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Old    jesiday            08-07-2005, 6:32 PM Reply   
Well, I guess it was bound to happen sometime...

So there I was, my last run of the day, and I was psyching myself up for a good ol' "go big and go home". I just started getting consistent W2W with the rope all the way in, and I cut out came in (yes Blake, I totally held my edge!), got launced like six feet, according to spectators and landed that many into the flats. Only problem is I didn't relax my knees.

Since this was the VERY FIRST time I landed in the flats, I was expecting a little pain. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry so I figured I was good to go. I got back up went out on my HS edge and did a little ollie...yep, shooting pain. I figured it was still too soon to determine the extent of my injury. We got down to the end of the course at our local lake and had to turn a double-up. Me, being the stubbon S*** I am decided to ollie the rollers. As soon as I landed, I screamed BLOODY MURDER. I knew I was done.

Long story short, I just got back from the ER and they (Navy medical...reeeaaal geniuses) are pretty sure I have shredded my meniscus. Right now, I'm in an 'imobilizor' and on crutches. I have to jump through hoops to hopefully get an MRI later this week.

Anyone else ever have this happen? I'm sure it's out there ;). Did you have to have surgery or just some EXTENSIVE PT? Also, how long until you were riding again?

Oh, and to top it all off... today is my anniversary. What luck!!!!

sorry for the sob story.

Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       08-07-2005, 6:39 PM Reply   
happy anniversary, jesi and tim!

sorry to hear of your injury. hope things work out! i bet it wouldn't have happened though had i not flaked on you today, huh?
Old     (gnelson)      Join Date: Jun 2003       08-07-2005, 7:42 PM Reply   
Jessica-Sorry to hear about your injury. This happened to be about 2 weeks ago. Still waiting to get my MRI so not 100% sure but doc said he thinks its a torn meniscus. Elevate and Ice. The pain will go away in a couple days and when the swelling goes down you should be able to hobble around without crutches. Do a search for , there were some good responses. Good news is it could have been a lot worse, ACL or MCL or all the above. Good Luck.
Old     (big_xstar)      Join Date: Nov 2004       08-07-2005, 8:19 PM Reply   
Hey Jesi.. man o man, so sorry to have to read about your knee injury. Sorry we missed you guys out there today. Hopefully its not as bad as the naval docs said it is. I cant say I know from personal experience about knee injuries, but any injury in general definetly sucks a**.( I have had my share of different ones). Keep us posted on how things come along.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery.
BTW.. Happy Anniversary!?
Old    mia            08-07-2005, 8:22 PM Reply   
sorry to hear...

wait for the mri.. there is alot of connective tissue there ( acl,pcl,mcl,minsucis)

if you are really, really lucky... you just got your minuscus only..

if so... 4-6 weeks for pain & and 2-3 months post pt...

i just got my acl reconstructed (partial tear, pcl redone, and meniscus cleaned up)...if eat my wheaties and do everything right.. i will be back on the water in oct/nov...
Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       08-07-2005, 8:28 PM Reply   
Sorry to hear about your knee.

But i'm more sorry to hear you bag on the Naval Orthopods. The navy surgeons at Balboa and Pendleton see more Knee injuries than just about all the Orthopaedic Surgeons in the county of San Diego. They know what they are doing!!!!!! Sounds like you are a dependant of an service parent. I can assure you that the treatment you get is top notch.
And just to be sure I am going to find your file and make sure I am in on the surgery when they use my Instuments. Maybe they will let me do my first incision!!!!!!

With all seriousness, I really hope your knee is not that bad.

Good luck and have a speedy recovery!!
Old     (three6ty)      Join Date: Feb 2004       08-07-2005, 8:30 PM Reply   

Correction. Or a wife of a Serviceman.

Take care
Old     (bassmanjoshis)      Join Date: Feb 2005       08-07-2005, 8:45 PM Reply   
Just be happy you know exactly what happened and there is even a possibility of an MRI this week. I've been on krutches since last friday and still don't know exactly what's wrong...ACL or MCL not sure how serious either...swelling is finally going down. But ya...just be glad you're getting it all sorted out quickly. Apparently here in the GTA, an MRI could take 6-8 weeks. I'm waiting...
Old    jesiday            08-07-2005, 9:02 PM Reply   
Joe- you're probably right

Kevin- I was all excited that you guys were coming out today. Too bad it didn't work out. Are you coming out to the comp on Sun?

Myke- I heard about your knee. Hopefully, you're on to a speedy recovery. Can't wait to see you out there again.

E Double U- Yeah, I'm pretty notorious for bagging on Naval surgeons. I had two shoulder surgeries before I got out, and they still aren't 100%... I think Orthopedic surgeons get a little scalpel happy. I'm definitely not looking forward to the possibility of another surgery!

Well, SD crew, I'll see you guys soon. Probably only as a flag girl. Well, and as a proud supporter of Jaeger's stock!!!

Old     (eternalshadow)      Join Date: Nov 2001       08-07-2005, 9:19 PM Reply   
Jessica, hopefully you end up in the same situation I did. I was on crutches for a week and a half, and an immobilizer for a total of 2.5 weeks, my last visit to the doc, he decided that I didn't blow the minuscus out after all and that I instead severly sprained it.
Old    jesiday            08-07-2005, 9:30 PM Reply   

I am REALLY hoping that I only sprained it. Right now, the only thing that is worrying me is that I can only put minimal weight on it, when my foot is perfectly flat against the ground. Also, if I accidently land on it, off my crutches, it immediately buckles in towards the center. It's like there isn't any support there. I've been looking on the 'Net and just hoping I've streched the crap out of it.

...2.5 weeks, huh. I'm at the end of my first day, and I HATE that thing!!!!

Old     (blake_hughes)      Join Date: May 2004       08-08-2005, 3:03 AM Reply   
Man, that sucks! Steve told me what happened, and that you looked to be in bad pain... Sorry to hear that. .

What crappy timing, too... Just a day after you start clearing W2W, consistently! Talk about luck.

Here's to a speedy recovery... Hope you heal soon!

Old     (tyler_o)      Join Date: Nov 2004       08-08-2005, 8:51 AM Reply   
If there is anyone who isn't going to let this injury slow them down or hold them back it's Jesi! The look on her face yesterday afternoon was pure pain and she's already counting the hours to recovery and checking the liquor cabinet to ensure their's enough Jaeger for next weekend.
Now I'm scared as my position as designated driver and/or drinker is in jeopardy.
Old     (blake_hughes)      Join Date: May 2004       08-08-2005, 9:13 AM Reply   
Hahahah! Tyler, you're the greatest... There will never be a better "DD/D!" By the way, thanks for the pull yesterday... It's always a blast on ya'lls 211.

Jesi... How's the 2nd day? If you post a thread on your injury, you have to follow up with daily posts/info.

Old    socalgrl79            08-08-2005, 9:25 AM Reply   

I'm really sorry to hear that.. that sucks. :-(

Keep your head up!

Old     (nkrn8)      Join Date: Jun 2003       08-08-2005, 11:25 AM Reply   
Oh NO Jesi!!! Sorry to hear about your injury. Gosh this makes me really sad, you were progressing so fast. It would stoke me to watch you ride. I will be praying for you to only be in Jeffrey's postion but to be honest and real with you, it worries me that it is giving out on you. I guess I will have to pass my official flagger position to you and actually get in the rotation. Stay positive, keep us updated, speedy recovery!
Old     (eternalshadow)      Join Date: Nov 2001       08-08-2005, 5:00 PM Reply   
Jesi, how's it coming?

I know what you mean. First few days I was in the same spot as you. I went to work for about an hour to check in the second day to make sure they wouldn't fire me (was in the process of negotiating a new contract).

I know how you're feeling. Hang in there and best of luck.
Old     (mjmurphy53711)      Join Date: Mar 2004       08-08-2005, 5:16 PM Reply   
i have to concur that is not fair of you to bag on servicemen who have volunteered to serve our nation. Sorry about the knee, but I had to say something. I am not a servicemen but believe that for all of us unable or unwilling to serve we should at minimum have and treat those who do with respect. If you are honestly that dissatisfied with that free health care, go buy private insurance and choose your own surgery, some of us work hard and still have zero health insurance. Please keep that in mind, you may offend someone. Hope you have a speedy recovery.
Old    sunsetterlxi            08-08-2005, 5:18 PM Reply   
Not good, I got this in an email earlier.

"Well, I just got back from the doctor. Of course, it couldn't be good news. The doc, who (even though she isn't my real doctor) is awesome, also had the same shoulder surgery I had. Either way, she did a Lockman Test on my knee, no I don't know what it really means, and she said that on my good knee my ACL is a little loose but has a good stopping point. On my left knee, she said the best way to describe my ACL is 'mushy'. She said the fact that my swelling didn't really start until two hours later was indicative of a torn ACL, and the swelling on the bottom could be related to a torn PCL as well. Meniscus tears are pretty much inevitable after that. So, right now, I'm in a hurt locker. I go for my MRI tomorrow, and hopefully to see ortho as well."


Old     (zigzagsd)      Join Date: Dec 2002       08-08-2005, 5:29 PM Reply   
sorry to hear about the knee, but i gotta agree that bagging on navy doctors isn't cool. i have met (and been treated by) some of the sharpest medical professionals in the business while i was in. i never had to have a major operation, but i've known plenty of people who have and were happy with the results - along with the price. some of my best friends are navy doctors and i would trust them with anything.

i definitely miss navy medical now that i have bronchitis and had to go out of pocket to cover it all today.
Old     (mjmurphy53711)      Join Date: Mar 2004       08-08-2005, 5:52 PM Reply   
just sent an 842 dollar check to er for a broken rib, that got me a shot of morphine and a "nothing we can do for broken rib" speech
Old     (bassmanjoshis)      Join Date: Feb 2005       08-08-2005, 5:57 PM Reply   
that definitely shows the perk to living in canada...OHIP...don't pay to go to the hospital or to a doctor...then again i think it takes a little longer for things to happen here.
Old    jesiday            08-08-2005, 6:50 PM Reply   

First, you need to understand that in no way am I bagging on the people who serve our country. I was one of those volunteers, my husband is, and many of my good friends and family members still are. If you have never been a serviceman, then you really don't have a whole lot of room to talk about navy medical. Sure, many people have had GREAT success with Navy doctors. Out of two surgeries, I have not. That's not a good record in my opinion. Obviously, there are good Navy doctors, but if you ask 100 active duty members who have had to go to medical, many of them will complain. That's just the way it is. Mostly, not because the doctors are careless, but their prerogative is to keep servicemen/women in the field...not in the hospital. IMHO, this isn't the way it should be done. We should focus more on keeping our people healthy for the long haul. Granted, I've already recieved better care as a dependent, but I am not going to a USN surgeon. Sorry if I offended you, but any one who knows me understands that I am not bagging on those who serve our country.

Tyler, I would much rather come be your drunken flag girl than try to replace you. How can you replace perfection anyway??? Besides, I can't even crawl around the boat to get it out of the garage!!! Oh, and Tyler, I think we should have a busted-left-knee-drunken-cheering-section at the comp on Sunday. You in?

Tim pretty much nailed the update. I'm still trying to figure out if 'mushy' is a technical term.

I will hopefully have some good news to post tomorrow...
Old    sunsetterlxi            08-08-2005, 7:55 PM Reply   
I agree with my wife about Navy medical they do there job, no more no less, but they do it to get soldiers/sailors/airmen BACK to work killing people not 100% "fixed". look at my medical reacord, i would rather fo to Rite-Aid and buy tylenol for a headache than have a "doctor" who is really a corpsman give me foot powder and tell me to get back to work. Why did YOU not volunteer and join the service??? She WAS in the Navy and I have been serving for over 11 YEARS, I am a Chief and soon to be a Limited Duty Officer!!! Go join the boy scouts and "serve your country", or go join the NAVY or some other service branch and JOIN ME OUT TO SEA while my wife is at home, or if you were in WHY did you GET OUT?!?!?!?!?

Chief Day

p.s. this IS MY opinion!!!
Old     (mjmurphy53711)      Join Date: Mar 2004       08-08-2005, 8:07 PM Reply   
Tim your own words belitte your own achievements, I won't lower wakeworlds standards any further by and continuing to reply on this post.
Old     (tyler_o)      Join Date: Nov 2004       08-08-2005, 8:56 PM Reply   
Jesi- we should have a busted-left-knee-drunken-cheering-section at the comp on Sunday. You in?

I'm sooooo in!!! Just don't drink me under the table......again.

BTW- Lisa's bummed she won't be able to cheer on the drunk cheering section. Or to be the responsible adult getting us all home safely.

Old     (big_xstar)      Join Date: Nov 2004       08-08-2005, 9:07 PM Reply   
Well i like the humor and laughs that you can still provide for me Jesi considering your situation.. Your amazing!!
Tyler and Jesi drunk and cheering at the sunday comp... I wont miss that for the world!!
I 'll bring the Jaeger!!! O wait.. I remember what happened last time.. NO jesi you bring the Jaeger instaed!! LOL..
Kepp us posted after your MRI.. Hope "mushy" is just a word they like to throw around and actually doesnt have any particular meaning.

Tyler---why cant Lisa make it?

(Message edited by big x-star on August 08, 2005)
Old     (tyler_o)      Join Date: Nov 2004       08-08-2005, 9:15 PM Reply   

Lisa is headed to NY for a few days. She's the keynote speaker at the National AA meeting starting at the end of this week. Obviously, I'm not invited.....J/K she's headed out to a family wedding and I'm still not invited! My daughters are gone for the week too. Can you say POKER?

BTW- You can sit with Jesi and I on the injured reserve. Just make sure your bad ear is facing me so you can't hear me talking crap about your tool helmet...
Old     (big_xstar)      Join Date: Nov 2004       08-08-2005, 9:25 PM Reply   
Helmet.. what helmet??? Its all rumors!!!
POKER?? name the day, I'm there dude. Geoff's gone
till sat, so no poker this week there either.
Igot some nifty ear wax stuff to help keep the water out of the bad ear, so I probably am gonna try to ride sunday. We shall see what the ENT specialist says wed. Actually I think no matter what he says, I probably will still ride. I'm stubborn like that (or stupid). One or the other.
Sorry for the hijack Jesi.
We now return you to your regularly scheduled thread.
Old    blondeboarder            08-08-2005, 9:59 PM Reply   
Dude i feel your pain. I dislocated my knee cap in june and was on crutches and all the did therapy and rode since 2 weekends ago and did it again. I went in for an MRI the monday and they told me i have to have surgery next week. I sucks big time. but lay easy for a while cause all you keep on doing it rehurting it and you tear something trust me i know!
Old    jesiday            08-08-2005, 10:03 PM Reply   
That's cool Kevin...what happened to your ear? So you are coming out Sunday, too? I wonder if Jaeger comes in a keg....

I don't think I can drink you under the table, but I'll try !

If any of you guys are thinking about needing a flag representative this weekend, I'm done with school as of 1000 Thursday....(hint, hint)

If not, I'm sure I'll see you on Sunday!!!
Old     (big_xstar)      Join Date: Nov 2004       08-08-2005, 10:25 PM Reply   
Ruptured my right ear drum pretty bad at Powell 1 1/2 weeks ago. Still having some issues so I see a ENT specialist this wed..
We will definetly be there on sunday either way.
I think Lisa is gonna ride in the comp this time.
womas novice class..woohoo!!
If I were going to the lake sat Jesi I would give you a call for the flag duties, but I usually work on sat's.
But we will see you on sunday for sure.
Old     (zigzagsd)      Join Date: Dec 2002       08-09-2005, 9:08 AM Reply   
nice one, chief. go join the boy scouts?? great answer!
Old    lovin_the_sport            08-09-2005, 4:11 PM Reply   

OH my gosh!!! Sorry to hear you hurt the ol' knees. NEVER ANY FUN!!!

Im really sorry I never got a chance to call you back about sunday morning riding. Ive been really busy with work.. you know the story. I also went to church that sunday morning... so sorry. Well call me and catch me up on all the details about your knee and whats going to be happening. Sorry about sunday and not being able to ride!!! Hope you start to feel better!

Thanks for calling me back... CHUMP!

ALso, if anyone if reading this and needs a third friday morning at SAN V, im looking for one! I got money and willhelp with the cleaning!


Old    jesiday            08-09-2005, 5:32 PM Reply   
Thanks Hannah...Definitely missed you on Sunday though. Are you coming out on Sunday? (Correct answer: yes)

Daily update: So, I was supposed to get my MRI today, but apparently I didn't have authorization??? Either way, now I have to wait until they give me the go ahead... Thankfully, the swelling has gone down. The inside still slides around like a suction cup on a piece of wet glass...very gross. Thankfully, I have my good friend vicodin to help me through all of this!!!

Old    lovin_the_sport            08-10-2005, 11:00 AM Reply   
I work sunday. :-( I think I work 1pm to 9pm. I might be able to hang out in the morning? HOw does that sound?
So are you the official flag... 'lady'...hehe now that you cant ride for a while?(I changed that word, all for you! missy!)
Maybe if you guys dont mind you can give me a couple of pulls on the big lake in the EARLY am before it turns to ickyness... like end at 5:55am or so?? (isnt that the truth though?) Ill hang out at the course to watch before I go to work... I wont take any pulls from the pros at the course!!

Let me know sweet heart!

Old    jesiday            08-10-2005, 2:09 PM Reply   
Sunday is the final comp at Fiesta Island. I won't be taking the boat out since I can't crawl around the garage to get it out and then put it together... You should come and ride on Sunday though. Last time, women's novice rode at like 1100. Either way, at least come out and have a drink with the crew.



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