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Old     (PandaCub)      Join Date: Oct 2011       10-06-2011, 8:06 PM Reply   
What would be a good board for someone who is new to wakesurfing? I weigh about 200lbs, I come from a 3 event tournament background, so I'm used to skiing on super responsive skis.

I've surfed a couple times on a hyperlite surfer, and it was okay at best. I rode behind a wakesetter that was super loaded down. The board was super unresponsive and sluggish. Are there any boards that are more responsive?

And I will be riding behind my ski nautique, so my wake won't be huge.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Old     (tmill)      Join Date: May 2011       10-07-2011, 12:12 PM Reply   
This last summer i taught a lot of people how to ride on a tripleX nitro. For your wake size/ weight i would recommend getting a 5-0 or 5-4 in length. New riders can run it as a thruster setup for the stability and predictability then switch to running it as a twin when you want to start doing more board slides and 360's.
Old     (lavinder)      Join Date: Mar 2008 Location: Gig Harbor, WA       10-27-2011, 11:53 AM Reply   
I surf with a Inland Surfer Red Woody. I am 200 lbs and new to surfing. It is advertised as beginner to advanced. Easy to get up on and I have a lot of fun. I have a Supra 22SSV that I surf behind with no issues.
Old     (getssum)      Join Date: Jul 2005       10-27-2011, 3:03 PM Reply   
Basically stay away from any of the big mfg's boards, and stick to something like an Inland Surfer, Soulcraft, XXX, Phase 5, Victoria, Calibrated, etc.

Don't be afraid to buy a board that is for "intermediate/advanced" because typically you outgrow the beginner board really quickly. Might want to try the Sweet spot pro.

Or just get a cheap board to get you started, then have a custom Soulcraft made.
Old     (jwilde)      Join Date: Oct 2011       10-27-2011, 8:48 PM Reply   
Take a look at the Shred Stixx all are responsive and all are designed to provide a true surfing experience behind the boat. Skim board are fun, but total trick boards, and most other manufactures produce mostly hybrid trick boards.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       10-27-2011, 9:45 PM Reply   
The only thing about the shredstixx boards is that they are usually more designed to be driven/pumped for speed, and don't have a lot of down the line speed. Not always best for beginners. RJ loves his Elevation, but I probably wouldn't throw it out to beginners.

Great all around board that will progress well is the Sweet Pro, the current version. Its fast down the line, stable, fun, and RJ was really able to launch it and have good control with other tricks. Put all 4 fins at first to lock it down a bit and then pull the inside fins once you get a bit better. This board can easily take you from beginner to intermediate-advanced. Also durable and not as fragile as the custom boards.

This review may be helpful to you:
Old     (h20king)      Join Date: Dec 2009       10-28-2011, 7:06 AM Reply   
Great review Robert.I to have had the chance to try all those boards their all great rides but in the end the soulcraft was the board I fell in love with.I got a hold of Jeff at soulcraft talked a little about my size and how I ride made a few changes and had him make me a custom one off Jetty 5.0.Once I received the board which I should add only took sixteen days from the first time I talked to Jeff until I had it in hand it was love at first ride.My riding style is more snowboard related because thats what I spent years of my life doing until my knee said thats enough.The board feels like an extension of my body rather than something I'm trying to muscle around.My advice is save yourself some cash and just buy a board you will grow into.The learning curve on wake surfing is short compared to some other sports and you will go from beginner to intermediate in days with your background.If you get a hold of Jeff at soulcraft he can talk with you and help you come up with a board that will work great for you.To me its a no brainer you can get a custom made in the USA soulcraft built to your specs cheaper than you can buy an off the shelf made in china inland surfer.JMTC
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Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       10-28-2011, 10:22 AM Reply   
Thanks, and no doubt Soulcraft is making a great product, and keeping customers happy. 16 days is a great turn around.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       10-28-2011, 2:02 PM Reply   
Oh, one thing that I would add about that soul craft. We ordered our 4.10 with an extra trailing fin box for beginners. It looks weird, a twinzer with an extra trailing fin, but the soulcraft worked GREAT to throw out to beginners with that extra rear fin to stabilize it. Then RJ just rips it out and then its back to its full performance.

Something to consider when ordering a custom board, allowing the board to serve as a trainer also.
Old     (h20king)      Join Date: Dec 2009       10-28-2011, 4:13 PM Reply   
Robert thats a good idea.I have been tossing around the idea of having a surf leach anchor installed in the wifes new custom I'm having made so a glow stick can be zip tied to the board for a little night surfing
Old     (PandaCub)      Join Date: Oct 2011       10-28-2011, 5:55 PM Reply   
I wouldn't call myself a beginner, but I guess you could say that when comparing me to someone who does nothing but surf. I'm just looking for a good suggestion for someone who is relatively new to surfing. The only board I've used was a hyperlite, no idea the model name, and it was behind a loaded down wakesetter. I'd like to get something that will be good for using behind my sn.
Old     (04outback)      Join Date: Jul 2007       10-28-2011, 7:10 PM Reply   
I got an inland red rocket this summer and love. A little beefier and buoyant. Not for 360s or lots of tricks. But fun, easy to get up on and stay on.
Old     (h20king)      Join Date: Dec 2009       10-28-2011, 11:31 PM Reply
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       10-31-2011, 11:51 AM Reply   
I tend to agree with Robert, to some extent, the Shred Stixx Hazen pro model (the Elevation was produced from 2009-2010) is not really a beginner board. It is intended for experienced and advanced riders looking for the speed and ability to drive down the line to launch the biggest airs while maintaining enough control to drop the board on the rail and truly carve the top of the wake. Most wake surfs simply glide on the surface and if pushed will sink and be overtaken by water and thus rider looses the wake or pearls.

Panda Cub, as for your original inquiry, I would suggest either looking at the:
Shred Stixx Piranha or Thresher; or
Inland Sweet Spot

On the cheap end you can look at china knockoffs like triple X, or wakeboard companies like ronix or liquid force. On the higher end there is TWP (the walker project), but these are not really beginner boards.

Customs are awesome, I am a total advocate of the custom concept. However, a custom board does not sound like the best choice for you right now. I say this a person who has built and developed custom surfboards for over 25 years. If you continue to love the sport and grow that quiver then a custom board suited to your riding style is going to be a must, but until then buy a standard model and learn what you like and don't like.

If you are interested in knowing more details about certain models, construction types employed by manufactures and how these will effect the feel and look of the board I am happy to elaborate.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       10-31-2011, 12:39 PM Reply   
Too funny, I always call it the Hazen, and RJ calls it the Elevation. I am always correcting him, and I typed Elevation above. Too funny, at least brain farts don't smell. ;-)
Old     (centurion_greece)      Join Date: Oct 2006       11-01-2011, 5:46 AM Reply   
hi there i am style any good and cheap board for me? 5'0 or 5'4 with good flotation what do you suggested for me???i ride behind a Avalanche
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       11-01-2011, 10:04 AM Reply   
Harris, cheap is pretty relative.... no but seriously. If you are looking for new but cheap, then triple x (nitro), liquid force (fish), ronix (longboard or evo), cwb, etc. All and all going to range between $200-500. Your weight is not necessarily an impediment to riding a shorter board, your height may be. The length of board you need generally depends on your style/stance and the wake your boat produces (which may be a function of the boat or even ballast limits on your given lake). On the higher end, big boy boards tend to be Shred Stixx (Piranha, Mako, or Stixxtreme); Inland (blue lake or red rocket). Range between $600-700.
Old     (duffymahoney)      Join Date: Sep 2008       11-01-2011, 10:08 AM Reply   
Try and find a used ja mako, blue lake etc... That way you can get higher end and still get the float.
Old     (centurion_greece)      Join Date: Oct 2006       11-01-2011, 11:57 AM Reply   
Thank you very much i said my style is Surf.....before i had a phace five icom but its too small for me...about the boat its a centurion avalanche with full set up of fat sacks
Duffy its to strong for me to find a used board....i am from far far away from states so its a problem.....
Old     (surferdude)      Join Date: Oct 2011       11-03-2011, 3:27 AM Reply   
Some of my friends started wakesurfing on an Airbaze Concorde Stream this year, I think it's a 4'11". Worked pretty good. One of them is doing airs already.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-03-2011, 9:55 AM Reply   
I don't know anyone at Airbaze or anything, but have looked online, and that board just seems to look WAY too much like an SS board.

Last edited by wakeworld; 11-04-2011 at 11:01 AM. Reason: Photo deleted at the request of the copyright holder.
Old     (duffymahoney)      Join Date: Sep 2008       11-03-2011, 10:17 AM Reply   
I talked to some of the folks at Shred Stixx about this. Very interesting. Gosh she didn't even try to hide the original design. You think she would have tried a different nose or tail or something.
Old     (getssum)      Join Date: Jul 2005       11-03-2011, 12:36 PM Reply   
Fins are different, more towards the rails, part of the shape near the tail is different as well.

Seems to be a European only board, right? I can imagine we won't see any of these in the states due to the import cost.
Old     (duffymahoney)      Join Date: Sep 2008       11-03-2011, 1:15 PM Reply   
The fins are more in my customs locations Tail looks identical. The stock image they use isn't exactly the shape of the customs. I heard Euro only as well.
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       11-03-2011, 4:43 PM Reply   
I can shed some light here...... First the Hazen image is not of real board but computer mock-up. The fin box images are not remotely accurate. The airbaze copy of the last board I made for Rebecca (see below) is an early prototype.... They are made in South Africa and are polyurethane/polyester resin board, and have apparently had a few issues with manufacturing and resilience.... It is unfortunately that they didn't try to develop their own board, but at the same time, it looks like they are copying the TWP outline now......

Rebecca's is the pink one, with black spray, carbon added, pink to purple fade rails.... it is a stubby 4'5" version the board Chase was riding. The board next to her's is Chris Kinsey's a slightly shorter Elevation in the 4'7" range and set up for Chris' style. This was the new board I made her for winning worlds in 2010.

Fins.... the lead fins on thruster, quads and most any surfboard are set approximately 10.5-12.0" from the tail; with the rear 1.25-1.5" in off the rail and toed-in towards the nose to some degree or in a linear measurement about .30 -.20".

A traditional thruster set up is 11" up from the tail, 1.25" in off the rail and toe-in .25".....

Name:  rebecca's last board.jpg
Views: 890
Size:  44.9 KB

Last edited by wakeworld; 11-04-2011 at 10:20 AM.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-04-2011, 9:43 AM Reply   
I am guessing Chaos = Nick from SS. I posted that picture because it seemed extremely obvious to me. That board in the picture is blue, and it looks like a SS board. But you as a SS guy talking about how they make them, problems with manufacturing, and then inferring they are moving on to copy someone else, and then you being part of SS, I think a part owner? I am not sure about the part owner part, but I think those comments are more out of line.

The LAST thing anyone at SS should be doing is talking about some other manuf. having trouble with making boards. Don't EVEN get me started on that one. I am going to refrain from posting my issues that RJ and I and the Wolters have had recently.

I guess there is some history between Airbaze and SS that I didn't know about and none of my business.
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       11-04-2011, 10:19 AM Reply   
Robert, i understand what you are saying to an extent, but how is it out of line. I am merely commenting on what I have seen and been told by others. Holger and Rebecca are nice people and I generally consider them friends. Holger had a falling out as a shred stixx distributor, and decided to form his own venture. Like I said, it is unfortunate that they first mirrored a shred stixx board, but not really a big deal, and from what I can tell rebecca's new board is looking more like the TWP template, only thicker and with a bottom channel. In all honesty please explain how this is out of line and if you have a problem with shred stixx and any board you have received, then please let me know.

A copy is a copy. It happens... we are seeing basic copies of designs to virtually complete knock off coming from overseas and throughout Europe. I am manufacture, and have been building boards for over 20 years, this is why I can add some insight as to where and how they are manufactured. This in itself is critical to the consumer. I am not defending shred stixx or bashing airbaze. In fact, I would like to think I provide honest, objective feedback to people on board selection. I am not concerned with selling boards, but I am and will always comment on design and the follies that most get into when purchasing a board or boat.... I try to stay away from the boat side of things.... those are seriously crazy debates....

I am being sincere Robert. Please explain how you feel it is out of line, you are welcome to do it here or privately.
Old     (duffymahoney)      Join Date: Sep 2008       11-04-2011, 10:40 AM Reply   
Well said Chaos!
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-04-2011, 10:42 AM Reply   
I think it is out of line speaking as a manufacturer of one board, and then pointing out flaws in there manufacturing in a very matter of fact way, and then stating they are now copying TWP, in a VERY matter of fact way. I showed a pic and made an obvious observation, and I am not affiliated with either of you.

I will speak privately to you about the issues I have had recently with SS. But reading your post about manufacturing issues from another company, that was a bit much.

For the record, RJ and I have worked hard to support all of the board manufacturers equally. If the board surfs well, then we love to point it out, and all boards are welcome at our demo events, and behind our boat. We have given props to the likes of the big guys and to the garage builders.

However, if a board surfs well, and it looks like a blatant copy of another, we will point it out because I think people should know that. If they still choose to buy the board that seems like a copy, cool, I don't care.

Anyway, I don't think you want to air out the rest online. Feel free to contact me, I am in the book. ;-)
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       11-04-2011, 11:15 AM Reply   
Agreed. I reread my post, and can see how it can be interpreted this way. Certainly, not my intention or tone. Nor do I feel that your comments or postings are 'out of line'. I fully believe the open display of views and opinions are the heart of a forum. It is a sad world where everyone share a single view..... With that said, if I do comment in the future, I will strive to be as objective as possible.

All manufactures have manufacturing issues, great and small. All seemingly go into it with the best intentions, but it does not always if ever work out to plan, and that is why there is such a steep learning curve for those new to the art, and a constant evolution for even those who have been around for years. I wish the Ort's the best with their new venture. I truly hope they are able to carve out a market in this ever expanding arena.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-04-2011, 11:34 AM Reply   
This economy has been tough on a lot of people, and I know its hard. Its sad, because there are some very good boards out there that aren't getting to people because of tough times. Its too bad.

I saw the new board you made for little Chris. That board was sick looking, looks like it rides pretty well too, at least under the feet of CK. We are heading to Texas shortly and will be visiting the Kinseys. I have no idea where you are, but maybe we will get a chance to say hi.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-04-2011, 12:01 PM Reply   
So I noticed that picture I posted was removed. It says because the author claimed copyright issue? WTF?

For the record, I did not "steal" anyones picture. I took the SS picture from the PUBLIC website of

The airbaze concorde picture I posted is the picture that is currently as of the time I am writing this, and when I posted it, the Facebook PROFILE picture for the official AIRBAZE Facebook page.

How much MORE public can an image be? I am sorry, its like I revealed a corporate secret that no one noticed before me. Kuh-ray-ZEE.

Last edited by ragboy; 11-04-2011 at 12:02 PM. Reason: typo
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-04-2011, 12:08 PM Reply

Fair use is a limitation and exception to the exclusive right granted by copyright law to the author of a creative work. In United States copyright law, fair use is a doctrine that permits limited use of copyrighted material without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Examples of fair use include commentary, criticism, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship. It provides for the legal, unlicenced citation or incorporation of copyrighted material in another author's work under a four-factor balancing test. The term fair use originated in the United States. A similar principle, fair dealing, exists in some other common law jurisdictions. Civil law jurisdictions have other limitations and exceptions to copyright.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-04-2011, 12:14 PM Reply   
Sorry, one more thing. For the record, I have no issue with WW pulling the pictures based on a request, I would have done the same thing, better safe than sorry. I just wanted to point out I didn't hack the picture from somewhere. A public image on a site, or a Facebook profile picture are fair game in my book.
Old     (Chaos)      Join Date: Apr 2010       11-04-2011, 1:17 PM Reply   
Too funny. This brings up a whole other situation and something that is relatively new to the surfboard industry. The industry use to self regulate. That is shapers use to give credit to other shapers for designs, and even paid royalties back a forth to distinctive enough designs. Well, in the modern world of surfboard manufacturing, some of the largest manufacturing houses bought up and copyrighted all kinds of names. I have had many friend that had a label/brand that was theirs for decades, but they never copyrighted it in the US, much less every other country in the world that offers such protection. It is daunting task. Then one day they get a letter stating that they no longer own the rights to a name and brand they built. There is a single copyright for the US, one that covers some of the European Union, one that covers some of Asia, otherwise, you have to file paperwork in every country.

It use to be unheard of for shapers to attempt to patent shapes, but this is becoming increasing popular, not that any respected designer would really have the drive or probably be in a financial position to seek legal action.
Old     (ragboy)      Join Date: Aug 2007       11-04-2011, 1:25 PM Reply   
In the end, not much you can do about it. I am not pointing out airbaze or anyone else. The only way to deal with that is to keep innovating and move forward, and move ahead. Then others if they copy, will be marketing your designs from last year.


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