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Old     (kickflip_mj)      Join Date: Apr 2007       07-22-2009, 9:56 PM Reply   
so i know we have them but tonight i saw the biggest damn seal i have ever seen it was like a freaken cow and it was swinging the yu know what out of something (like an muscrat)... and it popped up were i was riding all night. so the thing is does this make anyone kinda nervious? they deffinitly are violent and im starting to look below me every time i fall.
Old     (javony)      Join Date: Oct 2006       07-22-2009, 10:07 PM Reply   
They make it all the way up the Sac river to the American river as well. I was cruising past Joe's Crab Shack in a no wake zone and one popped up about 3 feet from me. It scared the sh*t out of me
Old     (denystaucd)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-22-2009, 10:11 PM Reply   
Nope been skiing the Delta for over 20 years with California sea lions never had a worry. Even though they can get over a 1000 lbs.

Although several years back at the Berkley Marina a sea lion was biting people on the


P.S. Here is an article on the american river sea lions, apparently it's only 5 individual that hangout in the Sac River.

(Message edited by denystaucd on July 22, 2009)
Old     (kickflip_mj)      Join Date: Apr 2007       07-22-2009, 10:30 PM Reply   
Thanks dennis.. we have seen 4 smaller ones between vics and old river going twords the first bridge but that big one was unexpected tonight (by railroads).. im just worried that they will multiply.
Old     (duffy)      Join Date: Feb 2006       07-23-2009, 5:56 AM Reply   
I wouldn't be concerned about the sea lions, I would be more concerned about what eats sea lions.
Old     (lizzyb)      Join Date: Sep 2005       07-23-2009, 8:08 AM Reply   

God knows what is lurking at the bottom of the Delta. I wouldn't worry about the Sea Lions.
Old     (norcalbordr)      Join Date: Feb 2006       07-23-2009, 8:25 AM Reply   
I've been out at the Delta for 29 years and I've seen seals and sea lions multiple times. Its kinda nerve racking when you see them come up and thrash a giant catfish but I've never seen them bother people. We were getting gas at Bullfrog last summer and a seal pup actually jumped up on the swim platform.
Old     (behindtheboat)      Join Date: Aug 2006       07-23-2009, 8:26 AM Reply   
Dang, and I thought the ducks and geese were bad here.
Old     (westsidarider)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-23-2009, 8:39 AM Reply   
The only thing to worry about them and the otters is them leaving fish carcasses on your dock if you live in the water. Smells like crap especially when they are there for a while and poop all over the dock too
Old     (pierce_bronkite)      Join Date: Jul 2003       07-23-2009, 8:59 AM Reply   
The scariest encounter is surfing and having them come up in front of you and looking at them face to face. I remember surfing near La Jolla many years ago and one came up in front of me. After that I couldn't help but think what else is below me.
Old     (wakemikey)      Join Date: Mar 2008       07-23-2009, 12:59 PM Reply   
No one has ever run over one with prop like a manatee?
Old     (duffy)      Join Date: Feb 2006       07-23-2009, 1:07 PM Reply   
Manatees are just slow period. From my understanding sea lions are pretty quick...
Old     (bkoz)      Join Date: Dec 2005       07-24-2009, 7:43 AM Reply   
Dont know much about sea lions but otters can be aggressive if you get near there nest during breeding season. We had some attacks up here a couple years back, one was a child and he got bit up pretty bad from what I remember.
Old     (norcalbordr)      Join Date: Feb 2006       07-24-2009, 7:49 AM Reply   
I know there were some otters in Shasta a few years ago that chewed up some chick swimming. Like 2 or 3 at water level biting her face and neck and a few more under water biting her body. I was up on a houseboat trip the very next week up there and read the story. I've seen otters a lot at the Delta but never heard of any attacks there but I'm sure if you try to corner them or make them feel threatened you will be on the losing end.
Old     (kamighazi)      Join Date: Nov 2008       07-24-2009, 7:51 AM Reply   
Seals in the delta? creepy...
Gators in lake? real creepy...

Check out the gator shots from this morning, in our local spot. right under the dock.
Old     (eubanks01)      Join Date: Jun 2001       07-24-2009, 8:20 AM Reply   
No thank you!
Old     (razzman)      Join Date: Dec 2006       07-24-2009, 8:23 AM Reply   
The seals and sea lions generally won't bother you unless their protecting pups or their sick. Years back in my teens (long time ago) i lived in Laguna Beach (SoCal) in a place called Crystal Cove (now a park) right on the beach. We had this seal that for some reason was happier with people than his own kind. He'd bodysurf when we surfed, hang out at the bonfires and sit next to you when fishing. Crazy seal he was but he was never aggressive. They are real nosey is all and like to check everything out.
Old     (norcalbordr)      Join Date: Feb 2006       07-24-2009, 8:35 AM Reply   
Ben, that is insane. I don't know how there aren't more attacks in FL with those things in the water. Do they mostly just hang out around the shoreline and stay away from the middle where people ride? I've never ridden in FL except for OWC so I've never really seen the FL lakes.
Old     (kamighazi)      Join Date: Nov 2008       07-24-2009, 8:51 AM Reply   
actually that bad boy is in Texas. We got some pretty big ones down here. Na their not an issue. You rarely see them like that. You might see one on the banks a couple times a season.

The only concern is people feeding them. Talked to a game warden a while back and he was saying how they will not come close to you. But if they have been fed by humans the remember that! Wally feeding 10 gators not cool.

We actually drove right by one (~7 feet away from the rider) last fall. The rider (she) freaked! the dude was big probably around 8ft. Looked like he was just doing the breast stroke across the river. HAHA she didn't move from riding position for about a mile.

(sorry for the highjack)
Old     (kimmib)      Join Date: Jun 2009       07-24-2009, 9:23 AM Reply   
Gators? Holy ****. Thats all the inspiration I need to stay up. EEK!!!
Old     (duffy)      Join Date: Feb 2006       07-24-2009, 9:38 AM Reply   
Living in Florida you just get use to gators, you have to. They are everywhere like it or not. They don't bother you, why would they.

If you hear of an attack it's always near shore where some Yankee was feeding one to get a better pic. Then because he fed one someone else gets attacked.

On any given weekend you can come to Florida and see dogs swimming, kids swimming, and people hanging out in coves, never a problem.

What I'm more worried about is pythons making their way to lakes and rivers in central Florida. Because people buy exotic pets then release them for what ever reason we have a huge problem in Florida.
Old     (kimmib)      Join Date: Jun 2009       07-24-2009, 9:47 AM Reply   
Why would they? My immediate thought would be dinner....

Pythons? WHAT? This thread is awesome for Florida tourism right now. ha ha :-)
Old     (duffy)      Join Date: Feb 2006       07-24-2009, 10:03 AM Reply   
I know, I kinda jacked the thread, I started another thread with the whole Python thing. Sorry!
Old     (extremeisaac)      Join Date: Aug 2005       07-24-2009, 10:41 AM Reply   
Last time I rode with Evan, Billy and Jason we saw this guy out at Old River..

Old     (kickflip_mj)      Join Date: Apr 2007       07-24-2009, 1:06 PM Reply   
isaac, thats a good sized one, im telling you the one i saw was like the lok ness
Old     (tonis)      Join Date: Mar 2005       07-24-2009, 1:08 PM Reply   
It feels like the lok ness when it swims by you. I'm just glad I was wearing dark short....
Old     (kap)      Join Date: Sep 2007       07-24-2009, 4:21 PM Reply   
We were out riding on monday and saw a sea lion on railroad it looked like the big bastard was just playing around.
Old     (liquidforce21i)      Join Date: May 2006       07-24-2009, 5:14 PM Reply   
thats why im glad I live in western ny...we might not get the same weather as you but we dont have to worry about any sort of water dwelling creature larger than a 50 lbs. carp or muskie...i spent one summer when i was younger tubing in the suwanee river and the sturgeon and gators i saw were enough to let me decide i love the north haha
Old     (denystaucd)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-24-2009, 6:18 PM Reply   
Micheal... I'm wondering if you saw a elephant seal female. Which get to 2000-2500lbs about twice the size of sea lions, you'd know if it was a male as they are 4000-6000lbs and have a huge nose. Never heard of one in the delta. But there all along the coast and could venture into the delta. GET A PICTURE NEXT
Old     (chilidog)      Join Date: Dec 2007       07-24-2009, 7:28 PM Reply   
We see one all the time right by the intersection of Old River and Italian slough (Lazy M) I think he gets the fish that hang out by the opening to that wide shallow area just before the houses, (probably the same one you pictured Isaac) we saw some otters or something down near Tracy Oasis last weekend what are those things?? They made a hell of a splash probably telling us to leave like the fisherman

Any votes for a name on this guy? Sealy?
Old     (kickflip_mj)      Join Date: Apr 2007       07-26-2009, 10:34 AM Reply   
no it wasnt the kind with the big nose it was just a big $%^*#$. i dont really care that much since i rode last night, but it was still huge..


the last thing i want is for that basturd to swim next to

Dennis, i tried t get a picture with my crap phone but i didnt get anything clear:-(
Old     (stxr_racer)      Join Date: Jun 2006       07-26-2009, 2:54 PM Reply   
You got nothing on us down under, try riding with these bad boys swimming around..

Old     (dukeno1)      Join Date: May 2006       07-26-2009, 8:04 PM Reply   
Is that Nemo!?
Old     (stxr_racer)      Join Date: Jun 2006       07-27-2009, 12:16 AM Reply   
Killer Goldfish..very scary

(Message edited by stxr_racer on July 27, 2009)


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