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Old    skihardkore            12-04-2002, 1:14 PM Reply   
hey what's up toyota owners. I know there's Sandy, but are there any other toyota owners? tell about your boat and post pics if you can. I will when i get setup but I can't now.
Old    norcal_99            12-04-2002, 5:58 PM Reply   
I got a Toyota It's a piece of junk.

Old     (bigdad)      Join Date: Apr 2002       12-04-2002, 10:07 PM Reply   
Uh Rene,

It says on you profile that you own a 01 X-star. Then you post a picture of an X-star, that I assume is yours but on a closer look I see Texas registration numbers. But you live in Northern California. What gives. Do you own a Toyota or not?
Old     (migitty)      Join Date: Aug 2001       12-04-2002, 10:38 PM Reply   
That's pretty funny. Rene is talking about his Toyota truck that blows oil all over his 01 X. He's just stirring the pot so to speak. Rene, are we going to have to call you...??
Old     (jinxton)      Join Date: Mar 2002       12-05-2002, 10:27 AM Reply   
I've got a 99 Epic 21. Put a Samson tower on it, run it with about 1800 lbs of water and can't complain. It's got 600 hours and the only issue I've had were some fouled spark plugs!!
Old     (kimmy)      Join Date: Aug 2001       12-05-2002, 11:34 AM Reply   
I tried calling Rene last night when I saw he posted this to tell him they were talking about the Toyota boats but did not get through. John rode behind a Toyota when he was in Florida and he liked the boat and the wake it put out.

Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       12-05-2002, 11:59 AM Reply   
Well, there' me! : )

Wakeman, why no pics?
If you have some, and need help posting them lemme know! What colors?
Old    skihardkore            12-05-2002, 2:37 PM Reply   
no pics cause no scanner hook up yet. I have it, but haven't hooked it up. as for digital camera, it's winter and the boat is stored, no photo ops for now. sorry, but i can tell you the colours. It's red where yours is blue sandy. Is your cover a custom cover? I had to have a driving/sun top. (not a bimini). THe inside is dark grey carpet and white seats with grey accents. as far as pics go, it's stock except for a polished aluminum tower. My boat is a 2001 S22. As for the toyota bashers, you had better check twice because even their trucks are rock solid and shouldn't blow oil all over anything unless you're a total numbskull who doesn't know how to operate/maintain his truck.
Old    norcal_99            12-05-2002, 6:17 PM Reply   
Hey A.P.

That pic in my profile is a pic of my boat, and yes it does have Texas registration numbers, and yes I do pull that boat with my 1990 Toyota V6 SR5 4x4, and yes I do live in San Jose California. So what's your point Big Daddy? hehehe. Just 'cause I live in CA doesn't mean I have to pay CA's outrageous DMV fees. I see you live in the bay area too. Please don't give me a ticket bro. hehehe Let's hook up and ride sometime.

Yo Wakeman, I'm not bashing Toyota boats or trucks. I'm just saying my Toyota truck is a piece of junk, but I've owned it since it was new, and it's my baby. Just an oil spittin mo fo with 120,000 or so miles.

Old     (bigdad)      Join Date: Apr 2002       12-05-2002, 9:07 PM Reply   
Hey Rene,

When I read you were actually talking about your Toyota truck, I started to laugh too. Too bad to hear about your truck though. Toyota's are usually pretty strong. I was just making an observation but figured there was a story behind it.

P.S. Why did u edit your post? I thought the first one was funny. Or after you posted it you read my profile. LOL.

P.P.S. Not that I care, but if you live in California you are required by law to register all your vehicles with California DMV. FYI only.

Take care Brother. I'd love a pull behind an X-star
Old    norcal_99            12-05-2002, 10:08 PM Reply   

When I looked at your profile I was like oooops I'm gonna get arrested. hehehehe

My Toy's pretty reliable. I'm just killing it draging a 4000+ pound boat around, but with out the boat attached it's champ. I need a big V8 Diesel.

Hey I'm going to lake Calero in San Jose tomorrow morning if you want to catch a pull.

What city do you work in. I have a friend Danny who's a police officer in San Leandro, and a friend Billy who's a police officer in Fremont. They both wake, and are good riders.

I have a lot of other friends from school who work for the SJPD but none of them wake.
Old    norcal_99            12-05-2002, 10:22 PM Reply   
I'm a total numbskull. I didn't even know that Toyota made boats. Sorry Wakeman and Sandy.
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       12-06-2002, 6:49 AM Reply   
Yeah the snap-on cover is custom. The boat came
with a snap-on type bow cover so I had one made for the main seating area. The guy that made my tower made the cover. Only $230 !!
The boat also came with a Sunbrella storage cover.
I use the snap cover when its tied to the dock
and the storage cover when its in the drivway.
Old    skihardkore            12-06-2002, 7:42 AM Reply   
no worries rene, i just dont like when people bash stuff and they dont even understand. I dont really like bashing, period. but wahtever, you do have your opinions. I have a toyota landcruiser, 1986, diesel. still runs like new.
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       12-31-2002, 4:31 PM Reply   
Toyota boats are extremely reliable. The plug fouling problem only happens when you use cheap gas, you're supposed to use 93 octane as they are 10.5/1 compression. Plugs last 1000 hours. Mine has 386 hours on it and I've never done anything but change the oil 2x (200 hour interval, synthetic required)
I have access to a very knowledgeable dealer and lots of documentation if anyone needs information. The factory is still very responsive to service issues, parts are no problem. I am going to put a site up with info, pics etc. It is still under construction.
Old     (davidgree1)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-02-2003, 9:11 PM Reply   
Has anyone changed the impeller on a v-drive Toyota?
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       01-03-2003, 6:52 PM Reply   
I talked to the mechanic the other day, he said that you remove the entire water pump (not a big deal, a couple of bolts), then remove four 8mm machine screws to get to the impeller. It may be a pain on a Vdrive to get to the pump. He said that it used the same impeller as the Skiers Choice boats they also sell. I'm going to try it in a couple of days. I have a D drive but it is the same water pump. I think I'm on borrowed time, 380+ hours on the original impeller.
I scored an original jumpseat this week. It is not the right color, but what the hey, the price was right.
Old    skihardkore            01-08-2003, 3:45 PM Reply   
cyclone, i take it your boat is a direct drive?
Old     (supraman)      Join Date: Jan 2002       01-08-2003, 5:16 PM Reply   

Given his quote "I have a D drive", I think you've made a safe bet.
Old     (driving)      Join Date: Jan 2003       01-09-2003, 3:58 AM Reply   
hey guys, try emailing, he is the top service tech. when i was with toyota, he faxed me step by step instructions, pics and all. not too bad, just in a tight area.
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       01-09-2003, 6:32 PM Reply   
Thanks Travis, Rick is a good guy.
I heard that you and Darren ran gobs of weight to sink the Toyotas. I have been playing around for a while with weight, I'm curious to find out where you guys put all the weight. Since I have a direct drive, I have been putting a big locker sack in the trunk, and/or using a Fat Seat, with some weight in the bow. The weight seems to have the most effect in the back, the wake gets bigger but is rampy and wide. A sack in the walk through makes it easier to drive, but I'm having trouble making it peaky. Any suggestions? Also, since you don't work for them anymore, are there any quirks we should know about that you couldn't talk about before?
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       01-10-2003, 6:43 AM Reply   
I also just scored a jumpseat that doesn't match.
Anybody who wants it, just pay for shipping and I'll send it to you. It's white and silver.
Pop me an email if you want it.
Old     (davidgree1)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-10-2003, 8:10 AM Reply   
I have a vdrive Toyota SX. I put two side sacs under the bow seats. About 250# each. I was able to take the hose from the internal sacs and run them into the side sacs and it works great. I am going to add more weight maybe a set of vdrive sacs in the back.
Does anyone have access to a manual on impeller replacement?
Old    skihardkore            01-15-2003, 5:30 PM Reply   
hahaha, i suppose my bet was safe about the d-drive. sorry for the insolence.
p.s. does anyone have sound systems in their toyota's? tell me about 'em, i'm planning somthing myself on a budget
Old     (todd_everton)      Join Date: Jan 2003       01-16-2003, 12:11 AM Reply   
If someone is in the market for a 'Yota,the dealer in my area has a '99 demo black w/white interior(no tower).100 hrs.$17,500.I'd buy it but I can't afford 2 boats payments.
Old     (todd_everton)      Join Date: Jan 2003       01-16-2003, 12:14 AM Reply   
Oops!I forgot to mention it is an Epic 22
Old     (ralph)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-16-2003, 12:11 PM Reply   
Is the Epic 22 the V drive or D drive model?
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       01-16-2003, 1:04 PM Reply   
It's a D Drive. I've had mine for three years and 386 hours with no significant problems. It makes a very good wake, I run around 1200 to 1500 lbs. The motor really doesn't have the torque to much do more than that, though I have run it with up to 2k. It gets phenominal gas mileage (knottage?) the most gas I have used in a FULL day is 22 gal, even with lots of weight. It is built like a tank.
Old     (ralph)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-16-2003, 1:40 PM Reply   
Thank you!
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       01-17-2003, 10:20 AM Reply   
Yep, I'm running over 1000 watts of sound love.
I'm using two MTX amps. I have 600w mono pushing two PolkAudio 10's and a 400w pushing two tower speakers and two interior speakers The fronts are pushed be a little JBL 150w amp I had
laying around. All my interior speakers are
MB Quarts 5-1/4 and my tower speakers are 6.5
MB Quarts.
I'm still using the factory Kenwood deck
but plan to change to a Sony deck that can
play MP3's and is compatible with my Sony
10 CD-changer.
I have two Yellow tops separated by an isolator.
I'm still running the stock alternator with no prob.
I'm using 0 awg grounds and Line filters in the RCA lines to kill the noise.
The Toyotas have a lot of electronic stuff both
in the dash and on the engine. The 0awg and the line filters are must if you want to hear the music at all. I had started with 4 and 8awg
but had to change it all afterward. The noise was really bad! Now its great.
I think my set up is great quality and sound for the small budget I used.
This year I'll prolly upgrade my subs and deck.
Old    larsfh            01-18-2003, 3:25 AM Reply   
I've looked at the fuel consumption charts for Toyota, and their engine looks state of the art. It barely uses fuel at all! I'd love a Toyota, and the deal with the Epic 22 with your dealer, Todd, sounds awesome. Too bad I live in the "wrong" country.

Old    p140fs            01-18-2003, 8:14 AM Reply   
I want a toyota i have owend 3 celicas got my eyes set on a tundra with a epic D drive behind it man i am sick
Old     (ralph)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-18-2003, 1:04 PM Reply   
Hands off Lars! I'm looking at doing a little importing..........
Old     (jinxton)      Join Date: Mar 2002       01-18-2003, 11:13 PM Reply   
Gregory his is a picture of my set up, the boat has a tower on it now
Old     (todd_everton)      Join Date: Jan 2003       01-19-2003, 12:13 PM Reply   
Nothing like a Toyota pulling a Toyota.I pull my Epic 22 with a black Tundra.Nice looking rig Scotty!
Old    skihardkore            01-19-2003, 2:54 PM Reply   
whatta you guys think about my Epic S22 behind my '86 toyota landcruiser, diesel. eh? eh? oh yeah. Sandy, your tunes machine sounds awesome! I know waht you mean about the altenator....what is it, like, 80 amps?
Old    larsfh            01-19-2003, 3:17 PM Reply   
My hands are tied, Darren.

Old     (ralph)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-19-2003, 3:57 PM Reply   
Europeans are so Kinky
Old    skihardkore            01-19-2003, 4:54 PM Reply   
HAHAHA to funny

Old     (jinxton)      Join Date: Mar 2002       01-19-2003, 5:57 PM Reply   
Thanks Todd I'm getting ready to put a 4.5" lift and new tires and rims on . I'll post pixs when it's done.
Old    skihardkore            01-20-2003, 5:57 PM Reply   
Does anyone know if the kick panel at the foot of the driver in the S22 is safe to cut into for a sub?
Old     (todd_everton)      Join Date: Jan 2003       01-20-2003, 7:23 PM Reply   
It should be.Don't take my word for it though.I know there isn't anything behind it on my epic 22.If you can fit your head in there ,check it out.( not to be a smartass about it)
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       01-20-2003, 7:55 PM Reply   
I found a 10" sealed enclosure that slid right in there on my Epic 22. Loook for the screws, they are buried in the carpet. If you have a heater it will be mounted there anyway, I guess you wouldn't be asking that question if you did. I slid the box in and cut a hole in the panel and mounted a grill there. The panel had holes for the heater and wasn't really suitable for mounting a subwoofer. The box just sits behind the panel, works fine.
Old    skihardkore            01-21-2003, 1:08 PM Reply   
ok, thanks. what's that red and grey keypad on your dash, keyless ignition? I thought that was only on Nautiques.
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       01-22-2003, 4:57 PM Reply   
Yes, it was a dealer installed option. It is made by Mercruiser. It can be a pain in the ass, I would remove it but there are two small holes drilled in the dash. It works fine but can drain the battery over time. I guess if I had ever lost the keys I would appreciate it more. Notice, I have the Malibu gauges also. The red light next to the ignition is one of the extra accessory switches, I wired one to turn on the amp for the tower speakers and two for ballast fill/empty.
Old     (davidgree1)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-24-2003, 12:47 PM Reply   
Cyclone; What about starting a Toyota boat owners list. It may be helpful in the future.
Old    ride_awake            01-25-2003, 8:47 AM Reply   
Add me to the list. I have a 1999 Epic X22, red and white.
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       01-29-2003, 3:23 PM Reply   
That is a good idea. I will work on my site and get it up. It is going to be at
Old    wakefootman            01-29-2003, 10:52 PM Reply   
Hey count me in. I have a 2002 Epic Sx22 V-drive I got loaded for a good price, the dealer was closing them out. I love it. Got it last spring and we sure had a blast on it.
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       01-30-2003, 7:27 PM Reply   
That is cool, I noticed that the 2002's had those racks from the factory, they (I think) are a unique Toyota rack. I haven't seen them on any other boat or in any ads. Could you take a close up picture or two of one? The tower is similar in style but slightly different in design than the earlier years as well. Is it brushed aluminum or stainless?
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       02-12-2003, 12:31 AM Reply   
Well, dammit, I put something together. The board doesn't work yet nor does my email but I put up some low res scans of the pile of Toyota documentation that i have. Take a look and give me a week or two to get my sheot together and we'll have a place to exchange Toyota stuff. Give me pics of your rigs and I'll put em up. I want to see good pics of your stereo and power wiring Sandy!

Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-12-2003, 1:30 PM Reply   
Hey. I just checked out your site the other day.
It looks great!

I just pulled my entire system to do a cleaner
install. Here's a pic of the progress.
Also just bought some Fosgate 12's for $50ea
so the 10's in the pic are outta-here!

Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-12-2003, 1:40 PM Reply   
Ok, I resized it.

Clean install
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       02-12-2003, 6:23 PM Reply   
Thanks, Sandy. Much like your stereo, I was not finished so I totally redid the site and added a discussion forum. I'm fairly new at web stuff but it's pretty dang easy these days. I'd like you guys' permission to post the pictures of your boats that are on this board. I'll get rid of stuff like license plates and reg. no's when necessary. I've collected a bunch of information and stuff over the last three years, and I think that if we want any support besides the dealer, it's going to have to come from us.
Old    ride_awake            02-12-2003, 6:49 PM Reply   
Sandy, Where do you place the speakers in your boat? I have an X-22 with the stock system and it really lacks bass. I want to upgrade my system, but I'm not really sure how to do it.

Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-13-2003, 8:26 AM Reply   
Cyclone, your that man! I'll send you as
much info and pics as I can.

I used the four stock speaker holes for the interior speakers. For the subs I use those cheapy boxes
from walmart. That way when they soak up enough
water to look like crap I can replace them
easy enough, I took the door out or the large
compartment (passenger side - under glove box)
that way I have a larger hole. The wind screen
closes over the opening anyway. I never understood why there were two doors there??

I also eliminated the "footrest" on the driverside and replaced it with a subbox.

I also took out the small panels in the back of the bow storage. That exposed unused space and I stuck some lead in there.

There is tons of unused space in the boat that is blocked by silly panels. I've pretty much elliminated all of them. I even took out the one
in the large front compartent to stick my second
battery behind there. The result it all my ballast and stereo are out of site and I still have plenty of storage space.

All the panels come out easily. You just have to search the carpet pile for the screw heads.
Every one of them comes out by removong one or two philips head screws. For the footrest reach all the way behind it and unscrew it from the floor.
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-13-2003, 8:29 AM Reply   
PS. I used a couple of the panels to mount
my amps. They're great for that because they are plastic and will never rot or get soggy enough to fail and drop the amps. The one with the alpine
amp (in the photo above) used to be the footrest.
Old    ride_awake            02-13-2003, 11:03 AM Reply   
Sandy, I appreciate you sharing your setup with me. You have given me some useful ideas. Did you change the Bose tower speakers, or are they sufficient for the system?

Thank you
Old    ride_awake            02-13-2003, 11:07 AM Reply   
Sorry, That was a dumb question. I just looked at your profile and those are obviously not the Bose speakers.
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-13-2003, 11:08 AM Reply   
My boat is not the x22, but S22
I added the tower, its not Toyota factory.

I made my speakers,
6.5 MB Quarts in PVC Enclosures.

Check 'm out  !
Old    ride_awake            02-13-2003, 11:18 AM Reply   
The tower looks great. For some reason I was thinking you had the SX. I knew you had a V-drive. Thanks again for the info.

Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       02-13-2003, 4:44 PM Reply   
I'm also in N.Ga, I usually ride on Lanier. You should check out if you haven't yet. There are some good folks on that board all the time that I'm going to ride with this spring.
Old    skihardkore            02-13-2003, 4:50 PM Reply   
do you have any pics of the sub box that you put at the drivers feet? i understand you took out the "footrest" completely? did your sub box fill that entire space so it looked like the original footrest accept with a sub in it?
Old    ride_awake            02-13-2003, 6:58 PM Reply   
Psyclone, Thanks for the tip on the website. I can't wait for spring. We live right near Allatoona, so its too convenient to ride there. How does that subwoofer work for you? Does it make a big difference with the stock system, or did you upgrade the stock system?
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       02-13-2003, 8:42 PM Reply   
I used a sub from it is a cheap (39$) Jensen sealed enclosure with a 10" that is good for 150 watts RMS (supposedly!) It happened to be just the right dimensions to slide right up behind the footrest panel. On the left side is the walkthru wall, on the right there is a white Starboard(tm) panel that is about 8" from the hull. There was just enough room widthwise and depthwise to slide the box in. I cut a hole in the footboard and put a grille over the opening. It works great, makes more bass than I need, but it wouldn't be enough for some of the people on this board! I added a five channel amp, four channels bridged to two for the tower speakers, and 120 watt mono for the sub. I'd like to add two more tower speakers running off the same amp. I have (for now) kept the sucky Kenwood head unit, I bought a Kenwood 10 disc changer that plugs right in to the head. I have since added XM radio, CD's skip too much. You could add a similar box with a mono amp mounted to it and run the preamp out to the amp very easily.
I'll pull my boat over to Allatoona sometime, if you'll show me where the stumps are! That's what scares me about an unfamiliar lake.
Old    ride_awake            02-13-2003, 8:51 PM Reply   
No problem, The stumps are not bad as long as you stay out of the river. Thanks for all the info, I'm sure it'll help me set up my system this spring.
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-14-2003, 8:10 AM Reply   
I took the footrest completely out.
The sub box in the pic just sits in there.
Its not built in and does not act as a foot rest.
I'm a pretty long-legged guy so, I like the extra leg room on each side of the sub. The area is completely carpeted by toyota, so it does look at all unfunnished.

I just bought some used 12's. I have plans
to fire them at the sides of the hull. So, this
will all change again, how though? I have no idea yet !!!!
Old    skihardkore            02-17-2003, 1:27 PM Reply   
Sandy, you could try mounting them pointing out at the hull in those side "sills" where the cupholders are and what not. I dont know much about that space, but just a guess. Do you think that will make the boat pound?? it might give more bass to the fish than it does to you!
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-18-2003, 5:46 AM Reply   
Actually I have been expirimenting with that.
The guy I'm buying the twelves from has them firing towards the back of his car.
I took a ride with him yesterday and have to say
they hit really hard in the front seat.

The 10's I have now so spread the sound a little

better when I turn them toward the sides.
I think the 12's will be able to magnify that effect.

Damn. I have to build new boxes.

Hey, have any of you guys signed up for
cyclones's site???
He's got pdf's of some manuals and a cool
little forum. Could be a great resource for all
us toyota owners!
Don't worry Dave W. You couldn't get rid of us!
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       02-18-2003, 8:26 PM Reply   
Sandy, you really need the 8x12" instead of a back seat like the Epic from the other post. Stop kidding yourself. If you just go ahead and bite the bullet now it will be cheaper in the long run!
Old    skihardkore            02-19-2003, 12:57 PM Reply   
I just signed up in cyclone's site. Very cool. Sandy, i think your 12's in the sides will sound extra nice with tons of amp juice. sweet idea. Basically, with subwoofers, I dont think it matters a whole lot where they're pointing. It's a non-directional sound unlike mids. But i think it'll give you a nice, low frequency, kick in the back.

p.s. i picked up a mechanic's manual when i got my boat. might be worthwhile checking into.
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       02-20-2003, 7:30 AM Reply   
I would definitely like to get one of those. I will ask my mechanic if he can order one for me. I haven't scanned the owners manuals yet, we have a high speed scanner at work and I'm waiting for a quiet day to do it.
Old    skihardkore            02-20-2003, 4:51 PM Reply   
yeah, the mechanic's manual is hugely thick. very thorough. I have it for my own reference but also for reference for other people who might be working on my boat. Since it's a bit of a marine rarity.
Old     (todd_everton)      Join Date: Jan 2003       02-20-2003, 6:55 PM Reply   
Hey Wakeman,
Is your manual a Toyota manual?If so ,where did you get it?I would really like to pick one up.Thanks!!
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-21-2003, 5:36 AM Reply   
I want one!!!
Old     (davidgree1)      Join Date: Apr 2002       02-21-2003, 9:42 AM Reply   
I will trade my sister for the mechanics manuel.
Old     (sandbag)      Join Date: May 2002       02-21-2003, 11:20 AM Reply   
whats she look like?
Old     (cyclonecj)      Join Date: Jul 2001       02-22-2003, 6:52 PM Reply   
Is it the 1UZ marine motor manual? I think I can put my hands on one. I don't think there is a comprehensive boat shop manual, but I have seen the engine manual, the Hurth transmission manual, the wiring diagrams (for a 1999) and some other assorted documentation. I am going to get all of it, one way or another, and will make it available if Toyota can't or won't. I have the technology.....
Old     (davidgree1)      Join Date: Apr 2002       02-25-2003, 7:08 PM Reply   
Kind of an older sister but her friends are cute.
Old    skihardkore            03-02-2003, 4:38 PM Reply   
It's a motor manual. There's a picture of the famous lexus 4 litre on the front.


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