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Old     (cjh1669)      Join Date: Apr 2005       08-31-2009, 7:16 AM Reply   
Curious about the potential of loss of horse power with FAE. Does anyone know much about his or have any experince on it?
Old     (rallyart)      Join Date: Nov 2006       08-31-2009, 7:22 AM Reply   
Nothing I could notice in any power drop while driving. On my boat I had, maybe, a 1 mph top end drop. Maybe less. That's probably more drag increase than power drop.
Old     (wakeboardlasvegas)      Join Date: Mar 2007       08-31-2009, 7:23 AM Reply   
Noticed about what Art has noticed too.
Old     (sinkoumn)      Join Date: Jan 2007       08-31-2009, 7:54 AM Reply   
You won't notice any difference
Old     (noquams)      Join Date: Apr 2002       08-31-2009, 8:15 AM Reply   
I agree with Art.
Old     (lakesurfer)      Join Date: Jul 2009       08-31-2009, 9:03 AM Reply   
Did not notice a drop. Maybe 2mph on top end.
Old     (guido)      Join Date: Jul 2002       08-31-2009, 10:22 AM Reply   
Interesting.... I was just wondering the same thing last week.
Old     (duffymahoney)      Join Date: Sep 2008       08-31-2009, 11:43 AM Reply   
My boat doesn't start as easily, I think the FAE did something with back pressure or ? I also noticed a little less HP. But I assume that's from drag on the actual unit. The pros far outweight the cons. I think everyone should surf with one.
Old     (cadunkle)      Join Date: Jul 2009       08-31-2009, 12:00 PM Reply   
I doubt the difference will be significant or even noticeable. The restriction in the exhaust system on most boats is in the manifolds and risers.
Old     (jame04)      Join Date: Nov 2007       08-31-2009, 2:00 PM Reply   
anyone ever had issues with the clamps coming lose? I had to upgrade to much better ones
Old     (wakeboardlasvegas)      Join Date: Mar 2007       08-31-2009, 2:30 PM Reply   
If you dont have one.. not really sure what value your comments have besides a guess. Yes.. it seems that you need to keep an eye on the clamps just like regularly checking over the boat when on the trailer prior to launching and/or leaving.
The benefits definitely outweigh the cons so no real need to worry. Plus hearing the stereo behind the boat is so much better since the boat is so quiet.
Old     (jame04)      Join Date: Nov 2007       08-31-2009, 2:41 PM Reply   
I do have one and do agree the pros outwheigh the cons but also just curious if anyone else has had clamp issues. As stated I ended up replacing the ones that clamp to the exhuast on my 08 X15 to something more like this

Old     (rallyart)      Join Date: Nov 2006       08-31-2009, 2:58 PM Reply   
Mine has been on for 250 hours over three seasons and the original clamps have never loosened. I checked mine after two hours and then a couple weeks later. Now I check them at the start of the season and don't worry.
I've used Edgar's clamps for other things and they are great if you get stainless steel.
Old     (john211)      Join Date: Aug 2008       08-31-2009, 3:50 PM Reply   
Loosening clamps suggest that the FAE bracket does not lock the FAE (the inverted snorkel) rigid. Maybe one would want to re-visit his install and tighten things up a bit?

50 hours and nothing but purr-fection. 20-25 mph seems to be the best range where things are about as quiet as sailboat on steroids:-- splashing waves and wind are louder than the barely audible rumble of machinery, which is about like a car with a good muffler.

Arguably, at speed, the FAE should improve performance, or at least more than compensate for the restriction it adds. It purportedly creates a venturi effect, which means the combustion chambers are exhausting into a slight vacuum, which gives more power per stroke.
Old     (wake_upppp)      Join Date: Nov 2003       08-31-2009, 6:21 PM Reply   
You're dragging a pipe through the water which creates resistance, which robs power and efficiency and is why you lose a mile or two an hour upstairs and have a minimal increase in fuel consumption. There's no magic here changing anything. You trade some power for noise reduction...
Old     (family_deckhand)      Join Date: May 2008       08-31-2009, 9:18 PM Reply   
Has anyone else had the FAE actually come loose from the exhaust opening on the boat? Mine appears to have lost the screws and came undone from the boat. The pressure of the water bent the retaining rod back a bit. I don't think it hit anything as the FAE itself has no visible damage and my prop and rudder all look fine. Just wondering if anyone else has had this happen? If not just be sure to check that everything is tight now and then. I am a little worried about this now as I don't want to cause the thing to rip the screws out and strip the threads.
Old     (lakesurfer)      Join Date: Jul 2009       09-01-2009, 6:16 AM Reply   
I have had zero problems with mine. It has 80 hrs on it and still looks brand new.
Old     (jame04)      Join Date: Nov 2007       09-01-2009, 6:40 AM Reply   
Ian....that is what happened to mine. I also noticed that the clamps that hold the down tube also come loose and the tube twist so I will be replacing those clamps as well. Oh and the first ones I got were not stainless so they now have some rust. I guess everytime I take the boat out for gass, etc. I'll just check them all
Old     (antoddio)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-01-2009, 7:02 AM Reply   
I really don't buy the venturi increase horsepower claim. I believe on their website they they also claim an increase in low end torque because of more backpressure or something like that. I think those claims are BS and cheapen the image of the product. Makes me think of a sham-wow.
Old     (jame04)      Join Date: Nov 2007       09-01-2009, 7:43 AM Reply   
hey now, I love the sham-wow and use them on the boat everytime. Best thing for keep your towels dry

But I do agree to the horsepower claims being BS
Old     (antoddio)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-01-2009, 7:46 AM Reply   
Sorry to insult the sham-wow, haha. I think it might be a decent product, but it sure is fun to pick on!
Old     (razzman)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-01-2009, 8:13 AM Reply   
Anytime you reduce or restrict an exhaust system you are creating additional backpressure to some degree. In the case of the FAE it probably does increase backpressure a measureable amount. Tournament boats have 3" or 4" dual exhaust outlets, adding the FAE would increase the backpressure resulting in increased torque and for a wakeboat that's a good thing as it gives it more power for the holeshot. Don't confuse HP with torque as it's the torque you feel on the holeshot. As for a single exhuast these boats don't need dual 3" or better as the motors are not built enough to enjoy the benefits. CC/Nautique figured this out years ago hence their single exhaust outlet.
Old     (gwnkids)      Join Date: Nov 2003       09-01-2009, 9:40 AM Reply   
I have just completed a week long test surfing with the power wedge and FAE. After getting the clearance issues resolved I am still not noticing any decrease in noise in the cabin. The Hammerhead can still be herd (I like that) but we Surf all the time so the safety factor is why I will keep it on.
Old     (jame04)      Join Date: Nov 2007       09-01-2009, 10:04 AM Reply   
wow can't believe there is no notice in engine noise!! That is what I love the most, heck I never even thought the fumes were that bad and are they really that dangerous if you are outside moving at 10-12 MPH, I doubt it??.......hang on to your seats folks
Old     (razzman)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-01-2009, 11:45 AM Reply   
No need to hang on, the fumes are really there and pretty intense. If in doubt watch this vid from Ragboy, one of NorCal's top surfing supporters where he measures CO before and after using Laryy Mann's CO meter. Pretty informative
Old     (priszkid)      Join Date: Aug 2007       09-01-2009, 1:09 PM Reply   
great vid- sweet- something new to spend $$$ on! looks well worth it for passengers!!!
Old     (razzman)      Join Date: Dec 2006       09-01-2009, 1:31 PM Reply   
something new to spend $$$ on!

Ain't that the truth!


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