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Old    wakekicker            07-14-2004, 9:18 PM Reply   
This should piss a lot of you off, if it does'nt, something is wrong with the universe.
After a local event in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, me and some buds we're lounging on a nearby public beach, recovering from a long competition. We have a Ski Ray Inboard, which is'nt much, but it's our own boat and throws a big wake. As we pull away from the beach to trailer the boat, some dude from the beach yells from a newer wakeboard ready Mastercraft 'Ski Rays suck'. So of course we turn the boat around and roll up breathing fire. After some words with some local punks about how buying a new boat does'nt make you a true wakeboarder, we rolled out. Of course, being the Jackasses they were, they taged along, telling us how our boat sucked and so on. When we told them to quit talking and throw down, they circled our boat as we coasted along, yelling the same old shiate, as I tried to keep one of our crew from jumping in their boat to rip them apart. When they slowed down I tore into the driver about being a disgrace to wakeboarding and that being a wakeboarder is'nt about slamming everyone else because your rich daddy borrowed you his new boat for the afternoon. As they pulled away, DISGRACE rang out several more times. The moral of the story: Whether you ride behind a new Super Air or a Lund fishing boat, if you enjoy riding all day and living this life day in and out, your a wakeboarder and you deserve respect. And if your ever on Detroit Lake in MN and a Black/White 98-99 Mastercraft rolls up talking those tools to throw on their board or shut up, because whether they wakeboard or not, they don't deserve any respect from anyone that knows this sport.
Old    wakechick            07-15-2004, 5:45 AM Reply   
I never can understand people who are such snobs about what boats/boards/bindings people have. The point is you love wakeboarding and you will do it no matter what it takes. Who cares if you don't have a $40K+ boat to ride behind, a lot of people don't and they still have fun wakeboarding behind whatever they can. It seems as though some people are more caught up in the "image" and what other people are doing rather than having fun and respecting others who ride. A wakeboarder is a wakeboarder is a wakeboarder, no matter what kind of boat you are behind!

Keep ripping it up Chris and try not to let some punk kids with Daddy's boat get you down
Old    swass            07-15-2004, 5:54 AM Reply   
Sorry, dude, but you're just as culpable as they are.

Why did you turn your boat around to confront some punks who yell "Ski Rays suck"? Did it really bother you that much? If you had laughed and yelled "thanks!" you would have been on your way without the hassle. It sounds like they were just a bunch of ignorant kids, and you missed the chance to be the bigger man by lettin' it slide.
Old     (wakeguru)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-15-2004, 6:41 AM Reply   
I don't blame you for going back and saying something to these fools. Although, as I get older I realize that there are an endless number of idiots on the lakes and roads and doing battle with them is a waste of time and energy.
Old     (mango)      Join Date: Mar 2004       07-15-2004, 6:46 AM Reply   
yeah that's not cool what those guys did. Just cause you have a MC doesn't make you a great wakeboarder. Wakeboarders stick together and don't make fun of other Wakeboarders unless of course you have a 50K Boat and don't wakeboard. Those guys are pricks and If i ever saw them on the lake I would put a hole in their boat!
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-15-2004, 7:44 AM Reply   
I have an i/o and when stuff like that happens to me, i just remind myself that my '04 boat is already just about paid off and I'll be upgrading every year anyways... why sweat it? Let it slide.... there's always gonna be jerks out there, and karma's a biatch....

I have video over the 4th weekend of a new SANTE getting towed by an I/O to the docks.... i was in the water but i yelled to my girl, "you BETTER get that on video!"
Old     (richd)      Join Date: Oct 2003       07-15-2004, 8:21 AM Reply   

The best way to deal with idiots like this is to point a .357 at them - instant respect! Having them scream for mercy would have made you fell a lot better!

You should at least have:

A) beat the @rap out of them
B) knifed their tires
C) keyed their doors!

How else will they ever learn their lesson?

If you had rammed your SKI Ray into their Mastercraft you definetely would have won that battle and their "rich Daddy" probably would have to pull their keys in the future.

The moral of the story:
These things can't stay verbal because no one is ever satisfied.

Next time get things more extreme, you'll be vindicated in your own mind and you won't need reassurance from us.

There will be a true "tragedy" in Minn.

The universe will be back in balance!


"Although, as I get older I realize that there are an endless number of idiots on the lakes and roads and doing battle with them is a waste of time and energy."
I hear ya, I'm seeing them all the time too! :-)


Old     (mango)      Join Date: Mar 2004       07-15-2004, 8:23 AM Reply   
Does ROAD RAGE apply the same on the water?

Old     (gwnkids)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-15-2004, 8:36 AM Reply   
Sounds like a McFly episode. Some jerk (biff in a MC) trying to intimidate anyone who went by. Learn a tough life lesson, there are always going to be jerks who get value from what they have not who they are. If left alone they have no power you gave them the power by reacting. They are the ones who will wind up washing your car in the future (I love that movie).
Old     (mmobius2001)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-15-2004, 9:01 AM Reply   
yeah, i agree with the making fun of someone w/ a 50K wakeboard boat that doesn't wakeboard.

i have seen 2, there is a new yellow/black Air Nautique on my lake i've seen them tube behind it twice, and ski behind it once, never wakeboard, they probably dont even know how to use the ballast.

i also have seen a new X-80!! and they just hang out at the local sand bar.
Old    shaggydan22            07-15-2004, 10:04 AM Reply   
That sucks Chris. If we woulda stayed longer the tige woulda had your back!
Old     (john_d)      Join Date: Apr 2003       07-15-2004, 12:13 PM Reply   
I am surprised people are so defensive about there boats who cares what some punk says. Also I have seen alot of people talking about how if you have a nice boat and can't ride your a poser. Everybody just needs to mind there own buisness and not worry about what the next guy has or is doing. Enjoy your time on the water.
Old     (flux)      Join Date: Jun 2003       07-15-2004, 2:12 PM Reply   
I have seen guys with expensive boats and guys using whatever boat they have and neither can do a toeside W2W. Heelside Possy
Old     (salty87)      Join Date: Jul 2002       07-15-2004, 3:00 PM Reply   
tragic? keep that junk on the playground
Old    naylz            07-15-2004, 10:18 PM Reply   
How sad! My grandparents used to live in DL (Detriot Lakes) and I never meet anyone who ever acted like this to anyone who was on the lake. I bet they were a bunch of punks from somewhere else that got beat in the comp over the weekend.

I don't know any boater or wakeboarder who looks down on someone else becuase of their boat. These are the same guys who listen to wakeboard music in the boat then when no one is around the acutally listen to Britney Spears and Avril Liviene.

I am heading to MN on Saturday will be in the cities then up in Brainerd all week... anyone want to ride?
Old     (dococ)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-16-2004, 12:48 AM Reply   
Heelside posse, that's funny!
Swass makes an interesting point.
Old    walt            07-16-2004, 6:12 AM Reply   
It would be very hard to do but Swass is right
Old    riverwaker            07-16-2004, 7:47 AM Reply   
We use a 32 ft, outboard fishing boat. Center console. Yeah, it's ghetto, but we have a blast everytime we go out and that is all that should matter.
The best idea was to run the rope over the T-top to act as a tower. Now we just gotta add some board racks to the top....

Run whatcha brung!!
Old    heavythunder            07-16-2004, 9:30 AM Reply   
Swass - hitting it right on the head.

Maturity and composure
Old     (stanfield)      Join Date: Mar 2004       07-16-2004, 10:20 AM Reply   
What is wakeboard music?

Old    gw_mark            07-16-2004, 5:54 PM Reply   
Rich man I hope I never run into you in Santa Cruz, you are one scary guy.
Chris, I was born and raised in Minnesota and have nothing but fond memories of that place, this was an isolated incident, don't let it get to you. Rip it up, love to ride, enjoy your friends and the time you have with them, it will not last forever!
Old     (teamvaldez)      Join Date: Apr 2003       07-16-2004, 7:28 PM Reply   
"Never wrestle with pigs, cuz you both get dirty and the pigs like it"

Laugh at the idiots and drive away with your dignity
Old    walt            07-16-2004, 7:34 PM Reply   
Team V , Thats great !
Old     (teamvaldez)      Join Date: Apr 2003       07-16-2004, 7:47 PM Reply   
thanks walt!!
Old    bigclunke            07-17-2004, 10:24 AM Reply   
fuc|< maturity and composure.
the water is a battle ground (we all want nice water, etc.)
there are pleanty of $50k boats on the private lake that i ride (this means in yelling at my neighbors alot) and the majority of them cant even go wake to wake. the nicest thing i have ever seen anyone bust is a back roll maybe 2ft up (still dont know how the kid lands it, his head almost touches the water)...
boats dont make the rider.
its too bad that they dont realize that, not a self sufficient soul in the universe is at all impressed by the fact they get to drive their daddy's boat. kids want to look like 50 cent and have material goods to flaunt but, part of enjoying that kind of sucess is what you learn making it there. to apreciate food, be forced into not having it, you will never look at easy mac the same...
enjoy riding. make the most out of your boat, and if you see them again; do all of us a service, pull their drain plug. if anyone messes my stuff up while they use it, they wont get to again. i dont know why more people dont just sink ********s easy...
just consider it community service
im all for civility; however, it at somepoint becomes necessary to have a spine. letting someone take advantage of you isnt being mature, its being a pussy
Old    walt            07-17-2004, 10:53 AM Reply   
Ben, A few harsh words does not equal someone taking advantage of You....If someone is physically threatening You or Yours then I say game on. It's just not worth the time and energy to get into it with someone because they said Your boat is a P.O.S. Not to mention that We all ride for the same reason and that's to have a good time and if You get into it with a jerk over His mouth Your likely to ruin the day for Yourself and the people that are with You.
Old     (wallyworld)      Join Date: Jan 2003       07-17-2004, 11:21 AM Reply   
how exactly is this a tragedy? You need to quit dramatizing things, stop worrying about other people and their opinions, and quit acting like a little kid. The whole story is very gay
Old    aaron14            07-17-2004, 1:13 PM Reply   
i ride behind a pos I/O that sucks and am better than half the people ridin around in those exspensive ass boats so the boatr doesnt matter.
Old     (98_searay)      Join Date: May 2004       07-17-2004, 7:36 PM Reply   
when we were wakeboarding in cali. some collage kids rolled up next to my family 98 sea ray (we sold it) and started to say the i/0 are only 4 noobs! we just ignored them waited 4 them to leave then my friends got in idea to jack there stuff we got a new HL perimer 136 and a new rope we also left a note saying" see what happeds when you talk
Old     (john_d)      Join Date: Apr 2003       07-17-2004, 8:37 PM Reply   
You have issues.

I call BS and if your not a liar your parents should be locked up.

You kids these days are so pissy.
Old     (hypoxic_films)      Join Date: Dec 2003       07-17-2004, 9:46 PM Reply   
I dont understand what the whole big deal is about people having nice boats. What am I supposed to do. Im sorry that my family and I can afford and choose to have nice boats, and sense Im not out there doing triple hooskers with a method grab im not supposed to have a nice boat? when my family and I bought our first ski boat along time ago was I supposed to tell them " hey I suck at wakeboarding, so lets get a fishing boat to start out on that" ? I mean we dont fish, we usually have alot people in the boat, and we dont mind paying for the nice boat.

I am not bragging at all, but because of my line of work I am always around "pro" wakeboarders, I consider them to be close friends of mine. Whenever we are on a public lake filming or just hanging out I have yet to have a "pro" wakeboarder say to me " o man look at that guy on that crappy boat, he sure does suck!" And then when I will be around "normal" wakeboarders that havnt been around the sport that much will say somethin like " Ha look at that guy, he's got a peace of crap boat, he cant even jump, I bet not one girl likes him. " and everyone else in the boat just kinda looks at the guy making the stupid comments and thinks he's pretty stupid.

The people who make fun of the people who have a 100$ boat and can only jump hs are the people who are the true "wally's" of the sport, because the pro's of the sport that the kids making fun of other kids look up to are most likely giving a thumbs up or waiving to the guy with the 100$ boat and only jumps hs.

Danny Turner
Old     (malibuboarder75)      Join Date: Jan 2004       07-18-2004, 7:53 PM Reply   
I think these people are great. I just went to a local competition myself. I was supposed to ride and would have one at least 3rd, but sign up was 30 plus 17 for insurance. I only had 25 dollars on me. Well I made a lot of friends with good riders in the local area who I have never seen before. They were doing inverts and dont even own a boat, pretty impressive. Then on regular weekend riding I see malibu wakesetters pulling 2 tubes from the tower and a super nautique with people fishing off of it. Then I know this one kid who lands a backroll on his 3rd attempt ever. I hate people who hate. Im a hater of haters. Go out and ride. If you have a nice boat and see someone ripping on a low end boat, then invite them along. Yes, this is the most expensive sport out there (next to racing). But that doesnt mean that a guy with a I/O cant have fun. Anyone who hates probably isnt that good at wakeboarding anyway, so they arent worth messing with. So dont start a fight because they are a bunch of rich pussies who get a buzz from knocking others down.
Old    r_dub            07-19-2004, 5:50 AM Reply   
There is only one thing i hate more then S*** talkers and that thieves, Alex (98 Sea ray)! Yeah those guys may be jerks, but at least they are doing it to your face. But by sneaking up and ganking their stuff when they arent looking, your the real pussy. Sure those guys were , but what you did is just as bad, if not worse. What if there was one guy who was just chillin and his dumbass buds were the ones talking, and you just ganked his ride.
I hope you break your freakin neck on that board you freakin dork!

(Message edited by r_dub on July 19, 2004)
Old    bigd            07-19-2004, 6:13 AM Reply   
If this qualifies as a tragedy then your like must be one living hell.
Old     (greg__s)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-19-2004, 8:11 AM Reply   
Maybe a few definitions here:

tragedy - the school fire in India where 90 kids died

Battle ground - Iraq, Pearl Harbor, WW 1 & 2 etc.

Felony - Alex stealing a new HL perimer 136 and a new rope. And another note Alex - too scared to be up front with them?

It does sound like a few here need to deflate the chest a little and go back to having fun on the water
Old    r_dub            07-19-2004, 8:15 AM Reply   
Hey, thats pretty good Greg.
Here is another definition.

Karma - Alex breaking his neck on his newly stolen HL premier

(Message edited by r_dub on July 19, 2004)
Old     (toolfan)      Join Date: Jul 2003       07-19-2004, 8:42 AM Reply   
one time, my crew found the people that stole our board and we burnt their house.

this may be the lamest thread ever.

You you should settle your disputes with a dance-off.
Old     (hymaeringo)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-19-2004, 8:42 AM Reply   
Yeah it is funny to see people talking cares throw a giant raley behind a FourWinns or a chapparel. Nothing will make people shut the like a massive krypt raley or crow mobe. let people talk more beer, Charge the double up harder, and Alex.....I hope your new premier comes off mid-air and breaks your femur in two....justice will be served!
Old     (hymaeringo)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-19-2004, 8:43 AM Reply   
you got served
Old     (tuneman)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-19-2004, 10:16 AM Reply   
Anyone who cuts down another persons ride sucks at wakeboarding.

End of discussion.
Old    wakekicker            07-19-2004, 12:25 PM Reply   
This wasn't about dissing anyone with a nice boat. I wasn't about whinning that someone tried to get under my skin either. It wasn't even about standing up for myself. It was about standing up for wakeboarding. Yes, everywhere some dump sh** will try to mess things up, but this was something you just don't do. Everyone else I've met around here that wakeboards have been great people, some have nice boats, some don't, some have mad skills, others are just learning. Stand up for wakeboarding, stick together.

(Message edited by wakekicker on July 19, 2004)
Old     (toolfan)      Join Date: Jul 2003       07-19-2004, 12:48 PM Reply   
if you let those guys get under your skin, then they won.

next time, just ignore then. and knowing is half the battle.
Old    byerly137pro            07-19-2004, 1:35 PM Reply   
Everyone has to start somewhere, so don't bash people who are just learning or dont have a nice boat. I dont even have a boat, all i have is PWC to ride behind but occasionally someone nice comes along and offers me a tow. So everyone should stick together and help each other out, you cant progress by your self so allow others to help you. And if your a jerk and like to bash then i hope your board falls off in mid-air and your arm goes through the rope and your spotter doesnt see so you get the effing ride of your life.


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