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Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-03-2007, 6:57 PM Reply   
I am in market for my first wakeboarding rig. Based on what I learned I narrowed it down to these two. I test drove both and found that malibu drove about the same as the centurion however centurion apeared to be little better quality boat. I like centurion but I would like stay with 20' boat for storage reasons.I am a beginner in wakeboarding and would like boat that I wouldn't hate when I improved. I'm going to be stucked with payments for this boat for long time so I want something that will last, and I wont regret spending all the money.
Old     (mcwakerider)      Join Date: Dec 2006       04-03-2007, 7:02 PM Reply   
id go with the malibu... thats just personal preference. Centurion has come a long ways but i think malibus are much nicer. i know a guy with a centurion and it is falling apart. the malibu will be a great boat for a long time. Personal preferences tho...
Old     (trx1noob)      Join Date: Sep 2006       04-03-2007, 7:03 PM Reply   
Greg, both boats are awesome. if they both turn your crank, next step is pricing and customer service. if they are both priced fairly closely, I would go with which dealer you feel is going to treat you the best, and the closest one. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either boat. you also stated you want to stay with a 20' boat for storage. isnt the centurion 22'?? not sure what the vtx is, but look and see which boat has more storage. I went with an enzo(23') for room and storage. neighbor has a malibu, and it's awesome too.
Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-03-2007, 7:09 PM Reply   
VTX is new this year, and its 20' but centurion is about 10k more so I was thinking It was better boat. Hopefully someone outthere has ridden behind new VTX and wants to share their experience.
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       04-03-2007, 7:38 PM Reply   
If you're worried about being stuck with payments better go with the proven resale of the Malibu..
Old     (mcwakerider)      Join Date: Dec 2006       04-03-2007, 7:55 PM Reply   
the centurion may be bigger and that is why it cost more. i wouldnt say it is a better boat.
Old     (bawshogg)      Join Date: Dec 2005       04-03-2007, 8:10 PM Reply   
So you are saying the avalanche is running about 65-70K??? I have been pricing vtx's and I have not seen one with a tandem nicely optioned for under 55?? I looked at several centurions at the shows and even the 24 enzo was priced around 50k. What are they telling you for the Avalanche?
Old     (longgonebon)      Join Date: Jan 2007       04-03-2007, 8:14 PM Reply   
I priced both boats, the Avalanche should be cheaper by about $5K. I had a Centurion once, it was not as nice as a Malibu.. not really close. If I were choosing between those boats I'd have to go with the vtx.
Old     (famlyboader)      Join Date: Aug 2006       04-03-2007, 8:31 PM Reply   
Hey Greg,if you have narrowed down to 2 boats your doin good.what ever boat a person owns that is the one they are going to tell you to get.that is normal.To me-- dealer makes all the dif in the world,and it should.Ihave looked at alot of boats over the years debating whether to take the plunge or not and which boat to go with. My decision came when i met the guys at the dealer im buying my boat from.Idont blame you for asking this question,if your like me this is a big decision to make as much as these things cost.My .02- I chose centurion it suits ME. Alot of boats have too much bling bling for me,some people like that and thats fine...thats why they make so many dif kinds. One thing I would do tho take both boats out for a test ride.See which one suits you best. Good luck on your purchase...and an early congrats.
Old     (hbguy)      Join Date: Jun 2005       04-03-2007, 8:42 PM Reply   
I researched the VTX quite a bit. I don't think it fits in a garage quite like you would think a 20' boat would, especially if height or weight is a concern.

I rode behind the VTX with stock ballast and thought the wake was small. However, in the boat's defense, I have heard it needs weight in the front and the demo boat didn't have the bow ballast. In the end, I bought a '05 VLX.
Old     (fbi)      Join Date: Oct 2005       04-03-2007, 8:50 PM Reply   

Centurion does make a shorter Vdrive called the Cyclone C4 that is only 8 inches longer than the vtx. For me, it is the build quality and the reputation of the dealer. Centurion is the third oldest boat company out there and is one of two companies still owned by the same original owners. The way that the boats are constructed show huge difference. Centurion uses an ICS construction that Nautique and Master Craft are now using. This means that the top deck, seat bases and the floor are all from one mold. This makes the boat a lot stronger. There are no seat bases that are bolted in with brackets and hardware. The seat foam has a lot more cushion in the Centurion and is a higher grade known as closed cell so it doesn't allow any water to pass through it and trap water for mildew build up. IMHO, you won't find a boat that rides in the rough water better than a Centurion. They are very, very solid. These boats also have snap in carpet. The Malibu does not. Compare the warranties really well in the two boats too (check the fine print). Are you dealing with a marina who specializes in inboards only, or do they handle everything? Are they on the water where your boat will be tested before you get it and during any service procedures that need it? Centurion has a ton of models and can get you in a wide variety of price ranges. The Avalanche you speak of is 22' by 100" wide and can be bought in a walk thru version or a wrap around seating configuration. Resale on the Centurion will be very good. I would not be concerned about that at all. Many will say that the Malibu resale is better but just look on the Internet. Every "option" that you can get on the Malibu, you can get on the Centurion as well.

Hope that helps a bit.
Old     (jimzgirly)      Join Date: Aug 2006       04-03-2007, 9:52 PM Reply   
We have an 06 Centurion Avalanche and are very happy. we have had a centurion boat since a brand new one bought in the family in 1985 and have never had it fall apart like people have said here. We sold that 85 6 months ago for 8k so I say that is not too bad for a 20 year old boat. I think it is all in preference and what you want to spend. the 60k is a little much for an Avalanche. We paid a lot less that that for a brand new one totally loaded. I would say that they are like someone else said about 2-5k less than Malibu depending on options. If you want a great boat for a great price and a lower payment then go with the cheaper one, they both are great.... Good luck..
Old     (trx1noob)      Join Date: Sep 2006       04-04-2007, 6:40 AM Reply   
Greg, picked my enzo up for 56000. came with bling bling package, switchblade(3500-5000 dollar option depending on the dealer. pp wakeboard pro, bimini, snap on covers, upgraded boat trailer(i have since added 20's, and every other option except for a stereo which i'm doing myself. for 10 g's more, if you don't want to be owned by the bank for the rest of your life look at the malibu. can't see the avy being that much more(depending on options of course) but you look at the interest you pay on your first 5 years of a front loaded loan for your boat and you'll about have a stroke. On my loan the interest was around 40000 or something super high, my eyes went blurry as i was reading my finance Since then, I've paid over half of my loan off and refinanced to lower years and lower payment. Like stated above, make sure you have a solid dealer with awesome service, make sure it's in your price range(If i had to do it again, i might have bought a nice used boat for 10-20 g's less and have my boat paid off for.) all the resale talk is garbage, and boat's falling apart I don't believe for a second. both boats will serve you very well.
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 7:02 AM Reply   
You always have to question this kind of statement

i know a guy with a fill in the blank and it is falling apart. For all we know it could be true.....or not

Molly and Ryan are giving great advice. It is very difficult to talk about the 2 boats not knowing the options. It sounds like you are talking about a 20' bu and a 22' centurion that will make a huge diff in the base price
Old     (nyelland)      Join Date: Oct 2005       04-04-2007, 7:43 AM Reply   
I have owne 2 Centurions and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I have never had a single issue. Malibu is a great boat manf. Which ever boat you chose, you will have a great boat.
Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-04-2007, 7:56 AM Reply   
Ryan, What year was the enzo? They quoted me 59k for the Avalanche with no stereo and the only upgrade I got was bling bling and the gel cote. That sounds little high. I was told the enzo was about 64k
Old     (sk_centurion)      Join Date: Oct 2006       04-04-2007, 8:15 AM Reply   
Why don't you look at the smaller enzo I think it is the 216 I think it is a great looking boat. I have a centurion and it's a great boat.
Old     (jimzgirly)      Join Date: Aug 2006       04-04-2007, 8:22 AM Reply   
Wow Greg, that does seem a little high. We paid around 54k for a brand new fully loaded 06 Avalanche, with stereo, bling bling, Evolution tower, upgraded gel coat and graphics, perfect pass and more. You can check out my profile to see the boat. I would check around some more on the Centurion to see if you can find a better deal.
Old     (fbi)      Join Date: Oct 2005       04-04-2007, 8:41 AM Reply   
was that out the door or before taxes? you didn't add a different platform or anything on there? I bet for that price, there were a few upgrades on the boat. Check with the person who gave you a quote and see. I get confused when i boat shop. I can't keep it all straight either.
Old    stillstandin            04-04-2007, 9:03 AM Reply   
A friend of mine just bought a 07 Avalanch, front ballast only, perfect pass, upgraded tower. Pretty much everything but the tanks in the rear. He got it for 45 out the door.
Old     (norcal_wakejunky)      Join Date: Oct 2006       04-04-2007, 9:09 AM Reply   
Just bought an 05 Avalanche for $31,500 in perfect condition (divorce deal situation)and its awesome, a definite difference in size comparing to the VTX, but I like prior comments to the Cyclone C4 thats a good choice. When I was at the Sacramento boat show I saw a VTX and they looked pretty sweet, I guess they had a recall on the windshield but other than that it was a miniture version the VLX.
Old     (cawakeboarder12)      Join Date: Apr 2006       04-04-2007, 9:54 AM Reply   
The VTX is a way better boat. It is hugh inside for a 20 foot boat
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 9:55 AM Reply   
Ok so now we have a price that is WAY to low and one that is tooo High.

A centurion Avalanche with "Everything" for 45K out the door for a current year boat is not realistic.
And one with one option for for 59K seems way tooo high especially if that is not out the door

(Message edited by krbaugh on April 04, 2007)
Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-04-2007, 9:57 AM Reply   
59k Is out the door.
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 10:04 AM Reply   
That makes more sense

What storm version is it 1, 2, or 3

(Message edited by krbaugh on April 04, 2007)
Old     (norcal_wakejunky)      Join Date: Oct 2006       04-04-2007, 10:06 AM Reply   
ouch! 59k for a not so loaded Avalanche??? Go to another dealer like Mission boat and RV for Centurions or buy used. I have friends that bought an 06 Malibu VLX up at a dealership in Portland, OR with almost every option for $55,000. I'am very surprised how much the high end wakeboard boats for Centurion have gone up in price.
Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-04-2007, 10:20 AM Reply   
storm 2 without stereo
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 10:29 AM Reply   
ok now we are getting some where
I thought you said it had no options and no stereo

The Storm 2 is a several thousand dollar option it comes with

Base Storm Gelcoat,
Storm Decals,
3 ballast tanks*,
Custom Stereo System with Amp and Sub,
Pair of Swing in Board Racks,
Second Battery with Isolator

What about other options does it have perfect pass? spare tire, composite platform, depthfinder, etc
Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-04-2007, 10:38 AM Reply   
no perfect pass, no spare tire, no depth finder, no stereo, amp, or sub.

composite platform yes
Old     (towboat_222)      Join Date: Feb 2007       04-04-2007, 10:44 AM Reply   
complete loaded ones with everything are in the low 60's
Old     (midlifecrisis)      Join Date: Feb 2007       04-04-2007, 10:45 AM Reply   
Need to work the dealer on the price. I know I overpaid for my 07 Avy ($53K out the door), but at the time I did not care. I wanted the boat and so far no regrets. The boat cuts through the chop like a champ and all of my WB buds love the wake (took some time to get it dialed in). The boat is a solid boat and you will enjoy the wide beam and tons of storage. Make sure you get the Black Scorpion (330 HP).
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 10:47 AM Reply   
ok So you have
Storm2, Composite platform, Bling backage, Gel coat option. and taxes and fees.

Than makes more sense Might be able to do a bit better with some arm twisting but that is not that out of line for Out the door 07 with those options

Storm 2 comes with Custom Stereo (AMP, Sub, second battery and switch).
Old     (norcal_wakejunky)      Join Date: Oct 2006       04-04-2007, 11:02 AM Reply   
My Avalanche is a storm 1, how hard would it be to add a switch to another battery? Since were on the topic of the Avalanche if anyone has a manual wake/cavitation plate how do you have yours adjusted?
Old     (midlifecrisis)      Join Date: Feb 2007       04-04-2007, 11:18 AM Reply   
Steve, if your battery is located in the storage compartment (passenger seat), adding a Perko and a 2nd battery is a piece of cake. Can't help you on the wake plate - mine is hydraulic. We always WB with the plate all the way up.
Old     (tmobe)      Join Date: Mar 2007       04-04-2007, 1:58 PM Reply   
No brainer....Malibu!
Old     (towboat_222)      Join Date: Feb 2007       04-04-2007, 2:01 PM Reply   
on the wake plate for wakeboarding all the way up.
Old     (angrygolucky)      Join Date: Jun 2006       04-04-2007, 2:28 PM Reply   
I'm pretty sure the Storm package does not come with a battery switch. Centurion does isolators, not switches...

My salesperson and I thought my boat would have a switch. When we found out its not an isolator switch, just the isolator my dealer was ready to put one on for me since it was what we had discussed..
The ironic thing was there was a problem with the isolator in the first place, so we dropped the switch in immediately..
Been cool since..
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 3:13 PM Reply   
You are of course Right it is an Isolator
Old     (angrygolucky)      Join Date: Jun 2006       04-04-2007, 3:40 PM Reply   
I prefer the switch.. The funny thing is, the first time i went out, i was discussing putting a hard switch in, and if it would be better then the isolator...
At the end of the day when we were heading back in, I lost battery power because the isolator wasn't wired right..
Oh the irony...
Other than that, I love the boat!!
Old     (jcas)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-04-2007, 3:47 PM Reply   
You should take a look at the Malibu V-ride. $10,000 less than the VTX. In my opinion it's the best boat for the money out there.
Old     (norcal_wakejunky)      Join Date: Oct 2006       04-04-2007, 4:36 PM Reply   
Thanks guys for the battery and wake plate advice. I tried with the plate all the way up and having the manual plate it only raises and inch or more and I didn't see a huge improvement and still had some wash on the port/passenger side of the boat. For some reason and I think this is the same for a lot of avalanches they like more weight on that port side. Like 200+ lbs of weight to help clean the wash. I notice the wash a little but I'm not making to much of a stink about it, it's still an awesome wake, and I'm not crazy enough to take a sledge to my skags like one dude posted not to long ago.
Old     (trx1noob)      Join Date: Sep 2006       04-04-2007, 4:37 PM Reply   
Greg, my enzo was brand new. I believe I just had storm I package, but I had the following
2007 Enzo 230
Storm I package
Bling Bling package
switch blade
Evolution tower
centurion billet swing in board racks(getting replaced for some skylong in a couple of weeks)
snap on cover
billet tower mirro
upgraded trailer with swing toungue(not detach toungue)
option of having colored gelcoat above rub rail and into boat(1000 dollar option)
bow filler cushion(not sure if that's standard or not)
2 ballast system(you only get 2 with the 23 footer, 4 ballast system with the 24 footer. Gas tank acts like a ballast

I'm prob forgetting some items, but I believe everything came to 56000 u.s. for the package.

the only difference between the different level of storm series is stereo, and speaker options and battery options i believe. 59000 for the avy sounds pretty steep. if it's loaded up, it's amazing how high the price can get on these boats. research some pricing on and take them to your dealer as a reference point.
Old     (norcal_wakejunky)      Join Date: Oct 2006       04-04-2007, 4:42 PM Reply   

to answer the question yes the battery is located under the passenger storage compartment. The flip up seat with the hydraulic hinge
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 4:43 PM Reply   
Ryan The Storm boats get 3 ballast tanks with Storm 2 and 3 plus several other additions


Base Storm Gelcoat,
Storm Decals,


Base Storm Gelcoat,
Storm Decals,
Additional Ballast*,
Custom Stereo System,
Pair of Board Racks,
Second Battery with Isolator


Base Storm Gelcoat,
Storm Decals,
Additional Ballast*,
Custom Stereo System,
Pair of Board Racks,
2nd Battery with Isolator,
Bennett Trim Tab,
PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro


Base Storm Gelcoat,
Storm Decals,
Additional Ballast*,
Custom Stereo System,
Pair of Board Racks,
Second Battery with Isolator,
PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro,
Fiberglass Platform,
Sideswipe Exhaust


SwitchBlade, PerfectPass Wakeboard Pro, Sony CD Stereo with Xplod Speakers, Sony Large In-Dash Remote, Snap-On Bow and Cockpit Covers, Second Battery with Isolator, Fiberglass Swim Platform, Skylon Tribal Tower, Skylon Tribal Tower Two-Tone Bimini, Skylon Tower Mounted Mirror Arm, Skylon Tower Speakers, Skylon Board Racks, Skylon Lights, Brett Eisenhauer Signature Decals

(Message edited by krbaugh on April 04, 2007)
Old     (trx1noob)      Join Date: Sep 2006       04-04-2007, 7:53 PM Reply   
lol, see i knew i would forget a tonne of stuff. I also got sideswipe exhaust, oversized fiberglass platform, pp wakeboard pro. I didn't go with anything above storm 1 because i wanted to do my own sound system, and I pretty much ordered it with everything the storm 3 package has except for 2nd battery and isolator.

Kevin, you been out yet?? want to hear how the 216 is treating ya??
Old     (krbaugh)      Join Date: Mar 2002       04-04-2007, 8:13 PM Reply   
Not yet I was going to go out this weekend but it is supposed to be in the 40's this weekend. Of course they canít seem to get the forecast right. Man if they can figure out exactly what the temperature will be in 100 years they could at least know what it will be like in 3 days

Don't worry I will keep you posted
Old     (angrygolucky)      Join Date: Jun 2006       04-05-2007, 1:59 AM Reply   
Man, I feel for you guys... Since the beginning of Feb, I've been out 5 times to break the engine in! I couldn't imagine living in cold weather any more!! ( Did it for 6 years... never again!!!)
Hell the water temp at the lake is up to 60 already ( from 52 in early feb) !
Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-05-2007, 6:00 AM Reply   
Ryan, does the sideswipe exhaust make it too loud to hear your stereo when you board?

Im wondering if I should get it or not.
Old     (jlhammons)      Join Date: Aug 2006       04-05-2007, 6:35 AM Reply   
Greg, I just got my new VTX two weeks ago and I could not be happier with the boat. When weighted the same the wake is every bit as big as a VLX, not to mention it is one of the best driving boats I have ever been in. I am partial to Malibu, but I would definitely go with the VTX. Here are a few pics of mine.

Old     (towboat_222)      Join Date: Feb 2007       04-05-2007, 6:59 AM Reply   
Hey greg did your bullit mirrior arm fit? Mine didnt. I just 23 Enzo equipped like 216 in cataloge. Black and Green. The manufacture of the down tube changed it on them. arms are not fitting.
Old     (trx1noob)      Join Date: Sep 2006       04-05-2007, 7:26 AM Reply   
Greg, I haven't been out yet. got the snow and ice(ice is mostly off the lakes now) still kicking around. I think the sideswipe will totally be a preferencial thing. I dont mind loud(I've got a turboed yamaha apex snowmobile which is louder then he!!) so I dont' think i'll mind it. I know some reviews on here have stated that it was a bit of an annoyance and you can't hear stereo/people over it.

that vtx looks SWEET by the way. love the color combo's.
Old     (norcal_wakejunky)      Join Date: Oct 2006       04-05-2007, 9:04 AM Reply   
Thats is a sweet looking VTX, it's nice to see they are doing different colors for the illusion x tower. Good color scheme by the way
Old     (fox)      Join Date: Jul 2002       04-05-2007, 11:53 AM Reply   
You're at Norris in front of Sequoyah huh? It would be interesting to hear how that VTX rides through the chop there and over in front of Deerfield.

Boat looks money though!
Old     (supersambo)      Join Date: Apr 2007       04-07-2007, 2:49 PM Reply   
So I got a phone call from my local malibu dealer to test drive the vtx. Salesmen said - we have brand new vtx we just got in for a customer, come on in and have a spin. I thought, perfect I will have chance to se how it drives. So about 5 minutes into test drive my Fiance detected burning like smell coming out of engine compartment. She informed salesmen about it, and he assured us that its just brand new manifolds burning out, and we proceeded with the test drive. Next, I decided to empty the ballast tanks to see how she handles with tanks empty. We set there until tanks empty. I started to drive away, than I noticed that wake is now bigger than with full tanks. I asked salesman if maybe the gauges are broken, he replied - its a new boat not a chance. Next thing we know water starts coming up to the floor. Salesmen opens the engine compartment and engine is almost completely submerged in water. The smell my girl sensed earlier was steam from water around exhaust manifolds.
We got back to the shore quickly and they took the boat out.

I feel sorry for the customer that the boat was intended for. I know that they will probably just drain, dry and deliver the rig.

Although I still am considering the malibu, I certainly wont be buying it from there.
Old     (tmobe)      Join Date: Mar 2007       04-07-2007, 3:00 PM Reply   
I feel like I was there with you. My bud just bought a 06 VLX with 32hrs on it. We take it to the lake. Start filling the ballast..gauge reads full. We drive a bit to our spot and notice a just bit of water come over the back. We open the engine hatch. The engine is half under water. We didnt take on that much water over the back. Race back to dumping ballast, bilge pump going and using a fat sac pump we are pumping out the engine area. At the dock put it on the trailer. Once it drains we find the boat had just been serviced and a hose that looks like garden hose under the engine was not connected. We were pumping water in there the entire time the engine was running. CLOSE ONE!
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       04-07-2007, 3:29 PM Reply   
They both are dealer issues and not boat issues. Bad dealer = bad experience.
Old     (tmobe)      Join Date: Mar 2007       04-07-2007, 3:32 PM Reply   
Thanks captain obvious. The VLX is a great boat.
Old     (05mobiuslsv)      Join Date: Apr 2006       04-07-2007, 7:16 PM Reply   
No problem captain sarcassm.}


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