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Old     (fox)      Join Date: Jul 2002       06-29-2005, 6:44 AM Reply   
Anybody read the Dallas Friday interview in WB mag? Yikes! A little cheese with your whine Ms. Friday???? She is an awsome rider...guy or girl she has top talent for sure. I think she needs to learn to win gracefully. Lots of calling out the females for not riding harder, excluding her from the group, etc. Do you think it is more a product of her attitude rather than theirs, or is it possible that it really is that catty on the female tour?

Old     (craiger)      Join Date: May 2002       06-29-2005, 7:40 AM Reply   
dude they are girls, always the potential for cattyness.

I heard she was super super competitive, that's probably where this is coming from.
Old     (fox)      Join Date: Jul 2002       06-29-2005, 10:30 AM Reply   
Yeah, but did you read the article?
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 10:38 AM Reply   
maybe she's just mad because people are making fun of her newly bought boobies.
Old     (big_ed_x2)      Join Date: Jul 2004       06-29-2005, 10:42 AM Reply   
she bought new boobies?How big?
Old     (buzz_grande)      Join Date: Mar 2004       06-29-2005, 10:47 AM Reply   
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 10:47 AM Reply   
I have to read this, anyone have a link?

Big Ed - Hahahaha!

Old     (tommyc)      Join Date: Nov 2003       06-29-2005, 10:54 AM Reply   
Dallas used to be really outgoing and friendly. Now she seems withdrawn. I think it is her attitude, not everyone elses.
Old     (craiger)      Join Date: May 2002       06-29-2005, 11:03 AM Reply   
eric - I have not read the article. I'm assuming it's the August issue? I haven't got that one yet.
Old     (ripr)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-29-2005, 11:25 AM Reply   
I remember an interview a while back...haven't seen the new issue it in the new one?

You'd have to admit that her tournament record and competition riding does put her above the rest of the girls....but wakeboarding is not all about contests.

Bolt-ons?????? Really?
Old     (magellan)      Join Date: Feb 2003       06-29-2005, 11:59 AM Reply   
To quote Ron Burgundy...
"She pointed to her boobies.."
Old     (lizrd)      Join Date: Jul 2002       06-29-2005, 12:22 PM Reply   
I don't know...I just went to a clinic with Dallas on Friday and it didn't look like they were paid far as personality/attitude let's remember that she is 18 and everyone is entitled to a lousy day or three.
Old     (greatdane)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 1:16 PM Reply   
Ya, give her a break. She has done a ton for advancing women in this sport.
Old     (pierce_bronkite)      Join Date: Jul 2003       06-29-2005, 1:49 PM Reply   
I agree greatdane. The girl can throw down, major props to her after reading that article. I thought it was a real good read.

Whenever you are the top dog someone, somewhere is always trying to tear you down.
Old     (fox)      Join Date: Jul 2002       06-29-2005, 2:00 PM Reply   
Yeah it's in the August issue.

Not trying to tear her down, I just think the attitude is a bit over the top, like her riding only in a negative way. I think she is a tremendous rider, and has done much for women in the sport. However, you can't make the comments about others in that way and wonder why nobody wants to be your pal. As Lizard said, it is probably just her age. I don't think I've ever seen a public commentary like that from the men.

For what it's worth my wife read it first and pointed it out saying something like she sounded like a whiner.


Old     (psych3060)      Join Date: Sep 2002       06-29-2005, 2:14 PM Reply   
I have not read the article, but there was an interview with her last year sometime and I have to say after reading that one I felt like her head had grown too large for her little body. Am interested to read this one. I am all for young athletes who are good at what they do if they can do it gracefully. For example, James Stewart. My husband was watching an outdoor moto thing a few days ago and there was interview with Bubba over some words he exchanged with Ricky Carmichael. Bubba had just an inflated ego in that interview and I said to my husband, "I know he is a good rider and all, but with an attitude like that I am no longer impressed." Grace and dignity go a long way in my opinion to make a great athlete greater.
Old     (solo)      Join Date: Oct 2001       06-29-2005, 2:37 PM Reply   
Dallas is in a class all her own. The other female riders have shunned her because of her success. She is only 18 and everyone has there days. Dallas carries herself very well. If you meet her in person, you'd know that the success hasn't gone to her head.
Old     (hyperlitenrd)      Join Date: Jan 2003       06-29-2005, 2:44 PM Reply   
*flame suit on*

I have noticed that she is at such a higher level than the rest of the girls, its just no contest. I mean watching the boys ride is more interesting sometimes.

*flame suit off*
Old    chubbydaddy1            06-29-2005, 3:54 PM Reply   
STOP SPREADING RUMORS! Joe DO you know she has had a boob job? Who cares! All the girls you dream of have fake breast.
Like Steve Said Dallas is in a class of her own! I met her at Portland last year and she was very personal!
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 3:57 PM Reply   
1. i haven't personally seen them, but my friends have.

2. you have no idea which girls i dream of.

3. espy...who cares?

don't be so bitter dude...i'm sure she'll let you carry her boards, vest, rope and handle next time.
Old     (scott_a)      Join Date: Dec 2002       06-29-2005, 4:07 PM Reply   
im not sure how the interview was done, but she certainly must have known that this was gonna be read by lots of people, so any negativity or "cattiness" MUST have been intentional.

and yes she got boobies. she isnt exactly the first in the sport to get them, either.
Old    chubbydaddy1            06-29-2005, 4:10 PM Reply   

Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       06-29-2005, 4:14 PM Reply   
triple post and all in CAPS. Dude relax.

Lets see some pics of you riding and I will post some pic of Joe riding. Then will let WW say "who rips" and who doesn't.
Old     (greatdane)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 4:16 PM Reply   
Statistically, women desire Cs and men desire Cs or Ds.

Thus, the world we live in has people making changes.
Some for size reasons and some for shape reasons.

More power to her if she did what she wanted.

I just don't get making fun of her for doing it.
It seems pretty grade school.

Yet, I do understand checkin her out afterwards.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 4:17 PM Reply   
1. see scott a's post.
2. that made no sense.
3. again, that made no sense.

go ride dude. you need to release some of that frustrations in some other way than posting in here.
Old    chubbydaddy1            06-29-2005, 4:18 PM Reply   
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 4:18 PM Reply   
Wow, look what fun I missed!

I could do without the caps.. thanks buddy!

On another note.. I'm disturbed by 18 year old girls getting implants.

Old    chubbydaddy1            06-29-2005, 4:19 PM Reply   
Old     (solo)      Join Date: Oct 2001       06-29-2005, 4:23 PM Reply   
Don't take this message board too seriously. We're all just internet jockeys anyway!
Old     (tparider)      Join Date: Aug 2003       06-29-2005, 4:24 PM Reply   
please for the love of all that's holy, no more caps.
Old    chubbydaddy1            06-29-2005, 4:25 PM Reply   
Good point Steve!
Sorry !
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 4:43 PM Reply   
dane, don't get me wrong. i'm not/wasn't making fun of dallas for purchasing some boobies. it's her prerogative.

what i was saying above was that maybe other female riders were making fun of her or saying bad things because of the bolt-ons. we know how some women could be.

disclaimer: not intended to offend women. i didn't say "all," but "some," just like some men prefer c's or d's...some, not all.
Old     (thane_dogg)      Join Date: Jun 2002       06-29-2005, 4:45 PM Reply   
ok, no more triple-post, I fixed that. Everyone take their Ritalin, even though Tom Cruise says not to, and RELAX.

Ok, continue...get back on the subject.

here's my contribution:

I want to see her boobs.
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 4:48 PM Reply   
Crap, if guys prefer C's or D's.. I definitely need implants too. Maybe Dallas will give me the name of her doctor.

Old     (big_ed_x2)      Join Date: Jul 2004       06-29-2005, 4:55 PM Reply   
Amy ~ I hear you....Let those babies develop before you get them bigger,cuss you never know.

How big??
Old     (dococ)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-29-2005, 4:56 PM Reply   
It's always been catty for the girls on tour. Come to think of it, there have been periods when it has been quite catty for guys on tour. It seems to be a tradition. Eastcoast vs Westcoast, Orlando vs West Palm, "New School" vs intelligence , Pickett crew vs the mainstream, etc... Same old stuff, somebody is always running off at the mouth.
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 4:58 PM Reply   
Big Ed,

That's the thing.. girls are still developing at that age. I'd at least wait until you're a 26 year old with small boobs who desperately needs implants to make that decision!

How big?? HAHAHA! Check out Blake's profile.. not big!


Old     (greatdane)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 6:34 PM Reply   
IMO, natural is generally better unless there is some sort of abnormality (pasta comes to mind).

And, there is nothing worse than a bad boob job. Still, I think it is best to leave these decisions to the individual.

(Message edited by greatdane on June 29, 2005)
Old     (solo)      Join Date: Oct 2001       06-29-2005, 6:37 PM Reply   

Pickett crew vs the mainstream? What do you mean by that?
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       06-29-2005, 6:39 PM Reply   
It's only a matter of time until she catches wind of this thread and posts here. Then you'll all be kissing her ass and trying to justify your comments like last time. I don't think anyone here really knows her, except for maybe Hahn.
Old     (psych3060)      Join Date: Sep 2002       06-29-2005, 6:46 PM Reply   
That was Emily the 80's mag cover.
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 6:54 PM Reply   

I was only teasing.. I might have a small rack but I'm not getting implants! However, if other girls feel they need them - to each their own.

Old     (greatdane)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 6:57 PM Reply   
Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       06-29-2005, 7:05 PM Reply   
Old     (summerryder)      Join Date: Apr 2004       06-29-2005, 8:27 PM Reply   
I knew the tone this profile took would be a lightning rod for reaction.
As the one who wrote it, I can tell you when I interviewed Dallas she was frustrated/ focused on her lack of...what do you term it.. connection with the other riders. It wasn't the direction I thought it would go, but it went that way.

I was stoked, actually, to get such a candid glimpse into her life as she living it. I consider Dallas a friend, or at least she and I are friendly, and I've been front row to her career from the early days to now. She has a lot of positives going for her, but there's a lot of pressures (expectations)that come with her status in the game now as well. She's a great person but as an athlete, she's completely dominant.

Remember as well the stage of life she's in: she's a tremendous athlete who's skills are beyond her years, but when you're 14-18 virtually NO ONE here was being pulled away from their peer group to travel the world, swinging business deals, or at least having to do the leg work of trade shows/boat shows/appearances and contests that her management team has put in front of her. I've never heard her complain about it, but it has been atypical of someone her age.

Your high school years are where you become an adult. Dallas had this time period accellerated at a rate maybe someone else out there can understand, but I find difficult to grasp myself.

And without being intending any disrespect to any other female riders, there really hasn't been anyone able to lay down an ass kicking like Dallas hands out every time out in a comp, either on the guys or the women's side. I think she'd prefer her victories to come with a better sense of having earned it by beating a worthy foe.

Tara has done phoenominal things for womens wakeboarding, as has Emily, Maeghan, Melissa and several other front runners. Dallas has simply arrived at a whole different level. For sake of metaphor, just saying one level isn't enough. Some day there will be a female athlete that surpasses what Dallas is able to do move-wise. But can someone do it while dominating the competition? Right now Dallas' legacy will be difficult for anyone to overcome. The crazy thing is the gap is getting bigger literally every day.

All the other women riders right now are great athletes deserving to be thought of as the best in their field. But right now we, as a sport, are experiencing a happening that may never be duplicated.

Alright, I'm about ready to jump down off my soapbox. If you can come away from my diatribe with anything, just consider this: a story is just a snapshot, or maybe a series of snapshots, from a very short period in a person's life. So the camera, in this case, got her in just a brief moment of her overall existence. A cover and a feature story are intended to celebrate a great athlete. She actually had the idea for the title, which I thought was, in a literary sense, pretty witty.

As for the comments on her cosmetic enhancements, I agree with Amy Smith: to each their own. I think there are some preconceived notions that come along with enhanced breasts, sort of along the same lines as a tongue ring- it's either a self esteem issue or there's an underlying sexual intention. In this case, I'd like to suggest it's like an article of clothing that is more to the person's liking.

But then again, I'm not a fool. When I see a tongue ring on a chick, I figure there's gotta be some guy (or girl) out there who appreciates it for more than the cosmetic value.

Bottom line: Can';t we all just get together and flame Moose?
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       06-29-2005, 8:34 PM Reply   
Jeff ~ great post
Old     (summerryder)      Join Date: Apr 2004       06-29-2005, 8:36 PM Reply   
Thanks Ant. That was a three beer post from start to finish. Once the brew starts flowing, I can't shut up!
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 8:36 PM Reply   

Hey.. I have a tongue ring.. what are you trying to say!!

Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       06-29-2005, 8:38 PM Reply   
Well said JB.

Like you said to each their own on the cosmetic stuff. More power to her if she does have them. Fake breasts nowadays are no more shocking that getting your teeth whitened.

I just want to know if she has a Tattoo on the small of her back.

Because we all know what that means!!!!!!!
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 8:39 PM Reply   
I have a tattoo on my lower back too.
This really isn't looking good for me at all.

Old     (kraig)      Join Date: Dec 2002       06-29-2005, 8:41 PM Reply   
Amy- You really need to put your pic back up on your profile. The one that is up just doesn't do you justice!
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 8:43 PM Reply   
tongue ring and tattoo on lower back = 909

Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 8:45 PM Reply   

Haha! Resourceful people check out Blake's profile..


909?? Sorry, I'm dumb. You'll have to explain.

Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       06-29-2005, 8:45 PM Reply   

Now were talking!!!!

Your one bad rehab from being a stripper.

Come live in my Guest house and I'll pay your Car Payment. There will be some ***-4-tat. no pun intended
Old     (greatdane)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 8:46 PM Reply   
Jeff, thanks for that post.

Dallas is an amazing wakeboarder. And, I figure she still looks good with/without her "accessories".

It must be tough, in a social sense, being SO MUCH better than all the other pro women riders for SO MANY years.
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 8:48 PM Reply   
E Double U,


I'm nowhere near being a stripper! I have several piercings and tattoos - what can I say?

No pun intended.. HAHAHA! Man, this thread is cracking me up.

Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       06-29-2005, 8:50 PM Reply   
Im just giving you some Crap.

Not that there is anything wrong with being a stripper!!!
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 8:50 PM Reply   
909 = riverside county
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 8:51 PM Reply   
Hey, I'm not saying there is anything wrong with it. Those ladies make a good living! It's just not my style.

Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 8:52 PM Reply   
Riverside County!!
Ventura County in the house!

Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 8:55 PM Reply   
hold you wear trucker hats crooked, too? if so....

you are da 9-0-9!
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 8:57 PM Reply   

HELL NO! I have never owned a trucker hat in my life.. come on!

Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 8:58 PM Reply   
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       06-29-2005, 9:01 PM Reply   
Joe ~ isn't 951 now?
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 9:06 PM Reply   
split 909/951. either way, amy's screamin' da 9-0-9!
Old     (nuckledragger)      Join Date: Jun 2004       06-29-2005, 9:08 PM Reply   
Jeff, a great and much needed post. I agree with everything you said. I don't think anyone can comprehend what it's like to be in her shoes at that age. She is being forced to make decisions, appearances, and business dealings at 18 that most people never make in a lifetime. At 18, my biggest worry was how to get beer for the night.
I hope Dallas continues to progress the sport as she has and I would love to see her ride head-2-head against some of the men.
Old     (twakess)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-29-2005, 9:09 PM Reply   
doc, oh no you know the pickett crew. If your down with the pickett crew your ooooooold schooool. haha been to pickett and spent a few weeks there.
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 9:11 PM Reply   

I scream "southern california!".. every other girl around here has a pierced tongue and a lower back tattoo!



Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 9:13 PM Reply   
that's true.
Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       06-29-2005, 9:22 PM Reply   
Easy on the 951 Ant!!!!!! and Joe !!!

We're not all living in Beaumont!!
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       06-29-2005, 9:30 PM Reply   
damn why do you always call me out on everyting?
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       06-29-2005, 9:31 PM Reply   
Ain't Canyon Lake in Riverside Co?
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       06-29-2005, 9:34 PM Reply   
canyon lake rules!
canyon lake rules!
canyon lake rules!
canyon lake rules!
canyon lake rules!
canyon lake rules!

Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       06-29-2005, 9:35 PM Reply   
Rock on, JB!!!! Da Moose for Da President!!!!
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       06-29-2005, 9:40 PM Reply   
Eric you live in 619 and Jeff I don't have you number so sorry. I was just asking if 909 change to 951. I wanted to prove a point but damn I'm getting called out now. 818 representing
Old    socalgrl79            06-29-2005, 9:46 PM Reply   
805! 805! 805! 805!
Old     (dococ)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-29-2005, 9:54 PM Reply   
I never went out to Pickett, but I was listening as others spoke of it around the time that Gator and Buster moved out there, and I guess Clem was already out there, and of course Scott and the rest of that group. My impression is that they made a break, both physically and also in terms of their manner or involvement within the industry, from what was going on in Orlando and with the tour and all, like the Picket crew was just moving out there to get away and do their own thing. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe it was just because it was affordable, but it seemed at the time like more of a symbolic move. Now that you mention it, maybe the "catty-ness" thing did not apply there. I don't know that they even cared enough about everybody else to even worry about talking about it, but I know that some riders who were not invited out there were prone to offer some criticisms. Just more of the same, when people are envious, they are prone to talk smack about that which they envy. Basic psychological defense mechanism, also known as "sour grapes." I meant no disrespect to anybody by my comments. I guess I was just recalling the various rifts that have surfaced within the small world of wakeboarding over the years. Some of them got pretty catty, you'll have to admit. Girls on tour talking down about others with breast implants, cars getting keyed, stuff like that. When Tara Hamilton first came out she was pretty much unbeatable. Seems like she was more isolated and not part of the "scene," as opposed to the others. Maybe it was her age, maybe her affiliation with Darin, but it seemed like more. Seemed like others didn't like the fact that she rode at a level so much higher than all the other women. In any case, I do not know Dallas, but maybe the situation is somewhat similar. You probably know much better than me what is going on these days. I'm just a part-time 'net jockey who now works way too much and rides way too little.
Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       06-29-2005, 9:54 PM Reply   
Isnt Vail Lake in Riverside CO.

Actually Bug I live in Temecula.

My cell is 619 though
Old    foamy            06-29-2005, 10:31 PM Reply   
All i know is that Dallas has tities and they are nice
Old     (frankie_f)      Join Date: Aug 2004       06-29-2005, 10:37 PM Reply   
regarding what was said about cosmetic surgery...

cosmetic surgery IS the "self-prescribed" or "society-prescribed" panacea for various psychological dysmorphic phobias and the low self-esteem epidemic. if you don't believe that cosmetic surgery is related to low self-esteem, ponder this: no man or woman who is 100% happy with him/herself and his/her body gets cosmetic surgery done. it is called "cosmetic" surgery for a reason, because it - ironically, also like the person it is being performed on - is superficial, an elective. do NOT confuse cosmetic surgery with corrective surgery. cosmetic surgery is 100% NOT necessary.

if no one who is 100% happy with their own self and body would get cosmetic surgery done, then someone who is not 100% happy with their own self and body would get cosmetic surgery done. someone who is not happy with their own self and body - by definition - has self-esteem issues, and thus psychological issues. this is not to say that they are crazy; it is often easy for us to fear the word "psychological" b/c it is related to such feared diseases as dementia and bi-polar disorder. it is a psychological issue b/c it affects the person's psyche. in my opinion, someone who is considering cosmetic surgery should visit a psychiatrist instead of a plastic surgeon.

lastly, i believe it is more powerful a tool to go, be it suffer, through the journey of accepting yourself - and body - for just the way that you are, it is. if one make's changes, let it be to their persona - that's the only part of us that really matters, any way. and that's true happiness - not paid for happiness, not surgically implanted happiness - but TRUE happiness.


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