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Old    Kiley Hughes (mrboston187)      Join Date: Jul 2008       09-05-2008, 12:42 PM Reply   
Not including all of you that ride year round. I wish i was fortuante enough to do that. But here in good ole St Cloud MN, our season goes til about october, or it did last year, and no wetsuits i might add. in fact i believe October 4th of last year was our last day on the water til we called it a season. haha
Old    David Bell (dabell)      Join Date: Apr 2007       09-05-2008, 12:44 PM Reply   
Thanksgiving Day weekend
Old    A-dub (behindtheboat)      Join Date: Aug 2006       09-05-2008, 12:46 PM Reply   

Edit... usually once or twice after the first hard freeze because winterizing gets old.

(Message edited by behindtheboat on September 05, 2008)
Old    Andrew (yager97)      Join Date: Feb 2007       09-05-2008, 12:47 PM Reply   
thanksgiving day weekend also here in ontario
Old    billy d williams (billy2603)      Join Date: Mar 2007       09-05-2008, 12:49 PM Reply   
With wetsuits (shorties) - through November in Dallas - basically as long as air temp doesn't dip into low 50's consistently.
Old    Eubanks (eubanks01)      Join Date: Jun 2001       09-05-2008, 12:55 PM Reply   
Year round! Although, January and February aren't quite as fun.
Old    Dizzy Jenkins (dizzyj)      Join Date: Jul 2003       09-05-2008, 12:56 PM Reply   
season is just starting
Old    Josh (romes)      Join Date: Sep 2006       09-05-2008, 1:34 PM Reply   
uhh your ends? dec and jan are cold but doable. most people spend more time in tahoe then on the delta around here tho
Old    Cliff Griffin (seattle)      Join Date: Mar 2002       09-05-2008, 2:40 PM Reply   
Another for year round. Best months on our lake are Oct - March.
Old    C.I.E. J-Rod (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       09-05-2008, 2:49 PM Reply   
I'll ride until about mid october, then it's all about motoX and snowboarding....mostly motox.
Old    Keith (hawaiianstiln)      Join Date: Oct 2004       09-05-2008, 2:50 PM Reply   
never ends. Ride and learn more in the winter months. Slap on a dry suite and just wear a sweatshirt and jeans underneath and tuff it out. I think the coldest the lakes get in AZ are about 58 from what I've seen on my guage
Old    David Miller (otown_dave)      Join Date: Dec 2007       09-05-2008, 2:59 PM Reply   
I'm proud to say that since I started riding last August I've rode year round. ( Even with hernia surgery this June)
Old    RJ (wakedv)      Join Date: May 2007       09-05-2008, 3:00 PM Reply   
Pretty much done already, we had a couple mornings with frost and lake temp below 60. I would still ride, but no one else will, thats life in the great white north.
Old    JJ (bigjokerinthebox66)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-05-2008, 3:01 PM Reply   
I'm with j-rod. once wakeboarding ends for the season, it's all about mx.
Old    Jonny (wakeboardlasvegas)      Join Date: Mar 2007       09-05-2008, 4:29 PM Reply   
All year.. but we generally take off mid november to early january cuz of the holidays.
Old    Phantom (phantom5815)      Join Date: Jul 2002       09-05-2008, 5:16 PM Reply   
Doesn't really end.
Old    Twan (el_rey_de_zapatos)      Join Date: Mar 2007       09-05-2008, 5:30 PM Reply   
January 1st through December 31st, sorry
Old    Jay (ironj32)      Join Date: Jan 2007       09-05-2008, 5:48 PM Reply   
i effing hate minnesota right now. it went from 90's to 60's overnight. and now the water has gone down 10-12 degrees in 1 week, and i don't think we've broken 70 in like 5 days. End Rant.
Old    Buzz (buzz_grande)      Join Date: Mar 2004       09-05-2008, 6:00 PM Reply   
All year long!
Old    Kiley Hughes (mrboston187)      Join Date: Jul 2008       09-05-2008, 6:45 PM Reply   
yeah minnesotas not very friendly right now
Old    Josh Wells (goatroper222000)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-05-2008, 6:52 PM Reply   
YEAR ROUND!!! gotta love florida baby!!!!
Old    Becca D (goldilocks)      Join Date: Mar 2008       09-05-2008, 7:22 PM Reply   
Little jealous of anyone ridin' year round :-) MN's fall came too soon this year. I'm hopin' to sport it out until at least mid October.
Old    Rich Jennings (96formula)      Join Date: Apr 2007       09-05-2008, 8:00 PM Reply   
Never Ending!!!! AZ!!
Old    Bryan (westsiderippa)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-05-2008, 8:01 PM Reply   
mine will end for about a month between oct and nov because im in costa rica. then it will end for 2 weeks in jan for the grand targee cat trip. but really it never ends, only time im not riding is because the surf is pumping or its just after a rain and the trails are tacky. other than that, delta butta all winter long baby.
Old    Sinko (sinkoumn)      Join Date: Jan 2007       09-05-2008, 8:55 PM Reply   
I'm with Jay, F' all of you and your gloriously warm seasons
Old    Jeffrey Blanchard (eternalshadow)      Join Date: Nov 2001       09-05-2008, 9:03 PM Reply   
1-2 more weeks.
Old    John Haile (waterdork88)      Join Date: Aug 2005       09-05-2008, 9:38 PM Reply   
Old    Dan Vargas (wakemandan)      Join Date: Feb 2003       09-05-2008, 9:45 PM Reply   
With Drysuits and the Delta. No reason you can't ride late november.
Old    Larry M (xtrmeboarder3)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-05-2008, 11:08 PM Reply   
hey im from long island, new york, and my first day was in mid may when the water was 55 degrees, and i will continue until it gets to about the same, maybe 50 of yesterday the harbor was 72 degrees, i figure ill be riding until about the middle of october
Old    murrayair            09-05-2008, 11:18 PM Reply   
My last few sets are usually in late October or early November. With a dry suit, of course. The main part of my season ends in mid to late September, though.
Old    WD (player138)      Join Date: Jun 2007       09-06-2008, 8:21 AM Reply   
"thanksgiving day weekend also here in ontario"
Thanksgiving's on the second monday of October in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of November in the States. Not that it really matters, but the people in the U.S. saying they ride until Thanksgiving are about a month and a half luckier than those of us in Canada who ride until Thanksgiving.
Old    Eagle Jackson (eaglejackson)      Join Date: Oct 2004       09-06-2008, 9:03 AM Reply   
For most of the moderately sane people in the PNW, we ride consistently till around Thanksgiving, then occasionally December-February. When the water's in the 40's and the air temps are in the 30's, wakeboarding isn't the first thing that comes to mind. Bravo to Cliff and other polar bears like him who ride year round -- even trunking it sometimes -- but most of us prefer to shred the pow on the slope then.
Old    TS (kcrider)      Join Date: Jul 2008       09-06-2008, 9:15 AM Reply   
Ya the weather here in Kansas is getting colder sooner than in the past. But I've got a wetsuit so it should last until Mid October as long as it doesn't get too cold too soon. I hate Kansas, wish I was south so I can ride all year round. At least I've got a cable lake 20 minutes away. Can't bitch too much.
Old    Ryan Lacefield (26lacefield)      Join Date: Aug 2006       09-06-2008, 12:47 PM Reply   
we put the dry suits on about late november here in Cen-Cal
Old    E Johnson (ethan31)      Join Date: Jun 2007       09-06-2008, 12:57 PM Reply   
I'm in northern MN. I ride until theres ice.
Its been a cold summer this year. Water is already 60 and highs in the mid 60's and low 40's at night.

Its sucks!
Old    Kiley Hughes (mrboston187)      Join Date: Jul 2008       09-06-2008, 1:25 PM Reply   
yeah i could sure go for some global warming Al Gore
Old    Brett B. (bbking)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-06-2008, 2:15 PM Reply   
It went til the first week of November last year and started March 1st last year...
Old    Anthony Moe (megatmoe)      Join Date: Jul 2007       09-07-2008, 12:15 AM Reply   
I rode this morning on Christmas Lake in MN. The air temp was 51 and the water temp was 65. Not too bad but I dont know how much longer ill be riding...lame
Old    Nathan Zirbel (zirb3l)      Join Date: Jan 2008       09-07-2008, 12:23 AM Reply   
some of you people are silly!

If my lakes stayed around 60 all year round i would skin it non stop! problem is around here at about november i have to start chipping away at the ice..... not good!
Old    coz (coz)      Join Date: May 2008       09-07-2008, 6:26 AM Reply   
I'm with the AZ boyz here no EOS for us. You just have to put the rubber on when the water/air cools down
Old    Jamie (yooper)      Join Date: Jun 2002       09-07-2008, 8:01 AM Reply   
I love how even though the FIRST THING HE SAID was NOT including those who ride year 'round, tons of southerners feel obligated to chime in.....
Old    Matt (loudsubz)      Join Date: Aug 2001       09-07-2008, 8:16 AM Reply   
mid to late october for me.. here in southern ontario. Anything after that and its not enjoyable to ride unless you have a wet/dry suit.
Old    Roddyrod (wakeslife)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-07-2008, 8:26 AM Reply   
late October for us here in Michigan. I call it the second season; cold air, cold water, but empty lakes and you're in prime riding condition from the entire summer.
Old    Kiley Hughes (mrboston187)      Join Date: Jul 2008       09-07-2008, 2:30 PM Reply   
yeah toward the end of the seaon I just start to go balls out on everything, because if i get injured now, its like whatever im not gonna miss much more of the season, and fall sucks all together. Plus I like to use the cold water as a motivation tool to land all my tricks. heh heh heh
Old    Derek Durkin (derek23)      Join Date: Oct 2006       09-07-2008, 4:02 PM Reply   
Until the snow starts to fly...sometimes even later
Old    David Miller (otown_dave)      Join Date: Dec 2007       09-07-2008, 6:22 PM Reply   
Jamie don't be a hater,You don't have to deal with our inferno in the summer...

(Message edited by otown_dave on September 07, 2008)
Old    Jamie (yooper)      Join Date: Jun 2002       09-08-2008, 7:32 AM Reply   
I'm not being a hater.... I know what you mean. I enjoy the changing of the seasons. I basically wakeboard to kill time while waiting for ski season!!! Upload
Old    John (stoked_32)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-08-2008, 8:12 AM Reply   
season's just starting for some of us in socal... Right around october all the boats go away where we live and the water glasses off for the next 6 months = )
Old    A-dub (behindtheboat)      Join Date: Aug 2006       09-08-2008, 8:16 AM Reply   
TS, lots of people ride year round in Kansas, I spent years going out New Years Day with a large group. Wichita can easily be ridden year round.

I don't think its so much a "year round" thing, even in FLA, you're not riding every day in December and Jan, and maybe not at all, but you have a day or two that are warm and you may want to ride.
Old    Ryan (soonerwake85)      Join Date: Jun 2007       09-08-2008, 8:57 AM Reply   
My season is just getting started again. Boat has been out of commission for 3 weeks but will be done today! Will ride here in OK through mid November with wetsuits
Old    Brooke (dizzyg)      Join Date: May 2005       09-08-2008, 11:18 AM Reply   
typically Oct 31st is when we put the last boat away. Ours is usually the last boat off the water as the rest of the crew has to deal with storage, ours just goes into a boat house/garage on the water. We'll ride until night time temps stay below freezing for more than a couple of hours and starts putting the heater core at risk. I'm hoping for Halloween again this year!

S.E. Wisconsin
Old    WakeMikey (wakemikey)      Join Date: Mar 2008       09-08-2008, 2:30 PM Reply   
This Minnesota weather makes me wanna cry!!!
Old    Anthony Moe (megatmoe)      Join Date: Jul 2007       09-08-2008, 2:56 PM Reply   
Its not that bad mikey...Im going out on Bryant tomorrow. Its supposed to be 70 and sunny
Old    Kiley Hughes (mrboston187)      Join Date: Jul 2008       09-09-2008, 10:46 AM Reply   
haha yeah i went out yesterday, the water is still OK, its the friggen air, but when you have towels and a sweatshirt waiting in the boat its not that bad
Old    Waylon (wayz)      Join Date: Jun 2005       09-09-2008, 11:10 AM Reply   
October/November for me. After that I'll be waiting for the powder!
Old    Eubanks (eubanks01)      Join Date: Jun 2001       09-09-2008, 11:23 AM Reply   
Sweatshirts in MN already? Dang, and we are still getting mid-90's here in Texas.
Old    Brooke (dizzyg)      Join Date: May 2005       09-09-2008, 11:30 AM Reply   
we busted out the dry suits this weekend in SE wisconsin. It wasn't necessary but I wasn't cold either. Saturday I was cold, sunday I was toasty warm and very comfortable!
Old    Trapper (canucked)      Join Date: Jun 2007       09-09-2008, 1:07 PM Reply   
we are done.

There is an outside chance I might get out once more but it's unlikely. Overnight lows are hovering aorund the freezing mark with daytime highs at about +15. Its also starting to get dark much earlier

Our last trip of the season ended with us having to rush one of my friends to the hosipal with a dislocated shoulder. It was gross, and I didn't get to ride :-(
Old    Kiley Hughes (mrboston187)      Join Date: Jul 2008       09-09-2008, 1:09 PM Reply   
that a bummer dude, was it a good season though?
Old    C.I.E. J-Rod (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       09-09-2008, 1:28 PM Reply   
I enjoy the change of seasons too. I winter just as much as summer.
Old    Trapper (canucked)      Join Date: Jun 2007       09-09-2008, 2:21 PM Reply   
It was a good season, not really for progression but for overall fun-li-ness.

We bought a lake lot this year, so next year will be fun getting it all set up (picture attached)

Winter is going to be great! snowmobile, ski snowboard.



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