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Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-16-2014, 4:10 AM Reply   
Good morning guys. I'm having an issue with my 01 Centurion Elite V with the black scorpion motor. Starting late last season, i at times was having difficulty getting the boat to turn over. I'd turn the key and get either nothing, or a click. I'd turn the key a few more times, and eventually it would turnover. I assumed it was the starter, so I pulled it out, and had it rebuilt. Popped it in, and the boat started right up. Went back later to start the boat, and it would click a few times before finally starting. I'd normally think this was the starter solenoid issue, but given that I had them put a new solnenoid on there, I'm questioning that. The battery is a year old, for what it's worth. Any thoughts?
Old     (williamburell)      Join Date: Sep 2011       06-16-2014, 7:39 AM Reply   
Check your cable connections. Also check your voltage at the battery and at the starter. Being a year old battery means nothing if it isn't charged fully. If all is good could be at the lanyard. Make sure its secure
Old     (FastR3DN3K)      Join Date: Jun 2013       06-16-2014, 8:35 AM Reply   
Yep, like William said, check the cable connections and load test the battery. I had a battery go bad on me about 2 months ago, put in a brand new interstate battery, and wouldn't you know it, it was bad too. Never seen a brand new battery go bad, but mine did. It would show 12.7v on the meter, but as soon as you would load it, it would drop to 3v. My secondary battery was charging fine and had no issues, so we knew the alternator was good, just got unlucky and got a crap battery. And cable connections can appear to be good and still give you problems. Your best option is to unhook them, clean them really well, and reconnect them tightly. Also add some dielectric grease to prevent corrosion in the future and you shouldn't have any more problems.
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-16-2014, 9:27 AM Reply   
It could be your ignition switch. On my boat sometimes I would turn the key and get nothing, let off and turn it again and it would fire right up. It got worse over time. I replaced the ignition switch and haven't had an issue since. Their cheap too.
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-16-2014, 12:24 PM Reply   
Thanks guys. Battery connection is good. I have not tested the voltage, though. The clicking is what is throwing me off. I can hear the fuel pump engage, and then i get the click. This to me would say I'm getting power. Eventually it does turn over. I hadn't thought of the lanyard.

On the ignition switch side, where do I pick up one of those? Is that marine specific?

Old     (denverd1)      Join Date: May 2004       06-16-2014, 12:27 PM Reply   
check/tighten connections. your aren't getting enough voltage to the starter
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-17-2014, 5:31 AM Reply   
In speaking with a mechanic, he also recommended checking the neutral safety switch, as well.
Old     (Pad1Tai)      Join Date: Jan 2013       06-17-2014, 5:44 AM Reply   
From my experience, if your getting a "click" then the neutral safety and kill switch are closed (good),, I've had the engine disconnect cannon plug have corrosion in it where it dropped just enough volts to click the solenoid but not fully engage the contacts.. best thing is make an alligator clip jumper lead and engage the solenoid directly to the battery positive to eliminate ignition switch and boat wiring.. then go from there..
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-17-2014, 9:23 AM Reply   
As I was trying to recall where I got the switch I now remember that that did NOT fix it. What it turned out to be was a separate solenoid that is located behind a plastic cover mounted on the block beside the distributor. My cover had a red reset switch on it. The solenoid is the type you see on most Fords. This may very well be your problem too.
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-17-2014, 11:01 AM Reply   
The part looks similar to this.

Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-17-2014, 11:16 AM Reply   
Thanks, Jman. Is that something you have on all motors?
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-17-2014, 11:29 AM Reply   
Not necessarily on all motors, but I had one on my last boat too. If you follow the wire from your starter, it should lead you to it.
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-18-2014, 8:21 AM Reply   
I'll give that a try sat morning.
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-22-2014, 6:44 PM Reply   
So I finally got out to look at the boat this weekend. Cleaned up all the electrical connections, still clicked intermittently. So, I went on the hunt for the part Jman referenced. Found it under the relays in the electrical box. We tested it with a volt meter, and intermittently, we weren't getting any reading when we turned the key. I've got the part number, so I'll try to get my hands on the part this week. Hopefully this will take care of my issue. Thanks, Jman. I'd have never found that.
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-23-2014, 9:18 AM Reply   
You're very welcome. Glad to hear you found it. That's what makes forums like this great. Hopefully that will resolve your issues. Let us know!
Old     (azeus17)      Join Date: Feb 2010       06-24-2014, 6:07 PM Reply   
Maybe I missed it, but have you had the battery load tested yet? To me, that is a quick and easy way to eliminate a very likely problem. Any auto parts store can do if free in about 2 minutes.
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-25-2014, 6:37 AM Reply   
You're right, there is nothing about a battery test in my posts. I did get the battery tested Sunday, though, and it was fine. I sincerely appreciate the suggestion, though. I'm hoping it's the relay. I have a new one sitting on my desk. We were able to test power coming in to and leaving the relay. Consistently, we had 12 volts coming into the relay, but our results were less consistent going out. We took the positive battery cable and wiring bundle off of the starter post. We then bolted them together. This allowed us to have power going to the ignition and the solenoid while preventing the starter from engaging. I'll find out sat morning if this is the problem. When I went to the local boat dealer,I asked the guy if it's unusual for these to fail. His response was, "we'll, frequently enough that we keep a couple in stock..."
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-28-2014, 6:01 PM Reply   
Wanted to give a quick update. Popped in the new starter relay and so far so good. Thanks for all of the suggestions. Would have never figured this out without the help
Old     (scottb7)      Join Date: Oct 2012       06-28-2014, 7:55 PM Reply   
My friends old bayliner runabout had similar symptoms and it was the starter relay....hope that is it for you too.
Old     (soonerbilly)      Join Date: Jul 2013       06-30-2014, 8:38 AM Reply   
MIne is giving the same symptoms, i was thinking it was a loose wire under the dash at the ignition switch, ill have to see if i can locate that starter relay. I have a 2002 Calabris with the same motor, so im sure its there somewhere.
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-30-2014, 8:41 AM Reply   
Glad to hear that it seems to have fixed your issue. I hate not having confidence when you turn the key. It's not a good feeling at all!
Old     (soonerbilly)      Join Date: Jul 2013       07-10-2014, 5:31 PM Reply   
Hey Jman.....That fixed my issues too. Me and SS owe you a tall cool one. This is the reason I'm on these forums. TRULY appreciate it Jman.
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       07-11-2014, 4:30 AM Reply   
Yep, it was a vacation saver.
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       07-14-2014, 9:30 AM Reply   
Guys I'm glad to hear that it solved your problems. It is always great to help people out. You never know when it will be your turn to need help.

A few weeks back I had dead batteries after playing my stereo all day while tied up with a bunch of boats. Fortunately, the guy next to me had cables and gave me a jump. The following weekend my son and I were out and see someone waving their arms in distress. It was the guy that gave me a boost the week before. He had blown his outdrive (Bryant I/O). I towed him back to his marina and helped him get his boat on the trailer. He was very grateful.

Old     (soonerbilly)      Join Date: Jul 2013       07-14-2014, 10:59 AM Reply   
Yeah the past 3 weeks I've had to tow people in. My kids get aggravated cause it usually takes about 30-45 minutes. I tell them to always help people out if they can, never know when we will need the help. ( they also never understand why i dont take money when they offer......i tell them its about karma )
Old     (jmanolinsky)      Join Date: Dec 2005       07-14-2014, 12:05 PM Reply   
Funny that you mention the money thing. Once, I towed this family several miles back to their dock. When we got there, I helped them get their boat on the lift. They kept trying to make me take some money, but I wouldn't. As I was pulling away, the Dad crumpled up a couple of twenty dollar bills and threw them in my boat. He simply would not take no for an answer. It meant more to me that he understood and appreciated my help that much than the forty bucks he made me take.
Old     (soonerbilly)      Join Date: Jul 2013       07-14-2014, 12:09 PM Reply   
Yeah i've helped a few people that didnt even offer and barely said thank you. It's ok though i know i do the right things, so its all good. We actually pulled a huge what looked like an old dock post out of the lake this past weekend. So i should be good in the karma dept. for a while.


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