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Old                03-19-2001, 7:40 PM Reply   
hey, I'm not pro or anything but I know how to initiate and pull most stuff and I will be glad to help anyone out in anyway I can
Old                03-24-2001, 1:19 PM Reply   
jarad, im trying the tantrum and ive watched all the video on learning but i just dont get the edging away part, how are you meant to get height wneh jumping backwards?

and one other thing the scarecrow can i have some advice. thanks
Old                04-19-2001, 9:52 PM Reply   
ok ill start with the tantrum. The whole idea is to take a medium to hard cut into the wake and when you are about 4 to 5 feet away you should flatten out and keep you shoulders parallel to the wake. Your momentum from the cut should throw you into the wake. As you hit the wake, throw you head back and look where you are flipping. About half-way you should be able to look down and spot you landing. The whole idea with cutting away after you land is so you straighten you board back to you dont catch your heelside edge. As far as the scarecrow, you need to have a solid toe-side cut that you can get some decent air on. work one your toe-side 180's and once you feel comfortable take a medium to hard cut into the wake, and when you hit the wake, try tucking your head down and to you lead shoulder while keeping both hands on the handle. You should do the 180 about 1/4 through the invert and the rest is just spoting you landing. It is really important to keep you head up though the flip and when you land, roll back onto your heels for a more stable landing. Good luck and don't try anything unless you are ready.
Old                04-20-2001, 10:46 AM Reply   
4 to 5 feet? Seems a bit much. But what the heck do I know im from Ohio.
Old                04-20-2001, 10:54 AM Reply   
hey jared, i gotta ques on my hs havin trouble gettin the rotation down...i know u start in the air by pulling the handel to ur trail hip, but u can gimme ne hints on how to pull this more consistently an with more ease? thanx bro

o an another thing, im not havin that much success with my ts tricks, i always hit the wake funny so ive been stickin with hs tips to improve my ts skills?? thanx again man
Old    hehe            04-20-2001, 11:29 PM Reply   
Ok the heelside 360 took me a while to and you really have to work at it to get it consistant. If you are having problems with the roation its because you are either leaving the wake kinda wierd your you aren't pulling the handle hard enough. What I do is cut just enough to clear the both wakes. Take a couple practice jumps to get the feel for em. When you feel comfortable with you cut, do the exact same thing. Don't worry about spining off the wake, the rotation will come. When you leave the wake yank the handle past you back hip in a circular motion as if you were gonna slap the back of you leading cheek(hehe). Reach for the handle and make sure you get a solid past before you let go. If you yanked hard enough on the handle then there should be almost no tention in the rope, which makes it easier to pass. then the rest is just spoting your landing. As far a ts jumps and tricks, the biggest problem with riders is that the break at the waist. I didn't realize it untill I saw a video of people but when you bend over you lose all you power into the wake. You should work on keeping your back straight and up. And bend you knees slightly going into the wake and try and stand tall and extend your body up and through the wake. Kinda like stepind up onto a curb sideways. Anyways, I hope that helps and go out there and kill it. Stay wet!
Old                04-21-2001, 7:15 AM Reply   
yea, thanx, ill give it a shot...peace
Old                04-22-2001, 4:53 PM Reply   
thanks jarad but i still have one problem on detention volume 2 shaun murray explains tha during the toeside frontroll and scarecrow to bend down and let off your edge just a bit. how are you meant to do this and keep your back straight?
Old                04-22-2001, 9:41 PM Reply   
what shaun is talking about is to let of you edge when you hit the wake, if you dont on either trick most likely you will end up extended like a raley and eat it. as far as bending over, hes talking about the same thing as when I said to tuck your head down, that is what starts the invert. Hope that helped, now go ride and have fun.
Old                04-23-2001, 12:06 AM Reply   
thanks a heap i was so confused!
Old                05-21-2001, 9:57 AM Reply   
Hey man i wonder if you could walk me through a whirlybird, i do h/s backflips and tantrums. Ive tried wb before but i crash badly, any tips.
Old                05-21-2001, 9:58 AM Reply   
ps i also do 3´s
Old                05-21-2001, 8:37 PM Reply   
ok, if you have a solid wake-to-wake tantrum down you dont really have to know how to do a 3 for a whirly. Cause all a three is is the handlepass and you dont have to do one in a whirly. Anyways, take the exact same cut as you would a big tantrum. Flatten out like normal but as you feel your board start to pop. throw your FRONT hand to you BACK shoulder and at the same time look towards you back shoulder. These 2 movements will not only get your hand above your head but it will start the rotation. The whole trick of the whirly is to get the rotation. Once you do that it is almost like landing a normal tantrum. Anyways, have fun and ride safe.
Old                05-22-2001, 10:58 AM Reply   
thanks man going to try that hand thing..
Old                05-22-2001, 11:54 AM Reply   
Hey Anybody, I have got a good solid 911 down and I would like to turn it into an S-bend...nice, floaty, and stalled out. Should I start by throwing like a 2-handed front flip but just look back over my back shoulder more or what? What is the best way to try this trick for the first time?

Old                05-22-2001, 9:20 PM Reply   
if you have the 911 down that is a good start. The problem is that in a 911 you keep your upper body fairly centered. But with an s-bend you have to really get you whole body into it. You have the right idea by starting it as a front flip but I would try and throw you head to you back shoulder right after you feel the pop. Don't look at the board though cause you will loose you rotation, body position, and you will only get half way around. try and think of it and throwing a upsidedown raley. keep you arms bent and head looking at the boat. if you do this you will continue your rotation and it will make things much easier. as you feel yourself about 3/4 through the rotation give that handle a tug and try and spot your landing. good luck.
Old                05-30-2001, 4:06 PM Reply   
Hoochie glide.

I have the Raley down pat and can take it very big, but for some reason I'm afraid to even attempt the hoochie. I'm feeling pain more now that I'm closing in on 30, and I still vividly remember a lot of pain learning the raley behind an 18' Glasstron with no ballast and no pylon. Sure, my problems won't be the same this time out, but any info on how to pull this move prior to me taking it to the water would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Old                05-31-2001, 2:41 PM Reply   
Just remember that the hoochie is not a "grabbed raley"...think about it as if you are about to do the biggest heelside jump of your life and then reach for the back of the board at the top of the lip. Keep your eyes focused on the boat and you'll have yourself throwing big HG's in no time. If you want to practice it on the trampoline you can but you really need to go out and huck it a few times to get the feel.
Old                05-31-2001, 2:52 PM Reply   
Hey, thanks! I had heard the "not a grabbed raley" advice in the past, but I always see people taking a raley-esque cut when they go for the hoochie, and the transition to the laid-out position is so fast that it's difficult to see the difference, though it's apparent that the maneuver is not as violent as the raley.

The grab is initiated right at the wake release, eh? So let me walk through this: Big heelside cut, initiate grab at top of wake, grab with lead hand, right? What does the trick "feel" like in the air? The raley is kind of a snapping or whipping motion, and it all happens pretty quickly. How does the hoochie compare?

Thanks again!
Old                06-01-2001, 8:18 AM Reply   
This trick is going to feel like a raley cut up to the wake b/c your edging in so hard, but the reason you can't treat it just like one is that you'll never get a good grab on the board if you let you board whip behind you like on a raley. The hoochie believe it or not when dialed in will feel nice and laid out. Grab with your lead hand and try your best to grab the back of the board between your feet b/c it never fails that if you nose grab it, you'll stargaze bad and sometimes flop over on your back.
Old                06-01-2001, 8:42 AM Reply   
Okay, so I feel pretty confident about my ability to get to the laid out postition, or at least some variation thereof, but once I'm there, what's the easiest way to get the board back to that critical position of "under my body?" ie. how long do you float the trick before you need to think about the landing?

Thanks again, by the way, for the good advice; I can feel my confidence building by the second.
Old                06-01-2001, 8:51 AM Reply   
Also, I'd like to get the front flip down. I was almost there a couple years ago, but I stalled out and came down with the board perpendicular to my direction of travel...board stops instantly, knee hurts badly. Once again, I'm faced with a trick I'm afraid of. Watching this one in slow motion is no help to me at all, so any tips would be greatly appreciated. As with most tricks, what it feels like at the wake seems to be most important, so concentrate on that if you can. Thanks!
Old                06-01-2001, 10:20 AM Reply   
The deal with bringing the HGlide back under your feet needs to happen right when you feel your peak height achieved. At first this may come right when you grab the board, but as the trick progresses, you'll be out in the flats before you have to think about bringing your arm down. Also, I didn't tell you this before, but don't worry about keeping your arm stretched out straight like on a is cool to keep "alligator arms" on this trick. Look at the pics of the pros and you'll notice that there arm is slightly bent.

As for the front flip...this trick is a power move. Practice cartwheels on the ground b/c that is the rotation you want. Then, If you have a tantrum on your tricklist, start throwing 2-handed tantrums but keep your lead ear tucked down to your knee. Off the top of the wake you want to bone out your back leg and bring up your front leg to your ear.
Old                06-02-2001, 6:52 AM Reply   
How do u do a butterslide? i tried, but the lip of my board keeps getting caught under the water and me doin a face plant. How do I do a butterslide without the lip getting caught?
Old                06-03-2001, 8:13 PM Reply   
Taj, thanks for the advice, man. I went out on Friday and got it on attempt #2! The first one stargazed on me bad, just like you said, and yes, I rolled onto my back, and it hurt. The second one wasn't perfect, by any means, as I "hit" the board more than I grabbed it, but there was no question I was totally laid out one-handed and was able to stomp the landing. Your tips really helped me overcome my fear of the trick, so I appreciate it.
Old                06-24-2001, 6:31 PM Reply   
Hey Jared, haven't tried either yet but which do one do you recommend on a 360. Wrapped, or handel pass? Also which do you consider easier HS or TS? I have done about all I can do up to here and dont really know where to start with the 3, thanx.
Old                06-24-2001, 8:01 PM Reply   
On a tantrum some people suggest that you cut on your toeside right before you hit the wake on a tantrum... some do not. What's the deal? Also on a backroll, what do you do to initiate that rotation once you've hit the wake?
Old                08-26-2001, 5:41 PM Reply   
Jon, on that three it is better to go straight to a handle pass. wraps are easier but its kind of a ceater way to do it unless your gonna grab it. most people try T/S 3's first because the handle is alot easier to pass. You just can't forget a good solid cut though. Just remember to cut all the way up the wake, pop first, then spin on the way down. yes on the way down. and T/S fives arent much harder its just the same thing only you pop first, do the 180 on the way up and the 360 on the way down. H/S 3's are a little diffrent. Just remember to pop first, then tug real hard and concentrate on the handle pass, NOT the spin. Have fun.
Old                08-26-2001, 5:48 PM Reply   
Ok Blake, a tantrum is what the call a trip-flip. Meaning that the wake does most the work for you and it trips you over instead of throwing it over. For a tantrum give a nice medium-hard cut and instead of most trick where you edge all the way up the wake, let off you edge at the base of the wake. DO NOT edge back on your toeside edge! This will make you loose your momentum and you will probibly end up casing the second wake. Instead, at the base of the wake let off your edge, take you back hand off the handle and sqare your shoulders up so the are parallel with the wake. throw you head back right when youre at the top of the wake and let the board catch the wake at the same time. this will throw you up and over and if you cut right your momentum will carry you over the second wake. Its almost like doing a backflip on a trampolene. Tantrums are really easy, just remember to not try to hard and be really relaxed. You will be able to spot you landing really easy too. Tantrums can be learned in a day if you have the right cut down. Have fun.
Old    which I see alot of beginners do            08-26-2001, 5:58 PM Reply   
sorry jesse, I didn't see youre post up there. Face plants are no fun so ill try and tell ya whats wrong, but without seing exactly what you are doing I cant give you super good advice but ill try anyways. One reason could be your riding posture. Wakeboarding is all about good posture and if your not doing it already you should have a nice tall stance. Your hips should be forward and the handle sould be held at your waist. this will improve your style and your control over the board. Next, when you do a Lipslide whether its is F/S or B/S remember to keep the handle down at your waist. If you lift the handle up above your chest (which I see alot of beginners do) when you are doing a lipslide the pull is automaticly transferred from you center to the top of you body (which is NOT good) and this will pull your upper body forward. The result is usually a mouth full of water and you setting on the back of your boat dumping water out of you eyelids (not fun). Just remember good posture and keep your hands into you hips. Have fun
Old                09-17-2001, 2:31 PM Reply   
can anyone explain to me what the different numbers mean? i dont remember what the guy said, but he was saying something to the affect of doing some sort of trick and landing in a 5 or with a 5 or something like that. whats that mean?
Old                09-17-2001, 3:47 PM Reply   
3,5,7,9,1080 all referring to spins of degrees like 360,540,720,900,1080 etc .So whenever a # is used its referring to a spin or a rotation within a trick like a invert with a spin added aka MOBES..
Old                09-20-2001, 11:48 PM Reply   
Hey there, I am having trouble with my spins. About 2 years ago I nailed about 6 or 7 hs 360's, but got bounced and face planted on one hard. It took me a few sessions to start giving them a go again, and ever since every time I try I spin off axis and end up on my side or my head. Any suggestions as to stop from spinning off axis. Thanking in advance,
Old                09-22-2001, 6:54 PM Reply   
what is off axis spinning anywayz?
Old    cut            09-23-2001, 10:23 AM Reply   
I have been wakeboarding off and on for a year or so now. I have never really learned the basics of the wake jump. I just bought a 1987 2001 Ski nautique and got a new wakeboard. I went to the lake yesterday and wakeboarded quite a bit. I just have trouble landing jumps and staying balanced in the air. Please take me through the correct way to approach the wake (cut) and any tips on landing and staying balanced. I can do inverts/rotating on a kneeboard...wakeboarding is just kind of new to me and i'm trying to get the basics down but i want to learn the right way. Everyone has been telling me different ways to do it. The way i've been trying to get air is to edge hard towards the wake and then flatten out the board right before i hit it. I loose lots of speed and have trouble landing. Every time i try to edge all the way through the wake i always end up flying through the air landing on my but..i totally loose my balance. Please take me through the entire process.
Old                10-02-2001, 8:48 AM Reply   
when doing a backroll, do you hit the wake and wait till you are in the air then pull a backflip like you would on a trampoline? Or do you use the wake to flip your board over?
Old    assuming you don't ride goofy            10-02-2001, 11:00 AM Reply   
Don't do a backflip at all! Picturing the backroll was very difficult for me at first. You just have to try it. I really like the analogy of riding a quarterpipe on a skateboard. Edge through the wake and let the board follow the motion that you would expect on a quarterpipe. You do want to throw your feet a little bit to lead the rotation. Once your off the wake, put your chin on your left shoulder (assuming you don't ride goofy). Look for water and land it. Remember to keep the handle low and in tight to your waiste and the rotation will come rather easily.

PS - Wish I could always practice what I preach!
Old                10-03-2001, 3:57 PM Reply   
I guess i probably should have told you that i ride regular... Thanks for the advice. I'm gonna go for it next time i go riding!

Old    opposite direction of the picture, basically a backflip            10-04-2001, 5:29 PM Reply   
oh man i dont think what i was talking about was a backroll, i was scrolling through the topics in trick tips and down at the bottom there is one called "backrole?" that has step by step pics of a backrole. what he's doing in the pic isnt what i was talking about... if im riding left foot foward on the right side of the week when looking at the boat, if i cut in and rotate my board away from the wake first then over my head(opposite direction of the picture, basically a backflip) what is that trick called? it's not a frontrole is it? this is why i asked if you do a backflip because that is what it looks like. i saw a guy do it with a stiffy grab, it was sick!
Old                10-05-2001, 5:16 PM Reply   
jarad, what lake are you on in your profile pic? that is a sweet backround!


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