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Old    Patrick F (lakepirate)      Join Date: May 2007       08-20-2007, 1:02 AM Reply   
So, against my better judgement and countless people saying "Don't go", I'm going to Havasu for Labor Day. It probably wouldn't be a big deal, but I just bought my 2005 Malibu Wakesetter about 6 weeks ago and I'm still somewhat of a rook. With that said, I figured a throwing a thread on here might be helpful by hopefully getting some good advice from people who have been there on either Labor Day or another bust weekend. Some of my questions/concerns include where and when to launch, where to stay, getting a slip for my boat, navigating a V-Drive boat, not damaging my prop, where to hang out, clubs/casinos to visit, etc. Any additional pieces of information is helpful and all help is much appreciated. Thanks guys!
Old    paul (wakeme884)      Join Date: Jul 2004       08-20-2007, 6:04 AM Reply   
Its a fun place if you dont have your own boat!! Havasu is full of drunken idiots on holidays. If you want wakeboarding go up river to the Needles area, Usually good water, not as much craziness. If you have to stay in Havasu dont launch at site six. Pure mayhem!! The Sandbar is a must to visit-quite crazy, but entertaining...Have fun
Old    Timmy! (timmyb)      Join Date: Apr 2007       08-20-2007, 7:23 AM Reply   
Wow! I made that mistake once! 2nd time EVER driving a boat and went to Havasu for Memorial day in a 19' Rinker Captiva..... I had to drink a few beers just to calm my nerves going through the channel since it's literally bumper boats going through there.

Make sure you have at least 3 to 5 people on your boat if going through the channel to push other boats off of yours and out of your way.

Don't try and load your boat when the 3' swells are up from all of the boats tearing the water up.

Stay as far away from the edges of the lake as possible (trashed my prop because I got too close to the edge and couldn't move due to the sheer quantity of boats driving through)

Make sure you get a slip, otherwise you will have to be at the boat ramp no later than 5am.

Things may have changed since I was there 2 years ago but somehow I doubt it.
Old    Scott Cochran (himain10ance)      Join Date: Apr 2006       08-20-2007, 7:26 AM Reply   
I recieved a letter from california agency warning about a new Clam/mussel that has turned up in Havasu. They are very small and are getting into engines and attaching themselves and growing damaging the motors. I give you a link but I throw letting away. I wont be going there!
Old    Chris Watson (watsoc)      Join Date: Apr 2005       08-20-2007, 8:05 AM Reply   
Scott- They are called Zebra mussels and they have invaded Lake Havasu. They are all over the MidWest and people basically pass them from one lake to another through their engines intakes. Once they establish themselves they never look back and basically take over the lake.
Old    Paul (psudy)      Join Date: Dec 2003       08-20-2007, 8:54 AM Reply   
We have them here. I have never heard of them causing engine problems though. I know they reek havoc on the marine ecosystem and will cut the crap out of your feet if you step on them.
Old    dave Noti_dad (noti_dad)      Join Date: Jul 2003       08-20-2007, 11:40 AM Reply   
Don't take your boat. It's nothing but a headache for the boat owner unless you've got a 40' offshore/hotboat full of pole dancing babes or a patio/pontoon boat. Many go and don't have a problem but It's always a hassle on the owner to protect his/her boat.
Old    Paul (psudy)      Join Date: Dec 2003       08-20-2007, 11:41 AM Reply   
If you do have a 40ft boat full of pole dancers, we expect pics when you get back.
Old    Coach (oaf)      Join Date: Jul 2002       08-20-2007, 12:04 PM Reply   
If you go here is what I would do. Go to Park Moabi and Launch there, yes it is 40 mins north of Havasu but you will not be in line for 2 hours or longer. From Moabi you can go north on the river if you plan to board but do it early. If you are going to party head south towards Havasu. It will take you about 40 min to hour to get to havasu from moabi. Keep your head on a swivel because many boats will be doing high speed passes where they shouldn't and there have been 2 deaths in recent weeks. If you want a spot in the channel get up at 5 am and launch at Winsor and get a spot they will all be gone by 6 am. Have a person on each corner of your boat if you go into the channel during the day. If you leave the channel say good bye to your spot. Personally I don't do the big weekends anymore and if you want a more relaxed chill time stay north from Topock up. You can go check out Topock and the bar will be packed just have a DD. Topock is a mile south to the left from Park Moabi if you launch there. Don't go past the Needles Bridge if you go north from Moabi, you will destroy your prop.
Old    Coach (oaf)      Join Date: Jul 2002       08-20-2007, 12:05 PM Reply   
Check out the Naked Turtle at Nautical Inn! Very cool place, I am sure it will be packed.
Old    MIKE V (madvlin)      Join Date: Jun 2007       08-20-2007, 2:16 PM Reply   
dont tie up in copper cyn unless you dont care about your boat.
Old    Robert Hixson (hixsonaz)      Join Date: May 2007       08-20-2007, 2:53 PM Reply   
for a newbie with a direct drive or vdrive, navigating the channel will be hell, sorta like trying to trailer your boat in wind for 45 min straight with a bunch of drunks who care very little for thier boats and much less for yours. As far as a slip...good luck. It is a helluva show i guess, but i don't even like it on any summer weekend, let alone a holiday. Weekdays are fun though.
Old    Peter Sharp (gobigorgohome)      Join Date: Aug 2005       08-20-2007, 3:36 PM Reply   
My experience last labor day -

Got there Friday night, went to a club and a couple of pr1cks tried to pick a fight with me and my friends.

Next day avoided the 2 hr, 100+ boat line for the ramp and paid $100 to put the boat in at a camp ground on the Island, that only took 90 mins.

Watched one guy driving into Copper Canyon, hit three boats then drive out. Saw many other boats get damaged. Watched a lot of people get arrested for BUI. Saw a lot of trashy people doing a lot of trashy stuff.

Took the boat out at the end of the day and saw an enormous fight on the ramp, with one guy left on the ground unconscious.

Went back to a friend's place in Flagstaff that night (where we were so relieved that we were finally safe from getting beaten up) and vowed to never go back.

Anyway, have a great time. BTW sandbar was closed last time I was there, I believe for gang-related violence.

(Message edited by gobigorgohome on August 20, 2007)
Old    T-Bag (nasty530)      Join Date: Aug 2007       08-20-2007, 4:02 PM Reply   
bring beads...
Old    Train (ttrigo)      Join Date: Dec 2004       08-20-2007, 4:10 PM Reply   
dont go. if you do, flush your engine out, before you head back. the Quagga mussels are reeking havoc on the ecosystem. at least that is what they tell me.
Old    JS (oldmansteck)      Join Date: May 2002       08-20-2007, 5:20 PM Reply   
If you bring beads don't let them hit the seats, they bleed and dont come out.
Old    Mike G (mike_gilbert)      Join Date: Sep 2004       08-20-2007, 8:06 PM Reply   
why is everyone hating on havasu? some of the best times I have ever had have been at havasu. Its probably too late now but get a room at the london bridge resort and keep your boat on the water there. Kokomos is good at night and copper canyon during the day. I spent over $200 on bumpers to protect my boat and have only suffered one gelcoat sratch that wetsanded out. Watch out for others and wait for them to get pulled over before you start leaving the canyon. Also a quad beer bong could never hurt either. Mussels, ecosystem? who cares just have fun.
Old    dave Noti_dad (noti_dad)      Join Date: Jul 2003       08-20-2007, 9:12 PM Reply   
This is what you're in for at the canyon. Be prepared to swiim your boat in. Driving in under power will not be possible.
Old    MIKE V (madvlin)      Join Date: Jun 2007       08-20-2007, 9:17 PM Reply   
now dont get me wrong if you take the right procautions how can you go wrong there is moer ass than a donkey farm out there
Old    Kraig Kaiser (kraig)      Join Date: Dec 2002       08-20-2007, 10:11 PM Reply   
Havasu is Addictive! Been there three years in a row! The pics...the vids.....oh the good times.....
Old    Coach (oaf)      Join Date: Jul 2002       08-20-2007, 10:26 PM Reply   
The Sandbar is closed every major holiday for the amount of Trash that was being left behind. Year in and year out people left tons of trash behind and it is in a wild life preserve. They were picking up over 1000 bags of trash after every major holiday. The sandbar will be shut down but just north is the mini bar and many will be there.

Havi can be a great time but you just have to be careful not have any hotheads in your group or you can have your weekend ruined. Chill, drink, and enjoy the scenery.
Old    Nick B (iridelow1998)      Join Date: Jun 2006       08-21-2007, 9:26 AM Reply   
Don't go for Labor day!!! If you do go jump on a buddies boat. Went out a few years ago and there is so much to "look" at and so little room to navigate in I couldn't enjoy myself. I missed almost every "show" because I was trying to not get hit by the other 10,000 boats out there. Great place to go but not in your boat.
Old    jason (hbguy)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-21-2007, 9:44 AM Reply   
I went this past Memorial Day weekend. I didn't go through the channel once. Hung out every day in Steamboat Cove instead and had a blast. No issues either. They have cracked down on the rules. I understand that a BUI on a holiday weekend there is mandatory 21 days in jail. In light of this, everyone we encountered had a designated driver, which really helped cut down on some of the chaotic driving, at least where we were.
Old    Small Light (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       08-21-2007, 10:38 AM Reply   
I'll be there. Look me up!!! I'm going out for the Dove hunting Saturday-Monday but will be up early riding on Friday. I will be just chilling either on the river or the lake in the afternoon. Hit me up, we'll get a beer, I'll show you around the lake & if up early Friday I'll give you some pointers on the board.
Old    Tim (monkey)      Join Date: Oct 2002       08-21-2007, 11:10 AM Reply   
We have a house out there, so we go all the time. I've never had a problem, but I've seen plenty. Good entertainment.

My advice is to rent a house like ours (it's already rented, but you can follow the link in my profile to find our property manager, who has plenty of others). With a house, you can keep your gear in your boat overnight, and just park it in the driveway or in the garage, without fear of theft. You probably won't find be able to get a slip. They're in high demand.

On a holiday weekend, launch at Havasu Marina or another pay spot, rather than site 6 or the free spots. Havasu Marina has a wider ramp, but you'll still want to use it during the off times. Go early. Leave early (or super late). If you launch at AM wakeboard time, and unlaunch after everyone's burned out, you'll be fine. Just avoid peak hours.

Don't be scared of Havasu. It's a fun trip.. lot's of action. Just use common sense, and DO NOT HAVE ALCOHOL in your system when you drive the boat. Enforcement is on steriods out there. They have to be.

Ride early. Party late. Always yield the ride of way to other boats, no matter what. Have people onboard to push you off other boats in the channel, sandbar, copper canyon, or where-ever... but keep them seated legally or you'll get pulled over.

The channel's not so bad if you have people to push you off and you just drive slow. I've taken my inboard through there dozens of times when it's packed.
Old    "G" (grant_west)      Join Date: Jun 2005       08-21-2007, 11:41 AM Reply   
Tim's advice is great. I like to ask about lakes before I go to them so Pat your doing the right thing. Some of the responses are cracking me up. Its like if you take your boat to Havasu its going to be thrashed and your gonna get run over by a drunk. Did your moms tell you if you ate cookie dough you would get worm's as well Some of what they said is totally true donít get me wrong. Itís a PARTY place stuff is going to get out of control and that why youíre going. RIGHT????
Depending on where you go you can either place your boat and crew in the center of the party or to the side? You can enjoy it from both spectrums. IMO Its all about common sense. Just keep your whits about you and you will do just fine. Now maybe with all this advice of gloom and doom it will have caused you to keep an eye and out and thatís enough to keep you out of trouble.
Take lots of picks and be sure to post them back up here so we can all see.

The river is a great place to go and check out.
I brought my boat to Havasu and had no problems at all. Enjoy your self
Old    dave Noti_dad (noti_dad)      Join Date: Jul 2003       08-21-2007, 12:11 PM Reply   
"G" - I don't think anyone said "if you take your boat to Havasu its going to be thrashed and your gonna get run over by a drunk". Just that it is a zoo and more of a hassle than it's worth for some people. I spent many holidays over 30years at Havabrew and have seen alot. Maybe it's because I'm old and married but I would avoid it at all costs now a days. Lots of other places to go and ride/party without the hassles. JMHO

Patrick - Lot's of great advice from folks. Listen to them and you'll have a good time. Be careful and watch out would be the best advice. Have fun with it. Good Luck.
Old    Bryce Collins (bltcollins)      Join Date: Feb 2007       08-21-2007, 12:23 PM Reply   
Don't mean to get off subject, but since it's literally down's Parker on the Holiday weekend? Anyone heading down that way. I have rooms at the bluewater for labor day. I went on a fairly mello weekend and the sandbar across from the hotel was really fun but riding after 8 or 9am was pretty much pointless. I've read quite a few threads and doesn't seem like the area is to conducive to riding. Am I pretty much going to be using my gas for the 500 yard trek across to the sand bar and morning runs up to Roadrunners for breakfast? How are the patrols up there? I'm pretty good about being responsible now but I got pulled over in Havasu for who knows what just so they could see if I was intoxicated...luckily I wasn't. Anyway, I appreciate any info. or advice. Thanks.
Old    Small Light (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       08-21-2007, 3:12 PM Reply   
I'll be at the river, but we ride the lake (launching at Take off Point) or River. Our (new) house is on the AZ side right where the rock island is. If you see a Direct Drive Mastercraft 205 with an extended pylon, join me for a beer.
Old    Molly (jimzgirly)      Join Date: Aug 2006       08-21-2007, 9:05 PM Reply   
My home ride spot in the Parker Strip and on the Holiday weekends you can forget about riding anytime after 7am, as all the people that only go on these Holiday weekends are running there "go" fast boats up and down the river chopping it up.

As far as the patrol it is quite heavy on the Holiday weekends. They are trying to crack down some what as they do have many deaths every year. They do pull over boats as they fell neccessary. We are at the Rio Del Colorado on the Cali side, right across from the La Paz Count Sheriff Station and at night they pull over anyone and everyone just to see if you are drunk. We sat out there one night and watched them pull over anyone who drove by the station.

As for me, I have 2 little ones and it is not worth it to waist my time to sit at a beach the whole weekend as the river is just crazy. Too many drunk and newbie people on one little strip of river.

Anyway I am sure you will have fun as the sand bar does go off and is a big sespoo; :-)
Old    derek boyer (toyotafreak)      Join Date: Sep 2003       08-21-2007, 10:26 PM Reply   
Biggest things for Patrick IMO are:

1) Just don't drink at all during those days. At all. Midweek, a bit, no problem, but you never know when you're gonna need ALL of your wits on a holiday.

2) Go early and enjoy the channel Friday.

3) Saturday and Sunday, be a pirate and go explore the lake to the south or north. Lots of great lake out there, and the narrows are some of the most beautiful miles around.

4) Find Steamboat cove. It's fun enough for us old farts and your first few trips. Always much more in control than Copper Canyon, channel, sandbars.

5) Good luck launching. We've had a lot of fun launching at noon and recovering well after dark, even at the infamous Site 6 (I don't recommend that for you, by the way, as the ramp is too steep and entry tight). At least at the Havasu Marina there are guys directing traffic. They'll give you crap for sure, but after launching at Catherine's Landing, I can see the value of having a director there (Catherine's is a great ramp but boneheads just don't use it to a third of the rate it would handle if supervised). Definitely recommend rigging the light and chilling - most of the drunks will be off the water by then.
Old    EWATER Jones (ewater)      Join Date: Jan 2006       08-22-2007, 4:40 AM Reply   
"Mussels, ecosystem? who cares just have fun"

Wow...I can't believe the zebra mussels are just making it to Havasu. We have had them contaminating the Finger lake region of New York for at least 10 years. All boaters should be aware of transporting the larvae in your bilge from lake to lake. The Finger lakes have rocks for the bottom and each rock literally has hundreds upon hundreds of these razor like creatures on them. They drive fish populations down due to their filtering of the water


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