get the sponsors and fans that support me for what I do.
Bec GangeWW: What’s the best part about your lifestyle?
BG: Travelling and meeting new people and sharing the love of wakeboarding. And I get to share it with my family and friends.
WW: What’s the worst part?
BG: The lack of money.
WW: Why do you think you’re such a goofball?
BG: Haha, I am? I thought I was a perfect specimen (haha). I guess it's the country in me and the way I was brought up with my family. Just have a laugh. Australian mentality!
WW: Who do you think is the biggest goofball in wakeboarding not named Bec?
BG: Andrew Adkison is a pretty funny character. Always have weird conversations with him (haha). Sorry.
Bec GangeWW: If watersports hadn’t come into your life, what would you be doing today?
BG: Something to do with sports, maybe basketball, dancing or snowboarding.
WW: What other sports do you do when you’re not on the water?
BG: Umm, shoot some hoops. Don't really do much other sports. Everything I do is for wakeboarding (haha).
WW: What’s your favorite trick to do behind the boat and on the cable?
BG: Tantrum to blind or an indy backside 180 is always fun. Cable…maybe transfer to back lip?
WW: Who do you usually ride with in Australia and the U.S.?
BG: Ride with my parents in Australia and U.S. rode with Brad and Cory Teunissen, but this year not sure. Whoever I live with, or if anyone wants to ride with me this summer hit me up (haha). Keen to ride with anyone!
WW: What riders do you look up to from other sports?
BG: Lydia Lassila…maybe.

Bec GangeWW: Where is the best place you’ve ever gone wakeboarding?
BG: That's too hard. Too many good places! Mildura and Bundalong.
WW: Any words of advice to the young girls out there who want to do what you do?
BG: Find something you love, stick to it and don't hang with people who don't support you or who are negative towards your dreams.
WW: Is there anyone you’d like to thank?
BG: Especially my family, mainly Mum and Dad. They support me in everything I do (although sometimes they probably wish they didn't, haha) and allow me to follow my dreams. The guys from Jetpilot and Liquid Force Australia. Been with them for a good nine years and have always supported and helped me any way they can. Supra for the awesome support the last year. Liquid Force International for letting me join the team that I dreamed to have when I was a kid. Everyone along the way that has helped me with coaching or riding because there are too many to name!


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