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Old     (criswb)      Join Date: Oct 2005       08-25-2008, 6:46 PM Reply   
Hi all, I'm looking at getting my own wakesurf. I may get is a gift and the person that is going to give it to me would rather have me choose one that is either a HL or Ronix or LF. But I am also open to other brand suggestions.

I am a beginner looking to progress, I've only been out wakesurfing about 10 times. So far I can drift back and gain speed, do some (still lame) lipslides and the last time I went out I landed a 360 (yay!). The board I ride now is a friend's LF custom Thruster. I like the board, I like that it is very light and that the rails don't catch easily. I've also ridden a HL one that had very sharp rails all over and they were always digging too much in the water. Besides that, I really don't know much, as I said I'm a beginner and can't really tell what would make a difference in a board.

I want something light, easy to maneuver and with which I'll be able to learn all sorts of tricks, airs, shuvits, spins, etc. but also a board that will still give me that relaxing surf feel. So far, the one I like the most (out of all the 3 brands) is the LF custom, but I want to know what is the difference between that one and the thruster, and is that difference really worth the extra cash?

I am a small girl, about 5'2" and around 95 lbs. I was looking into Calibrated but heard they weren't selling wakesurfers now... I also looked into Phase 5 but I have absolutely no idea what would be a good board for me.

Thank you for reading all this and for any help you can give me.
Old     (mbwakesurfer)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-25-2008, 7:27 PM Reply   
I have a walker composite X series ill sell to you for $275 its great for spins and even some air! anyways let me know if your interested?
Old     (surfdad)      Join Date: Sep 2004       08-25-2008, 8:11 PM Reply   
and only $500 to ship it to Ecuador. :-) What is the cost to ship a board to South America from North America?

Cris, if you're landing a 3 on your 10th time out, that board is working for you. There are folks that try for years (Ed S will remain nameless :-) ) and still don't land it.

I got a chance to watch Jessica Oswald ride a Custom at the NWL Nationals and she's nailing shuv's and some air on it.

What is that old saying, if it ain't broke don't fix it. If you like the ride and you're landing tricks...I think if I were you, I'd stick with that board.
Old     (criswb)      Join Date: Oct 2005       08-25-2008, 10:03 PM Reply   
Thanks Alec, but I'm trying to get this as a gift from a guy who retails lf, hl and ronix. Not interested but thank you for the offer :-)

Surfdad, I've never had a board shipped to me here, but I'd say it's around $100-200. I usually get my stuff from Miami Ski Nautiques, they hold it for me until I go to Miami, or someone I know goes there which happens a lot during the year.

I just want to get a board of my own because the one I use is a friend's, and mostly everyone in the boat uses it and it's already got some dings on it (not from me though! I am very careful with my and other people's things!) so I want to get a board of my own that I am responsible for. I wouldn't mind getting the same one, but I am checking out all the different possibilities.

Thank you for your answers and if anyone else has different recommendations, keep them coming!
Old     (wakemikey)      Join Date: Mar 2008       08-26-2008, 5:51 AM Reply   
I rode the 08 Thruster (not custom thruster) and it was way too slow, not exactly a refined board (and I love LF btw). The Custom is going to be their best board by far (sorry my shop didn't carry it so I couldn't demo cry cry) if I had to pick I would get that one. Especially if you are little!!

I won a Inland Surfer 4-skim and it's great but a little too slippery and a little too squirrelly.

I am 5'6" 165lbs.
Old     (iamnathanhudson)      Join Date: Dec 2002       08-26-2008, 8:01 AM Reply   
ummmm...wakemikey....what do you mean? they either have the venture or the custom boards. of the custom boards they have a middle length (4'6") one with three fins instead of one. It is made of the same construction and everything. That is the Liquid Force Custom Thruster.

Old     (wakebrdjay)      Join Date: Apr 2008       08-26-2008, 8:07 AM Reply   
Custom is the name on all three sizes.The Custom Thruster is the name on top of the line Custom Series w/3 fins,the other 2 only have 1.Jessica was killing it on a regular Custom at the nationals, not the Custom Thruster.I think it was the Custom 4'2".
Old     (criswb)      Join Date: Oct 2005       08-27-2008, 2:42 PM Reply   
It seems like I'll be getting the Custom. Thank you all for your help
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-27-2008, 4:24 PM Reply   
you can get the 09 custom no tax plus free shipping at for 299.00
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-27-2008, 4:29 PM Reply   
thats the custom "09" model 4'6" has only one fin, had the chance to ride one yesterday, had lots of fun good speed and plenty light to catch air.
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-27-2008, 4:30 PM Reply   
08 model i believe had 3 fins
Old     (bigshow)      Join Date: Feb 2005       08-27-2008, 7:06 PM Reply   
Jay, were you at Nationals?
Old     (wakebrdjay)      Join Date: Apr 2008       08-27-2008, 10:10 PM Reply   
Yeah,I didn't ride or bring the boat,just watched.You looked pretty busy so I didn't bother you.
Old     (iamnathanhudson)      Join Date: Dec 2002       08-28-2008, 11:24 AM Reply is an "08" model. Show me a link to the 09 anthony. 09's are not even released.
Old     (wakebrdjay)      Join Date: Apr 2008       08-28-2008, 3:33 PM Reply   
Right Nate-O the 4'6" is the Custom Thruster with 3 fins,the others are the Custom 4'2" and the Custom 4'10" both of which have only 1 fin.The Thruster was a new item in 2008.
Old     (bigshow)      Join Date: Feb 2005       08-28-2008, 6:51 PM Reply   
Jay, I saw a few folks hanging around but I did say hey either. Next time we'll have to make more time. Looks like you up north in Ohio. We'll have to surf some time.
Old     (wakebrdjay)      Join Date: Apr 2008       08-28-2008, 7:45 PM Reply   
Hey Show,when does Griggs take out their launch docks?Is it at the end of this weekend or do they leave them in for a while after Labor Day?It looks like a real nice place to ride,would like to haul the ole Supreme and try out some surfing there.I didn't believe my eyes when I saw the no jetskis-no tubing signs by the launch!
Old     (bigshow)      Join Date: Feb 2005       08-28-2008, 7:58 PM Reply   
Griggs is a really good wakeboarding lake. There is also a 22 foot boat length rule. The docks will be in through late September, maybe in to October. There are two sets of ramps. There are some shallow spots at some of the ramps from powering boats on trailers. If you launch try to use the set of ramps with two launches that is nearest to the bridge. Then use the ramp in that set closest to the bridge. Other wide you might buy a new prop. Once launched Griggs is uniform. About 20 feet deep near Fishinger Bridge and eight feet up to the next bridge.

Be careful around the rowers. They are working very hard to ban wakesurfing on Griggs. I’d like to not give them more ammunition. Next they’ll go after wake boarding.
Old     (wakebrdjay)      Join Date: Apr 2008       08-28-2008, 8:12 PM Reply   
I saw all the the rowing craft at the storage facility down the road.No problem with that I don't like my fun being spoiled so I respect others means of fun.Plus we already have enough people trying to ban our sport.By the way that was a nice little event you put together,everyone looked to be having a great time.
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-28-2008, 9:59 PM Reply   
My friend ordered it on the phone from and they claimed it to be the 09 model. I was mistaken it is 4'10" not 4'6". I think the 08 had a blue liquid force logo on the top right? well this one has the hawaiian style logo which the thruster had last year. ( I think) anyway my friend wanted the one with the blue logo and called back to complain, and they said sorry were out of that one but you should be stoked cause we sent the 09 model we just got in. So anyway it doesn't have the 08 logo on it so were asuming it must be an o9 cause wakeworld doesn't even have a pic of it, neither does wakeside for that matter. I'll post a pic of it next time I get a chance.
Old     (wakebrdjay)      Join Date: Apr 2008       08-29-2008, 7:05 AM Reply   
Nice for him.He got a nicer looking board then,last years Customs were a little plain looking.
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-29-2008, 10:24 AM Reply   
Hey Nate I am working on the pic, i just have to get out to his house and snap a shot, I think evryone would like to see a pic of this board. I will post one for sure.
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       09-03-2008, 4:43 PM Reply   
OK here it is as promised, my proud friend with his so called 09 Liquid Force Custom 4'10". Can anybody say for sure this is not an 09? Upload
Old     (ds3)      Join Date: Jun 2008       09-03-2008, 10:15 PM Reply   
That's an 08. I have one just like that I got in May or June. The blue ones were 07 and the red ones were 06. Haven't seen the 09 yet. I liked the blue one best. Good board either way, fun to ride and a step up from alot of the "wakeboard" style surfboards.

(Message edited by DS3 on September 03, 2008)
Old     (iamnathanhudson)      Join Date: Dec 2002       09-04-2008, 4:47 AM Reply   
It's an 08....but not for the reason that derek explained. The 4-2 is a blue and the 4-10 is red. My friend has the 4-10 just like that. Great board. Just not an 09.
Old     (ds3)      Join Date: Jun 2008       09-04-2008, 7:38 AM Reply   
I have seen a blue 4-2 and 4-10. The 07's had blue traction and the LF logo was blue as well, on both size models. Now I have not seen an 08 4-2, so I'm not sure how different that board would look from this 4-10.
But hey, it's all good.

I just saw a blue LF Custom in the "Best Crash Pics" thread. It's the really blurry picture, but that's an 07 LF Surfboard.

(Message edited by DS3 on September 04, 2008)
Old     (iamnathanhudson)      Join Date: Dec 2002       09-04-2008, 8:00 AM Reply   
Ok, so what i meant was first of all there weren't 06 models. Secondly, they all appear to have different graphics packages. I know of an 08 4-10 that was bought that had the same graphics as the pictures of the one above. It has the Diamond graphic like the thruster. I think that they mixed certain graphic elements to mix things up a bit this year.
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       09-05-2008, 8:38 AM Reply   
Ok then I believe Wakeside are a bunch of liars. I trust the forum more then them. Thanks Nate, were are going to call them and let them know their full of it. Not good business to try and shmooze people when they send out the wrong product. Anyway the board is nice and rides well. Wakeworld seems to have the wrong pics listed with the board review guide also. Shouldn't the 08 have blue graphics? Or are what you saying is they changed up in the middle of production?
Old     (wakemikey)      Join Date: Mar 2008       09-08-2008, 3:38 PM Reply   
Sorry I thought I had the LF surfer models all down but I guess not! I rode the compression molded version, not the hand-shaped model. I would love to try it though!!
Old     (jacobs0222i)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-08-2008, 4:04 PM Reply   
i have the same one as in the pic too. i got it for 239.99 it has to be an 08 for that price.


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