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Old     (deuce)      Join Date: Mar 2002       05-25-2009, 7:42 PM Reply   
Washed, waxed.....impeller changed and checked over, ready for the season.... 'BOUT TIME.....

Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       05-25-2009, 8:50 PM Reply   
Boat looks good EJ, time to get her dirty!!
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       05-26-2009, 6:44 AM Reply   
Holy Cow look how big Ms. Abby is!!! How about we get together some time so your little one can show my daughter that the water is not bad and swimming is good. Mom has taught her about the fish and how they can bite !

Well I just got back from a trip of Rain, Mud & 4 Wheelers. I got to say the wheelers are fun but how they can turn real bad with the wrong rider. I was always the last one up and down the trail due to the first time ever being on a wheeler but I came home with nothing broken. Those damn things can go almost anywhere, the people in front of me go up a steep grade trail and I'm thinking to myself there is no way anybody is getting up that. Well after watching everybody and picking my line I gave it a go. Holy S what a rush!

Time to ride again!
Old     (buckweat)      Join Date: May 2009       05-27-2009, 4:15 PM Reply   
Hey guys my name is Lance I'm from WA but going to be in Utah this week looking to get a pull on thursday the 28th to get some practice before the INT event at Sand Hallow. utah county area would be great. thanks
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       05-28-2009, 7:12 AM Reply   
Lance Welcome here, hopefully you can get a ride, Im farther north :-(

Shima, I had a blast last night. I did catch hell from my daughter over not bringing her along though. Heres some pics of last night.

Josh I will post on DTFR as well later on today.

Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       05-28-2009, 7:15 AM Reply   
Holy cow Shima lost some weight in that last pic!

Matt ~~ Looks like you guys got some great water, now how about the truth and tell about the bugs. Great pics by the way.
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       05-28-2009, 7:30 AM Reply   
Josh, Shima is getting some fabulous results on that jenny crank diet I tell what! Im next to try it

As for the bugs,,Ya they came out later on the evening. Poor Faith and Mr "T" were eating em on their last sets. Great kids them 2 are, know how to ride and have fun attitudes. (credit to Dad on that)
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       05-28-2009, 7:57 AM Reply   
Thanks for the pics Matt, had a blast and we'll definitely have to do it again when you get back next month. You were shredding the gnar!

Josh, bugs only came out towards the end of the night (last half hour). Until then, I was pleasantly surprised.
Old     (aep6475)      Join Date: Aug 2005       05-28-2009, 12:00 PM Reply   
8 days left in Utah. Sorry I couldn't meet up with you all before taking off, but between some nasty family stuff and trying to move, time has run short.

It's been a fun ride over the last 11 years living in Utah. Learned a lot and met some great people. I'm going to stay in the Utah Guard for a little while longer until I figure out what to do with the rest of my military career so I'll be heading down for at least one weekend a month from here on out.

I hope to run in to you all again and I look forward to the skating season update emails from Ryan.

Now if I could just find a stupid freaking house in Idaho Falls. I can't believe the pickings are so slim on decent property up there.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       05-28-2009, 9:26 PM Reply   
Hey Anthony,
Left a message on your voicemail, give me a call before you leave. I would like to catch up with you before you skip town.
Old     (rideut)      Join Date: Jul 2001       05-29-2009, 3:54 PM Reply   
Ryan, Thanks for letting me try out the boards yesterday. I went down today and picked up the vice from MP.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       05-29-2009, 8:05 PM Reply   
Anthony ~~ It was great to meet you up at Jason's grass party and then get a session behind your boat. You know your always allowed on the Northern thread but you have to share pics and stories about living up North, keep the snow stories to yourself.

Mike ~~ How is the ankle holding up now a days? Good to see people get new gear and really like it. Shima tried to suck me in the Obrien family but I ended up really liking the C-Dub Ab for my riding. Are you riding UT at all, if you need a fourth or fifth some time let me know. I would say you might be the only one on this thread I haven't rode with, ok Jason to.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       05-29-2009, 8:58 PM Reply   
No worries Mike, that's my "job" for Obrien and welcome to the family. Thanks for the pulls yesterday, even though I just ended up wasting gas on my sets. BTW, did the boys at MP take good care of you?

Josh, I already knew you were beyond help when you swore by the Parks. JUST KIDDING bro!!!! Don't worry, one day you'll see the light. In all seriousness, you shred the Ab! BTW, where's David been? I haven't seen him post on here or your site for a while.

I leave next Saturday for 2 weeks so I hope to ride a few times next week (weather permitting). Let me know if any of you want to hook up and ride.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       05-30-2009, 10:36 AM Reply   
Shima ~~ David is still around he really don't do a ton of posting on Forums. We ride at least once a week together and talk just about every day.

Speaking of boards, David and I was thinking about having a session with our oldest gear. I myself have the 2004 Parks board and bindings. David said something about Late 90's that he would be rocking.

Random thought: Anybody down for a WW camping trip? Nothing huge and far just bringing back real camping and riding. I have been thinking something like a late Friday to early Sunday. Nothing more than an hour and a half away . I think it's a far shot since we can't get together and have a billards hang out night but worth a shot.
Old     (rideut)      Join Date: Jul 2001       05-30-2009, 5:26 PM Reply   
Ryan, Hell no in fact they didn't even talk to me. There was an old guy that came in just before me with his 5 brat wallie teenaged kids. He walked in and said "I want to talk to your 2 best wakeboarders to buy theses kids the best stuff you have" I pretty much got shunnded after that. Its expected and par for the course for that place. I ended up picking it up for 2 bills. Not too bad.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       05-31-2009, 8:43 AM Reply   
I'm sorry to hear that Mike, that sucks!!! You should have been able to talk to a salesperson at least. 2 bills isn't a bad price for a 08 but honestly thought you would have been able to get it for a little under that.

Josh, just got an email from David, he'll be gone most of the week on business. We'll try to hook up when I get back after June 22.

As for the old gear session, I have a 1998 HL Murray HC with moon boots. Not sure if I want to be riding that though. COme to think of it, I have an even older set up. I have Darin Shaprio's prototype twin tip from 1995 handing on my wall with a pair of sandal bindings, but the board is autographed.

When were you thinking of the camping trip and any particular place you were thinking about? We may be down but it depends on when since I will be on the road for 2 weeks in June and 2 weeks in July. Let me know.
Old     (elduke)      Join Date: May 2002       06-01-2009, 11:06 AM Reply   
I have the original Shapiro surf-style board with the flames on it. I think it is circa 1994(?) with the sandals becasue real wakeboarders at that time wore sandals. I landed my first backroll on that board after about 120 tries. I was a lot younger then. It was before Shapiro had the front drilled for a fin. That baby is original.

I have a buddy who still had his original Flight 69. Try edging on that board. She is a slippery fish. I want to see pics of you guys riding old school equipment. YOu definitely need to throw on some neon wetsuits and "Hit It".

Also go behind a boat with a ten foot pole and no ballast. That makes it truly 1996 legit.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-01-2009, 1:43 PM Reply   
D ~~ I just found I have a 94 CWB Blade runner with the rotating sandals. My buddie David has a 97 Wake tech that needs a good bath from hanging on the wall for years.

Shima ~~ Not sure on any dates yet, nothing I have put much effort into yet. I know I will be at Powell July 18th - 25th. Let me know what your dates of travel are and see what we can work out.

Mike ~~ How's the board working out for ya... Heck how is the ankle holding up?
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-02-2009, 6:35 AM Reply   
Josh, I'll be gone from June 6-22, July 19-Aug 2 and one weekend in Aug is shot because I have to instruct a coaching seminar but I don't know which weekend yet.

Any idea's on location within a 90' drive? (Starvation, Yuba, etc?)
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-02-2009, 6:55 AM Reply   
Shima ~~ That's leave about 2 weekends free from our travels. Maybe we can shoot for June 26 - 28th or July 3rd -5th. For location I would say Starvation is cutting it being trying to get as many to show up. Something for a quick weekend would work for Yuba or other places we know that's a little closer. We just need to see how many people wants to try it and we can work out locations and everything in between.
Any plans on hitting the rail jam that wakeutah is putting on this weekend at the expo center? They just started to fill the pool yesterday and getting all the frame together. Can't wait to see it, it looks pretty big!
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-02-2009, 6:59 AM Reply   
I leave this weekend so I won't be able to go to the rail jam.

FYI, I think Starvation is basically the same amount of driving time as Yuba, but I've only passed the exit for Yuba, never actually been there.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-02-2009, 7:16 AM Reply   
Shima ~~ If that is true they are both in a fair distance for people to make it. There is another place that is a little closer and I'm working on getting in touch with the land owner to see what we can work out for camping. Either way I would just like to see people make it out if they like to camp and take riding back to how it used to be, fighting the crowds.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-02-2009, 6:43 PM Reply   
Josh, would there be restroom facilities in the area you're talking about? (Just thinking of the ladies)
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-02-2009, 6:56 PM Reply   
Yes, I have two Ladies in my family! It's a little of a walk really short drive and I'm trying to hook up an old school RV to help out in a emergency. Also trying to hook up on the price since the only thing they have is a fire pit and I think they are breaking the law to allow and charging people to camp without a potty a certain distance from the camp ground. I lost the ruffing it mode since I said I do.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-02-2009, 7:22 PM Reply   
Haha, I hear ya man. Keep me posted.
Old     (zeda)      Join Date: Nov 2004       06-02-2009, 8:01 PM Reply   
Bathroom facilities????? Ya all need tuffin those women up. It's too bad you have to limit your camping options to places with bathrooms. You know they sell bathroom tents and porta-potties at most outdoor recreation stores? Nothing like the primitive camping in Lake Powell and Flaming Gorge...and the water is always choice and very accessible since your boat is sitting in the water next to camp.

What's the deal with a short drive from SLC for a WW camp trip? If you're going to do it, do it big and take loads of photos to show the less motivated how good it was.

Here is a taste of that choice camping you are all missing out on......

Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-02-2009, 8:39 PM Reply   


Bathroom facilities????? Ya all need tuffin those women up


What the heck ever happened to the pool and drinking party? I wanted to finally do something I was good at.

Ummmmm 3 years or so running and NOTHING!


I spoke with Jim. He said the pool tourney is off,

We might need to start small for the first annual WW camping trip...

Jason ~~ Were down any day for a trip like that. 20 something years in Powell in Stanton Creek and always fend for yourself. At the end of the year we take Pop's 23 foot cuddie for a weekend of getting lost and camping the true life of LP.

Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-03-2009, 12:11 PM Reply   
Nice pics Jason, looks like you guys found a good spot.

I'm just looking out for the ladies. I'm sure it's not very comfortable to deal with "monthly issues" in the wide open area or a small tent with no privacy.

I don't mind doing a WW camping trip that's big or small but history has shown that if it's big, most likely it turns into a big ordeal (is there enough boats to load everyone & there gear, meeting times, costs, etc). Just speaking for me though, I really don't mind roughing it but it's not just "me" anymore. If I'm going to spend the resources, I want to get the most out of it.
Old     (rideut)      Join Date: Jul 2001       06-03-2009, 3:22 PM Reply   
Ryan, Im a no go for Friday. I would have to say starvation is the best option for a trip. its 3 times bigger than Yuba and there are bathrooms at all but one of the camping spots.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-03-2009, 7:54 PM Reply   
That sucks Mike!!!! You've been working way too much lately. Thanks for the feedback on Yuba (never been there). We'll hook up when I get back.
Old     (zeda)      Join Date: Nov 2004       06-03-2009, 8:20 PM Reply   
Yo~~~the Bleyl family will be hitting the following dates at the following places AT A MINIMUM:

June 12 - 14: Lake Powell Bro Stock
July 2 - 5: Flaming Gorge
July 23 - 26: Flaming Gorge
August weekend to be determined: Lake Powell or FG
August 28 - September 1: Lake Powell

Anyone is welcome to join us on any of these trips. Powell trips require your own boat and camping gear.
Old     (deuce)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-03-2009, 8:25 PM Reply   
Holy smokes Jason.... That is some serious Powell time......

Don't think I have ever been there 4 times in a year....
Old     (buckweat)      Join Date: May 2009       06-03-2009, 8:31 PM Reply   
THats a lot of time out camping. what do you do for a living? do you have to have a boat to see bro stock?
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-04-2009, 6:39 AM Reply   
Alright the dates are set (somewhat) for trying to get people together for a camping trip. I have it for June 26th - 28th might work the best between some peoples schedule. Where is not 110% for sure but if we can get a group it would be great to get to Starvation for the weekend. Please check your dates and post up if this might work for you and how far you want to drive for the weekend.

I will have 3 others with me, my wife and 2 kids 9 & 5. Also I will have 2 3 seater jetski's.

Also this was posted over at

WakeUtah to host ‘Wake Park’ at the Outdoor Adventure Expo this weekend

Posted on 03 June 2009 by James

If you don’t have anything going on this weekend then you do now. WakeUtah in conjunction with Utah’s Outdoor Adventure Expo, will be hosting a ‘Wake Park’ rail expo at the State Fair Grounds (1000 West NorthTemple) this weekend. Dewey, with OMJ’s help have done it again and spent countless hours putting together one of the sickest rail setups I have seen in quite some time. Come out to the Expo Friday & Saturday and witness the awesome, as local riders try to conquer Dewey’s creation. Show times will be: Friday at: 2, 4, 6, 8pm & Saturday: 11am, 1, 3, 5pm.
In between shows be sure to checkout some of the other activities that will be going on like: The BBQ Cook Off, Mtn Bike Track, Beer Garden, Fishing & Hunting Demos, Boating in the Jordan River and so much more.

(Message edited by downfortheride on June 04, 2009)
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-04-2009, 9:12 AM Reply   
That weekend will work for me & my family. Starvation is fine, but want to throw FG out there? My wife has never camped on the UT side. We did the Wyoming side with Jason & his family a couple of years ago. I"ll have 3 others with me as well (wife and 2 kids - 10 & 12). I can bring our boat.

Jason, I know you're planning on going that next weekend over the 4th but I have to work. Is there any chance you would be able to make it the week earlier?

EJ & Mike seemed to have spent the most time camping at Starvation the last few years, maybe they can make some recommendations?
Old     (rideut)      Join Date: Jul 2001       06-04-2009, 4:25 PM Reply   
Indian bay is cool if you want to beach camp. Its on the southh side of the lake. They have porta a jon's there. Ive never camped at the marina but I know there is no fires and you are packed in. If you want to boat camp you can load up and go to the north east bay and camp. No bathroom but its more remote. Then there is the south east side you go across the dam to take a dirt road to the north I can't remember the name of it. No bathrooms but you can launch the boat from the shore. I like starvation because its size and for the most part the location keeps most of the people away. Ive seen it glass with rain storm and completely blown out with sunny skies. Just like any where else you roll the dice. Oh yeah they train fish cops there so there are some lets say rigid guys working there. Just be sure to do a head check before doing anthing stupid. Ive never had any problems other than them hiding in the bushes watching us drink beer around the camp fire.
Old     (zeda)      Join Date: Nov 2004       06-04-2009, 7:56 PM Reply   

I like the FG idea for that weekend. It's only about an hour further and you can hit Evanston on the way up for some choice beverages. We can probably make it two weekends in a row. I'm game for anywhere, but my vote is the Gorge for one key reason: size of lake and ability to avoid the wanker tubers and people that have no clue how to drive a boat. That's a little harder to do at Starvation.

E.J.~~~we are shooting for four Powell trips. One is in the books already and the next is BroStock. You should join us on one. I know you are not afraid to boat camp.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-04-2009, 10:38 PM Reply   
Just a heads up that I may have to cancel on the weekend of June 26-28. My Grandpa passed away today & the funeral may be some time during that week.

Thanks for the info on Starvation Mike, very helpful. We camped overnight in the marina last year with Jason & his family. It actually wasn't bad but it did suck that we couldn't build a fire. Indian Bay sounds interesting. Is that where Jackson discovered a rattler under his tent when they were packing up?

Jason, if I'm around the weekend of June 26th, I hope we can plan something.

BTW, I might have blown my right knee out again tonight. It's not the same injury though, that's for sure. After talking to my team trainers tonight on the phone, I'm hoping it's just some left over scar tissue from my previous surgery that got stretched out & strained. Doing some treatment in the morning & getting evaluated before driving to San Diego on Saturday morning.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-05-2009, 7:03 AM Reply   
Mike ~~ Thanks for the info!

Jason ~~ What is the total drive time to FG?

Shima ~~ Sorry to hear for your loss and your knee.

I got a chance to hit the practice session for the rail jam for the outdoor expo. This set up is 100% legit and good to see the local's do work on it.
Old     (dhorton)      Join Date: Apr 2002       06-05-2009, 8:50 AM Reply   
Ryan sorry to hear about your Gramps, it's never an easy thing to go through my thought are with you and your family.

As far as camping that weekend I think we should be DFTC down for the camping! I have never been to The Gorge or Starvation so I'm game for either. Either way I will bring both my boats, the '02 Super Air and this one:
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-05-2009, 10:48 AM Reply   
Wow Dave, that's one heck of a set up!!!

Thanks to all for your thoughts & condolences, it's greatly appreciated!

The issue with my knee won't need surgery, so that's good news. Looks like I have a sublixated (spelling?) fibular head, resulting from a tight right hamstring and it pulled on that part of my knee when it locked up. Also, it seems no ligament or major soft tissue damage. Just stiffness and a little discomfort right now. I have to take it easy for about week or two and not load my hamstring. I guess it's a good thing I'm heading to CA, but had a hook up to ride at Canyon Lake while I was there. Maybe I'll bring my stuff just in case .

See you all when I get back on June 22.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-05-2009, 4:40 PM Reply   
I'm out for the weekend of June 26th. I'm flying home for my grandpa's funeral. Hopefully we can plan another weekend of camping.
Old     (zeda)      Join Date: Nov 2004       06-05-2009, 5:30 PM Reply   
JOSH~~~The drive time to the Gorge is around 3 hours total. Shorter if you don't stop in Evanston for beverages but I'm kind of like a kid in a candy store and get delayed.

RYAN~~~Sorry on all accounts...gramps and knee. Knowing you, it will only take a couple of weeks before you are 100% again. You have my dates for trips so you can plan something with us.
Old     (parkcityxj)      Join Date: Mar 2001       06-05-2009, 9:48 PM Reply   
Ryan- bummer to hear about your grandpa and knee.

DFTR Josh- good seeing you today, have to hit the water soon.

Hung out and snapped some pics at the wake utah rail event at the expo. Pretty sick set up.

I got some pics here.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-05-2009, 10:01 PM Reply   
Jay ~~ Nice to be able to put a face to the name. I wish I had the lens that you were shooting with, I would guess it was the 70-200 IS 2.8 by the looks of it. I shot with the kit lens (well I always shoot with the kit lens) and came out with some ok photo's. Check em out at
Old     (parkcityxj)      Join Date: Mar 2001       06-05-2009, 10:59 PM Reply   
Nice pics, I wish I'd gotten more creative. I've got a 70-200 F4, w/no stabilizer, it was a floor model from B&H. I also shot w/my pos kit lens and a majority of them were shot w/my $100 50mm 1.8. One thing to remember to always show where to rider is coming from and where they're going. Check out this site I've learned a lot from there. I've only been shooting about a year now and learn more every time I go out.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-08-2009, 9:07 PM Reply   
I'm trying to post this much larger. My boy and I decided it was time to make a funny ass pic and he was the funny. We tried this big ass puddle and he wanted to stand there to measure the size of my wake.


Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-09-2009, 6:34 AM Reply

Here it is!
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-10-2009, 10:35 AM Reply   
Here's the new toy! 2007 V-Star 1300
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-10-2009, 4:06 PM Reply   
Josh, is that a replacement or an addition to your old bike?

Nice ride BTW!
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-10-2009, 4:45 PM Reply   
That's my replacement, I had to get rid of the Sportster. The wife and I would get our asses kick on that little thing. Sold it and picked up this touring bike and is night and day of a ride not only with us both but by myself also. Thanks for the love, now quit the rain and lets ride!
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-10-2009, 5:11 PM Reply   
Right on. FYI, I get back from my training camp on the 20th but have to fly home for a funeral on the 24th and won't be back until the 27th. Hopefully my knee is healed before then so we can hook up to ride.
Old     (parkcityxj)      Join Date: Mar 2001       06-11-2009, 11:45 AM Reply   
Why does this weather suck!?! I haven't been out once, weak!!
Old     (russ_dogg)      Join Date: Jul 2008       06-11-2009, 12:57 PM Reply   
All this Rain & afternoon lightning& thunder showers SUX....But maybe it will raise the water level @ Powel and Bearlake!!!!!!!!!
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-11-2009, 1:31 PM Reply   
Russ ~~ We were just talking about this over morning coffee in the office. June + 11 days of rain ='s a LOT of water. From what I can tell on the web cams Powell is crazy high and I can't wait to get there next month. Here is the link to their web cam and just in the last month the water has gone up like crazy.

Speaking of Powell, did everybody hear the mandatory mussel inspection before you launch. If no officers are at post you don't launch. It sucks but people can't be honest and everybody has to suffer. What ever it takes to keep our water background beautiful.
Old     (russ_dogg)      Join Date: Jul 2008       06-11-2009, 2:33 PM Reply   
It looks like its up atleast 40'... well--- alot from the last time I was there
Old     (buckweat)      Join Date: May 2009       06-11-2009, 8:32 PM Reply   
is anyone going to BroStock?
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-11-2009, 10:38 PM Reply   
Buck ~~ Just hit the jack pot and got invited on a ride heading down. Looks like I'm pulling an all nighter to get packed up. I'm sure I will have plenty of pics to share when I get back.

Huge love to my wife! She is the one that pushed me to go since I got the invite. The women insists I go everywhere, she sends me to Vegas on a whim and now she suggests I head to bro stock for the weekend. She is the BEST, happy fathers day and birthday to me (June is the best month for me)! Love you baby!
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       06-12-2009, 7:24 AM Reply   
Josh, Nice Ride!!

Ryan, My new FH 750's have arrived! To bad Im still in the Arctic for another week. We need to see how they perform for ya The wife has informed me that Im grounded because of them also.........
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-12-2009, 12:50 PM Reply   
Have a great time Josh!

Matt, did you purchase them without getting permission??? Shame, Shame. I'm still out of commission though. My knee isn't healed yet and this rate, will be a while before I can ride again. I'm keeping my fingers crossed though!
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       06-15-2009, 12:39 PM Reply   
Ryan, Thats ok we'll be "limp and gimp" out on the water and just let the kiddies play then Thursday cant get here fast enough till I fly out! Mr Snowbanks better have some warmer weather on order this weekend for me!
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-15-2009, 2:14 PM Reply   
For sure Matt! Today, my knee is feeling the best it's been since it happened but still not ride ready. I'll be driving into SLC around 3am on Sunday morning. If the weather holds up and I'm not to tired from the long drive, we may head out.

Have a safe trip down!
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-15-2009, 2:21 PM Reply   
Back from Bro Stock! Pretty cool were rolling up inside the cove and somebody is yelling "Josh!" and holding up a beer. Yep on the top of that house boat was my good friend Bleyl, from there I knew this was going to be one of my best trips yet. The first beer was down with Jason and crew and the other 100 or so was with the most random people. The first night I rolled upon a kegger and went to bed about 4 or 5 ish. I didn't get a ton of pics being I was intoxicated more than 92% of the time and didn't feel like dropping my camera in the water like a few people I was by. I will have a few pics up sometime after I get my brain back.
Old     (omar2000)      Join Date: Jun 2009       06-19-2009, 1:50 PM Reply   
Hello all. I'm new and it seems that you are pretty close knit, but I'm just a dude who loves the wake board. I had a boat but it just pooped out on me. I'm always ready to be a third.

Nice to met you all.
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       06-19-2009, 5:52 PM Reply   
Travis, welcome here. Where about you live?
Old     (deuce)      Join Date: Mar 2002       06-19-2009, 8:06 PM Reply   
Welcome Travis.....

I was just down in your neck of the woods today....BEAUTIFUL day on Utah Lake.....
Old     (zeda)      Join Date: Nov 2004       06-20-2009, 6:46 PM Reply   
Travis....welcome to the f'ing northwest. I'm going back to Powell.
Old     (downfortheride)      Join Date: Jun 2005 Location: SLC, UT 5600'       06-20-2009, 7:28 PM Reply   
Travis ~~ Welcome to UT, we try and get out most Sunday's mornings and just maybe might start Monday mornings if the weather decides to clear. Hit me up with a PM with your contact info and I bet we can get you on the water and meet a few of the people on this site.

Jason ~~ Take me with you! PLEASE!

We got on the water today and nothing but rain, wind and white caps. Got to meet Greg that moved to UT from KY and the dude can throw down on a board. Rode again with Rob that just revived his SANTE. All a good time but the water Sucked today. David posted a few pics at if your interested.
Old     (aep6475)      Join Date: Aug 2005       06-21-2009, 9:16 AM Reply   
Howdy fellars. Glad to see you all are getting out, I can't believe how freaking cold it is up here. Hasn't stopped raining for 2 weeks now. Actually saw a dude on the river the other day trunking, no way it was over 50 air temp.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-21-2009, 11:35 AM Reply   
Finally back home from my training camp but heading to HI from Wed-Sat afternoon for my grandpa's funeral. I'm hoping to get the boat out on the water since it's been a couple of weeks.

Travis, welcome to UT. Hopefully we can meet up to ride soon.
Old     (dhorton)      Join Date: Apr 2002       06-21-2009, 1:44 PM Reply   
Travis ~ your welcome on my boat anytime we are always looking for a third.

Ryan ~ let me know if you can sneak out before you head to HI Wednesday, my schedule is wide open this week so far. We got out Saturday but the water was so crappy I didn't subject myself to that beating.
Old     (russ_dogg)      Join Date: Jul 2008       06-21-2009, 7:45 PM Reply   
MATT when we gona ride?????????????
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-21-2009, 9:46 PM Reply   
Will do Dave, I'll let you know ASAP but it's going to be tight since my wife's schedule is busy this week and my kids are in a testing week at school.
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       06-22-2009, 6:19 AM Reply   
Russ!!!!! Where the hell have you been!! Im getting the boat ready today, Registration, Park pass, cleaning, etc etc call me 801-726-7570 Hows the MB treatin ya? You still hangin out at Pineview still?

Ryan sorry I had to miss out on ya yesterday. Hows the knee holding up?
Old     (dhorton)      Join Date: Apr 2002       06-22-2009, 7:47 AM Reply   
Hey Ryan no sweat if you can't, your schedule sounds tight. Lets ride when you get back, maybe the rain will have stopped by then! Travel safe.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-22-2009, 8:26 AM Reply   
Matt, didn't get to ride. Wind started howling but at least the kids got their sets in. Have a great day on the water.

Dave, I may be able to get out tomorrow morning if you're up for it. I'll find out my schedule this afternoon so I can let you know then. You know of anyone that might be a third for morning time?
Old     (elduke)      Join Date: May 2002       06-22-2009, 10:49 AM Reply   
So on Saturday morning I am out riding before the storms hit. I bought some Ronix One bindings on closeout from last fall and started sporting them this year. Very comfy boot. 4th time using them Saturday morning coming around a bit late on the backroll and catch the rear edge. All of the sudden the board is floating away free and my boots are on my feet. I totally snapped the baseplates.

Needless to say I was pissed. But I called Ronix this morning and Bryan is sending me a new set of plates in the mail today. He stated they had some bad batches of baseplates and mostly they are good. But he was very cool. very good to work with. So I am thinking these guys are good cats. They seem like a straight up good company. I am happy when someone acknowledges an issue and is ready to rectify it.

Does anyone want to buy some used 4 times 2008 Ronix ones? New baseplates!! Just kidding. They are some of the most comfortable boots I have ever owned.

I feel better!

Old     (omar2000)      Join Date: Jun 2009       06-23-2009, 3:08 PM Reply   
I enjoy the warm greetings. Thank you all. To answer your questions I'm down in Provo, but work takes me to Salt Lake about every day.

I'm always free on fridays except this week my little brother is graduating basic training. So I'm heading to that this weekend.

Jason- isn't this weather freaking crazy so much rain and then last night no rain but so windy that it capsizes a boat in Utah lake. I just hope that we are done with that stuff. I see wanting to head back to powell.
Old     (duramat)      Join Date: Feb 2008       06-23-2009, 4:04 PM Reply   
Ryan, Dave, Had a blast out on the water with ya today! Im feelin it now, the body is is shutdown mode and wanting them 800 Motrins we were discussing. I definately got the sun Im feelin the burn.
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       06-23-2009, 5:00 PM Reply   
Great to get out with you guys today, hopefully the weather will be more like today from now on. I'll check in with everyone when I get back on Saturday afternoon.



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