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Old    jiving            06-03-2003, 11:11 PM Reply   
I have a 03 X10 with the MCX and I'm only topping out at 4600rpm. I'm currrently running on a 14/18 prop and want to go to a 14/16 for a better hole shot. This will put me close to the 5100rpm red line, will this cause any problems and is it wrong to run that close to red line? Also I live in Colorado.
Old    jiving            06-04-2003, 5:20 PM Reply   
Old    zakman (zacky)      Join Date: Apr 2003       06-04-2003, 5:59 PM Reply   
I don't own a MC, but I just put on the ACME 13.5x16 and couldn't be happier. (Old prop was an OJ 14x18.) Much butter hole shot, holds speed much better too. It did raise the RPMs by about 250-300, but I don't care too much about that. I never really take the boat much past 3800-4000 RPMs. No need to. If you don't plan on racing anybody, or driving around the lake bouncing off the rev limiter, I would make the switch. Call the guys at ACME, they can help you out.
Old    tonym            06-04-2003, 10:25 PM Reply   
Don't you get the 14x18 prop with the powerslot trans? If so, you should already have a good hole shot.
Old    tige_joe            06-05-2003, 1:36 AM Reply   
Oscar is right on Josh. The change to an ACME of that size should make a huge difference....especially if you're carrying extra ballast in your boat. I went from an ACME 13.5 x 17.5 to the 13.5x16 on my Tige 22v. I'm very pleased with it's performance!
Old    Zedz Dead (ktm250)      Join Date: Jan 2003       06-05-2003, 6:50 AM Reply   
Go ahead with the 14x16, that is what is used by the tour boat. I think it will give you what you are looking for. We have used it with several of the "pro" owned boats and have had no troubles at all. Obviously I would use the OJ, I dont care for the Acme props as the blade cross section is too thin IMHO. Good luck and enjoy.
Old    jiving            06-06-2003, 2:10 PM Reply   
Do they make a 14/16 right hand?
Old    Zedz Dead (ktm250)      Join Date: Jan 2003       06-07-2003, 8:10 AM Reply   
First things first...ditch the right hand rotation prop. As mentioned in previous posts the wake and ownership experiance will greatly improve. Second go to the 14x16 prop and enjoy. The change in rotation is covered by warranty.
Old    schooledrider (rmcronin)      Join Date: Aug 2002       06-07-2003, 10:18 AM Reply   
You can go to Mastercraft's website and email their boat tech support. Someone will get back to you with a recommendation. Worked for me last year.
Old    Kevin R Baugh (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-07-2003, 1:43 PM Reply   
Switching prop rotation now I would like to see that when he puts it in the water
Old    jiving            06-09-2003, 5:31 PM Reply   
Zedz, you are the man! I contacted Mastercraft and they informed me how easy it is to change the rotation. Thanks for the advice. Next question, does the rudder have to be adjusted for the new rotation? Also, any idea on why Mastercraft does not stock 14/16 LH props? I was informed they will exchange the old RH14/18 for the new LH14/18 but not a 14/16 because they don't stock any, Why?
Old    Kevin R Baugh (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-09-2003, 9:59 PM Reply   
Ok I gotta here this how do change the prop
Old    Zedz Dead (ktm250)      Join Date: Jan 2003       06-10-2003, 6:51 AM Reply   
Not sure why they won’t do the exchange for the 14x16...I'm guessing because they don't use it on anything anymore. Call Eric Johnson @ OJ and he may be able to help. As to the rudder you don’t need to do anything, heck the boat was built around LH rotation to start with...if you like some rudder torque file the starboard rear of the rudder from top to bottom, about 1" in at a 45 degree angle. Remember just sneak up on the amount you remove...measure twice cut once. Enjoy your boat!
Old    David D (wakeguru)      Join Date: Feb 2003       06-10-2003, 6:56 AM Reply   
How is the "wake and ownership experience" gonna improve by changing the prop rotation from RH to LH?
Old    wilson (3puttwilson)      Join Date: Apr 2002       06-10-2003, 8:47 AM Reply   
I got an email from Eric at OJ props and he suggested I put a 14 x 16 lc 4 blade splined on my x2. I haven't called yet for a price though.
OJ props 800-359-9730

(Message edited by 3puttwilson on June 10, 2003)
Old    Alex Holden (nautiair)      Join Date: Sep 2002       06-10-2003, 11:29 AM Reply   
don't buy the OJ!!!!! go for an ACME...... 13.5 x 16 is what I'm running on my 02 sante.

for those of you that are worried about too many rpms...... do you speed up and down your lake??? I rarely run my boat over wakeboard speeds so it is not an issue. I would rather lose a few mph on the top and have a better hole shot.... and you'll never be close to maxing out the rpms at riding speed.
Old    Zedz Dead (ktm250)      Join Date: Jan 2003       06-10-2003, 1:56 PM Reply   
The rotation change is accomplished by moving the actuator arms (flipping them over) inside the control box and changing the rotation of the prop to match.

The "experience" improves due to the fact the wake has more lip and the boat handles better with the left hand rotation prop.

As to the Acme thing…I’m not a big fan (very thin blade thickness, see my previous posts), however; a lot of people seem to love them on this board (maybe I had a bad experience)…but they won’t help you here. Your’03 MasterCraft has a spline drive prop which is covered by a patent; unless you want to change the shaft and coupler as well (for better or worse) OJ is the only prop that will fit.
Eric Johnson and his family have been in the business a long time and they have always been quick to respond and helpful when asked…hence they get my vote. Best of luck and if I can help further let me know.
Old    travis moye (driving)      Join Date: Jan 2003       06-11-2003, 5:01 AM Reply   
i'm gonna highly disagree with with change of the prop rotation. i personally hate the left hand. and, my x-2 has plenty of lip on it and handles great. the only boat that i have been in that handles any better is the new x-star. its all how you weight it.
Old    David D (wakeguru)      Join Date: Feb 2003       06-11-2003, 8:01 AM Reply   
If you're right Zedz, I could use a little more lip. Travis I respect your opinion, but I don't own an X-2. I've got to sac up big time to get a good wake with a decent peak on my X-5. If I could get more peak without having to add 2000lbs to the boat every time out it would be nice - especially for skating.
Other than the way the boat backs in relation to the rotation, I have never heard of any other difference/advantage with the LH rotation. I've been around plenty of Nautiques and MC's and have noticed that the standard Ski Nautique has a little more lip with less weight than MC's Skier. Surely, you can't be saying that the difference in those two wakes is due to the rotation and not the hull design.
What information are you basing this on?


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