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Old     (CSBCHICAGO)      Join Date: Sep 2017       09-30-2017, 11:48 AM Reply   
What is your 1st take or experience with/on New Gen Centurion by CorrectCraft for those who own, have seen or demoed one first hand?
Old     (prorider17)      Join Date: Apr 2016       10-01-2017, 4:02 AM Reply   
I recommend you check out some of the threads on for a more in-depth review and feedback. I haven't been on the Ri or Fi, but I read about owners being over the moon with the fit/finish and ridiculously big waves.
Old     (infinitysurf)      Join Date: Apr 2017       10-01-2017, 8:32 AM Reply   
I have a 2014 Centurion SV244 now and love everything about it, has been extremely reliable without any issues that would keep me off water. Some warranty items that I have dealt with at my convenience and Fineline has been incredible and taken care of everything without question. Centurion seems to have the clearest warranty with no fine print. I love the PCM engines as they are designed to use 87 octane and that makes a big difference on being able to find ethenol free...plenty of power with my ZR409 even when running 5k lbs of ballast and 6-8 people on board, so that is also impressive to me. (Raptor requires 91 and that can be hard to find, even at marina' the higher cost of fuel).
I have been thinking of upgrading....and will at end of next year, so I recently demoed the RI237 and the FI23. IMO, both are incredible boats. Both hulls are VERY fuel efficient and the 2017 RI owners are saying 5GPH is average....which is great! The RI has more bells and whistles, more freeboard and can handle slightly more ballast than FI. I personally LOVE the look of the FI23, it has everything I want (only thing I wish it had was the rear facing lounge seats)....but rear seat does remove so there is step up to transom without walking on the vinyl and the wave is great. BoardCo put out a video recently that shows a single take video with zero cuts, video is 5mins long where they ski, then wakeboard and then surf, back to back....very impressive. Looks like roughly a $30k difference in the 2 boats. I think Centurion is about to take some market share away from other brands and become a lot more recognized. Of course Centurion also has Ramfill which pulls on 3000lbs of sub-floor ballast in 45 seconds....PnP takes less than 5mins. I will likely have the FI23 next year.
Old     (Mike88)      Join Date: Aug 2016       10-01-2017, 12:12 PM Reply   
I've demoed a 2017 Ri217. And if it was not my lake restriction I certainly bought it.

Centurion for 2017 is definitely my first crush. Really impressed me on everything.
And the wave haha.. the wave! with so much weight and so much ballast it's obvious it creates a monster wave.

Nautique G21 and ri217 are very similar, I tested the 2 and both drive kind of the same, Nautique maybe little bit more smooth.
Overall look centurion looks more "young" than G series. Have little bit less bling thing either.
Fits and Finish is Nautique wich is near perfect and audio quality Roswell made very good product (i take the Roswell tower speakers on my 2017 Nautique).

I always been a Nautique fan.
For me Nautique are pricy but not overpriced, always copied never equalized haha..

But Like I said for the price difference between a ri217 and G21 definitely go with the Ri. But they are really big heavy boats.
Correct craft really made a good come with centurion for Nautique base brand.

21017 centurion are world championship towboat and when you try it you understand why.
Old     (onlyinboards)      Join Date: Oct 2014       10-02-2017, 6:16 AM Reply   
We were very impressed with our 2017 Ri217 this season. Boat is just a beast for a 21 footer and with the H6Di motor it never had any issue with full ballast. Surf wave was legit, helm was great, stock stereo was great, Gatorstep flooring... these are very high end boats now that deserve a look. IMO, 3-4 years ago i never thought they had it all together... seemed they would have a good hull but the interior and helm just weren't designed well... the Ri Series and now the Fi series really changes everything for Centurion. I'd put them up against any other boat in quality, fit/finish and i think you'd find they are up there with the big 3.
Old     (tampawake)      Join Date: Mar 2008       10-02-2017, 10:33 AM Reply   
Im more interested in what they are going to do with supreme.
Old     (Shockthis)      Join Date: May 2014       10-02-2017, 11:11 AM Reply   
It is funny , we went and looked at a ri 237 2017 and I thought the wave was really good, but I thought the fit and finish was terrible(mostly the dash).
Old     (Ttime41)      Join Date: Nov 2011       10-02-2017, 2:25 PM Reply   
I think it's funny that everyone affiliated with Centurion is very careful to add "by correct craft" at the end of it to try to add legitimacy. I can see as well as anyone that their quality is improving, but I wish they would sell on that instead of trying to trick people into believing Nautique is involved with their operation in any way.
Old     (cbarguy1)      Join Date: Dec 2012       10-02-2017, 3:39 PM Reply

I rode in and surfed the new Fi23, my review is linked above. This was in boat #1 which is a development mule so the fit/finish was not representative. Impressive boat IMO.

The Centurion employee driving the boat was quick to point out what Ttime41 mentions, that CC is not involved in the operations but do provide financial stability.

Last edited by cbarguy1; 10-02-2017 at 3:41 PM.
Old     (Truekaotik)      Join Date: Jun 2012       10-02-2017, 5:06 PM Reply   
I agree, it's a Fineline product not Correct Craft. Hypothetical, if it was you'd see "CSS" or on a Natique, the NSS and many common features. I think they ponied up for the Supreme or "budget friendly" line.
Old     (LKASurfing)      Join Date: Nov 2011       10-03-2017, 5:29 AM Reply   
I have been an avid Centurion fan / owner and owned several of them. The recent switch to the Ri I was not originally impressed with. The 18 all is far better, I have not been on an Fi yet, but excited to do so. I did get to demo a 257 this past weekend and I was extremely impressed with this boat. Far and above better than the 237.

Here is a short edit. completely stock with 3 people on the boat.

With all that being said, I still prefer the wave on my 16' SV244 😊

Last edited by LKASurfing; 10-03-2017 at 5:32 AM. Reason: link
Old     (Masterspud)      Join Date: Jan 2017       10-03-2017, 9:14 AM Reply   
If it wasn't for the larger draft of the RI237 (36" vs 25" on the G23) I probably would of bought the RI237 instead of my G23. Really do like the boats and think Centurion has done a great job on these new models.
Old     (Shakarocks)      Join Date: Mar 2013       10-03-2017, 12:05 PM Reply   
That draft comes from the deep V hull. This is the reason why Centurion is such a great rough water boat.

These new Centurions are phenomenal boats. The surf wave is second to none.
Old     (tampawake)      Join Date: Mar 2008       10-05-2017, 4:54 PM Reply   
Well then no point at looking at those products if your not getting the engineering the build from CC.

Originally Posted by Truekaotik View Post
I agree, it's a Fineline product not Correct Craft. Hypothetical, if it was you'd see "CSS" or on a Natique, the NSS and many common features. I think they ponied up for the Supreme or "budget friendly" line.
Old     (Shakarocks)      Join Date: Mar 2013       10-05-2017, 9:36 PM Reply   
Originally Posted by tampawake View Post
Well then no point at looking at those products if your not getting the engineering the build from CC.
You're joking right? Personally I think these new Centurion hulls are better performers than the G boats. The quality of the Fi and Ri Centurions is very high. Don't' get me wrong, I love Nautique but I'll take an Ri Centurion over any comparable G boat.
Old     (Shockthis)      Join Date: May 2014       10-06-2017, 7:11 AM Reply   
After demoing most of them, and having friends with a G23 and another with a ri237, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking just for a simple set up, lots of storage, the ability to push a button and go then G23 or the Supra SL is your boat. If you like tweaking and fiddling with things and like gadgets then ri257 is your boat.
Old     (granddaddy53)      Join Date: Dec 2013       10-07-2017, 9:09 AM Reply   
RI 257 at surfest I think it was primary Ram fill only plus 8 people , like jumping off a a 4 ft garden brick wall, it was awesome , didn't try any transfer but I assume it would be fun, the transfers on the G are fast and full Formation on other side from button push 4 seconds or less with or without counter steering, extremely dependable wave both sides with a good ramp setting different for each side with stock 2800? On the G I would even set ramp on transfers to make it perfection, 2013 g23 was a lot of fun to surf bone stock and just supplement the crowd or shift them to premium the wave for the bigger load . 10 people in a G with stock 2800 was a tsunami
Old     (Darkside)      Join Date: Apr 2015       10-11-2017, 12:48 AM Reply   
The RI dash is a bit different at first. However for those that use 2 computer monitors, you will quickly come to appreciate it. The waves these beasts create are remarkable. They are also no different than any other boat for simplicity if you want it. Save your settings as presets and you have one touch surfing.
The true beauty of the RI is the ability to create any shape you want. You want stupid big barrels, a sheer wall, or even flat transition? You can create any of these, quick and easy.
The FI is the one that intrigues me right now. You can easily see the difference between FI and RI. Both are very nice boats but FI does not have the same level of detail in finish. The RI finish is fantastic, on par or above most of the competition.
Old     (Darkside)      Join Date: Apr 2015       10-11-2017, 12:54 AM Reply   
Here is the video infinity references. Ski wake is not going to be going through a course, but fine for recreational. Wakeboard and surf are legit though...
Old     (TheBlindside)      Join Date: Nov 2017       12-22-2017, 6:23 PM Reply   
My wife and I finally pulled the trigger on a boat in November. Came in this week. Our decision was originally a couple year old boat(2 years of searching here) or Nautique GS. We live on water and just wanted a fun all around boat where family and friends could wakeboard, surf, or ski. Late int he process I got a referral to Centurion's local dealer and factory rep and had not even considered the brand prior. My wife and I both fell in love with the Fi and that was that. The dealer was great, trustworthy, and made me feel comfortable with the purchase. I was willing to pay the slight premium of a new Fi over the used boats I was interested in and although I liked both the GS and the Fi the Fi just made more sense for us. Very happy with how it came out!
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Old     (rexlex01)      Join Date: Mar 2010       12-22-2017, 8:20 PM Reply   
Did anyone refer you to try a Nautique dealer as well?
Old     (TheBlindside)      Join Date: Nov 2017       12-22-2017, 9:20 PM Reply   
No referral, but I had been dealing with the local Nautique dealer as well. Sales guy was great but after seeing the Centurion my wife and I both like it better than the GS20 and the pricing was better s well. This was our first inboard so we had no brand loyalties going into it which I think was a good thing. It let us keep an open mind and find the best fit. When it came to the used market we looked at everything under the sun.
Old     (h20king)      Join Date: Dec 2009       12-23-2017, 4:59 AM Reply   
The FI 23 wake is awesome. We are on our 6th boat from fineline. Never had a problem with any of them that kept us off the water. Put in our order for our fi last month. It just came out of the mold this week. As far as I know fineline is the only builder using vacuum infusion to build the hulls. All the other builders still use the chop gun and hand lamination. Here is some build pics of our fi.
Attached Images
Old     (onetogofast)      Join Date: Jun 2012       12-23-2017, 5:38 AM Reply   
Both of those Fiís are sweet! Jealous. H20, Iím curious for your feedback coming from your MB love once you put some hours on it! I keep telling the wife the F21 will be replaced by an Fi or Ri when I jump!
Old     (h20king)      Join Date: Dec 2009       12-23-2017, 6:06 AM Reply   
I have never owned a MB.We did look hard at MB this time though because our dealer now carries them. Just a few thing's on the MB I could not get past but overall it's a nice boat. Here is a pic of our last boat it's s Supreme 238
Attached Images
Old     (onlyinboards)      Join Date: Oct 2014       12-23-2017, 8:11 AM Reply   
Just finished the design for our 2018 Fi23. Can't wait till Spring!!!!
Old     (TheBlindside)      Join Date: Nov 2017       12-23-2017, 9:48 AM Reply   
Pics of the design or it didn't happen Ian
Old     (onlyinboards)      Join Date: Oct 2014       12-24-2017, 8:56 AM Reply   
going to customize it a little with some OnlyInboards colors/accents when i get it but this is the design
Attached Images
Old     (onetogofast)      Join Date: Jun 2012       12-24-2017, 11:03 AM Reply   
Sweet and simple love it
Old     (dougr)      Join Date: Dec 2009       12-24-2017, 2:50 PM Reply   
for a gel coat perspective, probably the best in the industry, buy what you want, what makes you happy, after a few years, it does not matter what you buy, there will be a new trend, probably competition tubing, lol all hobby boats are subjective to your hobby, so if you wakeboard as your hobby the g is prob the boat, if surfing is your thing then the centurion. etc etc.
Old     (dakota4ce)      Join Date: Oct 2015       12-24-2017, 5:09 PM Reply   
Old     (illini88)      Join Date: Oct 2007       12-24-2017, 6:00 PM Reply   
Looking good, Ian...the 21 was a beast, cant imagine how big the 23 must tow vehicle on the horizon?
Old     (onlyinboards)      Join Date: Oct 2014       12-24-2017, 8:01 PM Reply   
nope, the Armada can handle it for 2 trips a year


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