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Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-20-2010, 5:04 PM Reply   
I got this PDF in my email today, but I posted it in such a way so that you can read it on the web.

I will see if I can do the same thing here:

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Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-20-2010, 5:29 PM Reply   
There is a lot of great new stuff in there. I hope we can demo some of those boards at our polar bear event, or maybe the spring festival. Looks like a great line up for inland.

I am REALLY interested in that MUCUS board. I think that is funny also, guessing it is the evolution of the Loogey. I love that name, loogey, mucus. That's cool. What do you guys think?
Old     (wakemitch)      Join Date: Jun 2005       09-20-2010, 5:37 PM Reply   
the mucus should be a pretty good seller. Its coming in at a lower price point and is built more similar to grind water and shred stixx boards from what I have been told.

I think the images are off though. The wood is not showing in the pics. and the traction should be all white with a little logo (except the james and keenan boards)

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Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-20-2010, 5:38 PM Reply   
Do you know what it will sell for? Approx.?
Old     (wakemitch)      Join Date: Jun 2005       09-20-2010, 5:41 PM Reply   
I think between $499 and $599. I'll have to check when I get to the shop tomorrow. About $200 less then the main inland boards for 2011.
Old     (petrey10)      Join Date: Apr 2010       09-21-2010, 8:27 AM Reply   
those are some sweet boards... I may try to sell my current board and get one of these
Old     (petrey10)      Join Date: Apr 2010       09-21-2010, 8:30 AM Reply   
i really like the looks of the sweet spot woody....
Old     (petrey10)      Join Date: Apr 2010       09-21-2010, 8:34 AM Reply   
ragboy i agree the mucus is an interesting board...
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-21-2010, 6:53 PM Reply   
So is the red rocket the same as the red woody, just a different fin configuration?

The mucus, is that also a product of flyboy moving over? The only reason I ask that, is that it looks like the flyboy tail, and the TWP JWSM tail. Just curious. At 4'11", if based on that JW shape, may be a good board for people up to 250lbs, and a fun board.
Old     (ds3)      Join Date: Jun 2008       09-21-2010, 7:27 PM Reply   
Looks like neat stuff... I'm glad I get to hit the water on Thursday!!
Old     (surfdad)      Join Date: Sep 2004       09-21-2010, 8:52 PM Reply   
Hey Robert, how did you get that PDF file inline?
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-21-2010, 8:58 PM Reply   
I could tell you, but then I would have to kill you. Its magic. ;-)

Its a 2 step process. First, you have to take the pdf and put it somewhere where it is web accessible. Then you get the URL/Link to the pdf and you use the free Google Doc Inline viewer. WW is fairly unrestrictive, most forums this doesn't work. But if you look on lower left hand corner of this page, HTML code is ON. That means you can paste HTML code. Some don't work though. For some reason, I can't paste flickr slide shows, but this inline google doc viewer works.

There are ways you can show inline PDFs, PPT (MS Powerpoint), and I think word docs.

Go here:

Paste the PDF or PPT url in there, then use the iframe code. I adjusted the code size to fit better.
Old     (surfdad)      Join Date: Sep 2004       09-22-2010, 5:26 AM Reply   
Thank you Robert!
Old     (petrey10)      Join Date: Apr 2010       09-22-2010, 8:24 AM Reply   
when will these go up for sale?
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-22-2010, 9:44 AM Reply   
I have no idea on sale, I imagine in the spring?
Old     (wakemitch)      Join Date: Jun 2005       09-22-2010, 2:43 PM Reply   
ragboy, the red rocket has a new rocker line and a new tail concave.

They probably wont hit stores til late winter or early spring
Old     (CarFanatic5)      Join Date: Apr 2010       01-10-2011, 3:18 PM Reply   
when are these going to be released?
Old     (wakemitch)      Join Date: Jun 2005       01-10-2011, 4:10 PM Reply   
march or April probably
Old     (petrey10)      Join Date: Apr 2010       03-25-2011, 8:42 AM Reply   
i only see the mucus currently on their website... what about the other boards?
Old     (desotodave)      Join Date: Mar 2009       03-25-2011, 2:16 PM Reply   
Called a couple days ago inquiring about the Flyboy boards and was told that they will not be out for several more months. Maybe June. Tough to sell boards you don't have. Hey Jeff, you got any left?
Old     (surfdad)      Join Date: Sep 2004       03-25-2011, 5:49 PM Reply   
Yeah that's what I hear, late May early June for the production boards to hit. We're supposed to be getting a final IS prototype in the next week or's somewhere in transit. Dave, I only have one USED prototype left. It's a balsa bottom with balsa and basswood rails and a corecell deck. It's NOT the old FlyBoy construction. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
Old     (CarFanatic5)      Join Date: Apr 2010       03-25-2011, 6:17 PM Reply   
I"m just curious, whats the main difference say in the inland surfer sweet spot vs a james walker? I have a sweet spot now and love it, but would love something thats better for airs.
Old     (surfdad)      Join Date: Sep 2004       03-25-2011, 7:49 PM Reply   
I'll probably give you WAY too much information, so if you fall asleep while reading my response, feel free to ask for a synopsis

I've only ridden the '09 Sweet Spot, so if there are any changes from '09 to '11 factor those in.

The comparisons I'm making are only between those two boards, so they shouldn't be considered universal thruths.

In terms of dim's, the Sweet Spot is 4'9" long, 22" wide and 1.5" thick. The FlyBoy is 4'5" long, 20" wide and 1.875" thick. So in short, the Flyboy is THICKER, but less long or wide.

The Sweet Spot has a really significantly curved outline. Hopefully I attached a picture. The FlyBoy's rails are almost parallel. The FlyBoy gives up some speed being narrower, but compensates with the "straighter" outline through the middle. The FlyBoy feels more agile to me, owing I think, to being 4" shorter and the wings creating a quick narrower tail.

The FlyBoy has a slightly fuller tail - it's just a tad wider and being rounded, instead of the swallow, there's more area to push against which might help with your airs.

The wide point on the FlyBoy is closer to the front foot, than the sweet Spot, which changes a bunch of stuff, but it also helps the board generate some down-the-line speed.

I'm not a big fan of quads, some folks like them. In order to generate the extra drive on teh FlyBoy, we've gone with a twinzer. So we reduce drag from the extra rail fins and increase attachment with the canards. Definately a different feel. The FlyBoy was the first IS to have fins with both TOE and CANT. This is pretty standard in most high end boards like from TWP, Soulcraft, Props, but IS has opted away from that. The toe and cant will offer more manuverability and lift.

As an aside, the fins in the FlyBoy have the standard mini-tuttle box that most of the recent IS surf style boards used, so these fins can be interchanged.

The FlyBoy will weigh in around 5 pounds, the Sweet Spot is around 8'ish pounds, so the FB is 3 pounds lighter. It's a huge difference and that will improve your airs.

The construction of the boards is similar. Both are a comosite sandwich. The Sweet Spot shares it's construction with most of the other IS boards. The woodloc is an eps core sandwich between two layers of wood veneer. There is a ton of fiberglass in those boards. Under the veneer and over the veneer, along the rails and then patches on the tail and deck. They have the most fiberglass of any wakesurfer I've seen.

The FlyBoy doesn't have the woodloc construction, instead using high density closed cell foam skins deck and bottom. The Eps core is sealed and then a layer of fiberglass above and below the highs density skins. This is the same methodology used in the FlyBoy's prior to IS's acquition. The rails are wrapped with 6 oz carbon and a single layer of 3 oz fiberglass over that.

On the rocker, the Sweet Spot, as most of the IS line, have almost no tail rocker, literally a 1/16". The FlyBoy doesn't have a lot, but it's about 5/8" almost 10 times as much. That tail rocker helps the FB go vertical more easily than the Sweet Spot, by allow the tail to roll up the wake. The height of your aerial is almost 100% determined by how high you can get the nose and your front leg up in the air.

The Sweet Spot doesn't have much nose rocker, instead more of a nose flip in the last few inches, the FlyBoy has a more traditional continuous rocker through the board. The Sweet Spot is really fast, but likes to go straight. The FB is slight less fast and likes to do everything, but go straight.

Hopefully I've got some pictures of the two boards, below.

Thanks for asking CarFanatic5 and if I didn't touch on your specific question, please give me a shout either in forum or through a PM.
Attached Images
Old     (CarFanatic5)      Join Date: Apr 2010       03-25-2011, 10:06 PM Reply   
That was a lot of great info! I like the sweet spot a lot because it has a lot of speed. Its easy to recover. However it sounds like the walker offeres some feature I might benifit from and force me to be a better surfer. I'd like to demo one sometime for sure!
Old     (Woody)      Join Date: Mar 2010       03-26-2011, 2:53 AM Reply   
Jeff, what's the max rider weight on the FlyBoy and do you know how much the board will retail for? I'm very interested in buying one.
Old     (Woody)      Join Date: Mar 2010       03-26-2011, 2:56 AM Reply   
I weight 180lbs now and I am looking to lose 10lbs at 5'7".
Old     (surfdad)      Join Date: Sep 2004       03-26-2011, 7:16 AM Reply   
@ Woody, you're already fine for the board if you have a solid wake. I ride it at 200 pounds, but we have a solid wake on our V226. That board was designed for James and he is 5'8" and 150-160. I think that IS is going to set the max weight at 200 on their rider chart. On prices, I think I heard the MSRP is $900, but that will vary (significantly) by dealer. Best to call your retailer of choice and ask.

@ CarFanatic5, thanks! Yeah your Sweet Spot is really fast down the line, for it's size. If you get a chance to demo the FlyBoy, that would be great! There is nothing that compares to demo'ing a board.

Thanks for your interest in the FlyBoy, guys!
Old     (CarFanatic5)      Join Date: Apr 2010       03-26-2011, 7:44 AM Reply   
Ya we went through 4 boards last year before we found the sweet spot. Needless to say it was a lot of waisted money. I would like to demo before droping that kind of cash on a board again
Old     (lionel)      Join Date: Nov 2005       03-26-2011, 11:47 PM Reply   
I have last years Flyboy and it's the best board I've ever been on. I've been on Inland's, TWP's, XXX, etc. IMO Flyboy is best board hands down! I'm 200 lbs and have a medium wave, 2005 X2.....Far from big wave
Old     (Woody)      Join Date: Mar 2010       03-27-2011, 1:53 PM Reply   
Thanks guys, it sounds like like should be fine. My next boat is going to be a surf boat like the Enzo, Avalanche or 22V or something like that, so wake wont be a problem.
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       03-28-2011, 1:00 PM Reply   
SD, have you got pics of the front nose ends as to how they compare (pearling)

Which board is stronger? Has James cracked, bent, damaged any of his boards from his hard riding? If he's 150-160 and somebody 190-200 gets on and attempts the same is this board gonna hold up? $800-900 is alot of coin if it doesn't hold up for the 200lb guy
Old     (surfdad)      Join Date: Sep 2004       03-28-2011, 1:56 PM Reply   
Hey Matt,

I don't have nose specific pics but the flyboy's nose is more full than the Sweet Spot. The taper is less gradual, so that the "point" is a more aggressive curve on the FB in the last few inches. The SS has the concave in the nose, the Vortex Channel (I always want to call it a vortex generator ) to help minimize the pearling issue.

The SS, is stronger I'm sure. It's got almost 6 layers of 6 oz glass, where as the FB will have 4 layers of 4 oz. It's well over twice the amount of reinforcement. The two boards are aimed at different markets. The FB is designed to be a contest ready board. James routinely boosts 2 feet of air, that's a ton of force on that board, when landing. He's never broken a production board with normal contest riding. He did stick his heel through the very first production FB last year - going wake-to-wake with the rope. He was 6 feet in the air and landed in the flats like 5 times. They won't take that sort of abuse.

I also don't know of any 200 pounders that can boost that sort of air on a 4.5 board. If there are, it may be too much for that board. Not so much that it would snap, but the impact on the deck from that height, localized on the heels could be an issue. Normal riding though, not a problem. I have been riding mine for 8 months and there's not even a heel dent. I'm not catching two foot of air though either, or ANY air for that matter. I don't know that I would suggest this board for the 200 pound range, it will handle that weight, although I'd be concerned with landing from 2 feet in the air, but there are probably other boards better suited for those folks.

I'm glad to hear that Lionel enjoys the board at that weight, but I'd also venture a guess that Lionel rides a bunch of boards well. Our buddy Dennis, who is in the 270 pound range rides one of the production boards when he is with us and no dents or breakage, but he too has major skills in riding and can ride just about everything.

Oh and thanks for the compliment Lionel!
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       03-29-2011, 8:48 AM Reply   
SD, Good info thanx!
Old     (lakesurfer)      Join Date: Jul 2009       03-29-2011, 4:44 PM Reply   
here are my 2 Cents on the FB vs Sweet Spot

I am a very average rider, but I have been through a few boards. I road a Sweet Spot most of last summer until I got a Towanza Ruthless and then the FB in December. The Sweet Spot has great down the line speed. It is relatively stable for a advanced/intermediate board and can be ridden from 150-220lbs. It has the ability to get airs and can be spun. This board does pearl (dip nose) easy, but you can fix that by not placing your foot more than 2 inch in front of the wave on the traction. I really enjoyed the board, until

I road my Ruthless. This board is a rail to rail ride. It was very fast, can spin it easily and get good airs. This board is made by TWP for Towanza and is a great blend of the JWSM and Bullet. It is very stable for an advanced board. The board also made the Sweet Spot fill heavy. This was the last board I was going to buy until,

I road my new FB. This board is amazingly light. For someone that is 155lbs this made a huge difference in my riding. I also could not believe how stable the board is (especially compared to the JWSM I had). Board is rail to rail fast and responsive, but not so responsive you are always working. The board is also feels a lot more durable than the JWSM and Ruthless I have. It is a great board. But it should be for $800.

Note: never had any issues pearling the Ruthless or FB

Last edited by lakesurfer; 03-29-2011 at 4:47 PM.
Old     (CarFanatic5)      Join Date: Apr 2010       03-31-2011, 7:37 AM Reply   
yes I have had that issue with my sweet spot where the nose dives, we also learned to keep our feet back off from the nose.
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       03-31-2011, 7:35 PM Reply   
Originally Posted by CarFanatic5 View Post
yes I have had that issue with my sweet spot where the nose dives, we also learned to keep our feet back off from the nose.

x2! I do like this board I like the speed of it. I can surf this board good TS but Im out of the loopdy loop when HS on it I prefer my Bluelake when HS

Hoping to try out a Dave's FB soon

Id like to try out the Mucas as well


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