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A Day In The Life Of JD Webb


JD WebbNow what would be a better way to start off a "Day in the Life of JD Webb" than by hitting some rails at McCormick's Cable Park? Well, that’s what we did. I met up with JD in the morning before McCormick's opened and, of course, JD rolls up in style bringing his own personal Red Bull jet ski and a car full of friends…and two more cars full of friends. Haha! A long list of other riders came out to join in on the morning fun private session like Kyle Alberts, Andrew Adkison, Bob Soven, Bob Sichel, Jeff House, Jimmy Trask, Will Christien and filmer Spencer Norris.

While everyone was out playing in the water and knocking out hammers on the rails for the video camera, I was sitting in a canoe paddling around and capturing the whole thing as it went down. Lap after lap the jet ski would switch to different riders to film, but I decided to post up at the new rainbow rail to capture the magic of the rainbow and, let me tell you, JD didn’t have any trouble with the rainbow whatsoever. It's like he owns one himself or something. Even though there was no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, there was at least a handsome man in a canoe at the end taking sweet photos!

JD WebbOk, back to JD killing everything in his site. It’s true! I even got to sit on the back of the jet ski and follow him around the whole park and I must say that he wasn’t just slaying the rainbow, he was taking down pretty much everything there. I have never seen anyone consistently own the big A-frame that many laps in a row!

It was also cool to watch everyone else ride too. I was really impressed with Jimmy Trask's and Andrew Adkison's rail riding. Jimmy was hanging out on the roof top box throwing down combo after combo and even distracting me from my photo taking because I ended up just watching him go around a few laps. Totally worth it. Andrew, on the other hand, was hanging out with me on the rainbow pressing his face off. Im pretty sure every lap he made he pressed out his board more and more. It was really entertaining to watch, especially when he would press it too much.

JD Webb and crewOnce McCormicks started opening up to public, we all had to get out of there and do the lunch portion of the day. I'm pretty sure everyone was ready for that because I know I was. JD took us to this Mexican restaurant on the way back towards his house and, of course, when you get that many people together in a Mexican restaurant it's going to be grade A entertainment. Keep in mind that Bob Soven is with us at the table. I think that should explain a lot.

When we were all done stuffing our faces with beans and rice, we were pretty much ready to put a little boat into our lives. Unfortunately, our big group got cut in half, but it still didn’t change the fact that we were ready to get out there.

JD WebbWhen we finally made it back to JD's and Kyle's house, it ended up being really hard to motivate ourselves to go out and ride because of how much stuff JD had at his house…and video games. Lots of video games! When we finally made it out, Bob decided to go first. Bob was boostin' pretty much everything out into the flats, but mainly focused on trying some 10's off the double up. He came really close to about three of them, but rocked his world on what was his last attempt and decided to hop back in the boat.

Next up was Kyle Alberts. Kyle is a really smooth rider that really knows how to take things wake to wake with a lot of height. He also has a nasty wrapped back 5 that he makes look so easy.

The sun was starting to drop fast so JD finally hit the water for a quick one. JD has an enormous amount of style in his riding that is really one of a kind with his huge tricks into the flats to his tech tricks wake to wake. Combine it with his amazing rail riding and it makes him the all around wakeboarder.

JD WebbSo it was pretty much dark when JD was done, but somehow Andrew came over from his house and snagged the ultra dark set. I couldn’t even really see him, but I was still snappin' away hoping for the best. Luckily he had an amazing back drop of the darker half of a sunset to just give him enough light not to die every time he hit the wake. Finally we had to call it quits because of the whole no light thing...and bugs just splatting us in face.

As we were walking back to the house, we noticed a huge pile of leaves and weeds and sticks and what not. We couldn't resist lighting it up with some flames! To this day it was the biggest bon fire I have been in front of. You literally had to stand 50 feet back or you were losing your hair.

All in all it was a good day and quite the ender when we ordered some pizza and watched the Magic win another game on TV. So if you ever have the opportunity to spend a day with JD Webb, I would make sure to not pass it up if I were you.


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