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Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 1:40 PM Reply   
any truth to o'brien dropping shapiro?

i heard this but wanted confirmation. shapiro w/ no board sponsor is like byerly w/ no board sponsor. he's one of the godfathers of this sport, whether you like his riding style or not.
Old     (mango)      Join Date: Mar 2004       02-01-2005, 1:47 PM Reply   
i doubt that is true
Old     (da_moose)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-01-2005, 2:03 PM Reply   
Shapiro, give me a call you know the #.
Looking to add another Champ # 6 to the list of Team Moose
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 2:06 PM Reply   
i just received notice. it is absolutely true!

who out there's going to sign the winningest wakeboarder in pro tour history? hyperlite? doubt it...they let him go in the first place. liquid force? i think their team is set. i think the top contender is cwb.
Old     (da_moose)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-01-2005, 2:14 PM Reply   
the stage is set Shapiro & Moose,I just hooked the 1# surfer in S.D. this week
welcome to the Team Of Champ's
Old     (luchog)      Join Date: Jun 2002       02-01-2005, 2:21 PM Reply   
If someone like shapiro is dropped by his sponsor I must wonder where this sport is going... or at least wich are that company's polities...

I is true that Darin Shapiro is not the world's number 1 wakeboarder anymore... but c'mon, give the man the respect he deserves.
His name alone should be an emblem, not a load.
I have never been a huge shapiro fan, his style is not my favourite, but I remember seeing him throw those sick speedballs when most of us could barely stand on a board.
I wish him the best-
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       02-01-2005, 2:24 PM Reply   
Holy F#$%ing S$#@!!!

That's nuts!

"His name alone should be an emblem"

Old     (ridn9high)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-01-2005, 2:31 PM Reply   
Wow, that a shocker. Wonder what is the reason for letting him go. That's like hyperlite getting rid of Murray. Let's have a poll, who will pick up Shapiro?
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       02-01-2005, 2:38 PM Reply   
I don't know but if he can't get on Hyperlite or LF, do you think he would consider the any others?
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       02-01-2005, 2:40 PM Reply   
It seems foolish not to at least sponsor Ride The Spot. The coaches have a heavy influence on the boards students ride. As soon as I got to camp, they took my Hyperlite away and put my on an Origin (just an example).
Old     (twakess)      Join Date: Mar 2002       02-01-2005, 2:42 PM Reply   
It might be that his contract is up. I think when he signed with them it was for 5 years.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 2:42 PM Reply   
i doubt he'd go back to hyperlite. wasn't there a bad break-up between the two?
Old     (ridn9high)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-01-2005, 2:54 PM Reply   
Maybe LF of D-UP will sign.
Old     (agfan12)      Join Date: Mar 2004       02-01-2005, 3:16 PM Reply   
What about Gator swooping in?...They have room on their team, and that would skyrocket their popularity...
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 3:18 PM Reply   
i can't see gator making a board to suit shapiro's style. unless of course they buy another company's design!

Old     (lzyboy)      Join Date: Jun 2001       02-01-2005, 3:24 PM Reply   
Is Ride the Spot no longer as well? I know Sean n Travis started the boarding school, however I wasn't aware Darin dropped his school?

When I click the link it forwards to

It may have been like this in the past, this topic made me wonder about his camp and I am not able to hit the website anymore?

Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-01-2005, 3:27 PM Reply   
Shapiro doesn't smoke enough dope to be on Gator's Team..
Old     (tcluv85)      Join Date: Jan 2004       02-01-2005, 3:31 PM Reply
Old     (lzyboy)      Join Date: Jun 2001       02-01-2005, 3:33 PM Reply   
Thnx --> goes to boarding school --> goes to ride the spot

Old     (lzyboy)      Join Date: Jun 2001       02-01-2005, 3:34 PM Reply   

Per this interview it appears that Darin used to use the address , not .net

Weird, Travis must have taken over the name..
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       02-01-2005, 3:37 PM Reply   
Gator and Shapiro?? I doubt that.
Old     (mpayette)      Join Date: Sep 2004       02-01-2005, 3:45 PM Reply --> goes to boarding school
because Travis was the owner of the domain (DNS) --> goes to ride the spot
because Darin wanted to keep the name of the domain (DNS).

I have heard by many that Travis and Darin wasn't in good terms when they separate from Ride the Spot.

I find this odd because Travis only very good thing about him. he is an exceptional guy (this is my opinion)
Old     (electricsnow)      Join Date: May 2002       02-01-2005, 4:06 PM Reply   
Joe, I think darin might have dropped hype (and not the other way around). Obviously, take this for what it's worth (which may not be a lot) but when i was talking with a hyperlite rep a couple of years ago, he said that darin still called the offices and still had an interest in getting back on the team. One thing that was mentioned was how far hype will go with things. That's vague, but for instance, if someone (like darin, way back when) wanted some minor league adjustment made on his board, they'd do it and he'd end up with a very exclusive board that was worth well into the thousands.

I hope that made sense. I'd actually be surprised if he ended back up with hype. They've re-vamped their image so much since the original hype rider days (dean, jeff, shaun, darin--excluding eric) that he honestly doesn't seem like he'd fit in anymore. But what do I know...all I know is I wish darin the best of luck in finding a home.

Hey, maybe he can ride for wake tech! I had to say it...old school nostalgia/rivalry joke....
Old     (kristian)      Join Date: Nov 2002       02-01-2005, 5:10 PM Reply   
What I've been told and read about Darin and Hype is that he had a hand shake deal, no contract. So if he wanted too he could leave at anytime. O'brien came up with a good offer and he took it. (I'm only going from memory here)
I think Hype would take him back IMO.
But I would think CWB would be next on the list.
Then maybe DU or BS boards.
Since Gator signed Gerry Nunn anything is possible.
I hope he does get signed by someone else.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 5:28 PM Reply   
electricsnow, darin vs. hype story may be true. i'm curious to know, but i'm not gonna cry about it if i don't ever find out.

as for the nostalgia/rivalry joke, it actually makes sense, since byerly said he'd never ride for hype.

can hype afford to pay shapiro? last i heard, he was the highest paid wakeboarder, somewhere in the 6 figures.
Old     (tommyc)      Join Date: Nov 2003       02-01-2005, 5:30 PM Reply   
I heard that they paid him 16k a year plus royalties on his board. I dont think the board sells that well and that Obrien did not want to pay such a high salary.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 5:32 PM Reply   
16k a year? that's chump-change!
Old     (kristian)      Join Date: Nov 2002       02-01-2005, 5:38 PM Reply   
I heard he got paid way more than that.
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       02-01-2005, 6:10 PM Reply   
I heard it was in the 4yr/475k range...
Old    murrayair            02-01-2005, 6:14 PM Reply   
Yeah, I doubt he got paid just 16 grand per year. I mean, the guy owns a freaking winter house in Hawaii. Not too many people making 16k a year that have two nice homes and a boarding school.

I sure hope hyperlite doesn't pick him up. I mean, I like their company and all, but they already have all the best riders in wakeboarding on their team: Murray, Byerly, Parks, Harf, Ruck etc. I would really like to see the talent spread out over the entire market, to give one company less domance over the others. Much of the general public view wakeboarding as a one-company sport. They have heard the name "Hyperlite" so much that they don't know there are other companies that make just as high of quality products. It would be great to see Darin join one of the lesser known teams.

Sorry about the tangent.

Old     (luchog)      Join Date: Jun 2002       02-01-2005, 6:31 PM Reply   
I really doubt any wakeboarder gets anything near the 6 digits, not even parks.
yeah, he owns a boarding school but that should not cost him money, instead... he makes it out of it. Also remember that he has several other sponsors. Plus he gets royalties from certain products.
I'd not speculate with numbers anyway, I think it's always uncertain... and ethically gross.
Remember, it's wakeboarding we are talking about, not the NBA.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 6:33 PM Reply   
luciano, i honestly think the word about shapiro having a 6 figure/year salary is true. i think it was reported somewhere, i just can't remember where.

i can see your point of view, though. in this case though, it doesn't apply.

of course, i could be wrong.
Old     (kristian)      Join Date: Nov 2002       02-01-2005, 6:36 PM Reply   
Remember 6 figure's is only a 100,000. For a professional sportsman that's not alot. Though I can tell you he was making more than that. But I don't think its too polite for all of us to be talking about a guy's salary all over the internet without his permission.
Old     (luchog)      Join Date: Jun 2002       02-01-2005, 6:38 PM Reply   
Or perhaps I'm just wrong, there is a really big industry behind wakeboard... and shapiro was one of the pioneers of it.
but 475 seems way exagerated for me, even for 4 years...
Old     (gbphantom)      Join Date: Apr 2003       02-01-2005, 7:42 PM Reply   
That is pretty crazy. I realize his board didn't sell very well, but he is still a big name in the sport. I think his non-placement in comps is B.S. I'm not a Shapiro fan at all, but that creep can ride. He has more amplitude than anyone. Yes, probably even Parks. He also takes tricks clear out into the flats that most people don't. I personally think that he will land on his feet soon enough, and I could see the company taking him in being GB. I realize they aren't his "style", but I heard when LF and O'brien were having problems they made a play at him and another big name guy, but never signed either since the companies didn't go down the Who knows tho, I'll be fun to see what becomes of this.
Old     (gbphantom)      Join Date: Apr 2003       02-01-2005, 7:44 PM Reply   
I'm pretty sure that the $100,000+ a year salery is pretty legit. You may not buy it, but think what you want to.
Old    murrayair            02-01-2005, 7:46 PM Reply   
Creep? ok...
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-01-2005, 7:48 PM Reply   
easy there, gbphantom. he's allowed to disagree. let's keep this thread from turning into a name-calling thread.

Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-01-2005, 8:14 PM Reply   
JOE, See what you started!!!!

So much for a yes or no answer!!
Old     (thane_dogg)      Join Date: Jun 2002       02-01-2005, 8:56 PM Reply   
i can't see gator making a board to suit shapiro's style. unless of course they buy another company's design!

Shapiro doesn't smoke enough dope to be on Gator's Team..

These statements are sad...but true.

I didn't know that Nunn is on GB.}

Wasn't there an article a while back about Shapiro being the "million-dollar man"?

Old     (mango)      Join Date: Mar 2004       02-01-2005, 9:19 PM Reply   
maybe we'll see a CWB Shapiro ;)
Old     (tommyc)      Join Date: Nov 2003       02-01-2005, 10:28 PM Reply   
I know that $16k sounds too small, but that is what I heard was his base. The guy I heard it from is "in the know". He also made commissions on anything else he endorsed. Anyway, that is what I heard and I love to spread the dirt.
Old     (malibuboarder75)      Join Date: Jan 2004       02-02-2005, 4:53 AM Reply   
But that doesnt consider tour winnings does it?
Old    wsrmatt            02-02-2005, 8:48 AM Reply   
ive had buddies go to his camp and supposedly the guy makes around 600g's a year. thats what he told them
Old     (bill)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-02-2005, 9:39 AM Reply   
Luciano its not exaggerated,i remember well when ithappened ..there were writeups everywhere online and in the big magazines,shapiro did get a 475k for 4yr contract...

doesnt matter anyway,while shapiro deserves respect he is getting up in age and going down in dont see him as much as before and he is slowly falling in the pro ranks on tour.Obrien is probrably doing it for business reasons and get be blamed for it...

im sure Shapiro at his age invested and used his money wisely so he can enjoy some time off before he embarks in a new career happens in all sports ,retirement is inevitable..

Old     (psudy)      Join Date: Dec 2003       02-02-2005, 11:19 AM Reply   
Lets not forget the money he gets for endorsing boats, lines, glasses etc...He may not make that much from one individual company, but all of them combined probably add up real fast.
Old     (da_moose)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-02-2005, 11:30 AM Reply   
if he want's to piss every one off
who know's his #
Old     (wakeguru)      Join Date: Feb 2003       02-02-2005, 11:46 AM Reply   
Who is the #1 surfer in San Diego? Do tell.
Old     (da_moose)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-02-2005, 12:02 PM Reply   
Old     (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       02-02-2005, 12:09 PM Reply   
Right after he joined with O'Brien he gave an interview with WBM, where he explained the handshake agreement he had with Herb O'Brien (Hyperlite) and the rough details of his new contract with O'Brien. It was 4 years $475,000. Plus a small percentage of board sales. Luciano, it may seem high but it is true, get over it. Parks on the other hand has a contract that is weighted heavily towards board sales, he has made a killing off the popularity of his name. Not a millionaire yet but getting close. His salary from Mastercraft is pretty high as well. Shapiro is a love/hate rider, I doubt he'll get a big sponsor as his name doesn't have the draw others do. he's cursed by what has made him successful, his unique body type, 5'1" 165 pounds and super powerful, people just can't relate. Whereas fatties like Parks resemble us all...

(Message edited by stephan on February 02, 2005)
Old     (wakeguru)      Join Date: Feb 2003       02-02-2005, 12:17 PM Reply   
Richard? j/k

Ima drawing a blank. He must be a grommet..?
Old     (wakeguru)      Join Date: Feb 2003       02-02-2005, 12:23 PM Reply   
Stephan, did you forget to put a "laughing guy" face after that last comment?

Darin will do good things for whatever board company is lucky enough to sign him. And, I think you meant his salary from Malibu.
Old     (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       02-02-2005, 12:36 PM Reply   
I was talking about Parks still. His M-Craft salary is one of the highest boat sponsor salaries ever.
Old    slidervinny            02-02-2005, 12:53 PM Reply   
mango tango blango whatever
Old     (dirty)      Join Date: Jul 2004       02-02-2005, 1:43 PM Reply   
about Darins money/contract wth Obrien, at the time he signed he became the highest paid wakeboarder, the contract was a 6 figure a year contract, don't know how much but it was the most money any wakeboarder was getting paid by far...
Old     (airrantz)      Join Date: Jun 2004       02-02-2005, 3:26 PM Reply   
I think Luciano might have been thinking $475k per year for 4 years, not $118750 per year for 4 years. I had to use a calculator.
Old     (luchog)      Join Date: Jun 2002       02-02-2005, 5:03 PM Reply   
no, to be honest i did not think he would get that amount of money... but if you all say so i must guess it's true. anyway i dont like talking about other people's salaries
Old    essy            02-02-2005, 10:25 PM Reply   
wow, what a shame about shapiro leaving obrien. i was just about to order the 05 demented 136...
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-02-2005, 10:27 PM Reply   
shapiro leaving would change your mind?
Old     (steve_b)      Join Date: Feb 2004       02-02-2005, 10:44 PM Reply   
Joe, welcome to the world of wake retail in 05. Some shapes are incredibly successful due to who's sig graces the deck. Performance, rider ability, quality mean nothing.

Pleasure meeting you at the boat show. Let me know what you think of the Tsend. Anytime you want to try a board or boot, let me know. When I get the new boat, we'll throw Frew, Josh, Hiltenshiftyergerboarder, and a goat in and do some demo's.

You guys coming out this weekend? Adkison will be there for a bit. You can quiz him on the board and Old School lines.

Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-02-2005, 10:48 PM Reply   
where's he gonna be? we're riding this weekend, but i have no idea where we're going.

any chance adkison wants to ride this weekend? it'd be kinda cool to film and watch him ride!
Old    essy            02-02-2005, 10:55 PM Reply   
not that it means too much, but it will affect my decision knowing that the demented will likely to be discontinued from the obrien lineup.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       02-02-2005, 10:57 PM Reply   
you just said you're "just about to order the 05 demented 136." i don't think they're pulling the product off the shelves.
Old    essy            02-02-2005, 11:13 PM Reply   
but that makes me hesitant...buying something that will be discontinued...
Old     (todd_everton)      Join Date: Jan 2003       02-03-2005, 3:01 AM Reply   
I found this pic on a local malibu site.Kind of surprised to see Gerry with Gator(not that it's a bad thing!)I hope it goes well for him
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       02-03-2005, 7:12 AM Reply   
Shapiro's departure from O'Brien probably will have no impact on O'Brien's plan for that shape. They may give it a new name at most.

Don't pass up a good ride just because the signature rider is gone from the company, or someone speculates that the shape may be scrapped. Hell, if I could find a new '02 Belmont, I would be all over it.
Old    bubblefunk            02-03-2005, 7:31 AM Reply   
I couldn't see GB Team taking him in because I don't think they would want to mix two of the pro's that helped build a foundation for the sport. I don't think that is their style. Unless it's Byerly joining up. I could see that for sure. I think CWB would be a safe bet but who knows. He goes huge and is definately one of my favorite riders to watch. Size takes a little advantage over style in my books.
Old     (wakehound)      Join Date: Oct 2003       02-03-2005, 9:09 AM Reply   
It's not like it's a car and you won't be able to get parts for it anymore.
Old     (wakeworld)      Join Date: Jan 1997       02-03-2005, 9:52 AM Reply   
Jeff, I hate to hijack, but isn't the 2005 HO Rift the same board as the 2002-2003 Belmont?
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       02-03-2005, 10:03 AM Reply   
Yeah, That shape will NEVER die.
Old     (twakess)      Join Date: Mar 2002       02-03-2005, 10:32 AM Reply   
WOW, thats where that shape went.
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       02-03-2005, 5:04 PM Reply   
Whadaya know! Dave, you are truely Da Man. I didn't even think to check H.O. (thought just skis & low end boards). Wonder if they make the 141 in DNA core? Oh well, I'm a happy CWB guy now!!!!
Old     (deepstructure)      Join Date: Jun 2002       02-03-2005, 7:40 PM Reply   
jeff you defected! i still ride my 02 belmont - bondo and all. i love how you keep changing your handle - you should be mr.schizo now. :-)
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       02-03-2005, 7:50 PM Reply   
I still love the Belmont (raised it since it was just a puppy)! Still really like the Hyperlite stuff, and Greg Dick is awesome, but I wanted to help support CWB this year, they have some great people. IMHO, CWB and it's team have the best image this sport could wish for.

Had to put the Fruit Cake away 'till next holiday season!
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       02-03-2005, 7:53 PM Reply   
BTW - Christopher, yours is one of the best profile pics ever!
Old     (deepstructure)      Join Date: Jun 2002       02-03-2005, 8:16 PM Reply   
have billj to thank for that!
Old     (shiznizzle)      Join Date: Aug 2004       02-06-2005, 3:29 PM Reply   
Is there an 'official' news release anywhere that states shapiro has left o'brien? - please post link if so.
Old     (eubanks01)      Join Date: Jun 2001       02-06-2005, 8:14 PM Reply   
I saw Cobe at the Dallas boat show. I asked him about Shapiro and he just laughed and said, "Yeah, he got let go." I'm not sure what that really means but I guess the rumors are definitely true.
Old     (pierce_bronkite)      Join Date: Jul 2003       02-07-2005, 7:39 AM Reply   
Lol, their is more to it than that. The whole story was told to me from another Obrien sponsored rider. But yes the rumor is true.
Old     (eubanks01)      Join Date: Jun 2001       02-07-2005, 8:17 AM Reply   
Yeah, that was a shameless name drop on my part! Although, I wasn't too impressed when I was repeatedly pushed to buy an Obrien board after I told the guy that I just got a brand new board!

No big deal though...they don't fly them in half way across the US to just sit around and be nice. They are there to push their products and that's about it.


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