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Old     (silverlude)      Join Date: Apr 2004       06-10-2009, 7:07 PM Reply   
Anyone know of any? Would like to try out some as I saw a pair of custom mades on tower that had great sound and the guy said he only had 50w to each(x4) Sound was very clear out to 100' behind his boat as they went by. He said they were clear as a bell when riding. I have 4 6.5" Memphis spks. in AudioFormz cans powered w 50w ea and not as clear as I would like when outside of wake even though we have angled the outer cans. Don't really need lows from tower spks so the horns really made sense, and man they were LOUD. Ideas please, Tks
Old     (bchesley)      Join Date: Apr 2001       06-10-2009, 7:35 PM Reply
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       06-10-2009, 7:38 PM Reply
Old     (882001)      Join Date: Nov 2003       06-10-2009, 7:45 PM Reply   
im not for sure but i think he is more or less talking about these.
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       06-10-2009, 8:15 PM Reply   
Old     (silverlude)      Join Date: Apr 2004       06-10-2009, 8:58 PM Reply   
nu bu,,, hilarious, how did u know???? Naw, these things looked like a concert speaker customed for the boat. Never seen anything like it. Shape was similiar to the Kickers but he said he built them himself but I did not get a chance to speak with him after they went by a few times they left the creek we board in and have not seen them since. Still chucklin' bout the R Shack link, nice.
Old     (yubasanger)      Join Date: Jul 2007       06-10-2009, 11:31 PM Reply   
Maby the EVID 6.2
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-11-2009, 9:42 AM Reply   
A few people have asked about the new speaker I've been rocking on my tower so I thought I'd give you a few photos and tell you about them.

Liquid Acoustics gave me a speaker to demo and I've really been impressed. I've had it on for two trips in the past two weekends and everyone has been really impressed. The first thing you notice is its extreme look. I say extreme because it looks so different then any other speaker on the market but there's a reason it looks so extreme. There enclousure houses 2 mid bass drivers and two compression drivers. This gives you a loud crystal clear distortion free range of music. Its amazing even when cutting outside the wake!

At ski beach I was parked transom to transom with a boat that was running 4 wetsounds pro80's and while he may have gotten me on decibals, he was running twice the speakers as me and had them correctly powered you could still hear my speakers crystal clear while standing on the swim deck inbetween both boats.

I didn't even have them wired correctly. Instead of running the recomended amp I just ran a $104 performance technique amp I had lying around in the garage. I'm going to invest in the proper amp know that I've seen just what these things can do! In fact I ran into a guy who was running a NVS Enitiy set-up and he is selling that and buying two of these because they are louder and clearer.

I think these speakers really shined when they were not only blasting but when you lowered the volume to whisper quiet they didn't get muddy or distorted. And mind you this was with a cheapo amp I had lying around.

Marc at Liquid Acoustics makes everything in the U.S. from his enclousures to the speakers, even the CNC grills are made in the U.S. I think he is going live with his website in a week or two, not sure on the price point but he did tell me they would be less then wetsounds. You definatly owe to yourselves to have a listen to these speakers!

Text description

Text description
Old     (trace)      Join Date: Feb 2002       06-11-2009, 11:07 AM Reply   


At ski beach I was parked transom to transom with a boat that was running 4 wetsounds pro80's and while he may have gotten me on decibals, he was running twice the speakers as me and had them correctly powered you could still hear my speakers crystal clear while standing on the swim deck inbetween both boats.

That had to hurt.
Old     (jarrod)      Join Date: May 2003       06-11-2009, 11:18 AM Reply   
We run the NVS speakers.
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       06-11-2009, 11:35 AM Reply   
Robert I think it's great that Marc can engineer and build those speakers all here in the USA he should be commended for that. However I can't see him gaining any market share in the pro-audio tower speaker market with a speaker that looks like that. Best of luck to him.
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-11-2009, 12:00 PM Reply   
Nu Bu I agree the speakers look radical and with the potruded horn they look different then anything else currently on the market. He has a more traditional grill that is available as an option that looks just like the grills on all the other speakers on the market.

The reason behind these radical grills is cost. Being everything is made in the US and the grills are CNC'd out of aluminum the cost can climb pretty quick. The optional grill starts off as a 15lb chunk of aluminum and when its done being machined weighs under 1lb. Hence the larger cost. The standard grills have alot less waste. If the look is too extreme check out the standard grills I'll attach a pic of them.

trace, it was loud! lol But with the beer and the action on the pole we didn't mind getting our ears blown out! lol

old grill
Old     (chpthril)      Join Date: Oct 2007       06-11-2009, 12:25 PM Reply   
Dont worry Robert, if they looked like anything else on the market, someone would have made a comment about not being original. Damned if ya do, damned if ya dont. $.02
Old     (wake1823)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-11-2009, 12:48 PM Reply   
spekaers look good withe h stock grill. But they need to come up with a better clamp design. IMO the one they are using looks very Home depot-ish. HEadroom is a big issue for most guys over 6' tall...copy the NVS design and increase the headroom by using a better clamping system. Thsoe 6-8" spekaers prolly hang 1-2 " lower than an NVS 10 inch speaker
Old     (liquid1)      Join Date: Oct 2004       06-11-2009, 12:49 PM Reply   
Liquid Acoustics has spent quite a bit of time, and been through a lot of different designs to come up with the speaker Robert has. I havent seen or heard the version Robert has on his boat, but everything Marc has been working on has been pretty trick and first class. Behind that funny grill there is a lot of thought and technology, and he is a pretty big proponent of making things here in the US, and it sounds like he has found ways to do it affordably. If you want to talk to a guy who will spend hours and hours talking speaker design, technology and ideas, Marc is a good guy to talk to.
I cant wait to get a chance to hear this new version.

(Message edited by liquid1 on June 11, 2009)
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       06-11-2009, 12:59 PM Reply   
"Dont worry Robert, if they looked like anything else on the market, someone would have made a comment about not being original. Damned if ya do, damned if ya dont. $.02"

Blah blah blah blah blah. Not near as nice as those kickers you're slanging I know Mike.

I definetely like the second grill much better. Has he though of going to abs plastic route like the other manufacturers or is there a sound benefit using the cnc'd aluminum?

(Message edited by 05mobiuslsv on June 11, 2009)
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-11-2009, 1:12 PM Reply   
Well eventually he plans to have the grills made in cast aluminum. The problem with die cast aluminum or even abs plastic like most use is setting up the molds to make them. He told me on the grill the best price he could get for having the mold made was 50k. Untell demands reachs the point were it is feasible he well continue making the cnc'd grills.

My first choice was the second more conventional grills like i showed you however the grill that has the potruding horn has really grown on me. Its so off the wall and different i really like it! It well get attention anywhere you go and when people hear the sound they have no doubt as to where its coming from!

Part of the reason the grill is so stout is it supports the weight of the compression driver. If you look at the pics you'll realise every speaker opening has a compression driver as well as a mid bass driver.
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-11-2009, 1:19 PM Reply   
Hey Sam, the bracket on my box was a prototype and the finished bracket is 1.5" shorter. The reason the bracket is flat on the bottom of the tower is it mounts with a quick disconnect bracket that allows one person to undo and remove the speaker box in about 15 seconds. Makes it easier for storing your fancy speakers or if you want to turn the speaker around to shoot the sound forward. The clamps are pretty trick in real life.

Unfortunatly on a forum like this all you can judge is looks. Where these speakers really shine is sound quality and loudness and how easy everything is to work with. Unfortunatly you can't hear or touch them on here you can just see them. If you see me on the water and want to check them out just flag me over I'll be more then happy to show them to you. Like everyone has said on every post on here you really need to see and touch and hear a speaker system before you buy it.
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-11-2009, 3:18 PM Reply   
Stock grill = Nice Look
CNC Grill = FAIL
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-11-2009, 3:31 PM Reply   
If your talking about Liquid Acoustic's grills there both cnc'd one is just more traditional looking and the other one is radical looking because of the horn potruding. But they are both cnc'd

Price point is the whole reason for both the grills. Some people can afford steak and some can just afford beans. But no matter what your budget you can get a quality sounding pro audio speaker set up for less then anywhere else. Thats the real advantage here. After all sound is meant to be heard not seen right? Well maybe with the exception of those of us that have so much bass we send ripples out from our hulls! lol

I'll be they first to admit the grill with the potruding horn is not going to be for everyone and thats why Marc decided to offer both grill options. Myself I think the flat grill with the horn could be pretty cool. I've heard talk that they have future plans with the flat grill where you can submit your own design or even a picture of your rims and the flat grill well match. I don't think that well be launching this summer but that seems like a really cool idea!
Old     (silverlude)      Join Date: Apr 2004       06-11-2009, 7:15 PM Reply   
I knew someone would have info. TKS Robert, I believe those are what we saw. This guy said they were custom made but he also said they had made them, so we were not sure what the real story was. We are in Indiana on some creeks off the Ohio River so ya don't see alot of high end or custom stuff. Do you have contact info?
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-11-2009, 7:52 PM Reply   
Brian you can contact Marc at Liquid Acoustics directly on his cell at 831-320-3264 The guy is super informative and like Geoff said he's a wealth of knoweledge, he really put alot of thought and technology into the design of the whole system.
Old     (ncsumalibu)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-12-2009, 8:42 AM Reply   
Those grills look like polk db651's
Old     (eyedvride)      Join Date: Aug 2006       06-12-2009, 8:54 AM Reply   
Any chance of a grill that can be loaded into alpha I s?
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       06-12-2009, 8:58 AM Reply   
Ingo the mounting system on the Alpha 1's will make that very challenging. It has only 4 mounting tabs. Using a different grill with the Alpha 1's would be nearly impossible. You would be able to modify some speakers like Ken's to get them into the Alpha 1 cans and use the existing grills. They will be the best sounding Alpha 1's anyone has ever heard.
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-12-2009, 10:46 AM Reply   
So 7.7" coaxiallay mounted HLCD? Ken have you been a bad boy again? Did you find Bullet Speakers supplier?

Everyone else on the market runs 8" Bullet is the only one running 7.7" the only differance from what you write is the peak power, you added an extra 50 watts but then again you added a few lumens with the underwater lights too! lol
Old     (riverrunner)      Join Date: Aug 2006       06-12-2009, 1:40 PM Reply   
I mentioned this to a buddy that has worked with Bravox for years while on the phone today, he said they had nothing to do with this design. Like someone else said above sure does look like you found Bullet's manufacturer, maybe you should call them Knock Offs
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-12-2009, 1:51 PM Reply   
I have worked with Bravox in the past too and called an engineer that did consulting for them and he said Bravox has never used HLCD in any of there designs. Sounds fishy. Have to wait and see what he comes up with. Wouldn't be so bad if he said I'm selling a knock off of these speakers, found a supplier for cheap. I just hate when it fills as if someone is being less then truthfull to everyone on here.
Old     (johnny_jr)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-12-2009, 2:22 PM Reply   
OMG can you believe that some company would have the balls to copy another company's product...... Come'n if people actually think that the majority of electronics (marine, auto, home, industry, office) don't copy others you are in for a real kick in the a$$. It has almost become standard practice. Even the largest companys do this. I came from an electronics manufacturing background for over 9 years, and it was very obvious that one company will seek out the same supplier as their competitor just to get a little insite on thier product. What most of them do is take the competitors product, improve on it and sell for a profit. I hate liers (not saying anyone on this board is) but coping product has become a world wide standard in electronics. This is MHO from what I have seen in the past. If Bravox is the same MFG that builds hollow points then Ken is only following suit nothing wrong with that why re-invent the wheel. Now if he has no affiliation with Bravox and it is all made up well........... I hate liers, but I also hate people that bash other for trying to make an honest dollar. hard feeling just MHO
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-12-2009, 2:35 PM Reply   
Johnny no hard feelings bro I agree totally.
Thats why I said:

"Have to wait and see what he comes up with."

Ken I hope you have designed and found a way to make a unique speaker that is cheaper and sounds better then all the current big boy's of pro audio. At 1/10th or 1/6th the cost of wetsounds I'd happily rock them if they perform as you say.

Once again like i said earlier "Have to wait and see what he comes up with."
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-12-2009, 4:07 PM Reply   
Crazy, WakeDoc is a distributor for Wetsounds, who would have thunk it?
Old     (riverrunner)      Join Date: Aug 2006       06-12-2009, 4:23 PM Reply   
Very good, never tried to hide it look up By WakeDoc/ same as post above.

Never said anything about Wet Sounds in my post only thing I pointed out was Bravox did not design the speakers.
Old     (mikeski)      Join Date: Aug 2003       06-12-2009, 6:55 PM Reply   
This is an interesting thread. I know the boat market fairly well. The market for this product is so narrow that it will be difficult for anybody to make money, much less a half dozen companies. I also know that boat dealers are closing doors all around.

I work in the solar power industry, we are one of the few industries that remain on a fairly strong growth curve. If I were looking to build a better product than a current offering I would probably look into an industry like solar. My industry is seeing lots of newcomers but the market share available is very large and growing when you compare it to the tiny and shrinking specialty boat accessory market.

Best of luck to everybody. Unfortunately it appears that several of you are in a race to the bottom...

That said I would not put many of these products on my boat. Half of the game is getting something that looks good and will last when exposed from a company that will be around to support me if needed. The other half is the sound battle. So many of these discussions solely focus on the sound part of my value requirement.

(Message edited by mikeski on June 12, 2009)
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-18-2009, 8:35 AM Reply   
What happened to all of Ken's post in this thread?
Old     (murphy_smith)      Join Date: Dec 2005       06-18-2009, 9:08 AM Reply   
Looks like Ken may have got caught in a fib....I am definately going to watch this thread.

Here Kenny Kenny Kenny, where are you hiding???
Old     (bulletlines)      Join Date: Apr 2005       06-18-2009, 6:20 PM Reply   
No fib.. This will probably be one of my last posts here WW. Dave decided he did not like my posts about our new HLCDs, so I'm not posting anything further: posts probably upset one or more of his advertisers: he also said that group buys are advertising, so I guess there are no more group buys on WW.
Old     (hatepain)      Join Date: Aug 2006       06-18-2009, 6:49 PM Reply   
Thats gay but I can see how a group buy put on by the owner of the company could be seen as advertising. Most of the group buys I've seen have been orchestrated by a member here not affiliated with the purveyor.
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-18-2009, 7:02 PM Reply   
Since I got a feeling that these speakers offered by Ken are exactly what I am looking for to get a nice affordable HCLD setup going I contacted Ken for some for details. I am going to try to pick up a couple of the sets at the "intro" type price and asked Ken about getting some group buy type prices for Wakeworld members. He is going to get some pricing together and more info and give me the details. If anybody is wanting to get in on the group by when these things are available feel free to contact me at and I can start putting a list together. I am pretty stoked and hope these things are going to be what Ken wants them to be.

I can start a new group buy specific thread going as soon as I get some more details.

(Message edited by bjeremi on June 18, 2009)
Old     (tampawake)      Join Date: Mar 2008       06-18-2009, 7:03 PM Reply   
Not sure if they are ugly or not but if priced right they will sell. I love wet sounds just like I love a CC 230 or an X45 but I sure as hell cant afford them.
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-18-2009, 10:34 PM Reply   
Ken you can't leave I have so much fun giving you a hard time! Now what am I going to do? lol

In all honesty I hope everything you said about those speakers is true and I can't wait to see them. If the price point is as low as you mentioned previously I imagine I'll be seeing alot of them on the water in no time.

As for group buys on WW, I think thats one of the greatest advantages of being linked to other like minded members of the community who share a common interest and passion. I can understand Dave not wanting to have commercially organized group buys, however member orchestrated group buys are a benefit to everyone here. Maybe Dave well allow group buys however ask they be placed in the classified section or an area he deems more suitable.
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-18-2009, 11:11 PM Reply   
Just as soon as I finalize the details with Ken, I'll post a group buy thread. Right now the initial figures are

$200 for the 6.5"
$250 for the 7.7"

I don't know it that loaded in cans or not yet. I assume not but will figure out before I post the group buy thingy. I'm leaning towards one set of each for my tower. Not that I don't like the KMT6's but I think these things are going to be awesome.
Old     (2006maliblue)      Join Date: Mar 2009       06-18-2009, 11:14 PM Reply   
Those prices are for pairs correct? $200 for a pair of 6.5's not $200 for 1 6.5
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-18-2009, 11:28 PM Reply   
Yeah Im pretty sure its per pair. But not loaded in cans though for that price. The no cans thing though be a good thing for people who want to keep there OEM style cans I assume. Ill confim though.

(Message edited by bjeremi on June 18, 2009)
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-19-2009, 3:01 PM Reply   
Confirmed, the prices are for pairs. I asked him about do a price for loaded in cans as well and was told that he will put something together for that and the group buy.
Old     (silverlude)      Join Date: Apr 2004       06-22-2009, 5:01 PM Reply   
Nice price. if they are what he says they are I'm interested.
Old     (bjeremi)      Join Date: Mar 2006       06-22-2009, 5:33 PM Reply   
I can add you to the list Brian. Email in your profile allright to send info too? I wasn't going to start the thread until I had pics and official details from Ken
Old     (silverlude)      Join Date: Apr 2004       06-26-2009, 7:14 PM Reply   
done, nice profile pic good lookin crew :-)


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