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Old    brianthomas            08-04-2002, 3:14 PM Reply   
it feels like i have been trying my hs 180 for ever. I jump, wait, spin, get it around land, and fall on my butt. IT feels like i have too much weight back or something. Maybe i am not rotating enough. Should I point the board to boat or angle to the wake? Letting go of my back hand help but i still always slide out on my butt. AHHHH i need to land this already. help
Old    stylin5150            08-04-2002, 3:32 PM Reply   
when you land you need to be looking over your board. Exagerate itr your first couple times. You want to kind of hunch over with your shoulders and lean forward. Akmost try to catch your toe edge. By all means let go with your hand. Just make sure your hunching over. Your board angle doesn't matter a whole lot. Probably pointing towards the boat more then away. Of course this was all on the assumption you are trying hs fs 180's. I assume you were!!! Good luck and let us know how you did!!!
Old     (ferrarispider95)      Join Date: Mar 2002       08-04-2002, 3:32 PM Reply   
I had trouble with this also, but I kept spinning away from handle, and losing it. The key is to get up in the air, then pull the handle to your trailing hip, and then transfer weight to the toeside of the board, so you dont slip out, and ride away. Try it off one wake, then take it w2w.
Old    hadcity            08-04-2002, 3:34 PM Reply   
It could be a couple of things. It might be that ur not that good riding switch and or you might be going to big you should start small and grow the intencity till u can do it across the wake. And when u spin in the air u should fell like you had gone to far on your 180. well i hope these help u.
Old    forcash97            08-04-2002, 4:56 PM Reply   
put weight on your toes when you land!!!!!!!!!!
Old    brianthomas            08-04-2002, 5:47 PM Reply   
i'm not trying it wake to wake yet. Ya i think i need to get my wieght on my toes. Where do you look when you are spinning/landing?
Old     (wakebordr11)      Join Date: May 2001       08-04-2002, 9:22 PM Reply   
you want to have your head up as you spin and on the way down look at where you want to go......where you are going, keep the handle at your hip and pressure on the edge
Old     (jrichard)      Join Date: Aug 2001       08-04-2002, 10:37 PM Reply   
Hi Brian,

I think most problems w/180s are caused by rotating too early. When you approach the wake, think "wake jump"...not "180." If the wake jump is a good one, then begin the rotation at the peak height of the jump.

You might want to video tape yourself and see if the first 1/2 of your 180 attempt looks exactly like the first 1/2 of your good wake jump. You shouldn't be able to tell the difference in advance of the mid-point of the jump.
Old    brianthomas            08-06-2002, 2:47 PM Reply   
I am past the point where i rotate to early and spin all off axis and eat it. I know and do jump first, its just the landing.
Old    deltahoosier            08-06-2002, 6:00 PM Reply   
Hey Brian,

I landed my first couple this last week after trying forever. I can do them no problem one wake. WTW was killing me. My first problem was having too much weight on my back foot on regular wtw jumps. When I jumped that way, it would not allow me to get my weight over the front of the board when I would rotate to 180. After I corrected my balance issue (more weight on the front foot), I was able to get my weight over my toes on the rotation. That still did not correct it totally, but, it was the mojor issue that kept me from it. I finally landed it by feeling like I was getting ready to bail out head first. Next thing you know, I was riding away. It was so smooth feeling. On the one wake thing, I do not know what to tell you, but, to stay balanced as well, keep your head up, rotate it and really lean on it. Remember, the end result of a 180 is a toe side cut. You can really lean on the rope on a ts cut and not fall. Just have faith that the edge will hold and you can lean on it. Have fun...I am totally stoked now about my 180. Good luck with yours.
Old                08-08-2003, 7:27 PM Reply   
I did this about my first 20 times wakeboarding. It got really anoying. I started to lean my weight to my toes and like magic i was landing them. Just make sure you dont catch your toe edge cause then your gona have a nasty face plant.
Old     (aussie_stu)      Join Date: Sep 2002       08-10-2003, 10:49 PM Reply   
put your handle a little behind your hip, like your putting your wallet in you back pocket, and as the others have said reaaly exagerate your lean to start with get you shoulder right over you toes and hunch a little, once you start nailing them you will be able to stand taller as you land.
Old     (deepstructure)      Join Date: Jun 2002       08-10-2003, 11:28 PM Reply   
another tip i learned that helped - point the handle down towards the water as you land. this rotates your arm and shoulders forward and keeps your weight moving in that direction. if you concentrate on doing that you shouldn't fall backwards at least.
Old                08-24-2003, 10:13 PM Reply   
definetley joining the conversation late, which i realize probably means u already landed the 180, but what helped me the most was to keep you eyes on the shore you are approaching at all times. once u land your 180, edge out on your toeside just like you would do a tside cut anytime. if this doesnt help, try looking at the boat/tower the whole jump.


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