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Old                08-26-2001, 2:29 AM Reply   
hey ladies and gents,
I'm pretty sure yall are tired of hearing this, but what are some tips on hitting a wake to wake. i cant seem to get much air and always land half way across. maybe you can point out some tips on what i may be doing wrong.
Old                08-26-2001, 8:08 PM Reply   
hey fast are you going? if you are only going 18, 19, 20 then i have found it a little harder to do. id try at about 22. far is the rope from the back. mine is 55 ft with a 4 and a half foot handle. makes the wake a little shorter from one side to the other. next.. make sure you cut progressively all the way through the entire wake and at the lip just extend your legs to get the pop. all try to load the line a little it will thrust you in air higher. do this by just pulling the rope as you pop. see if any of that helps. also video tape yourself you will find all kinds of flaws in your form. atleast i did. helped me a lot.
Old                08-26-2001, 9:14 PM Reply   
i ususally go between 22 & 25. my rope is 60' with the 5 1/2 ft recon handle. I will try to video tape myself and i think i need to work on th progressive edging. I try my best to stand tall but i really cant' tell. The camcorder is definetly coming along next time! By the way, You still wanna go ride one weekend? Let me know, i haven't forgotten yet!
Old                08-27-2001, 8:30 AM Reply   
hey dude. gimme a call some time and we will definately ride. i am out of school this weekend saturday thru tuesday for labor day and such. if you wanna drive in we will definately be there. let me know. or gimme a call 972-519-0816. later dude. also on that jump what helped me too was to come in on a pretty hard cut and bend your knees like crazy and basically hit the hardest ollie off the wake. totally throw it as hard as you can it will throw you into the air and you will have a lot of speed from a hard cut and you will prolly get across. this will get you the feeling of it anyway and should help.
Old                08-27-2001, 8:33 AM Reply   
ps try to keep it below 25 cuz the faster you go the more the wake gets soft and washes over itself. anywhere from 18-23 is the best
Old                09-07-2001, 5:28 PM Reply   
Anthony has got your answer. I got 2 hrs. of video last weekend, and have been reviewing it all week. I keep landing on top, or just before the other wake. Tough spot to land for a beginner like me. I had been playing with boat speed, and rope length, but I see from the video that most my problem is in my form. Or maybe my problem is I am almost 40, 6'-1" and weigh 210, and have dain bramage from too many face plants...hehe
Old    although it helps if you know how 2 jump first            03-04-2002, 3:42 AM Reply   
hey man

just another thing that could be helpful (although it helps if you know how 2 jump first). either buy some fat sacks or put some wieght of some kind - even if its only some extra people on the back seat to start with. The more wieght you have at the back of the boat the bigger your wake gets and this gives you more of an opportunity for some serious air.

I been ridin for only about a year and I can Tailgrab, Indy, Method, Backscratcher and Toeside Frontside 180. I couldn't progress until I got some fat sacks i was stuck where you R now and it is a lot eaier to land tricks when you clear the wake.
Old    I know it sounds short, but the closer you are to the boat, the less wake width there is!            03-04-2002, 7:04 AM Reply   
I'll throw my tip in because I used to have the same problem.
Start with a 45' rope length (I know it sounds short, but the closer you are to the boat, the less wake width there is!). Have the boat driver start at around 16-18mph and slowly increment the speed until the wake is nice and rampy (i.e no washover/curl). Once you find the speed that works best, do nothing but wake jumps for height, not distance. This means doing 1 wake jumps landing in the middle of the wash. Once you get comfortable with that, try for wake2wake. I did that for about 3 days straight. then I added 5 feet to the rope length and repeated. Now I run 55 ft rope at 21mph and can clear both wakes. Adding ballast does help too!

Old                03-04-2002, 7:44 AM Reply   
i add about 1000 lbs of weight to my boat, and i ride on about a 50' rope around 19-22 mph. i have been seriously riding like 6 months and can do inverts. wakeboarding is a lot of mental to, just don't be scared to take a few falls, and you will get some huge air.
Old    ie "standing tall"            03-05-2002, 5:56 PM Reply   
I think the key is not absorbing the wake with your legs (ie "standing tall"). Try this: Edge out about seven to nine feet from the wake. Now, instead of pivoting and bending your knees and hunkering down while you're aimed at the wake, simply fall back, like you would in a trust game. Keep your legs straight. As you fall back you'll create a monster edge. If you keep your legs straight, you WILL feel pop. I wakeboarded for almost two summers without ever really feeling this "pop" everyone was talking about. Keeping your legs straight so that all your energy throws you up is key. Keep us posted.
Old    75ft            03-06-2002, 1:01 PM Reply   
Matt pretty much nailed it, and the short rope training works good for really strong people. The problem with the shorter rope, it the load hooks up really fast. Think about it, your arch is the same, but radius is smaller, so cut produces load much faster. I learned on a short rope as well, so Im not knocking it, but a long rope has a much smoother hookup. Ive changed to training people on my line(75ft). What is funny, is people aim for the other wake. My GF cases the top of the other wake whether shes at 55 or 75. Wierd...


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