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Old     (taft)      Join Date: Jul 2006       10-18-2006, 9:11 PM Reply   
I've run into problems with my system. I've got a 2amp setup with one running 4 tower speakers and one running a Sub, i've also got 6 speakers running off the deck. When I'm playing songs with the volume set from the mid 20's to 30 I run into problems... sometimes. under the dash it smells like wires are burning or something similar. I can't see any smoke but I can REALLY smell it even without putting my head near the dash. Once when this happened the volume started to jump around, like the system was cutting in and out. My dealer tried to fix it by doing something with the High Pass, but that didn't solve anything.

In the compartment where the amps are, everything looks and smells fine. Under the dash I cannot see anything that looks like it has burnt.

My dealer said to me that they don't really know too much about the stereo part of the boats. Makes it kind of hard to troubleshoot it when problems like these come up.

Also, once I was adjusting perfect pass and as I pressed a button I started to smell the smoke and the system began to cut in and out. However I'm not sure if this had any effect or was just a coincidence that as I adjust PP the system started cutting in and out.

I'm using a Kenwood setup that came factory installed with my boat. '06 Supra. What I cannot understand is that this problem does not always happen, it seems somewhat random.

If anyone has any idea what could be up please let me know, or if you need any more detailed information on the setup give a shout.


(Message edited by taft on October 18, 2006)
Old     (clubmyke)      Join Date: Aug 2004       10-18-2006, 9:30 PM Reply   
6 speakers off the deck ?? whoa !!! what deck ?
Old     (sea_ray_dave)      Join Date: Dec 2004       10-19-2006, 7:18 AM Reply   
What type of speakers are connected to it?

Do 2 pairs run off one set of channels? Is the smell coming from the head unit area?

You may also have a loose wire that is shorting out or not connected well and is burning up as power is needed. Have the PP wiring/switch checked too. But, based on you saying the sound is cutting out, I am leaning towards it being a head unit issue.
Old     (taft)      Join Date: Jul 2006       10-22-2006, 2:00 AM Reply   
Unfortunately my boat is in storage for the winter with my dealer right now, so im going to have to do this by memory.

Yup, 6 speakers are hooked to the deck. It's a Kenwood KTS-MP400 deck.

I cant tell you how the channels are set at this time.

The smell comes from behind the dash where all the electronics are. Hard to locate a source.

Could 6 speakers on the deck be too much when im trying to play music fairly loud?
Old     (sea_ray_dave)      Join Date: Dec 2004       10-22-2006, 9:11 AM Reply   
I would be very suspect of the HU being overdriven and going toward a meltdown.
Old     (taft)      Join Date: Jul 2006       10-23-2006, 11:34 PM Reply   
Sorry but I've never really got to into with audio setups before, what does HU mean?

Oh and I may not have been totally clear. The amps are stored in a separate location than the dash, and that compartment is fine for smell. Just the dash area with all the wires, PP and deck.

Really appreciate the help, thanks again

(Message edited by taft on October 23, 2006)
Old     (clubmyke)      Join Date: Aug 2004       10-24-2006, 12:00 AM Reply   
head unit or deck...

i would strongly suspect, it would would be deck.. that is asking too much of the head cant do it..would suggect picking up amp for the interior speakers.
Old     (sea_ray_dave)      Join Date: Dec 2004       10-24-2006, 7:34 AM Reply   
Have your dealer or someone who knows how to remove the radio take it out to check wiring and to see if it stinking of burnt smell. If yes, replace it. It still could be a loose wire but I really think it is your radio going bad (burning up) Sorry for the HU acronym, the HU or head unit is the same as the radio and similar to using terms like amp for amplifier and eq for equalizer.

Use your amps to run your speakers rather than the radio power if at all possible.

By the way, most car audio shops have guys that will take the radio out to inspect it for a few bucks and give their opinions on what is going on with that smell. They are usually okay guys. Watch out for that sales guy though-- he will see you coming.
Old     (wakebrdr38)      Join Date: Sep 2006       10-24-2006, 8:04 AM Reply   
I had the same problem with my sub after i put it in a new box with all new wiring. turns out the new wiring just needed breaking in i guess. cus i still blast it and it no longer smells like something is burning. it only did it for about a month after i installed it. Ill admit i dont really know anything about head units and such so ya might listen to these other guys if they know what they are talking about. I just know mine had to do with new wires.
Old     (midwesty)      Join Date: Aug 2003       10-24-2006, 8:23 AM Reply   
not sure about you guys but with our sub and tower speakers and subs going there is no need for interior speakers at that time, its just TOO loud almost
Old     (taft)      Join Date: Jul 2006       10-24-2006, 12:11 PM Reply   
I've noticed that when i turn on amp mute on the HU and only the speakers that run off the amps are on that I still get the burning problem.
Old     (sea_ray_dave)      Join Date: Dec 2004       10-24-2006, 12:37 PM Reply   
Have someone you trust pull the radio out and check the wiring. It is not hard to pull that radio with the right tool. I would also have that person look for obvious wiring issues around your PP while they are at it. Whatever is causing the issue could get worse. Your boat should have fuses on everything in case of severe meltdown to prevent fire. But it would be better to find out what is doing this, fix it and have peace of mind.
Old     (taft)      Join Date: Jul 2006       10-24-2006, 3:41 PM Reply   
Thanks for all the help David, it will be great to have peace of mind on this issue. It's the one thing I struggled with this summer.
Old     (acurtis_ttu)      Join Date: May 2004       10-25-2006, 9:37 AM Reply   
Who hooked up six speakers to your HU??? This is your problem. unhook them or at least tow of them and yrou problem will be solved. It's nromal for your HU to get warm/hot under normal playign conditions thruought the day.
Old     (taft)      Join Date: Jul 2006       10-25-2006, 11:11 PM Reply   
This is how the system came setup from Supra.
Old     (newty)      Join Date: May 2005       10-26-2006, 7:10 AM Reply   
I've run into this prob with the moomba/supras that have 6 speakers wired to the deck. The problem will only get worse with time. Best bet is to buy an inexpensive amp and hook them up to that.
Old     (sea_ray_dave)      Join Date: Dec 2004       10-26-2006, 8:16 AM Reply   
I agree with moving the speakers to a separate amp even if the HU turns out not to be the problem. However, I suspect the HU is way overdriven and the issue based on the info given.
Old     (taft)      Join Date: Jul 2006       10-26-2006, 6:49 PM Reply   
I have two amps in the boat already. How many speakers can an amp handle? I've got a sub running off a 2 channel amp and 4 tower speakers off a 4 channel amp.
Old     (rson)      Join Date: Jun 2002       10-29-2006, 10:39 PM Reply   
OK lets lay ground base.

The HU has a chip amplifying the signal vs an amp uses Caps and a dedicated power supply.

So to answer your question:
it depends on the AMP. I would never use the HU other than a signal for my amps. In fact I usualy purchase "deadhead" HU's. These have no internal amplifacation. Get a quality amp. I would look into PPI, Kicker, or Xtant. Even MTX for the lower end (get the thunder series). You might get away with hooking up 2 speaker to your head and running a 2 channel amp at 2 ohms. This would maximise your power. Feel free to email me.

(Message edited by rson on October 29, 2006)
Old     (clubmyke)      Join Date: Aug 2004       10-29-2006, 11:17 PM Reply   
i think rich made a very good suggestion (btw, i run headhead hu's also)...

use the deck to run the least used speakers(i would assume the bow) and a 4 channel amp to run the other four or a stereo amp at 2 ohms....


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