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Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-18-2004, 10:56 PM Reply   
Hello All,

Who all has been to the Southern Plains Festival on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma? Since I've just gotten into wakeboarding this summer, I'm really excited to be able to attend. I was just wondering what kind of event it is, what kind of turn-out to expect, good times to get on the water to beat the crowds etc etc. We have a house on the lake so I'm not worried about lodging or anything, but any logistical info would be helpful in planning our trip for the weekend. Hope to meet some people who frequent this board there!

Old     (supradoug)      Join Date: Dec 2001       07-19-2004, 10:46 AM Reply   
expect alot of people, all kinds of activities. ckeck out see you there........
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-19-2004, 11:52 AM Reply   
doug is right! it's definitely the biggest in the region. well organized...well supported...lots of fun.


doug: amy has to work late friday, so we may be driving separate and probably won't have a boat. i know you're probably crammed with people, but maybe we could tag along for a set or two? either way, we'll see you there!

*hijack over*
Old    maulzar            07-19-2004, 12:13 PM Reply   
I am going to be at the SPF this year and have never been before. I will probably be down there with about 4 other friends. We are all decent at wakeboarding, but we need some pointers. We are willing to pull someone or two people max with us if they will instruct us. We all have our own boards and we have a 2003 X-Star. If your interested and good at wakeboarding (good enough to teach!!!) get back to me. Thanks
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-19-2004, 12:41 PM Reply   
1. What do you consider "good"?

2. What day are you arriving?
Old     (jayman1)      Join Date: May 2002       07-20-2004, 8:00 AM Reply   
Southern Plains Festival is a great event. Anyone attending should have a great time.

Eric...why didn't you tell me you needed a pull? You are welcome to hang with us if the Supra is full.
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-20-2004, 3:36 PM Reply   
Well, I'm still not sure of our plans (boat v. no boat) and I know everyone has a pretty big crew that weekend....I don't know....I just didn't want to come off like a full-on mooch for the weekend, you know? I really appreciate the offer and may take you up on it. I'll e-mail you tomorrow for some cell numbers, etc. Thanks again...and either way, we'll see you there.
Old     (supradoug)      Join Date: Dec 2001       07-20-2004, 3:47 PM Reply   
Eric don't worry we can hook you up. probably going down Tuesday nite. Good luck this weekend and be sure to take a lawn chair or a blanket.

Martin: give me a e-mail w/ your phone # and the Sunday or Monday before SPF we can give you some">
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-21-2004, 10:29 AM Reply   
Thanks Doug! I'm hoping this weekend goes better than the last one down there...I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for the chair/blanket tip!

We will definitely see you at SPF. I wish we could get down there earlier, but it's not going to work out that way....probably Friday evening --> 7-ish. Hope Ryan is having fun in Cali...Mike seemed like a cool guy so I'm sure they're having a blast.

Later all....see you on the 6th....if not before!
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-21-2004, 12:45 PM Reply   
Are we allowed to watch the events from the water or do we need to watch from the shore?

I'd love to meet some oklahomans at the event, make friends, ride together, get some pointers etc...

Also, these divisions, how good do you really need to be to enter the novice divisions? says 0 inverts, but how good at everything else? solid 3's? solid grabs? what kind of tricks do the novices pull?

My group is going to get there and get moved into our house on thursday night to be there bright n early on friday morning... do we need to bring our boat that day?
Old     (jayman1)      Join Date: May 2002       07-21-2004, 12:52 PM Reply   
You can watch from the shore or the water. The cove is fairly large. The best seats will most likely be from the water though as the shore gets kind of crowded.

Where on the lake is your house?
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-21-2004, 3:30 PM Reply   
novice is mostly grabs and some 180's; if you can grab a TS W2W you can win it. unless, i double grab a TS W2W! just kidding...if you can clear the wake both ways, you'll do okay...
Old    jarrod_holley            07-22-2004, 11:41 AM Reply   
i could be wrong but.... i think last year a kid thew a W2W w/ a indy and a ts 180 and won it
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-22-2004, 11:47 AM Reply   
that sounds about right.
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-22-2004, 3:01 PM Reply   
Jayman: my roomate has a house by number 9 about 5 minutes off the water on 160 acres and his uncle lives right on the water at Porum in Duchess Creek Estates with a few slips there...

So do you think that I would be able to compete? I've only been riding for about 2 months now, but I can throw Heelside w2w grabs easily, Toeside w2w, TS 180, TS 360, and all surface tricks... I can also land a backroll every once in a while if there's enough people in my boat weighing it down more... how do they determine what division you are in? honor system? Also, I'm used to riding behind my I/O... will competitors be on some sick massive wake?

I don't know if i want to enter or not but it sounds fun as I used to be in competitive martial arts for years and I love the competition aspect of sports... I was just wondering if i'd look stupid entering at my skill level...
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-22-2004, 3:13 PM Reply   
That's quite a bag for only 2 months of riding. If you threw all that and happened to land your roll, you would probably make the finals in intermediate....depending on you amplitude of course. Just remember that you only get 2 passes, which are about 25 seconds each, so you have to put your tricks together very quickly. They do use the honor system but will bump you up if they see a 'bagger. The novice wake will be a SAN with front ballast only, while the intermediate and above gets full...I think. Of course, the outlaw wake is insane! You should do it. It makes the weekend more interesting since you have something invested. Good Luck...
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-22-2004, 3:21 PM Reply   
Well although it's only been about 2 months, it's been 2 months of riding almost everyday, and every other minute spent watching vids or reading about how to do stuff... i'm a junkie...

hmm twenty five seconds? I pray that long before i even try to do my backroll... well that sounds like it will be fun then... I guess i'll try and enter... it will be a fun experience no matter what... plus i think my roomate is trying to bag on me and he thinks i'm crazy for entering an actual tournament... so it will be fun to prove him wrong!
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-22-2004, 3:36 PM Reply   
1. Aren't we all....junkies that is!

2. Cool. One word of advice: Don't go in with huge expectations...yes, there are a lot of people watching and of course you'll want to do well...but remember it's all about having fun with a little friendly competition. Do that and you won't be disappointed!
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-22-2004, 3:40 PM Reply   
haha huge expectations... i fully expect to not even be able to jump wake to wake... i'll be lucky if i get up when the boat takes off cuz i'll be nervous! Speaking of... are there do-overs?
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-22-2004, 3:43 PM Reply   
I don't think you can purchase mulligans, but you might bring that up at the riders' meeting.
Old     (supradoug)      Join Date: Dec 2001       07-22-2004, 9:58 PM Reply   
Eric, i saw you and Marlon ripping it up at the "Dirty Bird" tonight. Did i even see Jayman get a set in.....? First time I have seen him on anything besides a surfboard........

Druminwake: just come on down to beautiful Lake Eufaula and meet lots of new people, GUAREEEENTEEED good time.....
Old     (jayman1)      Join Date: May 2002       07-23-2004, 6:30 AM Reply   
Drumnwake - I know both areas on the lake well. What boat will you be in and I will look for you.

Doug - Yes, saw me on a wakeboard. I told Eric not to drive over near you guys as to not disturb your fishing water, but I guess you saw me anyway. Eric and Marlon are trying to teach me the fundamentals of wakeboarding.

Doug and Cara fishing
Old     (bill)      Join Date: Feb 2001       07-23-2004, 6:40 AM Reply   
hahahaha Old Doug busted with his pole out !! :-)

Doug are you all(ryan) coming in to Fort worth this weekeknd??
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-23-2004, 8:30 AM Reply   
Doug: You DID see the Jayman tearing it up a little bit! He wanted to ollie your fishing poles but we wouldn't let him...

hahaha....that's right! Doug and Kara drowning worms from the deck of a premier wake boat.

So...uhhh...what's that thar dang ol' cage fer? Ya'll hang yer poles of thar and troll or wut? Heeeyyyyy....after them fish stop bitin' ya'll wanna tube!!
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-23-2004, 10:25 AM Reply   
Bill: Ryan is in Cali at Mike Schwenne's camp. I don't think he'll be back for this weekend, but there are a couple of others headed that way.

Good Luck to you and your crew.
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-23-2004, 1:07 PM Reply   
Jayman: There is a picture of my boat in my profile... just look for the big asian guy with two other skinny asians, a token white guy, and my white girlfriend
Old     (jayman1)      Join Date: May 2002       07-23-2004, 1:47 PM Reply big, two skinny, one pasty dude and one pasty chick all token in the white boat that's in your profile, got it.

Just kidding...we'll find ya.
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-23-2004, 2:11 PM Reply   
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-23-2004, 2:19 PM Reply   
haha pasty.... They are a little darker nowadays cuz they are trying to get honorary asian status! :-) Hey Jayman, is that your name or is it like Jay, the man, or something? Just curious cuz my roomate's name is Jamin (pasty white dude)...

Holy crap i just looked at your profile LOL... nice pic! where are you a network admin at in okc? I'm a newly laid off network admin in okc :-(
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-23-2004, 2:31 PM Reply   
"...holy crap I just looked at your profile..." hahaha...

Drum: Steer clear of that pasty freak! He'll get in your head and you'll be fighting night terrors for the rest of your life!

Of course I'm kidding...Jay is one of the coolest. That is to say, you're not cool....unless you pee your pants!!
Old     (jayman1)      Join Date: May 2002       07-23-2004, 2:35 PM Reply name is Jay. I work at Tinker AFB for a contracting company out of San Antonio. I just changed that pic.
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-23-2004, 2:36 PM Reply   
So where do you guys mainly ride? during the week i'm at draper almost everyday... in fact getting ready to walk out the door to head there now... Weekends I usually go to Eufaula or keystone in tulsa... will be leaving tonight after draper to keystone actually...
Old     (jayman1)      Join Date: May 2002       07-23-2004, 2:37 PM Reply   
Dude...I have seen you there. I have the yellow Super Air. I am leaving in about 20 minutes for Eufaula myself.
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-23-2004, 2:43 PM Reply   
well hell next time holla then... I've seen you out there too... Gonna be out on the houseboat at keystone all weekend but i'll see you next week at draper hopefully... just got a call and i think i may start a new job the day after spf... shame though.. the time off was really improving my riding
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-23-2004, 2:53 PM Reply too. i'm leaving right now so the wife and i can set up the tent in the yard this weekend; right next to the koy pond! you guys suck!

...kidding again. have fun...both of ya!
Old     (supradoug)      Join Date: Dec 2001       07-23-2004, 4:04 PM Reply   
Okay Jay hand over all the negatives..........
Billm: Sat. Ryan is riding in An Az tournament at Phoenix, and Sunday he will ride in another in San Diego. Have fun this weekend in DFW.
Eric: What kind of fish do you have in your pond? Cara may be on her way over. Do you realize how much money I save by driving across the lake and anchoring out?????
Old     (teamvaldez)      Join Date: Apr 2003       07-23-2004, 8:47 PM Reply   
Hey Doug, correction....He is with Team Valdez rippin it up in the backwater at Canyon, and then he is at Phoenix and then he is back at Canyon and then to San Diego and THEN up north to Schwennes camp. He has been having a blast if we can keep his girlfriend from calling every two seconds!!
Old     (supradoug)      Join Date: Dec 2001       07-24-2004, 1:26 AM Reply   
hide the phone, I heard he introduced someone to a little noodling today? Keep us imformed, he is already begging to stay till Indy...... BTW did you get the letter i emailed you???
Old     (eas)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-26-2004, 10:27 AM Reply   
Doug: You keep Cara away from my pond! Besides, all I have in there are some glorified goldfish (koi). Not good eatin'!

Valdez: Tell Ryan that his OK crew says what's up.....and he better come back with some sick mobes and at least one seven!
Old    bumersooner            07-28-2004, 9:35 AM Reply   
I'll be there, still not allowed to ride though due to recent surgery. Will however have the 'bu with me.
Old     (teamvaldez)      Join Date: Apr 2003       07-28-2004, 10:21 AM Reply   
Hey Doug, yea I got that email, nice wording Cara!! ryan and I spoke about coming back down here and he knew that he had an important comp back home to get too. I heard he is hanging out with a "candy" right now?? Oh no, thats a "tootsie roll" and his crow mobes are consistant. and in my state of REM last night I MAY have heard about a "7" who knows??
Eric, I think you will see him before I do, but give him a head thump for me. hugs, robyn
PS are y'all helping out that other thread wanting some lessons in OK???
Old     (supradoug)      Join Date: Dec 2001       07-28-2004, 3:51 PM Reply   
Robyn, from the other thread I think everyone is doin great. I still need a pic of the pink shorts>LOL I emailed the guy and never heard back.
Old    bumersooner            07-31-2004, 9:00 AM Reply   
drumnwake420: This is Eric (Black/Vapor Blue VLX). I met you out at Draper yesterday. Just wanted to remind you to catch up with me Fri down at SPF. I have been off the scene for a few years. The last year I was at SPF was '01 so I don't really know what to expect other than I have been told that it is about 5x bigger that what I remember.
Old     (drumnwake420)      Join Date: Jun 2004       07-31-2004, 1:46 PM Reply   

Sent you an email at



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