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Old    Jim G (heem)      Join Date: Dec 2005       07-30-2007, 11:57 AM Reply   
My wife, friends, and I just came back from a week at Bullards Bar res and I couldn't believe the amount of "me first" attitudes displayed in and around the lake. Let the long rant begin.

Dont tie your boat up on the beach within 10 ft of one that is already there when the entire beach is open.

Dont pull up your boarder going directly across the line of a boat that has already established its line, especially within 50 yards, you are going to kill some one.

Renting a houseboat does not give your the right to poach a cove that is already being used.

Being a parent means keeping an eye on your kid is your responsibility not mine. Keeping your kids off others property (our friends PWC) is also your responsibility. If you cant control you kids dont bring them with you. If you cant discipline your kids I will and you wont like it.

A 5 mph no wake zone means no wake, not "hit it".
The outer bouy that marks the no wake zone is not the place to start slowing down from 30 mph.

6:30 AM is not the time to blast your highly modified stereo system right next to the campground.

If you see someones personal property next to where their boat is tied up it's not yours to take.

MEN! (because I dont use the womens room I cant speak on its condition) there is absolutely no reason for used toilet paper to miss the toilet and hit the floor. If you are not coordinated enough to put TP down the big hole you were just sitting on they maybe you shouldn't be driving a boat either

If you see a bouy in the water where someone has been floating dont drop yours within 20ft of it. There is plenty of other areas to go.

My anchor is not the place for you to tie your canoe, Daniel Boone.

There's plenty more but the basic idea is that so many people have the "me first" attitude. A little common sense goes a long way to make the day enjoyable for everyone. Sorry for the long rant but stuff needed to be said.
Old    Trevor Dean (drilldaddy78)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-30-2007, 12:37 PM Reply   
I could not have said it any better. One more thing though. If you dont know how to F$%&ing load/unload your boat with fifteen other people waiting behind you get some help from someone who does
Old    Jon (jon4pres)      Join Date: May 2004       07-30-2007, 1:53 PM Reply   
The me first attitude is not only ruining the water but everything.

Get in the habit of asking yourself, "If the roles were flipped how would I feel."
Old    Army Dad (sam8)      Join Date: Dec 2004       07-30-2007, 2:09 PM Reply   
We were there yesterday. I saw some of what you speak of, and can only anticipate that it is going to get much worse since Folsom is going down rapidly.
I hate to sound like an obnoxious old fart, but I wish that the Marina hadn't advertised the lake so much, and that Water Ski Mag would have kept there mouths shut, and that people would just try to be on their best behavior on the lake instead of acting as if they are the only ones on the water. I keep hoping that the high price of gas will keep some of the losers away, but no such luck so far.
As far as loading/unloading, I hear ya Trevor, I'm a big believer in helping folks who are learning or have problem trailers. I helped a gal last weekend, she was in the I/O and hubby drove off & left her floating before she found that the drive wouldn't go down.
Two people sitting on their PWC's on the ramp side of the courtesy dock yelled at her, "don't let your boat hit our skis", knowing full well she was in a jam.
No offer of help, nothing.
I jumped in the water, swam around the dock, and swam her boat over out of the way against the beach while these two clowns sat on their machines, blocking the ramp and the dock.
Every time I hit the water these days, my faith in the human race deteriorates. Far too many people who have access to watercraft of all types are suffering from terminal cases of Cranial-Rectal Inversion.
Old    all eyez on me (ponte_06_x2)      Join Date: Jan 2006       07-30-2007, 2:12 PM Reply   
sorry you had to deal with this. just stupid people with boats"or canoes".
Old    Air Again (airagain)      Join Date: Jun 2006       07-30-2007, 3:05 PM Reply   
Almost every weekend I sit on the back deck of my houseboat at Lake Berryessa and watch all kinds of assorted chaos happen. I can not tell you how many times I wanted to pull out my paintball gun and mark a couple boats to warn others. That said, I do agree that there are some real dummies out there. I also think that there are some genuinely nice people who simply have never been educated on the proper etiquette on the lake. That includes people who are there on a regular basis. Sometimes with a simple friendly conversation some wisdom can be imparted to these people. What I really hate to think is that all of us wakeboarders become some kind of 'lake snobs'. Everyone is there to have a good time and not all have the same definition of a good time as we do. Also, obviously some are oblivious. Do the best you can to spread the stoke for what we enjoy in kind and friendly way. Some of those guys who I wanted to shot with the paintball gun have actually come around to being pretty good people who I enjoying sharing the lake with.
Old    B (fullspeed)      Join Date: Oct 2005       07-30-2007, 4:54 PM Reply   
I love it when Your boarder falls and a boat is coming at you from behind and the driver waves at you to acknowledge that he sees your down boarder, but still zooms by close and at the same speed. Waving still doesn't mean it is okay to barely miss me and it is okay.

We camped at Lake McClure 3 Weeks ago (Barrett Cove) and Saturday night there was a campsite that was playing there music tell almost 3am. No Respect. Lucky I didn't bring my water balloon launcher.

Jim I agree with what you said. I have seen all those things too.
Old    rick (justcoz5)      Join Date: Apr 2007       07-31-2007, 12:56 AM Reply   
air again

if you shoot that paintball gun at someone, that is a good way for you to spend some time in the hole
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       07-31-2007, 1:39 AM Reply   
I notice all the same things. People have no respect for your equiptment or space. If you got there late and someone else is already there, too bad sucker get up earlier, FIND ANOTHER SPOT!!!
Old    Air Again (airagain)      Join Date: Jun 2006       07-31-2007, 11:13 AM Reply   
Rick...thanks for letting me know that.
Old    Scott Bilyeu (sbilyeu)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-31-2007, 2:00 PM Reply   
The dock at Don Pedro must have a sign somewhere that says LONG TERM PARKING. Move your boat JACKASS! I would like to launch mine sometime today! Then, the guy will come along that pretends he didn't see the 15 people in line to launch and cut in front of everyone. Don't they know you could get killed in some states for that? I'm just saying....
Old    dtw. (notsobueno)      Join Date: Dec 2004       07-31-2007, 2:28 PM Reply   
Just because someone can't launch a boat as fast as you can doesn't necessarily mean they're doing anything wrong.
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       07-31-2007, 2:37 PM Reply   
I dont know what is so hard about driving the boat off the trailer and circling around the no wake zone then nose up to the dock and pick up the driver when he parks. Damn seriously get it together. It takes me less than 30 seconds to be on and off the ramp. about 1 minute to load and pull it out of the water.
Old    Timothy (timmy)      Join Date: Jul 2001       07-31-2007, 4:28 PM Reply   
gotta love cali, eh?
Old    Matthew Bird (ldr)      Join Date: Nov 2002       07-31-2007, 4:29 PM Reply   
I completely agree. We do the same thing when loading the boat. The driver noses up to the dock and pretty much everyone gets off and someone goes to get the truck while the boat driver circles. Once the trailer is in the water the boat driver drives up, the boat buddy clicks and were done.
However my mom tried to do this same thing comming in after 4th of July Fireworks and got yelled at for not waiting in line when in reality we had been there far before anyone else but all the other morons tied their boats up to the dock. They shut up when they saw how quickly we were out.
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       07-31-2007, 4:38 PM Reply   
yea the rule is your boat goes in when the truck is there to pick it up. if you are by yourself then that is the only excuse aside from that sorry buddy your turn comes with your truck is there.
Old    Scott Bilyeu (sbilyeu)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-31-2007, 4:40 PM Reply   
Rick- That's all I'm saying. I mean I'm not talking about launch speed. Take your time. Just don't eat your lunch or post up and wait unless your boat is broken. It would be nice if people could circle while the truck and trailer is being parked. Then just come back and pick them up.
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       07-31-2007, 4:46 PM Reply   
exactly. Even worse is when there is someone sitting at the dock waiting for the person bringing the truck to get the boat. WTF can't you drive in circles? one word ANCHOR
Old    Scott Bilyeu (sbilyeu)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-31-2007, 5:32 PM Reply   
How about when there is only one person who drives the truck and the boat. The boat really is easier to drive on the trailer then it is to walk it on with a rope. I'm done... I got it out..
Old    Trevor Dean (drilldaddy78)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-31-2007, 5:47 PM Reply   
I am fairley new to boating and must say this web site has really opened my eyes. Most of the things people complain about on here are things I did when I first got the boat. Dont completely lose faith in humanity yet because I am living proof that with a little education from this site and my own personal experiances people can learn. I would say that about 90% of the people doing what they do is simply ignorance. Maybe the best thing to do is try to explain andhelp people out when they are doing stupid things. Im sure it probably wont change much if any at all, but I used to be one of the idiots so maybe there is still hope for our lakes and rivers yet
Old    Joe Curtis (jcurtis)      Join Date: Mar 2007       07-31-2007, 5:50 PM Reply   
Trevor, I agree with more power turns for me or anyone driving my boat
Old    Trevor Dean (drilldaddy78)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-31-2007, 5:58 PM Reply   
Funny how I always thought that it was the way it was supposed to be done. Since I read about the powerturning complaints and changed the way I drive Ive noticed a huge difference. I make the driver in my boat do the same and love not getting rolled by the waves any more...... On a side note it was fun cutting around like that but no more for me
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       07-31-2007, 6:05 PM Reply   
how can there only be one person to drive the boat and the truck? If you are alone that is fine but if not teach someone to drive the boat or back the truck.
Old    christy smith (wake4fun)      Join Date: Oct 2005       07-31-2007, 6:33 PM Reply   
Rick, I see the one person who can drive boat/truck all the time at the local ramp. Usually Mom is standing on the dock with a rope in her hand while the boat floats sideways across two lanes of the ramp. I think if more women got confident in driving either the boat or truck some of the launch ramp foolishness would stop. There would then be two people to deal with the boat.
Old    Scott Bilyeu (sbilyeu)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-31-2007, 6:51 PM Reply   
When I bought my first boat all I did the first few times out was teach my wife how to dock, drive, and pull the boat on and off the trailer. It didn't take long and it made my life easier and we are quickly in and out of the launch area. Chicks will get it, I promise.
Old    Lago Bandido (lagobandido)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-31-2007, 10:33 PM Reply   
It appears Rick Ator feels he must express his opinions in a public forum. Here's one for ya....I got 4 ladies on the boat and they're all 1st-timers. You know I'm gonna tie the boat to the dock and personally retrieve the truck. It's all about the line on the ramp....not the docks....

I don't tube, but if I did I would call you....
Old    billy foulds (mcwakerider)      Join Date: Dec 2006       07-31-2007, 10:50 PM Reply   
what kills me and sorry if this has been said (im to lazy read everything), is up at the lake when people just decide to pull off to the side of the launch ramp to dry and unload the boat rather than goin up to parking spots designated for that stuff. instead they block part of the ramp so people cant pull their boats out and slows everything down.
Old    Evil0ne (evil0ne)      Join Date: Sep 2006       08-01-2007, 9:09 AM Reply   
Lago if you need help with the truck or the boat and its just you and 4 ladies again, give me a call.
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       08-01-2007, 9:27 AM Reply   
Hmmm Thought this whole post and forum was about personal opinions. Guess I was wrong. And I think that if you had 4 ladies I would help you tied up the boat and would't mind watching and waiting
Old    Dennis (denwbaseball)      Join Date: Apr 2007       08-01-2007, 10:07 AM Reply   
I have to agree with a lot of the things being said on here...not the biggest fan when you have the same guy backing the trailer that drives up the boat but I don't like stuff ruin my far as launching and loading your boat, launching should take a min. or two tops! However loading a boat in a river in a strong current can be tricky and take much more time than a lake.....I'm usually really good at loading the boat in the current but everyonce in awhile the current kicks my butt! and I leave the launch feeling like an idoit for how long it takes me to get it on the trailer.....I'll admit I have been that guy and I'll prolly be that guy again...sorry.haha
Old    Phatboypimp (phatboypimp)      Join Date: Apr 2005       08-01-2007, 11:11 AM Reply   
I love the first time posters who talk smack and come on here just to disrespect people, especially when they hide behind their screen names.
Old    Ken W (kenteck)      Join Date: Jan 2005       08-01-2007, 11:32 AM Reply   
The boat launch, man if someone had a video camera for on Saturday, the footage would be amazing, I think that the boat ramp should be like the freeway, left lane for fast, middle lane for not so fast and the right lane for slow people. Oh yeah the boat pool lane, girls in bikinis only lane.
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       08-01-2007, 11:34 AM Reply   
gotta love the 1 post hahaha
Old    Jared January (jrodski)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-01-2007, 11:43 AM Reply   
I agree with Scott. Teach the ladies! It's taken quite a bit of patience on my end, but havin my girlfriend there to load the boat makes a world of difference, and less time consuming. Now I have to teach her how to back the truck up.

BTW.....I just signed up last week. Long time reader 1st time poster. Not "hatin", just appreciatin. Learned alot from you goofballs.
Old    Dante (hal2814)      Join Date: Feb 2006       08-01-2007, 11:51 AM Reply   
I still split responsibility even with a green crew. At launch I'll back the boat almost all the way down. Then, I'll hand it off to newbie who only has to back in a straight line until I tell them and then they pull the trailer out and park it when I get the boat off the trailer. I always have them park in the back away from everyone else. At retrieval, I've gone over driving the boat with newbie enough to get them comfortable driving towards a target, and staying out of people's way in no wake zones. I leave them in the boat and I get the trailer. I winch on anyways so all they have to do is get close enough and I handle the rest. It's still faster than most crews and nobody is left tied to the dock for long lengths of time.
Old    Lago Bandido (lagobandido)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-01-2007, 2:09 PM Reply   
Let's clarify with a productive attitude in mind:
If there's dock space and I have 1st timers on board I'm gonna tie up during the recovery process. I'm not gonna anchor and swim truck/trailer down...swim back out and drive the boat in. I was simply responding to someone else's smack. I couldn't remember my old password so I created a new account. If anyone has an issue you can always send a personal e-mail, I'd be more than happy to exchange contact info. Now I don't let anyone unload anything and all are directed to stay in the boat. Obviously I'm not gonna dock up if there's no dock space well clear of the ramps.
Old     (lknbum)      Join Date: Jul 2006       08-01-2007, 2:56 PM Reply   
I have to say I have learned more by reading the threads on here than anywhere else. I have always driven boats and towed people but didn't really start paying attention to the small things until last year. Now out on our lake anyone that powerturns or tubes in coves, if water maggets are out jumping our wake, I just shake my head and say "Damn, They need a little Wakeworld" Thanks to everyone for all the great tips and these people that only care for themselves will get it one day. For others that don't know send them to the site. All my buddies that don't understand the rules and standards are sent here.
Old    dtw. (notsobueno)      Join Date: Dec 2004       08-01-2007, 5:54 PM Reply   
The worst thing you can do is get steamed and let the people you THINK are being slow know how upset you are. Things happen. The lake / launch don't belong to you exclusively. Relax. Enjoy your day.

There are MANY reasons that immediately come to mind that can cause a launch to take more than two minutes. Don't assume your way is the right and only way and don't assume the people who take three, five, or ten minutes are in any way less human than you are.

It should only take two minutes to get your food from a fast food joint, but sometimes it takes longer. Quit being such wake snobs and enjoy the blessings you have...boat, lake, time to enjoy both.

Old    the right kind (the_right_kind)      Join Date: Oct 2005       08-01-2007, 6:38 PM Reply   
This one cracks me up!

"MEN! (because I dont use the womens room I cant speak on its condition) there is absolutely no reason for used toilet paper to miss the toilet and hit the floor. If you are not coordinated enough to put TP down the big hole you were just sitting on they maybe you shouldn't be driving a boat either"

(Message edited by the_right_kind on August 01, 2007)
Old    Clubjoe (clubjoe)      Join Date: Sep 2005       08-01-2007, 7:18 PM Reply   
DTW---"wakesnob"...... that a good one!

How bout "It's a public lake so mind your effen business",, that about covers it.

A lot of folks on here, including myself have pet peeves but how bad are they really? Maybe some of these wake snobs are too lazy to get out of bed early to ride, and are sore cuz they have to deal with the other folks who use -public- lakes.

We should have a WAKE SNOB forum added. You know........crybaby smileys, blank petition forms, whiner of the month interviews.....that kind of stuff

Subcategories could include;

"I'm better than you cuz I don't..."
-ride PWC's

There could be links about boating regulation regarding weight limits and boating under the influence, USCG regs regarding vests, weekly articles about respecting others having fun, and how not to get in trouble with the local police cuz it's actually you who are being an idiot.....

Maybe some cool t-shirts too!

Oh....I have to get on board about the bathrooms though...

(Message edited by clubjoe on August 01, 2007)
Old    Dante (hal2814)      Join Date: Feb 2006       08-02-2007, 6:09 AM Reply   
"Oh....I have to get on board about the bathrooms though... "

We men have it easy. I used to work in a restaurant and part of the job at the end of the evening was cleaning up the restrooms. I can tell you with all certainty that the women's room was always MUCH worse. They use toilet paper for everything! Sometimes I think the ladies are trying to build a tp fort.
Old    Chad (oldschoolmalibu)      Join Date: Aug 2007       08-02-2007, 3:18 PM Reply   
You can always tell if someone is a punk or a rookie by the way they launch/load their boats and the way they tow. It is so easy to stop and idle back to the rider, rather than powerturn and run back to them and make huge wake that sux for you and everyone else on the lake. great thread!
Old    mike asch (mikea)      Join Date: Mar 2005       08-03-2007, 12:22 AM Reply   
for a long time I have said "there will always be an idiot at the boat ramp, just hope that it is not your turn".
who has not had problems at the dock?

with that noted: "TYPICALLY" yes, 2 minutes to luanch is plenty of time. most of that 2 minutes is to let the oil/fluid levels come up to pressure.
the more I boat with my wife the better it is, we do not have to yell (or bearly speak), we know what is right and whats not, we know what happens next... it all works out and most guest or observers never knew what happened, they just know we are gone!

back to the topic:
YES - I have noticed the "get out of my way, I'm here to have a good time" attitude. Most times I get away from them so they can have there good time, and I can be calm and safe. I have tried to perfect the art of calling someone a jack@ss and moving on and forgetting about them.
Old    Jim G (heem)      Join Date: Dec 2005       08-03-2007, 10:33 AM Reply   
Obviously the launch ramp is a sensitive area for many people. Thays why I left out that "CF" and tried to concentrate on the rude, ignorant, or just plain unaware on the water.

For me the ramp represents the beginning or the end of the day and has little bearing on the rest of the time. However, the "Me First" attitude that is continually displayed through out the day has a dramatic effect on everyones enjoyment. Everyone makes mistakes on the water or has a moment of indescretion, fine. The "Me Firsts" are the ones who know better but continue to do the same thing and expect everyone else to make accomdations for them and no they are not limited exclusively to the water.

Other "Me Firsts" that were observed but not discussed are:
Power turns, lots and lots of power turns.
Boats pulling tubers in a straight line until a wakeboat came into the area, then the same boat began making big, sweeping "S" turns. I watched the same boat do this over and over again for about 3 hours.
Boaters who continually board right next to where other boats are anchored against the shore but then get pissed when someone else does it to them.

Thanks for chiming in.
Old    G. Rios (dreambig)      Join Date: Jul 2006       08-03-2007, 11:03 AM Reply   
Being a parent means keeping an eye on your kid is your responsibility not mine. Keeping your kids off others property (our friends PWC) is also your responsibility. If you cant control you kids dont bring them with you. If you cant discipline your kids I will and you wont like it.

I agree with parents controlling there kids, but if you or anyone else who i dont know personally and trust try to disipline my kids thats a good way to get your head spilt.

Alot of people on this post are wake snobs and are extremly lame. I actually think its you who have the me first attitudes. Instead of being complete cocks try to educate others or help them when you see someone doing wrong. Unless there is a chance of phyiscal harm then just relax and chalk it up to inexperiance. Im sure not everyone on here new everything within there first two seasons on a boat. I equate boating to golfing. When you first started golfing did you know not to walk in someones line on the greeen? Did you know you cant pick out a dirty ball a switch it for a clean one? Point is help others instruct them on what there doing wrong and im sure most people would appreciate that.
Old    G. Rios (dreambig)      Join Date: Jul 2006       08-03-2007, 11:09 AM Reply   
The "Me Firsts" are the ones who know better but continue to do the same thing and expect everyone else to make accomdations for them and no they are not limited exclusively to the water.

How in the hell do you know that they know better?

This statement reminds me of the scene in planes trains and automobiles. When there rolling down the freeway and dude yells out the window.

"your going the wrong way" and John Candy Responds "Howdoes he know which way im going

Freaking classic
Old    Erik (ffboarder)      Join Date: May 2007       08-03-2007, 1:23 PM Reply   
Usually I just lurk on the threads for tips, amusement, etc. However I con't resist adding to the controversy and respond to G. Rios. The attitude of someone "trying to disipline my kids is a good way to get your head split" is IMO what is wrong with a lot of parenting today. Everyone is so concerned with their precious kids, without regards to others. My assumption, G. Rios, is that you (like myself) would not let your kids climb on a stranger's PWC. If my kids did so, than the owner of that PWC is more than welcome to have some stern words for them, and is completly within his or her right to do so. It's their property afterall. Now of course if that person went crazy with the yelling or in any way touched my kids, well then head splitting is back on the table!!
Old    Rob Roberts (saroberts70)      Join Date: Aug 2006       08-03-2007, 3:03 PM Reply   
Erik. I'm glad you didn't just lurk. I agree with you 100%.
Old    Torey (wake4chicks)      Join Date: Oct 2006       08-03-2007, 3:21 PM Reply   
the funny thing is that our game and fish department had the "me first" syndrome. it all started when we were doing some boarding on the riv when i see a conoe pulled over at a dock by the game and fish. here its some guys i know. well they all got minors. well the game and fish took them back to the loading dock to write them up. so they docked their boat. well our truck was ready and they were still sitting there in the way for us to load the boat. so we asked them nicely to move their boat to the other side of the dock. they told us to wait. we told them we were out of gas and we cant turn our motor off cuz the river has lots of current. took them about 20 min. after we asked them to move until they were done. seriously people have no courtesy.
Old    G. Rios (dreambig)      Join Date: Jul 2006       08-03-2007, 4:39 PM Reply   
I have no problem with someone telling my kid to get off there jetski my issue is with his statement that he would disipline the child "AND YOUR NOT GONNA LIKE IT" That to me sounds like a lot more than hey kid scram get off my jetski. Tell my kid to play on the freeway or float down the river whatever but dont get aggressive with my kids or there will be issues.
Old    E Johnson (ethan31)      Join Date: Jun 2007       08-03-2007, 5:08 PM Reply   
"MEN! (because I dont use the womens room I cant speak on its condition) there is absolutely no reason for used toilet paper to miss the toilet and hit the floor. If you are not coordinated enough to put TP down the big hole you were just sitting on they maybe you shouldn't be driving a boat either"

Agreed!!!!!!! I clean for my job, (janitor) and hot damn use the garbage, womens bathrooms are a hell of a alot dirty though. They tare off little pieces of paper and leave them all over the floor. WTF! theres a garbage next to the toilet for a reason USE IT!!!!!!!!

end rant..
Old    Erik (ffboarder)      Join Date: May 2007       08-03-2007, 6:19 PM Reply   
G. Rios. True...True...I am in 100% agreement with you if someone were to get aggressive with my kids. I assumed that "AND YOU'RE NOT GONNA LIKE IT" is directed at people who are so clueless as to let their kids climb on other people's stuff, and they wouldn't like anyone saying anything to their kids. An example that I can think of is when we are anchored at a beach with other boats. If my kids start throwing any rocks/mud anywhere the water, the hammer comes down. "But Dad!! We arn't throwing anything near the boats!!" Famous last words as a rock skips into someone's brand new boat. So of course my response is, "I don't care if you are throwing rocks a mile away...NO ROCK THROWING!!" "Awww Dad!!...."

I have seen other kids, however, skipping rocks a couple feet from my boat while their parents watched. I had to say something to them, and as Jim said, their parents didn't like it. In no way was I aggressive with their kids. Parents were just morons! The kids were so surprised that someone actually said anything to them that they skulked off and played about 100 yards away.
Old    Scott Bilyeu (sbilyeu)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-03-2007, 6:36 PM Reply   
I put this thread right up there with the kid complaining about his dad's 100K piece o s**T X-star. HAHA. I love it! Parents ready to beat up possible non-parents about there kids, restroom educate, and "snob" labeling. Great thread! Sums up what I see out there every weekend!
Old    Jim G (heem)      Join Date: Dec 2005       08-03-2007, 8:30 PM Reply   
Apparently I hit a big chord with G. Rios or at least a sour note. Sounds as if you may be an over protective or underobserved parent.

I would never lay a hand on a child for simply being a child. But when children are in the 10-12 year old category and are climbing on property that is not theirs to the point of losing (or stealing) some equipment because they cant keep their hands off, then I have every right to speak my peace with them and their parents. The reason that your not going to like is is because if your kids (at that age) dont know right from wrong and to stay off things that are not theirs, and not to steal property that is not theirs then you have not done your job as a parent to educate them on life and respect. So in that respect someone has to pick up the slack. Because of that you are not going to like someone doing your job.
Old    Jared January (jrodski)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-04-2007, 8:18 AM Reply   
It's that damn rap music, that's ruining the youth of today...LOL
Old    John (summerobsession)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-06-2007, 4:27 PM Reply   
This is a great thread.
What has been said about teaching SOMEONE to drive the boat/truck is absolutely right on. I can pull up to the dock, watch my wife bail off and retrieve the truck while i float for while. She is not the fasted at backing down the ramp, but she can back everthing from a small jet ski trailer to our 36' trailer for our DCB cat. Actually, as she now believes, the longer the trailer , the easier to back. A few short minutes and we're gone.

The absolute WORST offense, IMHO, is not being prepared to either launch or retrive. I can't tell youHOW many times I have watched someone take 10 minutes to back in the water, only to find out they had no battery power. It's not difficult at all to hit the key and see if the boat/ski/whatever will at least start.
I'm not perfect by any means, but we do at least TRY to be courteous to others.
Old    mike telegdy (tiggy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       08-07-2007, 9:26 PM Reply   
Hey ya'll. I am assuming, after reading all of these replies, that most of you are referring to lakes in Cali? Well, to make you feel that you are not alone, done here on the Atlantic Coast of Florida it appears that some, so-called mariners have taken the same butt-hole pills.

The number one complaint I have is this: The Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) is one of the most common pleasure boating areas. It is basically a river that parallels the coastline. Some areas areas are 100 yards wide, some areas you can barely see the opposing shoreline. This river was man made by the Army Corps of Engineers for commerce. The area in it's natural state is a tidal influenced, marsh area. Like most natural, inland saltwater in Fla, it is extremely shallow. Florida is basically one big sandbar with a limestone base. The "main channel" on the intracoastal waterway is marked with green or red placards that are attached to pylons. These placard/pylons mark the outer boundries of the main channel. Many areas are not wider than a four lane freeway on the channel itself. Also in MANY of these areas if you go just outside the markers you could literally go from 12 feet of depth to a visible oyster bed. Not a lot of room for error.

So my point: Big cruisers are ruining the fun and safety. I have an 18.5 runabout. My only emergencies or problems on the water are caused by large pleasure boats (mainly cabin cruisers) who have absolutely no courtesy for ANYONE. 3 to 5 foot high wakes have caused my boat and others to porpoise bows. At a local public ramp I had one particular A@!HOLE put out such a big wake while passing in the river that it crested over the adjoining dock , where of course my boat was tied off. A $300.00 hole in the deck and due to my wife's quick reflexes she still has all her extremeties. Luckily, for the A@!HOLE I was getting the truck/trailer and the time lapse was on his side. Or else I probably would be in jail.

Mark my words: Ignorant boaters with boats in excess of 25' will significantly change the laws in Fla to the point where the whole river from Atlantic to Gulf of Mexico will be a giant no wake zone. These monster wakes are compromising safety and are eroding shorelines of natural habitats and landowners. They will ruin it for all of out there wakeboarding, tubing, fishing and being mindful and courteous of our fellow mariners.

Your mindful thoughts are also shared with many of us down here.
Old    Dennis (denwbaseball)      Join Date: Apr 2007       08-08-2007, 8:00 AM Reply   
Mike, I couldn't agree more!!! Here on the IL river it is the monster boats that are the worst! Once I had a buddy get in the water after riding swiming over to the boat and a gaint boat comes by does a power turn right in front of us...prolly like 35yards. The rollers get to use before my buddy could get in the boat and ended up almost under the boat but only ended up getting his head smashed into the side of it...all and all he was find just a big bump but it could have been much much worse!!
Old    Mellow Man (mellowman)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 8:38 AM Reply   
Mike and Dennis, now you know how fishing boats feel about loaded down wakeboard boats.
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       08-08-2007, 8:46 AM Reply   
I think some of you have read my post about kids throwing rock within 2 feet of my NEW boat. I kindly said " Please don't throw rocks at my boat" to the 3 year old. I felt bad because he knew no better but the parents didn't give a Sh*t. You know how it works too, there kid hits your boat with a rock and then they will say " I'm not paying for that" or "It wasn't my kid" I will say that it is normally the younger parents that don't own boats that are just playing on the short that do this but I have seen it all over. Also it seems to mostly be the people who are "non english as a first language" speakers. I'm not trying to be racist but that is just what I run into here in california. I don't think people understand that gel coat repairs are expensive and it isn't just paint. Either way just respect others stuff. I did notice a lady at the launch ramp trying to back a empty trailer and by the time I dropped my friend off to get my truck and he backed it in, I drove it up and we got to the prep area and strapped it down she was still trying to back it up straight hahaha. It was the funniest thing I have ever seen. Other boaters knew it was a lost cause and just went around here and launched. I would have helped her but me and my crew were tired.
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 9:32 AM Reply   
My best friend got killed last year on the lake by a fisherman with the "Me First Attitude" We had just finished ridin' for the day and apparently we were in this guys fishing spot and he came right at us and it looked like he was just gonna buzz us like they always do but he ran over the top of our boat I dove out and my buddy actually got hit with the boat and died instantly . So this year I haven't taken to kindly to the boaters with the me first attitude . . . That's my rant for the day
Old    Paul (psudy)      Join Date: Dec 2003       08-08-2007, 9:41 AM Reply   
Jesus. Did you kill the fisherman? I guess not since you are still posting on here. Thats horrible.

As far as the intercoastal waterway, What is someone in a 50+ foot boat supposed to do? Stop everytime he sees a smaller boat? If you are playing on the ocean, you have to play with the big boys IMO.
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 9:50 AM Reply   
I'm pretty sure it was the worst experience ever the fisherman never apologized or anything nothing happened to him at all he didn't even get a ticket my friends mom sued him but that's it
Old    Dennis (denwbaseball)      Join Date: Apr 2007       08-08-2007, 9:53 AM Reply   
How in the world didn't he even get a ticket??!!
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 10:00 AM Reply   
On our lake if you're under 40 you're in the wrong they through me in the back of a police car and took me in for a breathalyzer and questioned me for an hour it was a bunch of B.S.
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 10:38 AM Reply   
Old    Keith (keith2002)      Join Date: Apr 2006       08-08-2007, 10:51 AM Reply   
Rick - You sound like a real dick. Would it have exhausted you too much to take 60 seconds out of your all too important life to help this lady out?
Old    Paul (psudy)      Join Date: Dec 2003       08-08-2007, 11:06 AM Reply   
everyone has to learn sometime.
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 11:09 AM Reply   
I'm sorry but at the end of a long day of dealing with people like that I probably wouldn't have been in any kind of mood to help someone either I would've been in a hurry to get the hell out of there before something else happened
Old    rick ator (mkperceptions)      Join Date: Jan 2007       08-08-2007, 11:57 AM Reply   
dude, you tell 8 people who are tired as hell "hey hang on guys let me help this lady out since her husband can't" Like I said if I didnt have a tired crew and wasn't pressed for time I would have but her husband standing at the dock should have came over and helped her or even better just trained her in a empty parking lot. If I am a dick then so was everyone else at the lake that day. What lake were u on on the 4th of august keith? I am always the one giving everyone jumps, towing people back to the dock, helping people tie up there boats and I have given multiple people rope to tie up and just told them to keep it. This time i decided to think of 8 other people instead of one and now I'm the dick.
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 12:46 PM Reply   
There you go let it out . . . If someone can't back up a trailer they shouldn't back up a trailer that's just my .02
Old    Dennis (denwbaseball)      Join Date: Apr 2007       08-08-2007, 12:49 PM Reply   
Yep, If you cann't back it up then don't back it up!
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 1:05 PM Reply   
I've seen people that can't back em up that have ran into other people's boats trying to back one up
Old    Brett B. (bbking)      Join Date: Dec 2006       08-08-2007, 1:13 PM Reply   
wow, i'm happy i've never run into anyone that stupid! except one time this summer i was tubing with my cousins (two tubes, 6 people) some dumbass kid and his dipsh*it dad decide to hit our wake 50 feet behind us! and the whole time my dads been trying to throw us off (which he is amazing at) and we start going straight and my uncle/dad just let them follow us, i was about to flick em off! that pissed me off so damn bad!!!
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 1:44 PM Reply   
I hate people like that . . . Those are the kind of people that take all the fun out of going to the lake and make boating unsafe
Old    mike telegdy (tiggy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       08-08-2007, 7:51 PM Reply   
What is great about this thread is that all of us have had to chance to "let it all out." It is very apparent we all share the same frustrations, regardless where we are boating.

What we need to remember is that a vast majority of people on the water are experienced and safe boaters. As it goes with any sport, or even profession, a very select few make it bad for all of us and give a bad impression to landlubbers watching from the shoreline.

The best boating quote I ever heard is: "What is better than owning a boat is having a friend that owns a boat." Most of us were once "friends" of a boat owner and we eventually made the next step.

We need to make sure we share our vast experience and knowledge with our current boating "friends" so when they are the captain one day of their dream lady they are not one of those few "me first" people.

That is my P.S.A. for the day. All of you guys are great boaters and people. Keep the passion alive.
Old    Montgomery (lovin_the_wake)      Join Date: Jul 2007       08-08-2007, 9:03 PM Reply   
^ Word
Old    Phatboypimp (phatboypimp)      Join Date: Apr 2005       08-09-2007, 11:29 AM Reply   
Lets say I want to have a sign made that would outline the top 10 rules we would like enforced at the ramp or on the water. I would be happy to work with the launch to have it displayed while people are in line to launch. What would be your top 10 rules?

I will start.....Did you check your battery?
Old    Train (ttrigo)      Join Date: Dec 2004       08-09-2007, 11:47 AM Reply   
Rick ator - I hate to be a a$$, but what you said kind reiterates the boaters me first attitude. you had a lady having trouble on the ramp, and all you thought about were your homies were going to be pissed that you took an additional two minutes out of their life?? c'mon man. all you had to do was ask her if she would like some assistance. if she says no, you are out what, ten seconds? if she says yes, there is a couple of minutes of your life. since it is your boat, your homies should have been wiping it down while you were helping the lady out.
it's cool that you are helping others out on occasion, with the battery jumping, etc. but you did come across like a me first boater with your previous post.
Old    Clubjoe (clubjoe)      Join Date: Sep 2005       08-09-2007, 12:07 PM Reply   
Rule list..

#2. The ramp is first come first served, so please wait patiently for your turn.


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