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Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-22-2013, 12:02 PM Reply   
So we had a great time surfing and camping for 9 days, until it was time to leave. While my wife is driving into the ramp to put the boat on the trailer, some idiot in his 80's model piece of crap Supra, backs down the ramp crooked and decides to slam the brakes with his wife behind the wheel of his boat (that is not started) to do a quick launch. Well guess what, this doesnt work, IF YOU ARE A IDIOT!!! His boat comes flying off the trailer at 5mph crooked and the port side rub rail nails the side of my boat under the windshield and punches a hole and cracks my gel coat , pushes my boat sideways and breaks my guide rail!! I did everything possible to not knock him the EFF out!!! ( he did get cussed out big time by me ) I am now waiting for the Sheriff to call and give me his information, since they wouldn't let me get it from him myself! I think they thought I was gonna kick his ass! Is this the way they do it now? I've heard you are not to exchange info between the two after a accident, you are to wait for the police to give you that info?? Is this right?? All I know is I better get a call today. I'm calling my insurance today and hoping they will get the ball rolling on my case. I will post a damage pic when I get home from work. Has this happened to anyone else? I don't even have a clue how much this repair might be. I'm going to Shasta in 3 weeks and need my ride!! I hope the repair shop has a quick turnaround!!
Old     (boarder1995)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-22-2013, 2:09 PM Reply   
Good luck with that quick of a repair. Summer time tends to be VERY busy with boat repair shops as everyone wants their ride back - sorry about that. Regarding the information - I've never heard of this before. I take pics, get witness information, and most importantly, get perps. information. If they're unwilling to give it to me directly, call the authorities and demand they get it to you. Good luck with the repair. As much of a pain as it is, it's just a boat that's repairable (all-be-it an expensive beautiful boat). Be thankfull you had a safe time on the water without injury and realize many are not that fortunate (count your blessings).
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-22-2013, 3:10 PM Reply   
Sheriff called and gave me all the info I needed, insurance companies are notified, now I'm praying for a fast repair! Yes, I am glad no one was hurt. He felt terrible, ( I could see it on his face). It was just hard for me to see my boat get smashed from someone that has no idea how to launch a boat.
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-22-2013, 4:14 PM Reply   
Here's a pic
Attached Images
Old     (wakebrdjay)      Join Date: Apr 2008       07-23-2013, 11:29 AM Reply   
That doesn't look too bad from the picture.I know it's bad,but it's above the rub rail correct?I wouldn't let that cancel your trip.Notify the about the trip and fix it after.I know it sucks looking at every time you use it,but it doesn't look like using it on the trip is going to make it any worse.I was putting my previous boat on the trailer and the v stop kicked back and the boat slid down the side of the bracket putting a 3 foot long gouge through to the fiberglass mat under the gel,my repair guy was booked up told me to use it and fix it in off season.It never got any worse and the repair looked great.
Old     (h20king)      Join Date: Dec 2009       07-23-2013, 12:43 PM Reply   
No damage is below the rub rail and will he submerged while surfing
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-23-2013, 12:54 PM Reply   
its below the rub rail right under the side window, starboard side, if it was towards the back, my wife would have pushed them away. With the windshield and tower in the way, there would have been no chance of her getting to it. I gotta give her credit, she did try to stop the accident, just couldn't get to the impact point. If it can't be fixed by my Shasta trip, I will be using Gorilla Tape!
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-23-2013, 12:57 PM Reply   
Harold it won't be submerged while under way, but it will go under when I slow down to pick up my riders!
Old     (zap)      Join Date: Jan 2009       07-23-2013, 4:17 PM Reply   
You could consider sealing it with some epoxy resin (something like zerovoc UV cure surfboard ding repair) when they fix it properly it will be removed.

Tough luck...
Old     (h20king)      Join Date: Dec 2009       07-23-2013, 6:57 PM Reply   
Tony are you sure it wont be submerged when surfing ?? when is the last time you looked at your boat from this angle??
Attached Images
Old     (malibu)      Join Date: Sep 2004       07-23-2013, 9:16 PM Reply   
Tony sorry about your Avy. She is such a great surf boat! Joe had an idea to go along with your gorilla tape. Could you clean the hull (damaged area), really good and use clear 3M packing tape under the gorilla tape to get by until after your trip? Hope you find something that works.
Old     (Pad1Tai)      Join Date: Jan 2013       07-24-2013, 7:15 AM Reply   
Bummer man........... Use lacquer thinner to remove the black scuffs from the hull and if the gelcoat is compromised, put a layer of mylar clear tape over it.. This will get you back in the water till it gets the complete repair.. don't let it ruin your day.. It's only a boat, not a person.. You have to learn how to drive offensively and stay out of the situations with these idiots.. thats the best defense.. Good Luck..
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-24-2013, 10:09 AM Reply   
Boats going in the shop today, guy gaurantees me it will only be a 4 day fix, and if I get it there today, I'll be second in line for repair. I hear what your sayin Charlie, that is your best defense from these idiots. It was just a situation that couldn't be avoided, due to his rapid back up and shoot the boat off the trailer method! Maybe next time I will go down the middle of the ramp so no one else can use it while I'm on it! LOL
Old     (Squid)      Join Date: Jun 2012       07-24-2013, 5:03 PM Reply   
Sorry A-Van...crossing the fingers for a speedy fix bra.
Old     (tonyv420)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-25-2013, 9:45 AM Reply   
Repair approved, check on way, boat will be done next Friday!! YAY!!
Old     (phathom)      Join Date: Jun 2013       08-21-2013, 11:41 AM Reply   
I see both sides of the exchanging information thing.
First I see your side about needing the info to get to the insurance company to file a claim.
Secondly, I was in a car accident with a motorcycle on NYE one year. He was drunk, ran a red light and T-Boned my car while heading to a bar. He was also a member of a criminal biker gang and was arrested before for assault and attempted murder. The guy and another one of his biker gang buddies had someone that crossed them at some point, went to their home, pillow case over his head, tied him up and beat the crap out of the guy leaving him for dead.
This was a case, because of him needing medical attention, that information was not exchanged.
I gave my info to the police, they did not give it to him, in fact they gave all info to the insurance company and the insurance company was dealing it out without either party contacting each other. They were going to pay out his medical bills and damage to his bike because one of his buddies on scene, said I ran the light, so I was cited, but it was thrown out since the only witness didn't show up at court for it. The insurance company didn't care and based their decision on that, and the fact that he was threatening the adjuster.
One way or another he got my info, well not mine, but my gfs I was staying at and had used that address before, but was not my address. I wasn't there, but apparently he came to the door with his buddy asking for me with a baseball bat in hand. Even though the insurance paid him out for his bike, any medical bills, etc. for him running the light and being drunk (they did a tox screen that showed up positive, but once again because of who he was and the threats that were made, did not admit them as evidence to the investigation) and being the one that hit me, he was still mad. BTW: My car wasn't fixed from this since I had liability and was the one who got hit by him.

Sorry for the long post, but things like that are reasons I see them not wanting a person to person exchange of info.
Old     (snork)      Join Date: Jun 2007       08-21-2013, 5:24 PM Reply   
Come to my door with a baseball bat and they'll leave in a body bag


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