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Old     (tyler97217)      Join Date: Aug 2004       07-24-2013, 4:53 PM Reply   
Ok... The boat is public now.... Got a chance to check it out and thought we would start a thread just to show it. I am not getting a new boat this year, but next year it is on my very very short short list.... Here are some pics from their site, from my camera and a video from their site.... It is a sweet boat!! Supra is cranking it up this year. Will post more feedback from the demo when I have time, but running away from the computer now...

More pics on Flickr

Here are some pics I took when we got to test drive it....

 photo 20130710_180839_resized_zps96201b64.jpg
 photo 20130710_180902_resized_zpsbb882121.jpg

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Old     (redsupralaunch)      Join Date: Aug 2002       07-24-2013, 5:30 PM Reply   
This is by far the deepest wakeboard boat that I have ever drove. Really, it will blow you away how deep it is. Look at the above pic of Shane, his arms are straight out his side and he is a little taller that myself. What is amazing is that it has ballast under the floor just like the SA but it much deeper. The SC that I drove was a Worlds 450 should become the new benchmark for this market size. I want it now.
Old     (ifinallygota21v)      Join Date: Oct 2006       07-24-2013, 5:42 PM Reply   
Looks huge and I'm sure has a price tag just as big
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       07-24-2013, 6:08 PM Reply   
Thanks for the pics and info Diggs! Shane is bringing it up here to SLC, UT next week. Can't wait to try it out!
Old     (machloosy)      Join Date: Mar 2013       07-25-2013, 6:14 AM Reply   
That boat is sick. Been a huge Supra fan since I knew what wake boats where and this just reinforces it.
Old     (brett33)      Join Date: Apr 2011       07-25-2013, 6:26 AM Reply   
2014 SC vid

Old     (jperkinsttu)      Join Date: Mar 2008       07-25-2013, 7:07 AM Reply   
Awesome style and room for a 21ft. Can't wait to see it in person.
Old    TN22            07-25-2013, 7:10 AM Reply   
The surf wake in that vid looks SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK
Old     (brett33)      Join Date: Apr 2011       07-25-2013, 7:26 AM Reply   
Originally Posted by TN22 View Post
The surf wake in that vid looks SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK
i thought the same thing.
Attached Images
Old     (ripr)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-25-2013, 8:18 AM Reply   
Sooooo bad ass!
Old     (migs)      Join Date: Aug 2006 Location: SF Bay Area       07-25-2013, 8:39 AM Reply   
does it have the same hull as the SA - just traditional bow?
Old     (craigtxmc)      Join Date: Oct 2008       07-25-2013, 8:52 AM Reply   
Nice looking boat! Here's one slammed....
Attached Images
Old     (craigtxmc)      Join Date: Oct 2008       07-25-2013, 8:54 AM Reply   
It has (2) 450lb v-drive sacs.. ha
Old    TN22            07-25-2013, 8:54 AM Reply   
That's not the SC but that SA is seriously slammed! Wow
Old     (ripr)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-25-2013, 8:58 AM Reply   
I hear it's the same running surface as the SA.

I wish it was shorter...21'8" doesn't work well on my 21' limit lake.
Old     (bcrider)      Join Date: Apr 2006       07-25-2013, 8:58 AM Reply   
Holy crap that thing is low in the water.
Old    TN22            07-25-2013, 9:00 AM Reply   
NAW, I'm sure you can bend the rules a little ha.
Old     (whatshesaid)      Join Date: Jun 2013       07-25-2013, 9:05 AM Reply   
I realy like the new Supra's!!!
Old     (polarbill)      Join Date: Jun 2003       07-25-2013, 9:23 AM Reply   
That SA must be running some serious weight.

As for the hull I think you guys are right. The one thing Shane told me is that they added some extra strakes up towards the front and changed the shape a little up there as well so when you come off plane with a weighted boat the shape/strakes push the water down/bow up to keep from chile dipping the bow. They won't affect the wakeboard wake though as they will be out of the water at that speed.

The Supra graphics were really cool as well. He also has some new design exhaust tips that were pretty cool looking and should function nicely.
Old     (CHern5972)      Join Date: Jul 2012       07-25-2013, 10:44 AM Reply   
Love that SA
Old     (redsupralaunch)      Join Date: Aug 2002       07-25-2013, 11:00 AM Reply   
Driveability - My home lake is only 1900 feet long with a brutal narrow turnaroun on one end. I put this boat to the test with full 2200 ballast and 5 men onboard to duplicate my lake. Im telling y'all, this is how all boats should drive. No chine lock on either side, no cavitation, and very dry bow. I want one real bad
Old     (bhsupra22v)      Join Date: Jan 2013       07-25-2013, 12:10 PM Reply   
Diggs any close up pictures of the interior?
Old     (tyler97217)      Join Date: Aug 2004       07-25-2013, 12:45 PM Reply   
I did not take any, but these pics are of the same boat... The interior is about identical to the SA from what I could tell.
Old     (timmyb)      Join Date: Apr 2007       07-25-2013, 1:07 PM Reply   
That's a good looking boat!
Old     (fman)      Join Date: Nov 2008       07-25-2013, 3:20 PM Reply   
Boat looks great, Supra is putting out a great product. 102" beam is great, also like how they added the quad board racks to the tower.

Is there any word of a surf system coming out on the SC or SA for 2014? (surfgate or NSS comparable)

Last edited by fman; 07-25-2013 at 3:30 PM.
Old     (spencerwm)      Join Date: Feb 2009       07-25-2013, 4:15 PM Reply   
Originally Posted by fman View Post
Boat looks great, Supra is putting out a great product. 102" beam is great, also like how they added the quad board racks to the tower.

Is there any word of a surf system coming out on the SC or SA for 2014? (Surfgate or NSS comparable)
I heard there will be something late released like Nautique did this season. If they are smart it will be retrofit-able to 2012 boats with the same display. Fingers crossed they will have something before the end of this season to at least ride behind.
Old     (chrisbucklin)      Join Date: Mar 2012       07-26-2013, 1:01 PM Reply   
Does anyone no if they r goin to offer or if we willb able to put the extra board racks on the 2013 sa model?? B great to have a Lil more room for boards!!
Old     (craigtxmc)      Join Date: Oct 2008       07-26-2013, 3:10 PM Reply   
You can make 2014 quad racks fit 2013 tower Chris. I just asked Shane. He said you really wouldn't like the Supras or Moombas and that you really should consider the MB lineup. ha jk
Old     (bjames)      Join Date: May 2012       07-29-2013, 2:38 PM Reply   
Kind of looks more like the Nautiques... SC is realy stepping things up.
Old     (maizlish)      Join Date: Jun 2013       08-01-2013, 3:56 PM Reply   
I just spent a couple hours on the boat and it is a game changer. I own a 2011 22 Launch, and even though this boat is measured as a 21, it feels much roomier inside. Also, the taller hull gives it a roomier feel as well. My son rode regular (yes I feel sorry for him for being regular) and I rode goofy. Wave was nice and clean at 9-10.5 MPH. The bow is still very comfortable to ride in too. I must say the best part was the ride.

The boat tracks very well, and the bow is redesigned to push water away at slow speeds, so you would have to try to take a wave over it. Kudos to the Malibu Crew for becoming so corporate and tying the hands of the design team, and allowing Supra to pick them up. Great boat, great value, and worth it.
Old     (MCObray)      Join Date: Mar 2013       08-01-2013, 4:22 PM Reply   
Originally Posted by maizlish View Post
I just spent a couple hours on the boat and it is a game changer. I own a 2011 22 Launch, and even though this boat is measured as a 21, it feels much roomier inside. Also, the taller hull gives it a roomier feel as well. My son rode regular (yes I feel sorry for him for being regular) and I rode goofy. Wave was nice and clean at 9-10.5 MPH. The bow is still very comfortable to ride in too. I must say the best part was the ride.

The boat tracks very well, and the bow is redesigned to push water away at slow speeds, so you would have to try to take a wave over it. Kudos to the Malibu Crew for becoming so corporate and tying the hands of the design team, and allowing Supra to pick them up. Great boat, great value, and worth it.
Game changer? Meh. I don't think so. Maybe if they develop a surf system, as that seems to be the hot commodity today. Sure, it might put out a great surf wake as is, but with Wakesurfing become more and more popular, families are seeking an easy-button kind of package. SG and NSS are just that. Yes that might entail a few more G-bars, but in the grand scheme of things it is well worth it since the market here in the coming years is going to be saturated with SG and NSS boats. Boats without will be taking a hit, but that's another discussion I suppose. With that said, I think the redesign of the Supra brand (SA and SC models) is great and look fantastic. I have yet to see/sit in the boat, but from pictures and videos it does look superb. I'm not sure what they are asking is what warrants the produce, but time will tell on that one. Margins are not in their favor, as they are with a Malibu/Nautique/MC product. Nonetheless, it is a good looking boat that is certainly making some noise.
Old     (Jester)      Join Date: Jul 2011       08-02-2013, 9:55 AM Reply   
I was able to go out on the new Supra SC 450 the a few weeks ago now and not only wakeboard but wakesurf behind it. This is my review of the 2014 SC 450. For photos please go too since their photos are better than mine in so many ways and not taken with a cell phone.

First look/Outside
The first thing that comes to mind when looking at the SC on land is space craft. Very good lines all around. From the outside you will notice how much free board the boat has and the small bow. The tower is the same as the SA so not much change in that. For the back of the boat it has been well thought out with a good step up or down between the swim platform and the sundeck. This step also gives a good seat to put on the wakeboard or to help someone new put on the wakeboard. This step also has some storage in it. It is long but not wide or deep so the best thing would be tools or the plug. Nothing else could really go in these compartments. There are two cup holders also on this step/seat that help you get in the boat well it is on the trailer. The swim platform has a ladder to help you get in and out of the boat well in the water. With the swim platform sitting on the water I do not see a use for the ladder but could come in use for little kids. There is the normal two pop up cleats on the boat. One at the back and one at the windshield on both sides. It would be nice to see a third one on each side and evenly spread out so you have some options to add bumpers and tie points. The gas tank has a fill on both sides so you do not have to worry about what pump you go too. For the trailer it has a big swim away tong at about 3 feet. Also there is too many Supra’s on the trailer. Need to remove one per side.

The inside
After getting in the boat you notice a similar layout to the SA. You have to step down into the boat because of how high the free board is. From the first look there does not look like as much seating room as my Moomba 08 OBV. After you get people into the boat you realize this is not the case and everyone has room to move around and get their gear. The snap out carpet is a great addition. Once you pull the carpet out you will notice a hatch. This hatch allows you to pull out the whole main floor to get access to the gas tank and to run wires or anything else. It is quick access and easy to pull and put back in. There is also a drain plug in the center of the boat just like the SA so no more having to jack up the boat to get all the water out. From the dash you notice a clean layout with the Vision system but it is missing the key. Well it is not missing a key but the key is now on the right side of the wheel. Something to get use to but keeps the key out of the way from kids and drunks.The heated and powered seat is nice since each driver can have their own setup. One thing I also noticed is how much leg room the driver now has. I was able to fit under the dash no problem with the sub installed. The sub is also pushed back to allow access to all the wires without having to move it out of the way. On the left side you will notice a big storage area. A person could take a nice nap inside there. The seat flips up to get access. When you look at the under seat storage you will notice that there is a drop down between the back compartments and under seat storage. This gives you more room to store stuff. The SC still has the two hinged seats in the back that can cause ware marks on the seats next to them there the metal touches the vinyl. The bow felt a bit small at first. To lay out I needed to sit at an angle. Up in the bow you can flip up both seat backs to get more storage in front of the driver and get access to the main storage on the left side. There is already cargo nets installed so help with storage that is a nice forward thinking. Now for your center back seat above the V drive. There is a little bit of storage under this seat. Not big enough to put a life vest in to warm up, not a cooler for cool drinks. Guess it can warm up my board shorts and skin if my boat crew does not mind. Nice to see they added something here but not sure what it would be used for yet. The rear storage is nice and deep since the SC is using hard tanks. It would be perfect for some rectangle 1100lbs sacs. There is also a cargo net on the side wall. The last thing I have on the inside is they added a removable jump seat. It attaches between the driver and the bow. It can lay flat like on the sunspots or create another full seat. It is two pins to release it out and very well designed expect now that you have it released out where do you put it? It has no spot to store it in the boat so it is in the boat setup or in the truck. The tower is nice and has a great height. The Bimini top is easy for one person to put out and put away. There were 4 tower speakers on the boat but they looked out of place on this boat. The size of the tower speakers was unimpressive and looked wrong on the boat. We were not able to test them out since the stereo was not working so they could have a great sound.

The drive
After getting being the wheel you notice how much power you have. It is a very nice drive and very responsive. When turning around to pick up a wakesurfer it handles the wave without an issue. The bow might look squished but breaks the wave like an ice breaker. This also comes in with choppy water in the boat plows right through it without an issue and allows you to keep wakesurf with whitecaps on the lake. I am a person that likes to sit above the windshield to have a full view of the lake. When surfing goofy the left side bow is high and I had to stand up to get a full view. Nothing that 2 to 4 inches of still plates under the driver’s seat cannot fix. Getting use to the vision system does not take long but not quick enough to pull Shane at wakeboard speeds when he was trying to surf. He might have been thinking twice about letting me drive for him well I was trying to figure out how to turn cruse back on.

The wake for wakeboard
Without the ballast filled up the wake for wakeboarding cleans right up. No real having to move anyone in the boat to get clean wake on both sides. We filled the system up thinking we were only filling the hard tanks but ended up also filling up the bow sac. This was still a clean wake and not even close to what I am use too. It was a nice pop and good ramp. The water was a little choppy so we really did not play with the wakeboard wake.

The wakesurf wake
After Mike and me wakeboarded we filled up one side and the bow and the wake was easy to clean up. Not a lot of work was needed to create the best wakesurf wake I have seen. Now with saying that I have not been behind Mikes 2013 MoJo. I am not a big wakesurfer in that I have never been able to free rope it but was able to on my second time up behind this SC. For a better wakesurf review you need to look at the other Mikes review.

Trailing the boat.
I was the one in the driver’s seat at the end of the day. This meant I was the one to drive it onto the trailer. Since this is a bigger boat then my OBV it is different. The boat sits onto of the trailer wheel fenders so it will take some getting use too on depth of the trailer. Also you will not be able to hook or unhook the boat bow eye from inside the boat.

The design is much needed in the Supra line and very well thought out. I was thinking that it would be busy in the boat with people but ended up not tripping over people as we moved around gear. Three people are still able to fit in the bow. There is some wasted space in the boat like at the driver’s feet but for a person over 6 feet this is not wasted space at all. Other than that the use of space is good. The haul design allows for a good wakeboard and wakesurf wake. Like everything there is always room for improvement but this is a well put together boat.
Old     (ralph)      Join Date: Apr 2002       08-02-2013, 7:25 PM Reply   
Great review, thank you
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       08-03-2013, 4:10 PM Reply   
Thanks for your review Mike, very informative! I got to demo the SC with Shane on Thursday, and here's the review I posted on FB.

When Shane Stillman told me that he was bringing Supra’s new SC450 to Salt Lake City for Marine Products customers to demo, I jumped at his invitation to try her out. Back in May, I got the opportunity to demo the SA550, so I was eager to see how the SC measured up. Unlike the SA, I had never seen the boat in person prior to the demo. I only saw pictures and videos that were posted online, so I didn’t have an accurate idea on what to expect.

My first impression when I stood on the swim platform was that this boat was huge! After I got in and sat in the passenger seat, I asked Shane, “is this a 23 or 24 footer”? I was astounded, and seriously thought he was lying when he said it was only 21.8ft long. The cockpit sits several inches deeper than the SA and is extremely comfortable from any position you sit in. The SC has many of the same interior features that the SA has (vinyl quality & construction, electric E-boost drivers seat, Vision Touch system dashboard with manual switches for redundancy, snap out carpets, tower, etc) but the SC also has some unique features as well. For instance, it has the custom SeaDek Non-Skid padding on the top of the gunwales for a safer entry into the boat. It also has a removable jump seat between the driver and passenger seat to allow for multiple seating configurations. The biggest difference, however, is the bow shape. The SC has a traditional bow, but its unique shape was designed to push water out and away from the boat. This made it virtually impossible to take water over the bow. As I sat up front, Marine Products owner, Randy Casper tried repeatedly to dunk the bow into rollers and couldn’t get me wet. The bow is shorter in length, but is very spacious for 2-3 adults. It is also deep like the cockpit area, which makes it much safer when children are sitting up front.

The drive of the boat was powerful but smooth, just like the SA. During turns, even at speed, there was no cavitations or prop slipping. Again, I was impressed with the feeling of the driver’s area. The comfort level is extremely high for the driver due to no visual obstructions by the windshield line and anatomical designs of the dash and throttle area.

Due to high winds, the water conditions weren’t conducive for wakeboarding, but we did get the chance to surf. Shane explained that the hull on the SC is the same as the SA from the windshield to the stern, so it would produce the same wake as the SA. That got me anxious since I didn’t get to wake surf behind the SA back in May. I was very impressed that with just the rear corner tank and flex bag completely filled, along with the center tank at 50%, the surf wake was fun. Normally, I would have to fill an additional large ballast bag on either side of the boat but that wasn’t necessary. With the smart plate at 50%, the wake was steeper, which I preferred. At 100%, the wake was mellower but longer, which allowed you to get further back on the wake. The SC’s wake was so solid that even when we crossed over a Moomba Mojo’s surf wake, you barely noticed any change in the SC wake, allowing the rider to surf on without any disturbance.

After spending the day on the SC, it’s quite clear that this boat was designed to do it all, and do it well. If you have any questions on the SC, please contact Randy Casper at Marine Products at 801-973-4017.
Old     (Khyber)      Join Date: Mar 2013       08-03-2013, 7:46 PM Reply   
Any have the ballpark of the price?
Old     (ryan_shima1)      Join Date: Sep 2002 Location: Layton, Utah       08-03-2013, 10:44 PM Reply   
Travis, I heard in the 90's range.


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