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Old     (w4k3b04rd3r19)      Join Date: Jun 2003       01-24-2004, 7:04 PM Reply   
You guys all know the Texas Ski Ranch or heard about it. I was having a conversation with a couple buddies of mine and we deicded to maybe build a California Ski Ranch but bigger and better. I am talking about over doing the place. Like having a cable section for begginers (little sliders and such) Imtermeidate and Advance. Also the Lakes will be heated for year around riding. However this is gonna take alot of money to put into. If you are instreated in helping out or sumbitting your company email me at (location is set to be around Los Angles and San Diego)
Old     (leinad)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-24-2004, 8:17 PM Reply   
If you built it they will come!
Old     (priapism)      Join Date: Mar 2003       01-24-2004, 8:27 PM Reply   
Sounds great but also sounds like a pipe dream (had a few in my days).

I've deicded that if you want people to be instreated in helping out and you want them to sumbit company email then perhaps you should start with using spell check and proper grammar.

That may have been a bit mean. I'll give you credit for the ideas but nobody is going to give you credit (or financial backing) if you come across like that.
Old     (bdavis)      Join Date: Sep 2002       01-24-2004, 8:46 PM Reply   
you forgot begginers, imtermeidate and of course Los Angles
Old     (w4k3b04rd3r19)      Join Date: Jun 2003       01-24-2004, 9:44 PM Reply   
Give me a break I was in a hurry to get out the door. So I was typing without looking.
Old     (stephan)      Join Date: Nov 2002       01-25-2004, 1:06 AM Reply   
Hmm 16, sounds like you have enough experience to cover every detail needed. Can I send a check with my compnay info? It would be nice, keep the dream alive!!
Old     (jonb)      Join Date: Oct 2003       01-25-2004, 12:02 PM Reply   
being 16 how are you going to get all of the stuff done, and the money
Old     (tigeal)      Join Date: Jul 2002       01-25-2004, 2:31 PM Reply   
It's allready happened all across Ca. without the cables though. There are private man made lakes in the palm springs area, near Barstow, near Bakersfield and Bell Aqua and others near Sacramento. I don't think they are heated either except by the sun
Old     (teamvaldez)      Join Date: Apr 2003       01-25-2004, 2:40 PM Reply   
we are all waiting for a cable park in CA. I know we would be there. I think they should make Lake Delores a cable park
Old     (deepstructure)      Join Date: Jun 2002       01-25-2004, 4:08 PM Reply   
"Give me a break I was in a hurry to get out the door. So I was typing without looking."

come on ryan. i assume this would be a major undertaking for you and a very important project in your life. you couldn't wait a bit longer to find time to properly present yourself on this matter? it's not like you had to get this post up immediately or your opportunity would be lost.

as had been said so many times before, you only get one chance to make a first impression.

with that in mind, you might want to fix the numerous spelling and grammar errors in your profile text as well. :-)
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       01-25-2004, 4:49 PM Reply   
That's gotta be one big ass water heater. Kenmore or G.E.?

O.K., let's give junior the benefit of doubt. How, Ryan, do you propose to fund this project?

(Message edited by socalwakepunk on January 25, 2004)
Old     (bdavis)      Join Date: Sep 2002       01-25-2004, 5:02 PM Reply   
Build it in San Onofre. You could have the hot water run off from the nuclear power plant fill the lake. Hell, just throw the spent uranium rods in there as well to keep it heated.
Old     (w4k3b04rd3r19)      Join Date: Jun 2003       01-25-2004, 6:49 PM Reply   
Well My Dads actually head of this project. He is talking money out of the stores and putting it in also he is burrowing around 2 million for this.
Old     (w4k3b04rd3r19)      Join Date: Jun 2003       01-25-2004, 6:51 PM Reply   
Where looking for a location with about 200 anchers of flat land and possibly 20 anchers of moutian or so which is tuff to find
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       01-25-2004, 7:37 PM Reply   
Anchers? You're killing me.
Old     (tigeal)      Join Date: Jul 2002       01-25-2004, 8:11 PM Reply   
200 anchers shud wurk grate.
Old    paul_h            01-25-2004, 8:36 PM Reply   
Ok, so the kid has a bit of trouble with his spelling. At least he is out and thinking about what he would like to do in the future. He's got motivation, which is more than most. It's TUFF being 16.
Old     (priapism)      Join Date: Mar 2003       01-25-2004, 8:44 PM Reply   
So when he talks the money out of the stores is that kind of like the Pied Piper and the rats story? Where is he going to burrow for money? I'll bring my shovel.

Do you get the point?

I really hope you are able to pull it off, then you will have the last laugh, but until then we are all laughing.
Old     (kstateskier)      Join Date: May 2002       01-26-2004, 7:03 AM Reply   
I think TSR might have a little problem with you calling it California Ski Ranch!
Old     (hatepwcs)      Join Date: Mar 2002       01-26-2004, 9:58 AM Reply   
Sounds like a big undertaking. Good luck to you. Don't let these guys bring you down. I started my first company at 19 and everyone was laughing at me until I had some success at being my own boss. Trying and possibly failing is much better than the regret of never trying or following your dreams at all.
Old     (barry)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-26-2004, 10:07 AM Reply   
I second Nelley's comment.

Old     (bigdad)      Join Date: Apr 2002       01-26-2004, 11:01 AM Reply   
Ryan what ever you do... please don't make the sign for the place. I can see it now

"CaLiFurnYa SkIes RuNcH - CoMI End PlaYA IN Are 200 AnChers"

Seriously, It is a great idea and may be able to take off and be successful. But image is everything. If you are the "spokesperson" for your dads company then you need to present yourself in a more professional manner. You obviously came onto this board with the hopes of attracting investors in your dream. Nothing wrong with that. But you should portray yourself as someone who knows what they are doing. Who in their right mine would donate money or get involved in a project when the person heading the project can’t even spell. You later say your dad is doing the project but you first came across as it being you.

Please don’t give the excuse of “Give me a break I was in a hurry to get out the door. So I was typing without looking.” That is such a false statement.

The majority of your posts on this discussion board are filled with spelling errors. So are you always in a hurry to get out the door when you make posts or do you have a problem spelling? Let’s look at some of your highlights.

“Nah boardsotck begigning was at lake shasta than it got way to crazy becuase off all the orgen college students” 1 sentence – 4 errors

I flew from Sacramento to Los Angles not to long ago. I flew on American Alines they didn't mind so much of it. But when I got it that was a diffrent story. My board delmated and had cracks all over it. My video camera lense was busted and now it won't turn on. 5 errors and atrocious grammar.

I am not here to point out every spelling mistake you made (otherwise this would be one long post), but to dispute your excuse of you were in a hurry and that is why you made spelling mistakes. This website offers spell check so take advantage of it. Or type your posts in MS Word and then paste it over on the board. This may be a bit much when posting on an internet discussion board but if you want to be taken serious then it is worth the extra time and effort.

Old     (wakeforce139)      Join Date: Jan 2004       01-26-2004, 3:29 PM Reply   
could be a cool idea but bad location, go more towards the middle of the state, like say..... Turlock? ya that sounds good, anyways not too sure about whether to take you serious or not but good luck if you are
Old     (gunz)      Join Date: Sep 2001       01-26-2004, 3:44 PM Reply   
*takes a hit,passes it back to Ryan*

"Sounds cool dude,wamt some cheese puffs?"
Old     (tigeal)      Join Date: Jul 2002       01-26-2004, 4:54 PM Reply   
Here are some requirements to think about Ryan, You will need to find fairly flat to keep excavating costs down, land will need to be cheap as well- let's say somewere in the central valley as opposed to malibu(the beach), area will need to have lots of available water, and best if in a sunny hot climate with little or no wind(wind sucks).
When do we start?
Old     (toyotafreak)      Join Date: Sep 2003       01-26-2004, 5:26 PM Reply   

Rumor has it that 40% of SoCal's new home construction over the next 10-20 years will be in the valley between Lake Perris and Temecula. Property's still cheap there, has flat and hilly anchers. If the cable park doesn't do so well, you've still probably made a great property investment (believe it or not).

And for the sentiment of 'go more central', I say the highest density of spoiled white kids (I've got two) is in the 'greater LA area'. San Diego's cool, as is Frisco, Sac, etc., but it's a business right?

Buy the Boomers (water slide, miniature golf, water slides, etc.) in Anaheim @ 91 fwy and 57. How many million people are within 1/2 hour of there? Doze it. Just like in Orlando, millions of folks who've never really seen a backroll will look forward to catching a glimpse on the way to work. Their kids will beg to go there, etc., etc.

Sure, in ten years there won't be ANY room on a real lake in SoCal because of all the new wakeboarders, but that might mean that we'll open more lakes, huh?

Pass the cheetos.
Old     (blackandblue)      Join Date: Oct 2002       01-27-2004, 8:23 AM Reply   
Hey, I got an idea...
Bring it indoors.
Find an old warehouse, put up some plastic liners and flood it!

...and exhale

Old     (tommyc)      Join Date: Nov 2003       01-27-2004, 10:52 AM Reply   
2 words- spel chek
Old     (mastercraft7100)      Join Date: Jul 2002       01-27-2004, 11:40 AM Reply   
Ryan, if you can get the money I will come and dig it for you.

Old     (mastercraft7100)      Join Date: Jul 2002       01-27-2004, 11:42 AM Reply   
And I only take cash no I.O.U's
Old     (alan_bogdanoff)      Join Date: Jan 2003       01-27-2004, 8:39 PM Reply   
Good luck!!
I all ready looked into this 2 years ago. It's going to be very hard. Contact the owner of OWC and tell him what your telling us and he'll tell you that heaps of people from Cali have been trying to open a cable park. California is not the place that this will happen. Too much RED tape. You'll be better off and save more money moving to Orlando, and forgeting about this whole project. Sorry to sound so negative - but I tried to do this, even had investors ready to role, had a location here in Nor Cal, but dealing with the city/county and or State sucks here in Cali. Maybe know that the Terminator is in office it may be different.
I've invested a few $'s and heaps of time into this and gave up. There is some good to this - It is enviromently encouraging to have a cable park. There is no emissions, and by actually wake boarding in a lake, it produces oxygen for the fish in the lake. I don't know what else to say. If anybody ever does this here - they will make alot of money.
Good Luck!!
Old     (jrudd)      Join Date: May 2002       01-27-2004, 10:22 PM Reply   
Heated lake? Wow...
Old     (teamvaldez)      Join Date: Apr 2003       01-28-2004, 7:42 AM Reply   
A friend of mine spoke to the powers that be at OWC and was told that it took 5 million to build.
Old     (bdavis)      Join Date: Sep 2002       01-28-2004, 8:10 AM Reply   
5 million sounds very cheap when you consider most houses are going for half a mill these days. I'll bet you 5 million you cant do it for, well, 5 million.
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       01-28-2004, 8:27 AM Reply   
Property in CA is way more $ than property in FL. I'm guessing that unless it is way out on the back 9, 200 acres would easily be $10-15 million, alone.
Old     (toyotafreak)      Join Date: Sep 2003       01-28-2004, 5:56 PM Reply   
Jeff, you know the site I'm talking about, right? 91 and 57, next to Fry's? Might be better locations in the basin, but that thing's been slow for many years. Slow enough that it's still a second- or third-rate park. Doze it.

Could even allow PWCs to race there if you were really business-minded.

(Message edited by toyotafreak on January 28, 2004)
Old     (socalwakepunk)      Join Date: Dec 2002       01-28-2004, 7:08 PM Reply   
I know exactly where that is (spent 1000s of hours at the batting cages there). Yeah, I was thinking either somewhere along the Santa Ana riverbed, or on the old El Toro MCAS.

Still, property value is through the roof, and the politics and red tape here will probably keep this from becoming reality. Thanks Sacramento .
Old     (teamvaldez)      Join Date: Apr 2003       01-28-2004, 7:38 PM Reply   
Isn't that Anaheim Lakes? How about out by the X camp? Land is pretty cheap out there!
Old     (tigeal)      Join Date: Jul 2002       01-28-2004, 7:49 PM Reply   
You weren't listening to me were you? I said the land would need to be cheap, say Bakersfield, fresno, Barstow, bla-bla-bla. Not were you have houses but in the desert or farm land, That reminds me of an existing spot outside of Barkersfield that is currently a catfish farm of about 50 acres with four lakes that if you removed the dikes between them would make one really nice lake and you could have it for $400K.
Old     (w4k3b04rd3r19)      Join Date: Jun 2003       01-28-2004, 8:45 PM Reply   
What do you guys think of having the cable park near Shasta I can get 637 acres for 679,000 or maybe cheap. But I am not sure how the business will be if I bulid it in Redding becuase you already got Lake Shasta (best lake is CA) and you also got Whiskey Town Lake
Old     (sbboarder)      Join Date: Feb 2003       01-28-2004, 10:27 PM Reply   
Santa Ana river bed off the 91? Whooo hoo it's in my backyard!!
Old     (mastercraft7100)      Join Date: Jul 2002       01-29-2004, 9:46 AM Reply   
Shasta is to cold in the winter.
Old    blindsiderider            01-31-2004, 2:14 PM Reply   
Fresno between the 99 and I-5. Land is very cheap and there are plenty of canals that move water and it is very central to all the big places. 3 hours to the LA area. 3 hours to the Bay area. 2-3 hours to the Delta and Sac It would be a great day trip

(Message edited by blindsiderider on January 31, 2004)


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