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Old     (atlsackedup)      Join Date: Mar 2005       07-14-2005, 9:48 AM Reply   
Trying to get more educated on the variety of boards out there...I currently ride a double-up 140cm continuous rocker board and am wondering what are some 3-stage boards out there that have pretty big pop and soft landings? Also, what would I notice with a 3-stage as opposed to my continuous rocker? Soon I think I'm going to demo a 3-stage to see what its like and then after I've got down my fundamentals (first season this year), possibly switch over to a 3-stage. Thanks for the feedback in advance.
Old     (tyboarder03)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-14-2005, 10:44 AM Reply   
Well most all abrupt 3 stage rockers have big pop, and im sure one the first that comes to mind for me is the Byerly since thats all i ride, but none of the 3stage rockers really have soft landings, theyre known for pop, not for landings, i just bought some liquid force sphynx's and they soften up the landings a ton, so if you want pop, but a soft landing, you really need to look at bindings a lot more, and go to your local board shop and see what they have to demo.
Old     (tyboarder03)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-14-2005, 10:46 AM Reply   
A 3-stage is gonna push you higher, as soon as you hit the wake, but its also gonna force you to charge the wake a little harder, the nice thing about a continuous is you can land out in the flats really easily, but with a 3-stage, youre going to need to have a little extra speed since it forces most of your energy upwards, not outwards. Sorry for the double post
Old    patrick3ds            07-14-2005, 10:52 AM Reply   
yeh tyler, the byerly does have a ton of pop. i have a 3ds and i am loving the pop from it. it is a real fast board but harder to land out in the flats.
Old     (tyboarder03)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-14-2005, 10:56 AM Reply   
I'm actually loving the 2005 Byerly, i just upgraded from the 2003, still has the same amount of pop, but the 05 is a looser ride, and feels so much faster, I'd recommend it to anybody, who likes a quick board.
Old     (blake_hughes)      Join Date: May 2004       07-14-2005, 11:03 AM Reply   
Ummm... How bout the Parks? That board has crazy pop, you'll catch pop off rollers, and not even realize it.

I ride the Era 140, which has a subtle 3 stage. I like it a lot, it's a good board for my riding style.

What I like best about the 3 stage rocker, over the continous... It doesn't take near as much work to get my fat a$$ in the air. The continous rocker is a smoother board, but it takes a lot of work to get the same amount of pop, that a 3 stage will give you, without effort.

Old    xcheese            07-14-2005, 11:36 AM Reply   
i have the same problem with the 3ds. i caan't catch that much air vertically but it sucks for landing in the flats and it hurts a lot ot do that. it is kind of like a really wusssy 3 stage. i can clear the wake with a really mellow cut though
Old     (tyboarder03)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-14-2005, 11:58 AM Reply   
Blake-I havent ridden the new parks, so i wouldnt know, but yes theyre also known for big pop, all im saying is from my experience, the Byerly will do everything he wants. I can ollie the Byerly 142 almost 3 feet, and from what i know of the 04 parks, the 05 Byerly feels much faster which i also like, but just my .02.
Old    patrick3ds            07-14-2005, 12:21 PM Reply   
mac i can get plenty of air on my 3ds. it just directs all of your pop up not out, wich to me is better. just sometimes i feel like landing a trick in the flats requires a faster gharge into the wake. then i go real high and far out, but the landing seems smooth to me.
just my .02.
Old     (magellan)      Join Date: Feb 2003       07-14-2005, 12:29 PM Reply   
I'm actually loving the 2005 Byerly, i just upgraded from the 2003, still has the same amount of pop, but the 05 is a looser ride, and feels so much faster, I'd recommend it to anybody, who likes a quick board.

Isn't it funny how different people have different views on shapes. I rode the new Byerly and thought it was the slowest, most rediculous thing I had been on. Plus it was late at night so no-one would actually see me riding it.
I've been on many shapes.. The Transcend is by far the strongest pop while maintaining buttery landings.
Old     (blake_hughes)      Join Date: May 2004       07-14-2005, 1:11 PM Reply   
I have yet to ride the Byerly, so I can't say what I think about it. I have rode a couple Parks (new and old) and if you want a board that'll explode with pop, give any of them a try. I liked the Parks a lot, but it was hard for me to ride, in rougher water.

Who makes the better 3 stage rocker, Liquid Force, or Hyperlite?

I have to say all of my Hyperlite boards have popped a lot more than any of the Liquid Force boards. Why is that?

Old     (ogopogo)      Join Date: May 2005       07-14-2005, 2:44 PM Reply   
LF Fish.............poppiest and smoothest ( as far as the BUCK in the pop goes) board I have ever been on. I like to land way out in the flats and this board is poppy but still lets you carry enough speed to get 10 -15 ft out there.
Old     (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       07-14-2005, 4:11 PM Reply   
SoCalRider I would agree with your Transcend comment. Tht thing practically leaps off the top of the wake. It's weird cruising in all mellow and then BOOM!! you are launched. Next years is going to have a few upgrades keep an eye out for it.
Old     (blake_hughes)      Join Date: May 2004       07-14-2005, 4:28 PM Reply   
Wow, I might have to try the Transcend, sounds like it might be wortwhile.

As for the Fish... Booo! That board blows. I'd rather tube, than ride that thing. Ryan, if you think the fish has a lot of pop, ride a 3 stage hyperlite, you'll understand what I'm getting at... I don't think you've popped your cherry yet (as far as riding boards, with big pop, goes !).

By the way Tyler... I love a fast board. Here's the way I look at it... Fast 3 stage board; Get the pop, and let the speed carry you out in the flats.

Old     (ogopogo)      Join Date: May 2005       07-14-2005, 4:51 PM Reply   
Blake............Thanks for the tip, I have ridden the parks a bunch of times in the past few years, and this years TFD while I was WAITING for my fish. The fish pops alot harder then the TFD, way harder. I don't think you've popped your cherry yet (as far as riding boards, with big pop, goes !). Wow thats a strong statement considering that you have no idea of my level of riding, or how long I have been riding for and how many diff boards I have been on.

Thanks for the laugh!

Old     (blake_hughes)      Join Date: May 2004       07-14-2005, 7:06 PM Reply   
Good point Ryan, don't take that as an insult. I know nothing about you, or your riding level/skill... It was just my opinion, and the other was just a joke. Didn't mean to insult you, or your riding capabilities.

However, I did recommend that you try riding a 3 stage hyperlite, to see, what I think is, the best 3 stage rocker available. The TFD is a continuous rocker board, which wasn't included in "this years" (2005) hyperlite lineup, right?

Another laugh for you?

Old     (cboom12)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-14-2005, 7:44 PM Reply   
First of all the 3ds is an abrupt continuous rocker not a 3-stage. Next yes the byerly and parks have tons of pop but I would not recommend either board for a rider in his first year as the poster stated he is. Both those boards are very aggressive and may even hinder your progress if you are still learning. In my opinion a board such as the LF Substance, the HL Premire, the 3ds, or the obrien clutch would be better alternatives that would give you tons of pop without being over your head. Just my $.02
Old    foamy            07-14-2005, 8:10 PM Reply   
if you want a board with lots of pop and really soft landing get a marius i rode one and loved it
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-14-2005, 8:24 PM Reply   
Blake ~ I have to disagree with you. I rode the Parks for almost a year and that board pops as everyone knows. I used to talk about it with my friend and because it edges so well into the wake and doesn't let you off you get great pop. Don't get me wrong it has a big rocker so that helps too. I then was riding the 04 Absolute and as everyone know it's one of the best 3 stage boards ever made. Tons of pop, soft landings, just a great shape board.

With all that said I now ride the LF Fish and if you think this board doesn't pop you need to try it again. I can go as big if not bigger on my Fish than my Absolute. A few riders I ride with all the time have told me this and I feel the same. Maybe it just fits my riding style better, but for being a blended hybird rocker it will take you as big as a 3 stage and with more consistency.

just my 0.02

(Message edited by antbug on July 14, 2005)
Old    walt            07-14-2005, 9:03 PM Reply   
Ant, how are the landings on the fish ?
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-14-2005, 9:13 PM Reply   
SWEET! It's really compairable to the Absolute. Nothing is as soft as the Marius but it comes close IMO.

Are you still on the Blade? BTW that's another great board with really good pop.
Old    walt            07-14-2005, 9:22 PM Reply   
Ant, I'm still on the blade and from what I hear from guys that can ride it does have lots of pop.
Old     (mhsb1029)      Join Date: Jan 2004       07-14-2005, 9:27 PM Reply   
I have been riding a CWB Marius for the last couple of weeks and it has a ton of pop with super soft landings. Took a little adjusting to get used to the board (came from 04 parks) but it has already made me a much more consistant rider, with much less back pain.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       07-14-2005, 9:31 PM Reply   
ruh roh
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       07-14-2005, 9:33 PM Reply   
i'm still on the blade...only cause i'm waiting for lf to put 138 substance graphics on the 142 for me.
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-14-2005, 9:42 PM Reply   
Blake ~ Sure I will bring my board so if you want you can try it again. Why size Fish did you ride? I have the 129. I also tried the 125 but it was to small for me. So talk huh? interesting.

My knee is still hurtin from as dope ass Shasta trip. Maybe in a few weeks I will make my way down there.
Old     (twakess)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-14-2005, 10:18 PM Reply   
Ant I agree with you on the Fish it has a good pop. But I found that if you want to do blind tricks and land 360's wrapped you have to be on it. Or you will get your A$$ handed to you. I have been on a 134 marius I am liking it alot.
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-14-2005, 10:35 PM Reply   
is that my problem why I can't land my BS 180's
Old     (twakess)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-14-2005, 10:48 PM Reply   
ant I was out today i keep lossing the handle on my hs blind 180 but the switch hs blind I was hitting every time. Go figure.
Old     (tyboarder03)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-14-2005, 11:14 PM Reply   
Agreed i have to have a board to get me weighing 205 up in the air, but keep the speed to carry me across, its a no go if both arent there.
Old     (dakid)      Join Date: Feb 2001       07-14-2005, 11:47 PM Reply   


ant I was out today i keep lossing the handle on my hs blind 180 but the switch hs blind I was hitting every time. Go figure.

theoretically, it's easier since you'll be landing the your "normal" direction.
Old     (twakess)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-15-2005, 12:04 AM Reply   
joe true, but the handle keep popping out. I was just trying to tell Ant that is a harder trick.
Old     (schmo)      Join Date: Oct 2003       07-15-2005, 5:22 AM Reply   
I have also been riding a Marius (previously riding an 03 Premier and demoed an 05 Absolute and Substance).

The Marius definitely lands soft and has tons of pop for a continuous board. I know continuous is slated as a more out into the flats kind of board rather than up in the air however I have been told that I am getting more height than with my subtle-3 stage Premier. The width of the board definitely throws you up there. I am not sure how the variable rocker affects thing (2" of rocker in the center, 3" on the edge).

The board did take some getting used to but now that I have ridden it several times, my riding is much more consistent. If only I could get the HS 180 back... such a simple trick yet not. TS180s no problem though.
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-15-2005, 7:54 AM Reply   
Squid Thanks bro. I have been working on it for a while. It's gonna feel really good when I stick it. Maybe I need to come up and ride with you. I hear your really good at pushing people in the right way.
Old     (john30)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-15-2005, 8:04 AM Reply   
Hey I've been riding nothing but Hyperlite ever since I started and was thinking about a different brand board. I'm riding an 04 Byerly and find that board to be the one I like best cause it tracks awesome. I just want some ideas on what else to try. I'm prolly nov/interm. rider doing hs backrolls, tantrums, w2w hs 180's. My byerly is a 137. I also liked the 04 premier 141 if that gives you an idea of the rocker style I like. Thanks
Old     (big_ed_x2)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-15-2005, 8:33 AM Reply   
if you ride a Byerly,I strongly suggest LF Substance.I went from a 03 Byerly 142 to 142 LF Substance and it feels floatier,tracks better yet breaks free easier and a lot of pop.

I'm thinking I'm just gonna get a collection of different boards cuss I'm liking alot of different boards and they all have a different feel.My next board CWB
Old     (twakess)      Join Date: Mar 2002       07-15-2005, 8:43 AM Reply   
haha, Ed now you know why I ride so many boards. It keeps it fresh out on the water.
Old     (big_ed_x2)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-15-2005, 9:21 AM Reply   
Yeah I was gonna post something about that but I knew you'de jump in here sometime.
Old     (atlsackedup)      Join Date: Mar 2005       07-15-2005, 9:41 AM Reply   
You guys know a crap load about boards...ok, so from what I have gathered from this thread that I posted yesterday, the CWB and Hyperlite boards are where its at. The Byerly and the Parks have mad pop, but are probably a little bit too advanced for me since I'm a first year rider (just now landing W2W jumps and getting close on backroll). The CWB marius sounds like an option for me down the line too as it sounds like a pretty forgiving board that has some decent pop too.

Quick question, what is a "3ds" board? Saw you guys talking about it and can't figure out what it is.

Some needed advice: Best thing for me to do is to probably keep riding my 140cm D-up continuous for now and get the fundamentals down and when I'm landing big jumps consistantly and its time to move up to some more serious moves such as inverts and spins, I should upgrade to a 3-stage with some pop like a Byerly, Parks, Absolute, or maybe even a Marius?

Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming!!
Old     (denverd1)      Join Date: May 2004       07-15-2005, 10:18 AM Reply   
3ds is new HL TFD. its fast and has an abrupt-continuous rocker. I ride the TFD and would recommend it for bridging the gap b/w learning fundamentals and getting aggressive.
Old     (big_ed_x2)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-15-2005, 10:37 AM Reply   
Don't forget about the LF Substance.
Old     (schmo)      Join Date: Oct 2003       07-15-2005, 10:37 AM Reply   
Marius is NOT 3-stage... it is a variable continuous however the pop seems similar to my Premier (which is a subtle 3-stage) however maybe a tad more controlled. I would stay away from the Parks... very few people can ride it well however maybe you are one of them.
Old     (schmo)      Join Date: Oct 2003       07-15-2005, 10:45 AM Reply   
Another thing to note, I have seen some really good people ride a variety of these boards and the difference in the amount of height they get between the boards is not substantial at all. This goes to prove one thing, pop is more about your technique than it is the board itself. While the board contributes, it won't do much to make up for poor technique. It is amazing how much height/distance you can get with a slow leisurely cut as long as you build line tension throughout, stay on edge and stand tall...
Old     (ty540)      Join Date: Nov 2001       07-15-2005, 10:46 AM Reply   
You should check out the doubleup lidberg and kyle murphy as well.
Old     (iamnathanhudson)      Join Date: Dec 2002       07-15-2005, 10:51 AM Reply   
Old     (iamnathanhudson)      Join Date: Dec 2002       07-15-2005, 10:54 AM Reply   
Ok, before the rest of you get pumped up about my last post....All the major companies make pretty good boards. I am just putting my biased opinion out there because i love liquid force so much. But really andrew, take a look at LF....a good board which i ride and love is the LF Omega!!! you can read my review of it here:
Old     (iamnathanhudson)      Join Date: Dec 2002       07-15-2005, 10:56 AM Reply   
of course you will have to scroll up to read it.
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-15-2005, 11:00 AM Reply   
nate ~ I'm with you on LF but you say gator when some of there shapes are old HL and BadAss shapes. The premier is a great shape as well. CWB kick ass and it really come down to what feels good for you.

I 2nd everything Dave is saying about good technique.
Old     (antbug)      Join Date: Jul 2004       07-15-2005, 11:01 AM Reply   
haha sorry I was posting my last post before I saw yours.
Old     (ogopogo)      Join Date: May 2005       07-15-2005, 11:11 AM Reply   
Blake....TFD - 3DS whatever, pretty damn close I am not schooled in my HL terminology. It was the 134 3DS blue one, which was the best HyperHeavy I been on. I did have it for about 2 weeks so I got a good feel for it fun board just not enough for me. The fish is just way poppier (is that a word) and felt way faster/speed into the wake. I notice it alot on straight airs and tantrum style tricks, it feels like I am hitting a double up at times. BOOM! Straight up. The Parks was fun as well, we had it as our boat/community and slider board for the past few years. It was very poppy but I did not enjoy it as much as the balance and old trip that I was riding back then.
Old     (john30)      Join Date: Nov 2003       07-15-2005, 11:47 AM Reply   
As far as bindings go what would you guys say. I'm running 04 Hi-Backs and I really like em. Not too much going on as far as lacing and ratchets and straps. Again all I know is hyperlite. If you cant tell already I live in Washington.


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