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Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-15-2008, 11:34 PM Reply   
Zuka, the 20 mph is now my new speed for foiling, not wakeboarding. (They bumped me up from 19 without telling me to help me go W2W) I still wakeboard at 22-22.5 mph.
Old     (phat_steve)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-16-2008, 2:45 AM Reply   
Nice Joe just let me know. I would love to get a couple more pulls before the wake off.
Old     (bwood)      Join Date: Jul 2003       09-16-2008, 2:52 AM Reply   
Here's some video from Saturday. First one's Joe and then Charles.
Old     (wakecis)      Join Date: Jun 2005       09-16-2008, 5:31 AM Reply   
thanks brian. have fun in france, happy birthday.

i'm in for wakeoff. let's bring home the belt!
Old     (jflo453)      Join Date: Apr 2008       09-16-2008, 6:03 AM Reply   
thanks woody. back on my computer today too so as long as i dont forget ill get you that music after class.

Good to see you are coming to hold it down for us in wakeoff charles.
Old     (yamaha917)      Join Date: Aug 2006       09-16-2008, 6:05 AM Reply   
Anyone riding today? Wed morning? Thursday?

Joe, if you are driving up saturday we should talk about heading up together.
Old     (jflo453)      Join Date: Apr 2008       09-16-2008, 6:42 AM Reply   
yea yea for sure. Do you think you could make it to either villanova or somewhere between villanova and north jersey?
Old     (phat_steve)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-17-2008, 2:50 AM Reply   
Joe thanks again for the pulls, water was great last night. Let me know whenever you need a driver again don't mind drivin your boat at all. Sat should be a good day.
Old     (boardwake)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-17-2008, 11:41 AM Reply   
You guys should check out the discussion boards on there is a forum just for new jersey
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       09-17-2008, 1:30 PM Reply   
Hey runner! You should check-out
There are great New Jersey forums there too!

The Wakeoff is only days away folks. It's going to be a great time.
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-17-2008, 3:09 PM Reply   
Well I'm on my feet but still having back issues. It's gonna take a miracle to help me ride on Saturday. I'm about 70% right now and I'm gonna hope for the best. Either way the family and I with Ken in tow will be there Saturday.
Old     (phat_steve)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-17-2008, 5:09 PM Reply   
Glad to hear that Jim. I will be up there fri night. Sat is going to be a nice day, hopefully the water will be flat. If your going to be up there fri let me know Me and the wife were going to find the local watering hole lol, if not I'll see ya on the beach.
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-18-2008, 11:21 AM Reply   
Hey Steve we are heading Saturday morning. I'll see you on the beach. Someone please pray for my back cause I'm still only about 75% better. Still have a ton of cramping pain all over my lower back.
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       09-18-2008, 11:59 AM Reply   
Jim, I'd like to say just dose-up on the Advil Saturday morning because you only have to tough-out one run
up and one run back, but I definitely don't want you to Zukowski it. So I guess for now just keep resting that
back and maybe you'll wake-up Saturday good to go.

All north riders are going to get red event shirts and all south riders are going to get blue event shirts.
So even the people who aren't riding in the contest can support their team and declare their allegiance by
wearing their team's color!

And all southern sure to check-in at the South Jersey Wake Army Headquarters.
Old     (jflo453)      Join Date: Apr 2008       09-18-2008, 12:14 PM Reply   
hahaha jim. pop like 5 of those vicodin they gave you and go throw down your run. You will probably destroy your back and spend the rest of the winter on the couch, but at least we will win a largely insignificant belt and 0$ in prize money.
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-18-2008, 3:47 PM Reply   
I'm going to try my hardest to ride Saturday, my biggest problem would be can I get up when the boat pulls. I had an MRI Tuesday and got the written report on it today. BAD NEWS. The report says I have a couple disc protrusions with disc material migrating inferiorly and also a nerve impingement and some left lateral disc herniation and something about nerve root problems. ALso I have an annular tear also. So my back is a mess and getting worse than it was at my last MRI 3 years ago. I'm going to make an appointment to see this back doctor they says is the best in NJ at the Rothman Inst. My appt is in like 6 weeks. So basicly I can still ride in between flare ups for now but my flare ups are getting worse when they happen. This one is the worst I have ever had. If anyone is looking for a Xmas gift idea for me, a new back would be great. LOL. No matter what happens I will see you all Saturday. Between JB,JOE F and Charles I know there is no freakin way the north will get any goods points in the outlaw division. Maybe I could use that wakeoff belt as a back belt to support my bad back.
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-18-2008, 4:21 PM Reply   
Jim, that MRI report sounds real bad but hopefully the specialist will have some good options for you. Whatever you decide to do, we support you 110% dude! Just keep in mind your friends here want to see you ride a ton next year and many years after. :-)

Can't wait to see Brittany ride for the women of south jersey! You go girl!

See you saturday!
Old     (phat_steve)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-18-2008, 6:59 PM Reply   
Jim get better we need your support. got out with Joe again tonight and all I can say is look out north cause we are no joke or at least Joe is no joke lol. I must say he is a bad ass coach though cause I landed my first toe side 180 tonight.

Joe going big

I tried Wake Surfing and its fun as hell
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       09-19-2008, 4:45 AM Reply   
Jim B. wrote: "there is no freakin way the north will get any goods points in the outlaw division"
Believe me, I wish that was true, but Ryan San Bar kills it. Riding behind my Nautique he hit a heel 7 off
a double-up. He landed it cleanly but he missed the second handle pass, and that's because he was wearing
over-sized rubber monster hands. Perhaps a couple of south team enforcers should throw Ryan a blanket party
right before he rides.

Steve H, I see we share the same wake surfing technique.
Old     (wakespider)      Join Date: Feb 2008       09-19-2008, 4:53 AM Reply   
Yes, somehow I got talked into riding in the old woman's division. I heard a lot of "don't worry, there won't be anyone else in your classification" and I fell for it. Either way, I'll be there to represent the geezers. Go South!
Old     (zuka666)      Join Date: Aug 2005       09-20-2008, 8:30 PM Reply   
Sara turned 24 yesterday... When do I get married???????????????????????????????????

Pics of the event? WTF, OVER!
Old     (zuka666)      Join Date: Aug 2005       09-20-2008, 9:00 PM Reply   
It's only 9pm on the WEST COAST.... Whata ya al slepin?
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-21-2008, 10:56 AM Reply   
Here's the only 2 I have Zuka

Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-21-2008, 10:57 AM Reply   
and one more Upload
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       09-21-2008, 4:11 PM Reply   
Connor took 1st in the kids division and Michele took second in the girls division. Wow!!
Old     (phat_steve)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-21-2008, 5:58 PM Reply   
Was an awesome day On the beach. Got to talk to alot of people. Congrats to Jim and his daughter for lookin great. Ken you looked nice out there with some bad ass power slides. Joe def represented the south nicely in the outlaw division. The only thing that sucked was I didn't make it off the standby list I was ready to ride and didn't even get wet. Oh well look out next year cause I am going to tare it up.
Old     (wakeme2q)      Join Date: Jun 2007       09-22-2008, 3:42 AM Reply   
Wakeoff was lots of fun...thanks to everyone for setting it up!

Connor and Ant - thanks for entertaining Zack..he had fun playing football with you!

Next year, the South will win (especially if we have some judges from the South).
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-22-2008, 8:57 AM Reply   
The 1st annual Wakeoff event was an awesome day. First I have to thank Ryan for all his hard work putting this event together and congradgulate him for pulling it off. The event was great. Then I want to thank all of Ryans friends and family for all of their help on Saturday to make this event happen. And then I want to say way to go to all of the south jersey riders that came out and rode and also our friends and families that came and cheered us on. Way to represent south jersey wakeboarding.Congrats to all the winners from the south which I think went like this:
Kids Div.1st Connor
4th Brittany B
5th Ant man
Beginner 4th Jim B
2nd Michele
4th Annette
5th Candice
Masters 3rd Dave W
4th Brian White
5th Ryan Weaver
Outlaws 5th JB

Heres is a link to my photos of the day
Old     (zuka666)      Join Date: Aug 2005       09-22-2008, 4:11 PM Reply   
South Jersey Girls do RULE, Rock on Ladies!
Thanks David & Jim for the Great photos.
Old     (phat_steve)      Join Date: Sep 2008       09-22-2008, 6:03 PM Reply   
Jim I cant stop watchin that movie its off the hook. I notice the shots of the power plant but after watchin it I also noticed something. My home turf is in it to, When Keith Lyman is clearing that red channel marker, thats the Navisink river right where I ride every weekend. And that bad ass house you see in the background is Bon Jovis house.
Old     (summerryder)      Join Date: Apr 2004       09-23-2008, 4:57 AM Reply   
Hey guys! I also wanted to echo the sentiment of the great time had out there at the Garden State Wakeoff! The site was awesome, the conditions were perfect, and the wake was great. Props to Ryan for putting together the best contest in the history of New Jersey wakeboarding.

I also want to take a moment to thank my pit crew of Kevin Geary and Brian White for assiting me with my flat tire. I really appreciate the help!

And lastly, I'm already looking forward to the next Garden State Wakeoff. And let's hope when poeple are picking a team to ride for, the choices are "North" and "South" and the soon-to-be-added "Other"! Ha! The South has learned of the North's devious methods of wake warfare and we will be better prepared!
Old     (wakescene)      Join Date: Feb 2001       09-23-2008, 12:11 PM Reply   
The Garden State Wakeoff was a BLAST! Thanks to Ryan and all the LHM crew for putting together a fantastic day.

Yes the South didn't fair as well in the competition as we all hoped, but I staying true to the nature of the contest, nearly ever rider from the South team, DOES actually ride in NJ in some lake or other body of water. We're not bitter though...and are currently planning for our victory in 2009!

Here are my pics!

(Message edited by wakescene on September 23, 2008)
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-23-2008, 12:27 PM Reply   
Ya next year maybe we can find a judge that doesn't ride in the comp for the north team.
Old     (yamaha917)      Join Date: Aug 2006       09-24-2008, 6:56 AM Reply   
anyone going out today?
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-26-2008, 7:34 AM Reply   
Hey everyone, just noticed today that BBB has the Lyman board (143) for only $179! Nice deal if you can use a board that size. Just thought I'd pass it on. (I know JB loves his)
Old     (eustace)      Join Date: Nov 2002       09-26-2008, 11:02 AM Reply   
Nice pictures everyone!

The Wakeoff last Saturday was a great event. Huge thanks to Ryan and everyone over at LHM for putting it on.

Cant wait for next year.. and now that we know how to play in this even it should get interesting.

'''Actually Ryan brought it home in 4th spot for the masters'
Old     (zuka666)      Join Date: Aug 2005       09-27-2008, 7:13 PM Reply   
Nice pics Kev!
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-29-2008, 5:36 PM Reply   
Happy (belated) birthday, Woody! Upload
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-29-2008, 5:39 PM Reply   
Yep, Woody celebrated his b'day in Paris......
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       09-29-2008, 5:41 PM Reply   
.....but I'm post #1000! :-) :-)
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       09-30-2008, 3:51 PM Reply   
Rumor has it that Michele was sticking wake-to-wake heelside frontside 180s and wake-to-wake halfcab 180s
today on the creek. Congratulations Michele! Nailing new moves is a great way to wind-down a season.
Way to go!
Old     (zuka666)      Join Date: Aug 2005       09-30-2008, 5:40 PM Reply   
1002 Suffield St.
Old     (zuka666)      Join Date: Aug 2005       09-30-2008, 5:45 PM Reply   
Had to do it on Post 1,002.
Woody Happy Birthday!

Michele, RIP IT!
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       10-02-2008, 7:45 PM Reply   
Oh man. I'm not Winterizing until November and I've been planning to board straight through October. But
these 45į nights are making it kind of challenging to look forward to a weekend of wakeboarding!
Does anyone remember last October's unseasonably warm weather? It was a great way to wind down the 2007 season.
This picture was taken on one of those warm days, exactly one year ago this weekend.
It looks like Brian forgot to take one of hs bindings off.
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-03-2008, 1:18 PM Reply   
Anyone going out on the river tomorrow? I was thinking of testing my back. I have not riddin since wakeoff and honestly my back is still not 100%
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-04-2008, 6:12 AM Reply   
Jim, I'll be out sunday around 10. Water temp is down to 62, air should be in the 60's. (wetsuit time)
Old     (yamaha917)      Join Date: Aug 2006       10-04-2008, 11:33 AM Reply   

i emailed murray so i still got the 135. shipping it out monday after riding with ya'll tomorrow.

Springsteen on the parkway today for free. one hell of a weekend.

hope everyone else is enjoying it the same!
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-04-2008, 9:55 PM Reply   
Dave, thanks for the invite but I got called to go into work on ot Sat and Sunday over nights so I wont be around.
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       10-07-2008, 4:37 PM Reply   
Oh man. Is it really the second week of October already?? We haven't had The Super Air out since some time before
Wakeoff, so Doreen, Connor and I are planning to hit Bordentown this Saturday. Who knows? If the next couple of
weekends are lousy, this Saturday could be the last time out for 2008. Where did this season go?

I talked to Craig and this year's Surf & Offshore Christmas party is on Saturday December 13. Mark your calendars and
dig-out your Santa hats because it's going to be another good one!
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-07-2008, 6:06 PM Reply   
Check this out

Wakeboarders and Nascar drivers
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-08-2008, 3:24 PM Reply   
Had to try this whole "pumpkinhead wakeboard" thing after seeing the guys in NY state do it. Upload
Old     (lazypiper)      Join Date: Jan 2008       10-08-2008, 4:44 PM Reply   
That was worth the 5 minute wait for WW to load. LOL
Old     (wakescene)      Join Date: Feb 2001       10-09-2008, 8:56 AM Reply   
There used to be a guy in Avalon that everyone called "Pumpkin Head" but his real name was Scott. JB may remember him. Not sure if he is still in Avalon but he had dreadlocks on the top of his head, not a actual pumpkin.
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       10-12-2008, 1:04 PM Reply   
It may be mid-October, but it was a great day on the river yesterday! I had The Super Air and Kevin brought
his Happy Too Mastercraft for it's annual river visit and we had a great time! Yeah, water temps were in the
mid 50s, but once you got past the intial shock of jumping in it wasn't too bad. Connor and Cole just straight
trunked it! Then during the midday raft-up, polar bear Connor was swimming and playing in the cool water
like it was mid July! The water was looking exceptionally clear too. It was a good day on the river, and
if I don't get out again, it was a good way to close the 2008 season.
Old     (summerryder)      Join Date: Apr 2004       10-13-2008, 1:21 PM Reply   
Alex, be careful when you openly declare the 2008 season as being over. It's been my experience that something very bad happens shortly thereafter, but you and Doreen should know that!

Just got back from Signapore where I watched the World Cup Wakeboarding event there. Dallas Friday kicked some serious butt and Phillip Soven won for the guys. I got to ride a cable park over there and it was cool, except that is was in salt water right in one of the busiest shipping ports in the world!

And KG, I know Pumkinhead well- in fact, that lummox broke the mirror in my boat about a month ago! Lumpy Pumpkinhead...
Old     (jflo453)      Join Date: Apr 2008       10-13-2008, 6:04 PM Reply   
for anybody else who plans on clinging to the 2008 season like me, I will be back from Florida on friday and will probably ride saturday or sunday if anyone is interested
Old     (lake_hopatcong_marine)      Join Date: Jul 2008       10-13-2008, 8:18 PM Reply   
Well itís been about 3 weeks since the Wakeoff and I'm already starting to think about
Wakeoff 2009! 1st off I wanna give a mega huge thanks to everyone that came out to Lake Hopatcong that day, helped out, or even anyone that stuck around to the end and picked up trash off the ground, basically what Iím saying the event would not have been possible if people didnít lend a helping hand! I can go on and on about all the support I received that made the Wakeoff come together but I could go on for pages, so I'll save all the mushy hugs and kisses for a rainy day post.

All and all things went relatively smoothly there were a couple reports from some panicy wakeboard fans standing in long lines at the bathroom that almost erupted there bladders, smudgy finger prints on the protective glass that held the Wakeoff belt, a lakefront home owner that lives on the opposite side of the lake miles away mistakenly herd JB on the mic and thought it was a (garden state bakeoff) and of course the on going epidemic about the out of state riders that allegedly sandbagged it for the North Team but that will be sorted out for Wakeoff 09'

At the last meeting the board of Wakeoff Trusties talked about having a live draft (fantasy football style) for all of the non Jersey wake boarders so Teams North and South will have equal amount of riders on each team.

I even herd my mom along with a couple other people make comments about how cool she thought all the South Jersey Riders/fans were, but again she didnít read all the smack talking that was going on before hand Haha. Although both teams were out for blood battling it out of the championship Belt at the end of the day my thoughts about New Jersey wake boarders was reinforcedÖ..They ROCK!!

(Message edited by lake_hopatcong_marine on October 13, 2008)
Old     (phat_steve)      Join Date: Sep 2008       10-14-2008, 2:52 AM Reply   
hopefully I Sign up in time next year and actually get to ride. It was fun even though I watched from the beach, Look out next year. Joe give me a shot about this weekend. I will come out if you got room for me and the wife. Let me know.
Old     (lazypiper)      Join Date: Jan 2008       10-14-2008, 4:41 AM Reply   
I need a South NJ mailing address. I'm not riding for the north next year. Two can play at that game.
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-14-2008, 7:01 AM Reply   
Kevin McGhean LMAO!
Old     (harlemice)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-14-2008, 11:35 AM Reply   
Yes what an amazing day Saturday in Bordentown. Thanks Alex once again for convincing me to come out and disregard my troubled financial situation. Money comes and goes but days like that live forever. I'm going to take JB's advice and not declare an end just yet. If I haven't had to wear a wet suit yet then there are many more months to come. We'll see. It was really good to see Brian & Annette & Kevin & Anthony rippin it up! I give him the vote for most improved of the summer. And Conner learned a valuable lesson about food conservation. Peace ya'll!!
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-14-2008, 3:24 PM Reply   
Earlier this summer I was shooting some pics with a waterproof disposable camera. Not the sharpest pics, but pretty cool angle. (Saw this style pic here on WW I believe) Upload
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-14-2008, 3:26 PM Reply   
Another similar shot of my X-star. These were taken more than a month apart but same beautiful blue sky and pristine water. Upload
Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-15-2008, 4:01 AM Reply   
No sound but a great little video of wake crashes.

If anyone is off and wants to ride today I'll be launching at 11 am, call me
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-16-2008, 12:30 AM Reply   

Old     (jim_b)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-16-2008, 4:25 AM Reply   
What an awesome day on the river yesterday. We launched at 11am and rode till it was to dark to see which was about 7pm. I had 4 big needles in my back the day before and the doctor said to do nothing for week but rest the back. But I just could not resist the perfect weather yesterday and for the most part my back did ok yesterday. Some jackass hunting ducks along the banks was shooting out over the river as it was getting dark and the shotgun pellets came down in the water all around the boat in the water. I was gonna drive over and beat his face in then I remembered he had a loaded shotgun in his hand.
Old     (scilost)      Join Date: Jun 2004       10-16-2008, 7:59 AM Reply   
Please don't make me fly back for a stupid hunter. I am glad to hear it was a good day otherwise.
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-16-2008, 3:44 PM Reply   
Hey Doug, good to hear from you again. Hope all in well down there.

Jim, wow it sounds like a scary night on the river for sure. I'd be real tempted to call the state police next time if I were you. That's nothing to take lightly.

On a more positive note, check out this deal at our friends @ Sandy Point Marine. id=1&sortCol=Length&sortDir=DESC&Category=Sport%2f Ski+Boat#
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-20-2008, 7:12 AM Reply   
It doesn't happen too often, but I did get out and ride behind the boat on my birthday yesterday. Even though the wind was whipping and the air temp at the start was in the 40's, some of us found smooth 60 degree water near Florence. Thanks to Woody, EJ, Charles and Scott for coming out yesterday.
Old     (jflo453)      Join Date: Apr 2008       10-20-2008, 3:16 PM Reply   
Dave, good to hear you found flat water. I was down at my boat cleaning and working on electrical stuff and getting ready to make it winter ready, for more riding. I would have come but I was just burnt out from 10 straight days down in Florida and the lack of a good wetsuit just pushed me over the edge. I think I am gonna do a full day either Saturday or Sunday if anyone is interested. let me know
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       10-22-2008, 7:17 PM Reply   
I still haven't Winterized yet and I'm hoping to get the boat out at least one more time before I slam the lid
on the 2008 season. I really want to field test some work Off Shore Marine did last Saturday. It's supposed
to be rainy on Saturday, but I'm hoping for some clear weather on Sunday.

Want to hear something funny? The 2009 New York City boat show is happening December 13 to 21, 2008!
Old     (pearsonville)      Join Date: Feb 2002       10-23-2008, 9:28 AM Reply   
Hey we are off to Mexico tomorrow. Air 85 water mid 70's you should fly out... Alex here is my new contact:
Aloha Joe Pearson from Huntington Beach.... waves were good this morning.
Old     (nj_alex)      Join Date: Aug 2002       10-23-2008, 7:02 PM Reply   
A road trip to Pearsonville for a Mexican wakeboarding adventure? Oh yeah! Maybe next time give me a
little more than a 24 hour heads up! Ha-ha!
Old     (zuka666)      Join Date: Aug 2005       10-24-2008, 6:42 AM Reply   
Happy belated Dubbz!
$2.57 for 87octane up here...
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-25-2008, 6:47 AM Reply   
I tagged along with Joe and Charles yesterday so they could get some riding in. Here's some pics. Upload

Charles getting ready, gloves are a plus since the water is only 51 degrees!
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-25-2008, 6:51 AM Reply   
Another of Charles Upload
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-25-2008, 6:53 AM Reply   
Down by the steel plant Upload
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-25-2008, 6:57 AM Reply   
Blue-ish purple feet........yep the water was cold! Upload
Old     (njskier)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-26-2008, 12:07 PM Reply   
Boats are tucked-in for the winter........sad :-( Upload
Old     (johnsvt)      Join Date: Dec 2006       10-26-2008, 4:05 PM Reply   
Dave mine doesn't get winterized and the Marsh is still 60-61. I also thinking of heading to the heated pond to ride this winter yet.


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