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Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-25-2015, 11:07 PM Reply   
I am looking to buy my 1st wake boat, wanting to keep the price around 30k. its going to be used for wake boarding and surfing. Any advice of whats the best boat ( equipped and performance wise). I have found a few 07-09 Moomba LSV and Also an 05 MC x-2 most recently. Opinions of these? Im seeing some 05-07 (ish) Wakesetters up around 40. worth it?

What do you all suggest in boat and or upgrades?

All help and advice would be extremely appreciated.

Old     (williamburell)      Join Date: Sep 2011       01-26-2015, 4:01 AM Reply   
Here's the questions you need to ask yourself before you even look at boats.......

What you do percentage wise (wakeboard, surf, skate, just ride)?
Size of crew?
Limitations on size? (tow rig, garage, parking)

I would post up all of those things and people are going to give you a better response.

As for the boats you asked about.....The 05 x2 is the old 205v or xstar. Its widely respected as one of the best hulls MC ever put out. Its a nice peaky hard wake. It is however a smaller boat so if you are riding with a crew of 10 you are gonna be tight. The resale will be great on that boat obviously depending on condition. The early 00 mastercrafts (and most boats) suffered from interiors where the stitching pulled etc. That shouldn't be an issue on an 05 but most of these boats are getting recovered now.

I have spent a small bit of time in an lsv when I was shopping and wasn't a huge fan but thats just my opinion. Sure the moomba guys will chime in but your resale is not going to be near as good nor is the wake. However I believe you'll get a better surf wake with that boat.

Keep in mind on the options that perfect pass will run you 500-1000 bucks depending on options after the fact and stereos can be $$$ but generally I shop for a "clean" well maintained boat. A 15k boat can cost you 25k in a summers time and its just dumping money into a hole in the water or you can find a clean boat that you may just need to do basic maintinence on.
Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-26-2015, 7:06 AM Reply   
i also have seen 06-07 Malibu vRides and a few SANs ( rare find)

to answer your questions,
-mostly wake boarding, but don't want to rule out surfing.
-price around 30k i won't ever fill the boat, just due to the fact i don't want to be packed in there without room to move, but the larger the better.
- I've got a Chevy 2500, so towing isn't an issue and neither will be storage.
Old     (williamburell)      Join Date: Sep 2011       01-26-2015, 7:46 AM Reply   
30k will get you a nice boat but its going to be older. This time of year there are still some great deals.

Boats I would look at:
Supra 21v and 22ssv-Layouts are completely different
SAN 210- Peaky narrower wake, great resale and awesome wake
Sanger depending on what part of the country you are in
MC- 205v, older x star, x1 is prob gonna be your best bang for buck vdrive wise
MB- older b52
Malibu-older lsv or vlx

You've got a ton of options if you are open to traveling for a deal. Check out onlyinboards to do a local search and stay on craigslist. Also check out the budget boat thread as theres numerous pages of budget rides to look at. I'd just start looking at boats period. Most of it comes down to personal preferences. A lot of folks on here are fanboys (no offense) and will steer you one way or another.
Old     (dvsone79)      Join Date: Dec 2012       01-26-2015, 12:02 PM Reply   
I second the SAN 210 and MC 205v, in that order. Both great boats and for those years (early 2000s) the wakes behind those two hulls are phenomenal. I prefer the wake of the 210. And I'm speaking as the owner of a 205v. They're similar but the 210 wake is slightly more narrow and noticeably more peaky and for me it gives me more pop. The 205v is no slouch though. I think you'd be happy with either one. They both like extra weight. Upwards of 2000# of ballast is necessary to get the best wakes behind those.
Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-26-2015, 12:15 PM Reply   
awesome, ill keep an eye out. anything i should look into upgrading if i find one? to kinda bring it up to date?
Old     (williamburell)      Join Date: Sep 2011       01-26-2015, 12:57 PM Reply   
The early 2000 mc's have bad upholstery for those years that can be upgraded for 2k if you do it yourself. If you don't do it yourself it starts getting pricey. Thats the only thing I would keep in mind. That and watch for Perfect pass.
Old     (psudy)      Join Date: Dec 2003       01-26-2015, 1:03 PM Reply   
I had a 2005 21V and loved that boat. It had a lot more room than my old xstar(2001), and the wake was awesome with the gravity bags.
Old     (retoxtony)      Join Date: Apr 2012       01-26-2015, 1:17 PM Reply   
There are a few other options in that price range as well. I'd add a Sanger v215, Centurion Avalanche and a Tige 22v to the list. They won't have as nice of a wakeboard wake as the Mastercraft or Malibu but still pretty decent. And if you ever get into wakesurfing they do pretty good. Theyre also all considerably larger inside than the older X2. But like the others have said, that 205 hull is pretty great for wakeboarding if thats your main goal.

Last year when i was shopping I had a similar budget (around 30k) but i upped it to closer to 40 and it opened up WAY more possibilities.
Old     (denverd1)      Join Date: May 2004 Location: Tyler       01-26-2015, 2:18 PM Reply   
If you can find a Sanger, do it. Had to drive 4 hours to find one in Texas. Lots of boat for the money. PIcked up a v230 just outside of your price range last year and loving it
Old     (fouroheight68)      Join Date: May 2006       01-26-2015, 2:36 PM Reply
Old     (rexlex01)      Join Date: Mar 2010       01-26-2015, 4:27 PM Reply   
2005 VLX in Nashville -
Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-26-2015, 4:29 PM Reply   
I called about that Moomba, said it had sold. thanks for all the help guys.. all the info the better. are there anything i need to pay attention of on these or should update?
Old     (Orange)      Join Date: Jun 2012       01-26-2015, 4:30 PM Reply   
Originally Posted by dvsone79 View Post
I second the SAN 210 and MC 205v
Those are both outstanding boats that would normally get my vote, but the OP indicated surfing is their primary need. Those are both top notch wake boarding boats and fun for surfing, but not great surf boats. Maybe throw X30, X45, SAN 220, and SAN 230 in the mix? Might be able to find an '06 or '07 that barely fits inside $40K target. Normally I recommend sticking with MC, Nautique (SAN), and Malibu for resale purpses (and possibly reliability), but given the surfing desire maybe look at Centurion... I always hear they're good surf boats though never been behind one.
Old     (Orange)      Join Date: Jun 2012       01-26-2015, 4:38 PM Reply   
btw - just noticed nearly identical thread under Surfing category... 40K surf boat.
Old     (dvsone79)      Join Date: Dec 2012       01-26-2015, 4:47 PM Reply   
Originally Posted by Orange View Post
Those are both outstanding boats that would normally get my vote, but the OP indicated surfing is their primary need.
OP said wakeboarding is their priority. Between the 205v and the SAN 210 the Nauti surfs better from my experience. Neither does it great though.
Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-26-2015, 10:38 PM Reply   
whats your alls opinion on an 06 vRide?
Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-26-2015, 10:52 PM Reply   
and 04 moomba xlv gravity games. Im also seeing a few supra 22ssv and 21v (which look a bit bigger interior wise) thesei know the least about.

thanks for all the help, its helping out my search a lot.
Old     (FunkyBunch)      Join Date: Jun 2011       01-27-2015, 4:38 AM Reply   
Originally Posted by CBroadus21 View Post
and 04 moomba xlv gravity games. Im also seeing a few supra 22ssv and 21v (which look a bit bigger interior wise) thesei know the least about.
thanks for all the help, its helping out my search a lot.
For wakeboarding the xlv is not a great boat IMO. That boat has a wide wake that likes to roll over easily. If memory serves me correctly that is also around the time Moomba had some quality issues.

The 21v and 22ssv are good wakeboard boats but they take time to get setup as they are finicky boats with weight. The 22ssv changes hulls depending on the year your looking at. The pre 06 22ssv has less free board than the 07+ and the interior layout changes. They are good boats if you go this way one thing to watch for is the ballast valve system is problematic. If its been replaced you will save about $1500 depending on how they fixed it. Both wakes can get big and will be steep compared to Malibu and Mastercraft wake.

I ride a 22ssv and a 04 210 most of the summer and they are setup to produce nearly identical wake. The main difference are the 210 has a more solid feel at the lip, and the 210 is narrower wake. We adjust line length between the 2 boats and ride the same speed both places.
Old     (Orange)      Join Date: Jun 2012       01-27-2015, 7:04 AM Reply   
Originally Posted by dvsone79 View Post
OP said wakeboarding is their priority. Between the 205v and the SAN 210 the Nauti surfs better from my experience. Neither does it great though.
You're right - my bad. I confused this with the other thread. Wake boarding it is/was.

I don't think you can find a better wakeboard boat at 40K than a SAN210 or any of the MC 205v variants. IMO neither boat is superior to the other - different shaped wakes that will appeal to different people, but both wakes are outstanding and the owner would love it even if they chose the wrong one. Between the two I'd buy whichever one I could find in better condition or at a better price.
Old     (TC_Mastercraf_X5)      Join Date: Feb 2013       01-27-2015, 7:23 AM Reply   
Dont forget to ride behind both as personal preference/style is a huge factor! I rode behind an LSV last week and was very happy with the wake. That said my favorite wake is a mid 2000s SANTE even though I own a 06 VLX. Most importantly make sure the Mrs supports the boat! Thats what made me go with a VLX as the interior was better for entertaining than the SANTE.
Old     (williamburell)      Join Date: Sep 2011       01-27-2015, 7:31 AM Reply   
If he has a Mrs that def needs to be on the list. I spent a ton of time looking for a 210 or x1. Wife got in the first one after me looking for weeks and hated it. We settled on a picklefork x2. The wakeboard wake isn't as good but the surf wake is better and it provided far more room and storage. if the wife aint happy.......aint nobody happy.
Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-27-2015, 8:36 AM Reply   
haha this is true, however i don't have a wifey to worry about, but i am going to have friends aboard so id rather it not be so cramped, Just as a side thought. I'm pretty new to the sport, so i don't need perfection. sounds like SANs and 205s have the better wakeboard wake and handle better with weight and obviously resale with sacrifice to interior space and the supra and malibus are a little more well rounded for all the above? Anyone know about the Malibu vRide? also sounds like i should stay away from a moomba.

Ive seen a few pickle fork x2, I'm a little favorable for the pickle forks because of the space up there, look and storage. does it effect the wake that much?
Old     (TC_Mastercraf_X5)      Join Date: Feb 2013       01-27-2015, 9:05 AM Reply   
I believe the vrides from 07-09 have a VLX hull. That said the wake is very smooth, but you have to go about 23 mph when loaded down. The malibus in general have a very good seating arrangement. I would be scared away from Moombas either but just be aware of the brands pluses/minuses.

Plus nobody wants to ride up front even if extra room with pickle fork anyway...
Old     (williamburell)      Join Date: Sep 2011       01-27-2015, 10:07 AM Reply   
The picklefork itself has no effect on the wake itself. The hull surface area remains the same. Now with the x2 there was a hull redesign in 06.

The 205v was the x2 up until 2005 and then it was rebadged as the x1 in 06. The 06+ x2 hull is completely different. The new x2s are just completely different boats. The new x2's have a better wakesurf wake and less desirable wakeboard wake for most folks. The 06+ is a smoother transition with a more mellow feel of which I would compare more to a malibu wake. Its a bit wider but nose weight helps. The older x2/205v/x1/star is a more abrupt peakier wake but puts out a mediocre surf wake. Both boats are going to put out a wake that isn't going to hold anyone back unless you are riding pro level. That needs to be said right off the bat. People talk about how great a wake is and thats all good and well but for the most part none of us are going to suffer because of it. Now when people talk about clean up speed, wakes washing out, or being finicky thats when you want to listen the most. Its all preference thing on your riding style. I would immediately go ride behind a bu/ new x2 and a 210 or old x2/x1/star etc. Then you can see what people are describing and determine which you prefer.

I personally like the mellow wake now that I've ridden it. You still get plenty of pop but its not a straight up kneejerker like a 210. We are all recreational riders and like that. I however wouldn't trade being able to surf at the end of the day. Its a nice thing to have the ability to do if you get hurt, just want to relax, or just want to do something different.

Here are some pics showing the layout difference between a 205v and a new x2. Its night and day on storage btw.

Old     (jbird)      Join Date: Jun 2011       01-27-2015, 10:21 AM Reply   
Ya, I wouldn't be too brand specific, find the lowest hour, cleanest boat for your budget!
Old     (CBroadus21)      Join Date: Jul 2014       01-28-2015, 3:24 PM Reply   
Any one have any experience or any knowledge on an 06ish centurion Enzo or SAN 220?
Old     (NoNceNse)      Join Date: Nov 2013       01-30-2015, 2:57 PM Reply   
I agree with Jay, don't be too brand specific. Figure out your must haves (mine was a play-pen bow) and find the cleanest low hour inboard boat with a good interior. Be patient and maybe willing to travel a little bit. IMO as long as you stick with the popular brands (Supra, Mooma, Malibu, MC, etc.) you'll probably love it.

Upgrades aren't a huge deciding factor but are nice are nice to have right off the bat. A good sound system is probably one of the more expensive upgrades with a ballast coming in second. Perfect Pass is pretty expensive too but IMO its not a requirement (some ppl might not agree with that opinion though).


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