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Old    kevlar            12-03-2003, 6:09 PM Reply   
Let's start a new thread for just this topic. We're looking at a couple of great surprises for y'all, and I'm wicked stoaked about it already. I can't tell you anything because we're not sure we can do it, but oh man...

This thing is actually coming together, people, so don't be afraid to step up to the plate with us. We need volunteers! Please see the old "Anybody here from the Northeast" post for how to volunteer.

We're thinking maybe June for an approximate time. Whatever you think about this, please post. We're gonna try to have a real set date by X-mas.

If you see this post drifting towards the bottom of the page, post a random message to keep it on the front page, thanx.
Old     (shutupandboard)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-03-2003, 6:16 PM Reply   
Lima, Ohio

I posted it on the other thread, but it looks like this is where it should be posted.

I can help with anything needed.
Old    xtremebordgurl            12-03-2003, 8:53 PM Reply   
Hey guys we really need your input here, when is a good time for everybody? June would make it a great kick off to the summer events or a random thought is that August might be good cause then we can advertise all summer and get more people into it. Any thoughts?
Old    emoney            12-04-2003, 7:16 AM Reply   
Youngstown, Ohio
I'd like to hook up.Lets get something going,
Eric - -
Old     (shutupandboard)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-04-2003, 10:41 AM Reply   
I would think probably August. The word needs to spread. Plus i suck and need time to practice.
Old    xtremebordgurl            12-04-2003, 2:11 PM Reply   
Anyone else for August? If we can get everyone's name and e-mail we can put a mailing list together, so post em
Old    xtremebordgurl            12-04-2003, 2:12 PM Reply   
I agree with you though Jeremy, August probably would be better plus it will be a great way to end the season.
Old    emoney            12-05-2003, 6:25 AM Reply   
Sounds good to me.
Eric -
Old     (rootc)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-05-2003, 9:28 AM Reply   
Location? The Northeast US is a large area. Post a loacation then check for dates.
Old    svfara            12-05-2003, 1:53 PM Reply   
Yes, Location is probably the single most important factor.

Any suggestions?
I don't know too much about what's needed (approvals / permits / sponsers?)

As for a general location, what is best for everybody?
I'm thinking Central Mass or CT?
Please post some specific lakes that may be possibilities.
A personal favorite of mine is Rainbow resevoir in Windsor, CT. I don't know if there would be anywhere to host it there though...

Anyway, I am willing to help out however I can.
I've got a boat to bring anyway
Old    xxwakeskaterxx            12-05-2003, 3:49 PM Reply   
how about somewere in lake anna its a huge lake and u can always find butter
Old     (shutupandboard)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-05-2003, 11:11 PM Reply   
Bess, you can't go. You live in florida.
Old    xtremebordgurl            12-06-2003, 11:11 AM Reply   
lol, tru tru, only till may though, then I'm back to be'n a Mainah agan
Old    xtremebordgurl            12-07-2003, 1:13 PM Reply   
So whats the verdict? Do we have local yet? Where is everyone from? Lets at least get a state picked out. Are the majority from New England? Sounds like there are some people interested a little further south... how far is everyone willing to drive? C'mon people lets make this happen!
Old    emoney            12-08-2003, 7:26 AM Reply   
What about Ohio or Pennsylvania? I may have a contact in which we can probably use one of his private lakes in Ohio, Any thoughts?
Old    kevlar            12-08-2003, 4:42 PM Reply   
Here's a good rule of thumb; if you're state was in the Confederacy at any point in time, you're too far south to be considered Northeast... sorry, Dylan. Border states are pushing it, but slightly possible. If you want to come that's fine, but let's keep the Northeast Wakefest in the Northeast.
When the first thread started, we were thinking New England, I think, so personally I don't like Ohio. It just seems more Midwest than Northeast to me. We get hardly any attention and need to bolster the scene up here.
Milton Three Ponds
Winnipesaukee (during week)
Winnisquam (during week)
Long Lake
I've got 1 to 5 possible wakeboats volunteered in New Hampshire. One more idea to throw onto the back burner is live music.
Old    kevlar            12-08-2003, 5:25 PM Reply   
After discussing it with Bess, we've dicided that it's gonna be in NH. Possibly on a private lake.
We're now looking for sponsors. Boat companies, board companies, post any contact information so Bess can send you a formal proposal.
ERIC (Svfara):
Post you're contact info, please. You can start helping by spreading the word to all your friends. Hope you're still willing to tow your boat up to New Hampshire.
Old    svfara            12-08-2003, 7:44 PM Reply   
New Hampshire sounds great to me!
No problems towing the boat up there
If you need more contact info I will send via e-mail.

I'll start spreading the word around here.
Old    kevlar            12-09-2003, 5:52 PM Reply   
We'll give y'all about a week from Dec 8 to give us input before we make an executive decision on the month.
Old    xtremebordgurl            12-10-2003, 10:47 AM Reply   
Old     (shutupandboard)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-11-2003, 6:31 PM Reply   
Hey Kevin. I was away from my computer. Hit me up again.
Old    svfara            12-12-2003, 12:52 PM Reply   
I vote for August (but I will go any month)
Old    kevlar            12-13-2003, 2:55 PM Reply   
2 days left for input, its lookin like August though.
Old     (shutupandboard)      Join Date: Aug 2002       12-15-2003, 10:18 PM Reply   
Hey Bess, Let me know what i can do to help.
It seems as though i'm a long ways away so maybe i can help with something around here. Maybe hit up a few shops i know of. Not that there's many.
Old    xtremebordgurl            12-18-2003, 6:09 PM Reply   
Yay! A computer that works right!

TO Kevin and everyone interested,
I just got a call from Purity Springs today. If we were to use them as our location we would have to have it late June or in September. So if we stick with this location, which I think we should, then unfortunately we can't do August . Purity Springs (East Madison, New Hampshire) has 1,000 acres of land including a private ski lake that will be all ours for that weekend. They also have a hotel and campsites to accomodate guests. There are RV hook ups available at the campsite. The campsite is a short 6 miles from the lake. At the lake there is a huge field that can accomodate lots of parking for cars, boats, RVs, Sponors' Tents, grills and other cookout necesities. There is also a Volleyball net there with sand to play in. We are still very early in the planning stages, we have yet to set a date, we were going to do a weekend probably late June (again, if we stick with Purity Springs), the resort is going to give me a call with dates for when they can accomodate us. Our goal is to bring the Northeast scene together and get people to meet each other, hang out, and have an awesome time riding. It'll be pretty laid back, very family friendly, and a great time. We are also working on a few surprises as well, I'm not gonna let the cat outta the bag until we know for sure though, but trust me, you'll love it! Hope to see you there!
~ Bess

Old    svfara            12-19-2003, 6:44 AM Reply   
Purity Springs is a very cool location.
Lots of space for parking & whatever.
Nice deep lake.
June is fine with me.
Does anybody know the schedule for INT League next year? I'm sure we would want to make sure that this does not conflict with the weekend of their events.

Looks like this is starting to come together!
I'm really looking forward to this!

Old    xtremebordgurl            12-20-2003, 10:11 PM Reply   
Eric, that is an excellent point, I'm probably going to be calling Tom Peterson (New England INT coordinator) sometime shortly after the holidays. Thanx for the feedback!
Old    kevlar            01-01-2004, 3:59 PM Reply   
Hey, just reminding everyone that we still need lots of volunteers. Bess, what are you willing to let people do? Writing proposals for potential sponsors?
If you have a band and think you're good enough, or if you can cook a mean steak or other BBQ, or if you have a sweet wakeboat, or if you can help set stuff up when the day finally comes, please post contact info. A big thanx to the volunteers who have already stepped up and said they might help, we'll probably be putting you to work soon. Even if you live in Ohio like Jeremy, I'll find something for you to do.
Old     (shutupandboard)      Join Date: Aug 2002       01-01-2004, 10:26 PM Reply   
Hey he's talkin bout me.

hi ALL the way from OHIO.

Bring it on.

Old     (mainelaker)      Join Date: Feb 2003       01-02-2004, 2:15 AM Reply   
Keep us up to date on this event please, I should be able to attend & possibly bring my boat for the weekend.
Old    xtremebordgurl            01-02-2004, 3:23 PM Reply   
Anything anyone could do would be greatly apprciated, I know I am super busy with a bunch of other projects as well. In terms of write ups if you're into writing go for it, send it my way and I'll forward it to all potential sponsors and I'll make sure you get credit for writing it. I'll post a list of things to do and we can delegate who does wht in a couple days, thanx for everyone's help and support so far, this looks like its gonna be awesome!
Old     (boardinbeast)      Join Date: May 2003       01-25-2004, 7:53 PM Reply   
well, it seems this is slowly dieing again, just a bump to see if we can jump start it now the summer is (slowly) drawing nearer!
Old    xtremebordgurl            01-30-2004, 11:13 AM Reply   
good point David, I haven't heard back from Purity Springs yet... I can call them again but if you guys have any other ideas for locations throw them out there. I'd like to see this happen, unfortunately I've been super busy lately so I haven't been able to give this much attention, but if anyone else wants to step and and try and put something together.. go for it! I'll do everything I can to put something together for this summer and if someone else wants to step up I'll totally support you. Let's make this happen!
Old    pureride540            02-16-2004, 7:50 AM Reply   
I've never done any write ups or things of the like. But I do live in Massachusetts and, as long as the comp stays in New England I would deffinitly be willing to help set up and help out any way i can up in NH. Let me know how I can help this thing happen. By the way my email is">, keep me posted
Old    cwshumsky            02-17-2004, 7:45 PM Reply   
hey ya'll, guess i missed this thread! possible location in Methuen, MA... free parking, stage for band, big sand bar, 7 miles of wide river (always glass), close to 2 major highways, suitable for approx. 5-300 persons.
or Lowell, MA (regatta area)free parking, very limited area to beach your boat, good mile of wide river with 26 miles of usable (some hidden hazzards) huge stage w/area for venders and 4 acre field 5-10,000+ persons.
Old    pureride540            02-17-2004, 9:18 PM Reply   
How do I get in touch with someone about workin the event?
Old    kevlar            02-20-2004, 3:29 PM Reply   
Hey, Phil. I think I'm the "Volunteer Coordinator", leave your email or AIM screenname and I'll get back to you ASAP.
Hey, Cass. Thanx, I'll have to talk to Bess but the lake in Methuen looks like the best we've got. What's the name of the lake? Leave your email or AIM screenname, too, so I can ask you some more questions.
Thanx, y'all. Feb break just started today, so I'll be paying some real good attention to this for the next week.
Old    cwshumsky            02-20-2004, 6:36 PM Reply   
kev, it's the merrimack river between lowell & lawrence, i believe its class B, 15-30' deep, approx 300' wide & 7 miles long w/4 turns, slalom course, rope swing & maybe a slider.
not much for camping except the haunted island, there are some inexpensive motels near.
Old    pureride540            02-25-2004, 6:52 AM Reply   
My email is"> and my AIM screen name is Pureride540. Im on all the time so im easy to get a hold of.
Old    kevlar            02-26-2004, 3:20 PM Reply   
Bess, have you changed screennames? I can't seem to get a hold of you. Does the Merrimack sound cool with you? I say we do it and make the date the second weekend of August. Anybody else have anything to say? Keep posting and checking this frequently, y'all. Spread the word, keep this thing alive. Thanx.
Old    kevlar            02-27-2004, 4:27 PM Reply   
I'm making an executive decision because I've been hearing good things about this location. There will be a Northeast Wakefest in Methuen, Massachusetts on the Merrimack River on the second weekend in August (Aug 14 & 15). I guess that means we are officially looking for sponsors and a volunteer who can write a good write-up for potential sponsors. Wherever you are, start making flyers or whatever. I guess you can make my email (wakerkel@aol) the contact for details. If your school has a TV or Radio show, see if you can get this on there. Cass, give me driving directions, an address, something to help me find out exactly where this is.
Old     (jeffcanary62)      Join Date: Apr 2003       02-27-2004, 8:14 PM Reply   
my email is , aim is jeffcanary62.probly not the best person to do a write up but i can help out in august
Old    kevlar            02-29-2004, 2:56 PM Reply   
I just thought of something (As I said, I need help managing this), hold up on those flyers.
Cass, do we need to call somebody for permission to use this stretch of river or land? Is there a local Marine Patrol that should be notified?
Old     (csquared)      Join Date: Jan 2002       02-29-2004, 4:01 PM Reply   
Each town along the river patrols their stretch. Not sure about below the dam (it sounds like this is where you are holding it?), but above the dam is patrolled heavily by lowell and chelmsford police up to the NH border. They enforce life jacket and speed limit very aggressively so it wouldn't be a bad idea to contact lowell PD
Old    xtremebordgurl            02-29-2004, 4:02 PM Reply   
Kevin awesome work! Way to take charge, sorry I've been so hard to get in touch with, I haven't been online in weeks cause I've been so busy with school and all that fun stuff. The location sounds good to me. Feel free to call my cell phone or e-mail me anytime. and I do have the same screen name.
Old    cwshumsky            02-29-2004, 6:01 PM Reply   
kev, Lawrence and methuen patrol this area and require us to follow the rules. some are riders too (also helps with outa control J-skiers). there's a good vibe here you have to respect (thanks in advance)
Shawn, i hear ya bud! up there it's bordering on harassment! if the police don't get you the rocks will!

the only permit needed i think is for live music but I'll check. there is a free ramp down river w/a new free ramp coming soon. 2 pay ramps close to the action 8-10us per boat. the proposed site will have to be booked and cost $$$ so hold the flyers till we check the date, feel free to make a draft. then there are sponsors, radio and TV ads to be addressed, who is going to be the special "pro" guest appearance (Darin... gives the northeast another shot? we really do care!)
Old    kevlar            03-02-2004, 4:23 PM Reply   
Bess, email me and tell me your cell # and what exactly is going on with the little surprise, is it definite yet?
Old    kevlar            03-04-2004, 6:32 PM Reply   
Old    cwshumsky            03-05-2004, 8:09 PM Reply   
Ok everyone, here it is! first or the third weekend in august is available, I'm leaning towards 7&8. it's $350 per day plus food & beverage. I'm proposing to have burgers, hotdogs & drinks on hand at a nominal fee. there are lot's of potential sponsors with deep pockets so there will be some give-away and even a contest or two!
as far as the music were probably better off with a radio station sponsor, (hype the event and lock the band) so... let's get input on the type of music.
who should be the pro that will make a guest appearance??
let's get the details hammerd out and start a new thread.
Old     (boardinbeast)      Join Date: May 2003       03-07-2004, 7:02 AM Reply   
Sounds great Probably won't be able to get there the 7th, but I will be there on the eighth. I'm hesitant to say that I will be there to help out because things usually happen without too much warning for me, but if I'm there I'll definatly lend a hand doin just about anything.
Old    kevlar            03-15-2004, 5:24 PM Reply   
Old     (ryin)      Join Date: May 2002       03-15-2004, 7:31 PM Reply   
nice bump, is the 350 a day, per person? any maps of this place. i live in western mass so not real familiar with this area.
Old     (shutupandboard)      Join Date: Aug 2002       03-16-2004, 6:30 PM Reply   
I've been gone for a while but now i'm back (i think). I am still interested in helping. My e-mail address has changed. It's now


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