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Old     (texasmasterc)      Join Date: Sep 2002       07-10-2007, 11:48 AM Reply   
Does Epic blister like Supra's??? HEHEHE kidding.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 11:56 AM Reply   
James.. impossible to blister... they are made with the same materials and technology as the Space Shuttle... Americas Cup racing boats... World Class offshore racing boats...
Old     (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       07-10-2007, 12:17 PM Reply   
There is a difference in bashing Epic and bashing Mercedes. Mercedes is off the ground & established. To bash a company that is trying to get its foot in the door is crap. We all want a new option in boating & to me one with a of ballast is perfect, so please stop sabotaging their efforts.

To say you want Epic to succeed is BS!! If you did, you would shut the hell up and let them sort out their early production issues without your snide comments every time something goes wrong. How many boats come off the lot perfect? Malibu tanks leak & Wedges fall off. Mastercraft guages don't work. they all have problems and there is no need for one guy to air out all of Epic's dirty laundry. Give them a moment to correct the errors as they ramp up their process.

I would get my boat fixed and not talk crap.
Old     (ttrigo)      Join Date: Dec 2004       07-10-2007, 12:20 PM Reply   
Kyle - to answer your question, I would be dealing with said boat company myself. I had a Chevy truck that was a lemon. I was busting balls myself till they got it replaced. needless to say, they replaced it with another POS, and I got my money back. I would be completely irritated if someone else was out there busting the companys balls for me. I am a responsible adult who does not need hand holding. I guess maybe your friends are not.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 12:33 PM Reply   
Hey I hear ya Big Heavy... Love Malibus... but friends own one.. and the Wedge has busted off 6 times... they have now been told 7th and final one... NO MORE...

And what about Ryan and his Barbed Wire Pimped out X-Star... with gel coat cracks... what a piece of crap... and now he has a PWT edition for sale... with zero hours...

Just to clarify from Big Heavy and Thomas.. can you list some of the do's and donts of posting on a discussion board... what am I allowed to say and not say...

I don't want to step on anyones toes.

I guess... I should only say positive things? Is that correct?

Here is a positive thing... the boat here had the limited riders edition... not only did it come standard with 4000lbs of ballast... it also came with an extra 500lbs of water in the bilge! )

Its not so much different than Ronia's gel coat issues...

We wakeworlder's just want companies to step up and do what we think is right!!!

Thats all.

Sorry if I hurt your guy's feelings.
Old     (ttrigo)      Join Date: Dec 2004       07-10-2007, 12:38 PM Reply   
my feelings are not hurt at all. but what Heavy said is right on.
"To say you want Epic to succeed is BS!! If you did, you would shut the hell up and let them sort out their early production issues without your snide comments every time something goes wrong. How many boats come off the lot perfect? Malibu tanks leak & Wedges fall off. Mastercraft guages don't work. they all have problems and there is no need for one guy to air out all of Epic's dirty laundry. Give them a moment to correct the errors as they ramp up their process."

just leave it alone.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 12:44 PM Reply   
Have you guys ever thought.. that a little controversy helps companies out... it shows that arent perfect but are stepping up to help their customers... building a loyal customer base along the way.

I do want them to succeed... actually I NEED them to succeed... and furthermore... they will SUCCEED...

So why all the fuss... stop the worry and buy an Epic! Biggest wake on the lake!
Old     (tlb)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-10-2007, 12:56 PM Reply   
I've been watching these Epic threads for a few years now and it's always the same thing.
Kyle comes on here and on one post will say something nice about Epic then he'll post something negative, sometimes even in the same post. I'm not sure why.
I will be buying a new boat later this year and if Epic has a 21ft available at that time I will consider buying one.
Old     (dh03r6)      Join Date: Mar 2007       07-10-2007, 1:01 PM Reply   
where can i see one? I think the boat is a great idea. I would really like to see one, anybody in GA
Old    bocephus            07-10-2007, 1:07 PM Reply   
I'm even lost...
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 1:08 PM Reply   
Yeah Sorry Tom... kind of like my Vancouver Canucks... I go watch every home game.. yet I bash them... Its this dual personality disorder... I am hoping the medication that was prescribed will help... but who knows... I am so unpredictable.

Tom.. for them to come out with a 21ft won't be that difficult... what about being patient enough for one.. even if you have to wait an extra few months.

Call Chris and ask him if you can be first in line for the 21ft. I am sure he can accomodate you.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 1:22 PM Reply   
Ok... I will come clean...

There is a local group of guys who own an Epic here in Penticton. They surf everyday behind the boat. It is a pure white with the big Epic Logo on the side.

Its truly an amazing boat. They and all who have got to ride behind it love it and are very impressed with every single aspect of it.

There haven't been any problems with it... Runs like a dream.

If you want reliable and best fit and finish in the biz and the biggest wake in the biz... this is the boat for you. Epic all the way.

I would like to retract all of my previous posts. If someone could have them deleted... that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Old     (wakebordr11)      Join Date: May 2001       07-10-2007, 1:22 PM Reply   
quit feeding the troll is what I say... as has been posted before on this thread, he is totally clueless...
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 1:25 PM Reply   
If you find that Epic is a little too big for you... or looking for something a little less expensive... you may want to consider an Aztec Crow. There are a few used ones for sale out there. Metal Flake gel coat.. what more could you ask for!
Old    bocephus            07-10-2007, 1:33 PM Reply   


By Kyle (hamkj) on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 - 12:25 pm: you may want to consider an Aztec Crow.

Why you bagging on my Aztec? I don't bag on your boat?
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 1:42 PM Reply   
I would never BAG on an Aztec. The Crow was my baby! After I added the 22i Riders type of interior layout... I loved it even more... But I traded it in... and it was a sad day... Now I just stick to my little aluminum boat... got perfect pass for trolling... and winning the odd fishing derby around the local lakes!
Old     (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       07-10-2007, 1:50 PM Reply   
Hmmm, I'm headed up to BC in a couple weeks. Are all the people up there whacky like yourself?
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 1:55 PM Reply   
Basically... I am just finding so many people on these discussion boards are so sensitive...

Say something critical and everyone jumps all over you.

Try to come up with alternative like the Crow.. the Bocephus is upset...

I guess they dont like news reporting on here... only want to hear the feel warm and fuzzy good stories...

I will work on that...
Old    bocephus            07-10-2007, 2:16 PM Reply   
Hahahaha, I'm upset...LOL!

This thread is a bust! Time to end it and start another....
Old     (texasmasterc)      Join Date: Sep 2002       07-10-2007, 3:15 PM Reply   
After reading this Novela a few things are obvious:
1: Don't ask any questions that a company won't want to answer cause it probably doesn't matter and you don't need to know.

2: Asking a manufacturers will result in excretion of marketing material. Chances of them answering a direct question are slim to none.

3: There are approximately 5 Epics sold, most are broken and in the shop. A lot of people think they are a great idea and revolutionary but yet they still purchase from the big 3.
Old     (clearywd)      Join Date: Dec 2006       07-10-2007, 3:27 PM Reply   
I have an Epic in Atlanta, GA. The wake is excellent with empty ballasts and silly fully loaded. I rode behind their pre-production boat and am impressed with all of the fit and finish work on the new boat. The battery issue is a real issue and one that I am working to resolve as we speak. Chris has been excellent to work with and truly cares for the wake community. That is no BS. There is a ton of storage. The boat turns on a dime. The tower folds down with ease.
Old     (texasmasterc)      Join Date: Sep 2002       07-10-2007, 3:30 PM Reply   
Anyone else own the other 4? Yours in the shop too?
Old     (wakecda)      Join Date: Jun 2007       07-10-2007, 3:31 PM Reply   
I own an Epic and it runs great, its been in the shop when I had the oil changed. Are you counting me? Maybe your facts are not right?
Old     (texasmasterc)      Join Date: Sep 2002       07-10-2007, 3:35 PM Reply   
Have an 2007 Epic 23v Demo boat, only 120 hrs on it. MSRP $65000 with a tandem trailer, will sell for $50000. Call if interested, located in Coeur d alene, Idaho. 208-667-6994

Is that why you are selling it?
Old     (wakecda)      Join Date: Jun 2007       07-10-2007, 3:40 PM Reply   
That one is gone and I have another one right now with 50hrs. It will be for sale at the end of the summer and already ordered my 08 model.
Old    bocephus            07-10-2007, 3:41 PM Reply   
Anyone tow with the Aptera yet? New thead...
Old     (cla17)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-10-2007, 3:53 PM Reply   
Bill - I hope you aren't spending time reading this HUGE post when you have a beautiful new baby girl(Abigail) at home who I'm sure is in need of attention :-) But I guess some time away form the fatherly duties is good every once and a while... I'd post a pic of her but don't want to have to Paparazzi after you guys
Old    bocephus            07-10-2007, 4:10 PM Reply   
Congrats Chris...
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 5:18 PM Reply   
Joe... how much for the latest one? Will it be in Idaho too? I have a group of guys that want to start up a club... I told them to go with the Epic! When will it be available?
Old     (wakecda)      Join Date: Jun 2007       07-10-2007, 5:45 PM Reply   
Have them contact me and I can take them out in it. I will put it up for sale in September.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-10-2007, 5:50 PM Reply   
Can you post some pics of the red one and any other colors... other than solid white....

Also... any idea if the 21ft will be a blunt nose?
Old     (greatdane)      Join Date: Feb 2001       07-10-2007, 6:17 PM Reply   
This thread is lame.

Sorry to raise the bar on this conversation.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-13-2007, 4:03 PM Reply   
Come on Joe... post pics of some Epics other than White... there is the red one.. and some black ones too!!!
Old     (wakebordr11)      Join Date: May 2001       07-13-2007, 4:15 PM Reply   
I thought this was dead... he brings it back lol...
Old     (wakecda)      Join Date: Jun 2007       07-13-2007, 4:24 PM Reply   
Here you goUpload
Old    bocephus            07-13-2007, 5:53 PM Reply   
I saw another one today going down I-10 in Phoenix. It had white, blue and black wrap on it. It said Epic on the front in some "latin gang" style lettering...
Old     (bfwake)      Join Date: Mar 2007       07-13-2007, 9:54 PM Reply   
There will be one in the Detroit area tomorrow.
Old     (bazel)      Join Date: Oct 2001       07-14-2007, 7:49 AM Reply   
What is the bar sticking up from the tower on the front leg/driver side?

By the way that boat looks sharp. Still not a fan of the snub nose though. Was there a reason for that or just being different?
Old     (timmyb)      Join Date: Apr 2007       07-14-2007, 8:00 AM Reply   
Saw one last night at Boyd Lake in Loveland, CO. Looks like it throws a very nice wake! Didn't get a chance to check it out too much other than watching the people they were pulling.
Old     (closedtoe)      Join Date: Jan 2007       07-14-2007, 8:12 AM Reply   
If you drop the trim tab down does the wake turn into a mellow shape rather than steep?
Old     (committed)      Join Date: Jul 2005       07-14-2007, 11:59 AM Reply   
"What is the bar sticking up from the tower on the front leg/driver side?"

I would hazard a guess, and say "What is a automatic flagger" for 200.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-16-2007, 10:46 AM Reply   
Duane... never say die!!! There has to be more than just all white Epics... I like the black one.. and the Pirate one... Show us teh red one.. and others in wraps etc!!!!

For more cost effect custome boats... just use a dry erase marker on the white hull and you can have a custom boat every time you hit the water!
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-19-2007, 2:40 PM Reply   
Another White One! heheh... The next official Wakeworld Boat!!!

Looks similar to Wakesetter... but the wake is twice as big!!!

Old     (deltaboy)      Join Date: Jan 2007       07-19-2007, 2:45 PM Reply   
Funny I didnt know Epics were made at the Merced Airport......
Old     (tlb)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-19-2007, 2:56 PM Reply   
Die thread Die
Old     (shawns_no_good)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-19-2007, 3:52 PM Reply   
What is an Epic wakeboat? Can anyone fill me in on what they are and why people are making such a fuss about it?
Old     (shawns_no_good)      Join Date: Jul 2007       07-19-2007, 3:53 PM Reply   
Keep this thread alive!!!
Old     (dh03r6)      Join Date: Mar 2007       07-20-2007, 10:17 AM Reply   
What is the longest thread to date?
Old    dabigkahuna            07-20-2007, 12:20 PM Reply   
I'm just curious, since the 4,000 lbs. of ballast is built into the EPIC boat, does it have a Coast Guard Weight Rating that allows you to legally fill the ballasts all the way and have 6-8 people on the boat?
Old     (wakecda)      Join Date: Jun 2007       07-20-2007, 12:38 PM Reply   
You can fill the 4,000 ballast and still seat 14 people, coast guard approved.
Old    dabigkahuna            07-20-2007, 1:32 PM Reply   
Wow! That is awesome, totally legal ballast plus 14 people. I've been wondering if the Coast Guard is going to start getting involved with regulating the wakeboarding industry, as there is lots of people who sack their boat out far beyond the Coast Guard weight placard.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-20-2007, 2:43 PM Reply   
Joe... when you say Coast Guard Approved... are the boats now going out with all the appropriate decals/certifications etc... I know the first few.. being protypes didnt go through that process.

But what you are saying.. we will see that yellow decal with the capacity rating...

CONGRATS!!! Things are moving along!
Old     (wakecda)      Join Date: Jun 2007       07-20-2007, 3:36 PM Reply   
NOTE: The Coast Guard Capacity Information label is required only on monohull boats less than 20' in length. The label is not required on multi-hull boats, pontoon boats (catamarans), or on any sailboats, canoes, kayaks, or inflatable boats, regardless of length.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-20-2007, 11:30 PM Reply   
Isnt it wise when you are the new kid on the block to do what your competitors are doing... I notice the MC, BU, SC, Tige, SAN etc.. all of the mainstream manufacturers put their Capacity Labels on their boats throughout their entire line up... I think... I may be wrong... But every boat I have owned usually has something on it stating capacity and total weight...
Old     (cla17)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-23-2007, 9:53 PM Reply   
WOW!!! I got married and went on my Honeymoon(both were GREAT!!!) and this thread is stillllllllll going.......... I was hoping that the infusion thread would have caught on but I guess not... I think that is telling about how important people feel new composite technology is in regards to wake sports. I wish people saw the technology for the breakthrough that it really is but I think, at least on these forums, talk of stereo upgrades and new bling will always win out over new tech...
Old    dabigkahuna            07-24-2007, 3:52 AM Reply   

Congratulations on the marriage! Iím glad you werenít posting while on your honeymoon

Keep up the excellent work, Epic has a great future. Stay focused, trust your instincts, and keep doing what you have been doing! I think itís awesome to see how much innovation has been incorporated into the Epic design.
Old     (malibuboarder75)      Join Date: Jan 2004       07-24-2007, 6:56 AM Reply   
Damn Chris, all these projects and still time for a woman. You have me beat.
Old     (wakeskywalker)      Join Date: Jan 2003       07-26-2007, 10:10 PM Reply   
Ok here it is I've owned an Epic Wake Boat 23V for a couple of seasons now and have had NO proplems with my boat!! In fact I'm still in contact with the Chris Epic team via their call to me checking in to say hi. I sur you wouldn't get that fom your BU,CC or any other manufacture. Kyle you seem to be a complete TOOL. I wish you would, well I'll speak for myself and say why don't you go play with some knives and cut your hands off!! And quite being a keyboard warrior.Upload
Old     (committed)      Join Date: Jul 2005       07-27-2007, 8:19 AM Reply   
Anthony, your Pirate Rig is simply one of the best original boats I have seen. Your a bastard pirate and your ship is a sight. Well done-shots of Capt. Morgans' for everyone......
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-27-2007, 8:52 AM Reply   
Anthony... thats not very nice. You should be thanking me... part of the reason you got that boat is because of me. If it wasn't for me.. who knows if your boat would be resin infused with a Volvo 8.1L. It may have ended up like the prototype... hand laid with PCM 6.0L. So stop trying to hurt my feelings and just say thank you!

We seem to have a lot in common... we both make money with our hands... you hit people... and I get paid for how many hits on discussion boards world wide!
Old     (dh03r6)      Join Date: Mar 2007       07-27-2007, 9:17 AM Reply   
Anthony any more pics of that boat you cant just give us one.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-27-2007, 11:53 AM Reply   
Anthony... I was actually liking your boat. I was hoping Chris would get it up here for last weekends boat show at the marina. They had all of the old antique wood boats... I think it would have been the odds on favourite to have a new boat with old boat look!
Old     (wakeskywalker)      Join Date: Jan 2003       07-27-2007, 12:23 PM Reply   
Hey Kyle dude what are you talking about? I should thank you, for what? I had my boat made/orderd that way and my decision had nothing to do with you! I'm personaly sick of you bashing CHRIS and the whole Epic team! Do your self and the rest of us supporters of Chris and Epic as a manufacture, with your bashing attempts(and the same story of that one boat) to your self! So your possibly a cool kid however your mouth/hands upset alot of poeple and I happen to be one of them! Like I said prior NO ONE LIKES A KEYBOARD WARRIOR! Upload
Old     (wakeskywalker)      Join Date: Jan 2003       07-27-2007, 12:30 PM Reply   
OH yea Kyle My boat along with myself might be on our way to your neck of the woods. Chris has invited me up there for a tour of the factory. You and I should meet for a face to face.
Old    00wakesetter            07-27-2007, 12:44 PM Reply   
I cant belive pepole can argue on a message board for this long. I guess its kinda funny
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-27-2007, 12:49 PM Reply   
Unfortunately... my UFC career came to a quick end. I was unable to insure my fingers for my real career as a discussion board author.

I wouldn't think I was bashing. To my recollection... I don't think I have bashed Chris.

I had some questions in regards to some of the issues they were having... and it wasn't with just one of the boats...

The most recent one... has finally been issue free after being in and out of the shop for the first few months.

They guys are really happy with it. The vector steer handles like a hot damn... nice!!!

As for the overall feel... I have to say.. I really liked the feel of the old black fade prototype... but to each their own...

I like the look of the new one.. I like the interior and the dash etc of the production model.

I would like to see some engine options too... I think a 5.7L or 6L might do the trick...

If you take a close read of any of my comments in regards to Epic and the developments...

I brought to light some real life issue they were having. Sorry if that bothers people... but isnt that what discussion boards are?

Chris is a professional.... He addresses those concerns... discusses the issue, what the solutions are... and moves forward.

The more consumers know about a product (good and bad), a team, and the people behind the scenes... the more people will put faith in the product and the company behind it.

Look at other topics... you got a guy saying his MC X-Star is a piece of Sh%$#^! Or Supra is a piece of crap.

No matter which company you are... you are going to have the odd problem... and if brought to the attention of others... people get upset about it...

I see nothing wrong with it... and it has been a great opportunity for Chris and Epic to address concerns that other "would be" buyers may have.

And Chris has answered those questions honestly and professionally and gained the respect of many readers on these discussion boards.

As for meeting face to face... I think we are in the wrong weight category... I weigh all of 75lbs soaking wet... so I think you would have the edge there... my stand up game is not so good... and ground game is non-existant... and with the cage... makes it impossible for me to run in any one direction for long distances...

So I think you would take the king of the cage in this case!

Thanks for the offer, flattered by the challenge though!
Old     (committed)      Join Date: Jul 2005       07-28-2007, 8:18 AM Reply   
Kyle, quick question before you insert yourself again, how many screen names are you currently using? It's hard to keep up.
Kyle, the first 10 times, you posed all these same questions about Epic and Chris, it was informative, but now, it's strickly "stalking" material. Your not happy, your bitter with how things ended up, from all the "work" you did. It's shows in virtually every thread on the Epic-where you insert yourself. For the average person, we're stoked to see one of "us" make an impact in the rigs we tow with. Epic may make it or not, but the journey has been fun. From the first pics of Chris's garage, to seeing Anthony's nasty pirate hooker(respectfully), we have been along for the ride. At some point, you need to let it go, and let it sink or swim on it's own merits. Words typed on a screen, from someone who clearly carries an axe, holds lil water (pun served). But thanks for trying.
Just doin my part to insure this thead maintains top 10 status. I'm outta here to visit Colen's thread on crappy Xstars.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-28-2007, 10:17 AM Reply   
What? What do you mean I am bitter about how things ended up? And what do you mean by all the work I did? Things ended up the way I wanted... I wanted to have a world class wake machine built locally. DONE! All the work I did... I still dont understand. I haven't had to work at all. I just called the local manufacturer and I called Chris. That was it. And now they are being built as we speak!

I have never speculated on these threads. I have simply reported some of the information from some of the locals that own or have been in or behind an Epic.

There has been both positive and negative information but nothing damaging... just simple things that Chris has addressed.

If you read other posts on other threads you will also read that 99% of the time I am not serious.

Like the guy who couldnt back up his trailer (surge brakes) so he drained the fluid and everything seemed to work fine. Then he had a noise in his engine... so I suggested he drain his engine oil. hahah...

People that complain about things... I just make fun off... it is really a great form of entertainment.

What I truly wish for... is for people to put their money where there mouth is...

Anthony has. He loves his Epic, believes in the product and the team... and OWNS an Epic.

Everyone else on here just chats about it.

Supporting them on here does help a little... but make a committment and BUY an Epic. That is where I see TRUE support.

I have no problem making a PURCHASE today for an Epic.

I expect all other supporters of Epic to see their boat on the classified ads and their orders going in for an Epic.

Epic is going to be around. You can't take groundbreaking breakthroughs and not survive. Some take longer than others etc... but at the end of the day... they will be around.

Just think... if Chris said to us today that he quits... you don't think someone is going to take his hull and ideas and bring it to life again...

So no matter how you look at it... Chris is never going to let this one slide... he's got a winner.

People just got to step up and buy the boats. There are lots being built... the factory always has 3 or 4 coming out the door every week. So make your deposit and buy one!
Old     (roomservice)      Join Date: Dec 2006       07-28-2007, 11:26 AM Reply   
Oh Kyle....shhhhh, you had me at hello... you had me at hello.
Old     (joshugan)      Join Date: Apr 2005       07-28-2007, 11:30 AM Reply   
Kyle, I don't think Bill Clinton could even spin the hate you have spewed out onto Epic as not being bashing.

But keep telling yourself that. (Don't you think it odd though that most everyone has thought you were bashing?)

If you're really done bashing though then I guess that's all that matters.

Anthony, your boat is awesome!!!
Old    bocephus            07-28-2007, 11:30 AM Reply   
Old     (tlb)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-28-2007, 1:28 PM Reply   
Chris (committed) sure hit it on the head..
Kyle sometimes sez he should be thanked for inventing the resin infusion process used on the epic, other time he bashes the hell out of Epic.
Maybe Kyle is bi-poler
I'm seriously interested in Epic and have ALOT of respect for Chris Anthony for doing this and will hopefully be one of the first in line to get a 21ft if they go into production.
I can't imagine how frustrating it must be to have a guy like Kyle constantly bashing every move you make.
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-29-2007, 1:22 PM Reply   
Tom.. did I say I invented resin infusion? Hmmmm... dont think so.

All you supporters... as I have said before... buy an Epic.. what are you waiting for?!?!

Honestly... I think it is a pathetic attempt at showing support. Buy an Epic.. that is showing support!

By the way...

Mastercraft X-Stars suck. Worst boat ever made!

hahaha... Just kidding. I love my new 08 PWT X-Star!
Old     (wakeshoe)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-29-2007, 2:32 PM Reply   
The only thing Epic about this thread is how freaking long it is! Tolstoy's War & Peace looks like Readers Digest compared to this thread. Since we have seen the story of Chris from wanting to build his own wakeboard boat (probably because he had no girl), to his marriage, I'm betting the thread won't end until Epic sells 5,000 boats and Chris has three kids, one of which has just given him his first grandchild!!!!
Old     (hamkj)      Join Date: Apr 2002       07-30-2007, 10:59 AM Reply   
I think if you took all of the threads that involve Epic Wake Boats... you have one of the longest discussions in history! Almost time for an EpicWorld website.

To clarify for those who think being critical is bashing etc...

Due to the fact that most times I am posting to ruffle the feathers of some of the addicted posters as I...

I looked back through the threads...

When the prototype was introduced... I was pumped... Especially after riding behind, driving, and going through it from top to bottom. The old black prototype was big and solid with a very simple interior and some well thought out maintenance access. The ballast pumps were right there! Dash layout was nice. PCM ZR motor was great. Infiniti Kappa speakers were super clear out the back.

When the first few infused boats came out... he jazzed up the interior... dash layout was imporved with nice gauges, and switches were nicely laid out. Everything was just a little bit plusher.

I was hoping they would stick with the PCM.. but they went with the Volvo. This where readers would say I was bashing... whether it be Volvo or user error... There were 2-3 problems with the powerplant in only the first few built...

As for bashing resin infusion... not bashing the infusion process... but rather the precautions that need to be taken... which have seemingly been figured out.. as there were a couple of delamination issues in some of the early boats.

As for the latest info on the local Epic here... there were a lot of problems... which have all been solved. They appear to be just some minor oversights at the manufacturing process.. but not anything to do with the actual integrity of the structure. Lacked power.. something to do with exhaust. Which was leaking and causing boat to take on water which drained battery due to bilge being on. Skeg was fell off... could have hit something.

But the boys are thrilled with the boat now!

They say it handles like a dream... weighted or unweighted... high speeds or low speeds... VECTOR STEER.

A few of the riders have said they notice a little bit of difference between the original black prototype and the production model with wake shape and size. Seems odd because the hull is the same... I am guessing due to the total weight of hull and ballast... and where the weight was located from old to new boat.

So all in all... the Epic boat is now in full production and boats are coming out every day. Chris has taken the compliments, support, and criticism in stride and addressed everything which I assume has helped him in refining his Epic Wake Boat.

FYI... the only time I bashed... was when I talked to Chris directly in regards to previous marketing stuff. Now Epic has a new marketing Rep! GO JOE GO!!!


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