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Old     (inland_surfer)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-02-2010, 7:59 PM Reply   
We ran a contest recently and asked why you wakesurf and here are few of the great answers we got that I would like to share with everyone.

"I wakesurf because it is the "Endless Wave" and I have a perpetual smile on my face the whole time!!!! It is the best way to spend my summer!!"

"I wakesurf because it is a great way to spend time with family and friends. I also like how wakesurfing is low impact and almost anyone of any age can do it."

"I wakesurf Because I love it and its a great way to spend the summers!"

"I wakesurf because its something fun to do with my friends and family. There is nothing better than a boatload of friends and family, some good music, and a few fatsacs to throw a good wake."

"It's all about family fun."

"I didn't wakesurf until last year, once I did I was hooked! Any excuse to get wet!"

"I wakesurf because it's a relaxing experience that brings a great curl from coastline to wherever you are. It's such a neat feeling to not be connected to anything and just surf. You, the board and the wake."

"Say No to Rope!"

"Wakesurfing is the perfect sport to do with experts and novices alike! We ride almost daily on an older glass, Blue Lake Inland Surfer that is ready to be retired for the next ripping board ready to exploit the Enzo's huge wake..."

"I do it for the ladies.
Without wakesurfing, no girls would think I was interesting, cool, or unique!"

"I wakesurf because I can=)"

"I wakesurf because of the possibility of a never ending wave. You could ride for days. I love being so close to the boat and being able to hear the tunes. From learning to throw in the rope to finally nailing some three's itís always been a blast"

"Cause I'm Old, Ha Ha!"

"I surf a lot now because the dirt bike injuries are catching up to me and it's easy on the body.....and it's a blast!!! "

"Because its the best time behind a boat."

"Riding the wave is a great way to relax and spend an afternoon in the sun. Or rain. Or snow."

"Fun, Fun, Fun!"

"Because falling doesn't involve peeled back eyelids or blown out ear drums."

"I started wake surfing because the closest break is just darn to far of a drive ... I continue to wake surf because the sport is filled with great people, you never get skunked by no waves, and if your injuries bleed you don't have to leave the water for fear of large *ahem* fish ... wake surfing has made me a far better surfer "

"Great time with friends and family"

"I wakesurf because I've spent $85,000 on my X-Star and getting too old to take those horrendous crashes from wakeboarding !! Lol. And it's that NUTS when ur swaggy !!"

"Its easier on the body than wakeboarding. Its also a great way to spend a day with friends and family."

"I wakesurf because it is fun, evolving as a sport, and blows peoples minds that its even possible!"

"I wakesurf for the fun of it. Plus my wife looks great doing it!"

"I like to Wakesurf because its wet and fun, And if its wet and fun i like to do it!"

"I wakesurf because it is the purest way to ride the water. You can't force something to happen; you have to learn to cooperate with the water for an endless ride that is unique in every way. "

"I wakesurf because its just awesome. Its fun to learn and the crashes donít hurt no matter how epic, every time I ride I get better, people look at you and say "what the hell are they doing?!", you get a perfect wave every time, and everyone has their own unique style on a board and the possibilities are endless...its just downright FUN."

"I wakesurf because it is free ride flying over the water -- and I love to slash around."

"I wakesurf because I like the freedom of being rope free....and falling is not painful"

"I wakesurf because I love to feel the power of the wave move me and I get a great sense of accomplishment that I can balance and stay with the boat."

"I wakesurf because I am too far from the real thing"

"I'm landlocked and if I ever get to Ocean surf I'll probably be too lazy to paddle, haha. Wakesurfing rocks!"

"ďDonít talk ó keep it in your heart.Ē-Duke Kahanamoku said it best...there is really no way to explain how much I love surfing. Out on the water with my friends in the summer is my favorite place. It makes my heart happy =)"

"No age limit... no bindings... no rope... no rules..."

"It's chill and fun, relaxing and energizing at the same time.....and it doesn't hurt when you fall!"

"I wakesurf because it is pure joy. I challenge anyone to surf without smiling. It's impossible."

"I wake surf because it's a great way to soak up some sun, hangout with friends, drink beer while surfing, learn new things and last but not least it feels awesome to ride the sweet spot! "

"This sport has changed the the scope of watersports unlike any other watersport in a long time. It has opened the door to many of us that may have been intimidated to participate in many other watersports. Over the past few summers, I have overcome a major fear of water because of my love for wakesurfing, and I know if I can do it, it is within everyone else's reach, too. It is a very rewarding feeling to overcome a fear, but indescribable to do it well and to teach others is the best feeling in the world! Thereís no where else id rather be than on my Surfer! Being able to participate and excel in a watersport is even more rewarding knowing I wouldnít even have gone in the water a few years ago! There is nothing that compares to teaching someone to surf and watching their face when they throw in the rope for the first time!! I am officially a wakesurf addict and hope to be wakesurfing until I'm an old bag of bones!"

"I surf because my 5 year old girl loves surfing with her daddy... and she has been doing it since she was in diapers! Pretty tricky on the yellow loogey since she gets bigger every year "

"Why travel 2 hours to wait for the perfect wave when I can create my own anytime I want! I am getting old too and it's much easier on the back than wakeboarding.

Long live man made surf!"

"Because paddling into a wave is for suckers! Just kidding, but really it's because I can go wake surfing on a moment's notice while wave surfing takes a few hours to go there (and is much, much colder)"

"I wakesurf for the rush I get from riding the wave with the wind in my hair and the sun on my face!"

"My husband and I saw someone wakesurfing on Lake Sammy a couple summers ago and we decided to give it a try. We had no idea what we were doing and no one to teach us, we must have been the goofiest bunch on the lake. It took an entire summer on the older version of the red woody but we figured it out. Since then we migrated to the Blue Lake, then sweet spot, then black pearl and now the green moss ( currently my fav). I entered my first wake surf comp this summer and met tons of great people. This summer was the best one and I'm already counting down the days to next summer and the next NWWSA surf comp. We even got our son to wake surf for the first time this year and within 3 times up, he let go of the rope.... Amazing!!!! I wake surf because it's a family affair and it keeps us all together and close ( and let's face it, with a teenager.... That's not always easy). Even if I don't win the contest, I'm happy to tell my story. Cheers!!!!!!!"

"Until I began wakesurfing the ultimate feeling I could experience was a 20 second wave in the ocean on my surfboard. Now I experience the same feeling with friends and family in our boat on an endless wave!!! It's AWESOME!!!"

"I wakesurf because I'm not good at wakeboarding. Its slower more mellow and a lot easier to progress. Its enjoyable for everyone. People who get to see it for the first time just can't believe were surfing a wave behind the boat!"

"I love to wakesurf because it is an activity that just about anyone can do, and succeed at. It allows me to spend time with my family and friends. There arenít many sports that you can compete in as young as 3 to as old as 70."

"We wakesurf to stay young. It became our second love. Best sport out there and heck of alot of fun. Ready for next season. This board will go to my husband who's shipping out to Afghanistan on Sunday the 5th of December. Gotta practice even in the desert. Heck the sand will be a soft landing for sure! Thanks for the opportunity! "
Old     (inland_surfer)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-02-2010, 7:59 PM Reply   
"Well I surf because my whole family and many of the friends that we bring to lake love it. It's great because it's not hard on the body ."

"I wakesurf because the Enzo has 5 ballast tanks and we have 10 70# sacks or lead dedicated to surfing waves..thanks for making killer wakesurf boards"

"THE ENDLESS WAVE - 'nuff said."

"I wake surf because all the cool kids are doing it :-)"

"I wakesurf because it takes me away from the rest of the world... it is just me the board and the water.... all is good when I'm on my board."

"I wakesurf not because it's something to do - because it's a way of life."

"I wakesurf because I love the water, I love chillin with friends on boats and wakeboarding is lame."

"I began wakesurfing because I was told after a knee injury that I would not be able to waterski or wakeboard all summer in fear of twisting and re-injuring it... I took that as no binding water sports (doctors & parents didn't enjoy that idea, oh well) so wakesurfing it was. I fell in love with with it. Its great being so close you can talk to your friends while your new summer anthem plays from the speakers. I miss summer."

"You can't snowmobile in July; luckily there's wake surfing to fill the gap....."

"I wakesurf because i love to Shred on a endless wave!"

"cant beat the times chillin with good friends and sweet waves!"

"I wakesurf to forget. Zen"

"Because I love to surf, but live in the desert!"

"i wake-surf to relax after a hard session of wakeboarding"

"Breath, drink, eat, wakesurf...because I need it and love it."

"I wakesurf because it's a sport you can enjoy with everyone, the guys having a day out on the boat in the sun, with the family from 7 to 70, easy to begin and yet so challenging to master, it's the watersport for everyone."

"I wakesurf cuz, sometimes in life you can't always be near the ocean's waves to surf, wakesurfing is not only the next best thing, it is it's own thing, while at the same time still complimentary to regular surfing. It's fun for everyone, you'll never have a flat day, and it will improve your timing and lip trick arsenal."


"Just like to chill..."

"low impact, great way to spend time with fam, friends on water, unlimited tricks"

"I can't think of a better way to spend a beautiful day with friends and family......"

"It's a simple answer, I got hooked, I am addicted to wakesurfing. Love it!"

"It all started out with a few wakeboarding it's taken a whole life of its own!"

"I wakesurf because living in Arizona, having the boat throw out a fatty swell is the closest thing i can get to surfing!"

"I wakesurf cause it is the most free flowing activity you can do behind a it allows for the utmost self expression. Plus I love screaming at people in the boat and crushing nasties while doing my best Johnny Utah impression. Lets ride"

"Self expression freeness behind a boat..."

"I like to wakesurf cause I feel the wind and water in my hair, and when I feel that in my hair, I feel free, and when I feel free, I feel...well free."
"Looks like a really cool set up would love to see that under my x-mas tree"

"I'm a single mom raising 4 children and they would be so surprise to see this under our christmas tree."

"What can be better than riding the endless wave?"

"I wakesurf becuase its a new challenge and good times."

"i surf because i still can and it's something the whole family does....great times!"

"I love to surf with my kids (5 and 7 yrs old). They have loved it for more than 3 years! My daughter was in diapers the first time she surfed. Maybe we will get hooked on an inland surfer board "

"The best sport out there. My husband and I started wakesurfing after we purchased our new boat. We live in Wichita Kansas and until this last summer we were the only ones on the water teaching ourselves. With alittle help from some videos. This pass summer we had more than a handful of people we were teaching, and loving every minute of it. I would like to get this board for the ol' man. He ships out to Afghanistan on this Sunday. Shipping it to the desert would be awesome for X-Mas. Gotta keep up practice even if all you have is the sand, right? Thanks for the opportunity! Best of luck everyone. Happy Holidays Inland. Thx, Heather"

"After a long week on the tenth floor as a junior leasing rep, I head to the cottage for that feeling like no other 'surfing a wave' Reggae kicking from the speakers, bikini clad fans, and a pack of cold beers waiting on the dock. It doesn't get much better then that. Only problem is I am on an older O'brien with 3/4 of the pad missing. Would love to have a proper board to take it to the next level. Was planning on buying one from you this spring but if i could win one then that would awesome! "


"No better way to spend time on the water with family and friends"

"Hot sun, friends, family, a cold beer, a big wake and an Inland Surfer is all anyone needs.

Can't wait for the snow to melt to get back behind our boat!

"5 months ago we didn't even know what wake surfing was~our good friends introduced us to the sport, we fell in love with it, bought a boat and are declining any 12 step program which promises to cure our addition to Wake Surfing..... We are now proud members of "Team Rub-Rail". Our motto: if your rub rail's not ain't surfin."

"Having fun with friends, that and the fact that surf on the upper Texas coast is only good like 3 times a year, I'd rather ride the boat"

"Having fun with friends, that and the fact that surf on the upper Texas coast is only good like 3 times a year, I'd rather ride the boat"

"Got tired of paddling for one wave every 15 mins through jellyfish and other crap! And the surf in Texas aint great... its barely good. Plus being in the the boat your with friends and the waves never end!"

"I wakesurf because it is a fun way to spend time with family and friends and because I suck at wakeboarding!

"I loved it the first time I tried it!! Got on that board and was free riding the first try!! Sometimes I try to see how long I can ride, sometimes it is about getting through some crazy water chaos or it just me the board and the water!!! TOTALLY ADDICTED to wake surfing."

"My family, my friends, and their family all wake surf because we all share a love of the water and there is nothing better than hanging out on Lake Goodwin with some beer, sun, water, and a board. Even my mom with 3 fused discs in her neck can wakesurf... it's a forgiving and fun sport."

"I introduced inland surfer to around 30 people because of how much more awesome it is to surf an inland board than any other board, and the quality of the ride is phenomenal"

"I surf cause charlie don't surf"

"If i win, i'm going surfing. I don't care if Lk Sammamish is 50 degrees and the docks are under water! "

"Woot woot! Inland all day"

I wakesurf because the action is the juice."

"The wave is an endless canvas, and you can draw forever with that board behind a boat! Or at least until you have to fill it back up "

"I wakesurf to get away from the rest of the world, just me the board and the water. YES!"

"i wakesurf to relax from a hard session of wakeboarding"
Old     (bigcatpt)      Join Date: Aug 2007       12-03-2010, 12:04 AM Reply   
Jeff..... awesome post!! This is my favorite.....

"5 months ago we didn't even know what wake surfing was~our good friends introduced us to the sport, we fell in love with it, bought a boat and are declining any 12 step program which promises to cure our addition to Wake Surfing..... We are now proud members of "Team Rub-Rail". Our motto: if your rub rail's not ain't surfin."

Good stuff right there.
Old     (StanleyWheelhouse)      Join Date: May 2010       12-03-2010, 3:00 PM Reply   
Wheelhouse would love to ride for Team Rub Rail. Please send a sticker!!!!

To Inland Surfer,

You guys killed it. Awesome!!!


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